Ricco Learns The Truth

Mislead Cuck By CuckBoi69.

My wife, Clara, had her best friend Emily over. Emily was venting about her boyfriends.

Emily: “Yeah, Mike is SO huge, so I’m afraid to fuck Daniel too soon because I’m sure he could tell I’m cheating on him with a bigger cock.”

I was shocked to hear this. I gazed over, confused, and eyes wide open. Emily noticed my expression.

Emily: “Yeah, I’m sure Rico knows what I’m talking about.”

So it was already known that Clara cheated on me with a guy named Edward. However, what I didn’t realize was the parameters of his penis. That was left unsaid, and I never bothered asking because Clara had told me that I was the biggest cock she ever fucked.

Rico: “What do you mean?”

Clara: “I’m sure she means nothing of it.”

Emily: “You didn’t feel the difference when Clara saw Edward behind your back?”

I knew I noticed something was different when we were having sex during her affair. She would yell, “OH YEAH, DEEPER, DEEPER, GO ALL THE WAY INSIDE, GIVE ME EVERY INCH,” when I was already balls deep, but I shrugged that off at the time. I just thought she was turned on.

Emily: “oh my god, did Clara not tell you what Edward was packing?”

Rico: “What? No? Clara said I’m the biggest cock she’s been with”

That was true at the time when we first met. She’s mentioned how other guys she’s been with before me had 4-inch cocks. This was all before Edward, though.

Clara: “Can we not talk about this here? Honey. You were the biggest cock I’ve been with. You have a big cock, so let’s drop it now.”

Emily: “Were? See, this is all true until she met Edward. You said Edward had a HUGE cock, nothing like you’ve ever felt. It was so long and thick.”

Rico: “Oh! I… This is the first time hearing this. I thought my cock was a decent size all this time.”

I thought this because Clara has consistently over-complimented my cock, saying things like “Give me that huge fucking cock of yours,” or “I love your 8-inch cock”, and, “A big cock like yours needs big tits like mine.”

Emily: “Awww, well, I’m sure you are average. I don’t mind if you whip it out and show me what you’re packing so I can tell you how you compare. I’ve never fucked Edward, but Mike is huge, and based on Clara’s details, it’s comparable to her Bull.”

Rico: “What? This is nonsense! I can’t believe you, Clara, this whole time, you told me I had a huge cock, and I believed it… No, nonsense, I STILL believe it.”

Clara: “Yeah! You know what, you should. You thought this whole time you had a big cock? Well, prove it to Emily and show her.”

Rico: “Fine, maybe I will, but I’m a grower, not a show-er, so I’ll just need some help.”

Emily: “Listen, Mr. Delirious, if you show me your softy, we’ll get on our knees with our tits out until you are rock hard.”

Clara: “Yeah, I’m fine with that.”

Emily: “Then we will properly say how you compare and if your cock isn’t big.”

This was insane. A fantasy was coming true. Well, I hope that’s how it’ll go. So they are, fully clothed, on their knees waiting for me. I stepped forward, unzipped my pants, pulled them to my knees, and now in my briefs.

Emily: “Hmm… I don’t even see a bulge, but maybe it will grow.”

I pull down my briefs, and you know how in Professional Pornos, a fully erect penis will spring out of briefs when they pull them down? Yeah, mine didn’t do that; it just lay dangled there.

Emily: “Oh, honey. I hope that grows. Here let’s help him out.”

They proceeded to take off their shirts, and I forgot that these women were both Busty. Clara had double Ds, but Emily? Oh, her tits were bigger than Clara’s. They had to be at least triple Ds. Next, I saw two pairs of huge tits wrapped in their Lacey bras. I’m talking about significant cleavage. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I could feel my cock getting harder.

Clara: “There we go. See, it’s starting to grow.”

Emily: “Well, let’s give him a full showing of our big breasts to see his big cock in full force.”

Here it was, the moment I’d been waiting for. They’re taking off their bras. Just seeing those massive tits unleashed turned me on even more.

Emily: “Hmmm… Not bad, but I’d love to see if that’s it. May I?”

Emily looks at Clara, with her tongue protruding out of her cheek.

Clara: “Of course.”

I thought I was for sure dreaming. Emily started sucking my cock, and I could feel her tongue swirl around it. She was using one hand to grab the base of my cock, and the other hand… Oh! It was under my crotch. She was pressing against my – OH! Clara has never done this to me. Then Emily just stuck my entire cock in her mouth. This was a wild experience.

Emily: “Yeah, sorry, bud, but you just don’t compare….”

Clara: “Right? Now you know what I have to deal with.”

Emily: “Yeah, if you had a huge cock, I’d struggle deep throating it.”

Rico” Well, I may not be long, but im probably decently thick.”

Emily: “If you were thick, Id struggle wrapping my hand around your cock, but look, my thumb is touching the knuckle of my middle finger.”

Rico: “What? That’s not an accurate representation.”

Emily: ” oh ok, you know what? I will show you a true comparison. I have a measuring tape and a dildo in my purse. One sec. See this? This is my 7-inch dildo. This is what a proper cock looks like. Now right off the bat, you are much thinner than it and shorter than this. An actual representation is what you want, so let’s see how you truly measure up.”

The moment of truth. Now, up until this day, I’ve never measured myself. I didn’t believe Clara when she said I had an 8-inch cock, but I thought I was at least 6 inches, maybe even 7. Now it’s time to find out if I was even close. Emily was putting the measuring tape up to my stiff cock.

Emily: “Three. Four… Four and a half inches long.

Four and a half inches?!? How can this be?!? Damn Clara. She made me believe I was packing.

Emily: “hmm… Yeah, Barely 4.5 inches. Just so you know, Mike is 8.5 Inches, that’s 1.5 inches bigger than this Dildo. Clara, please tell him how big Edward is”

Clara: “Four and a half inches?!? I knew you were small, but not that small. You are still 1 inch bigger than the last two guys I met before you. So yeah, Edward was nine inches. He has almost 4.5 inches on you. He was twice your size.”

Emily: “Now let’s see that girth….. Four inches around. Just so you know, the average cock is nearly five inches thick and six inches long, and you fall short of average”

Rico: “What? That can’t be right! I thought the average penis was four inches long and three inches girth? Im average!”

Emily: “You think that’s average? That’s just what women say online to make tiny men like you feel better about themselves”

Rico: “Well, im sure there’s not a huge difference between my cock and the big ones you both have fucked. It’s not like they are foot-long cocks. It’s only a few inches bigger than me.”

Clara: “Sweetie, Edward also had a six-inch girthy cock too. That’s 2 inches thicker and twice as long. Im sorry, but it was extremely noticeably different. Edward made me feel so full.”

Emily: “Yeah, Mike isn’t as lengthy as Edward, but his cock is seven inches thick. Trust us. There’s a major difference. Size just matters.”

Rico: “What? This is bullshit. Size doesn’t matter. The Vagina curtails to what’s inside it!”

Clara: “Keep telling yourself that, love.”

Emily: “You know what, if you want to feel the difference, then fuck me, and I’ll tell you how you compare. I just fucked Mike last night, so that I will compare you to his massive cock.”

Clara gave me that go-ahead look. So there, I wish missionary style on top of Emily. Her huge tits are in front of my face. Her tits are bigger than Clara’s. They bounced so much. It was a remarkable sight. However, Emily didn’t seem to be enjoying it.

Rico: “Oh fuck!”

Maybe they were right. I could feel Emily’s pussy, but it was not tight. Still, I can’t believe I am fucking Emily. Damnit… the sight of her massive breast is making me close to finishing.

Emily: “Did you start yet? Oh, hey, you’re inside me? I am sorry, but I can’t feel you that well. It feels like I’m fingering myself, so let’s stop before you get too carried away. Let’s try a different test. Here, fuck my tits; let’s see if you can manage to put it in between and still be long enough for me to suck your cock.”

So there I was, my cock nearing her huge tits on top of her. I inserted it right between her huge breast, and my cock was devoured.

Emily: “Looks like your little buddy kinda got lost in there, huh? Well, I can’t see it, but you know what, that’s ok, fuck them for a bit, and we’ll give you the blowjob of your life as a thank you for participating.”

Clara: “ok, stand up and cum all over our tits.”

The finale! I may have a small cock, but jokes on Emily, I got to fuck her and her tits. Now they’re on their knees again, and they’re both groping me. Both were licking my cock. Kissing each other. Grabbing each other’s breasts. Taking turns gagging on my cock.

Emily: “Yeah, you like this? Enjoy this. This is the last time your tiny pathetic cock will touch these lips. You didn’t deserve to finish inside or even fuck me properly.”

Clara: “Finally, you know how small this cock is. This is exactly why I cheated on you. You never made me orgasm, but look at me… Trophy wife, who brought their best friend over to fuck and jerk you off. This is what I bring to the table. Big tits, sloppy blowjobs, and best friends willing to fuck your tiny cock. Awww, it’s good to know you’re enjoying some small penis humiliation.”

Emily: “I bet he won’t last 5 minutes. It’s only been 2 minutes, and she looks at him. He’s already trying to hold it in. I remember that same facial expression when he got seven strokes into my pussy.”

She was right. I was close to cumming. I wanted to enjoy this moment, and last, especially if this was the first and last time hooking up with Emily. Oh no, they pressed up against my crotch again. I can feel my cock about to burst.

Emily: “C’mon, little guy. Cum! Cum all over these huge tits. Show us how much or rather how little cum comes out of your tiny cock.”

Clara: “Cum for us. Make that tiny cock cum all over us.”

Then they pushed their massive breast together right in front of my cock.

Rico: “OHHHH…”

Emily: “I will say, for a small cock, you sure can shoot a lot of cum. Well, Clara, you were right. He does get off of Small Penis Humiliation. The good news is it has the potential to be a Cuckold.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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