The Big Man On Campus

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Pride Goeth by sunfiregod (edited version)

Robert was never much of a ladies man but it wasn’t that he didn’t have much to offer. For some reason, he had always been shy around women and when he discovered that a girl actually liked him, he tended to find a glaring flaw in her personality that prevented a long-term relationship.

He was a fairly good-looking lad of twenty, somewhat tall with short black hair. He was not particularly muscular, but that didn’t bother him. He would only be interested in girls that went for brains anyway. He was now in his third year of college, and he had not been on a single date in those three years. Why couldn’t he ever get with the girls he wanted? Why were the dumb ones or the annoying ones always noticing him? Of course, over the last few months, his courage and resolve had begun to grow. In fact, he was pretty sure he would soon make his first collegiate conquest.

His confidence level began to grow the moment Janie told all about the sexual exploits of her boyfriend Richard. Now, Richard was one of Robert’s good friends, one who was always swaggering around and trying to look tough. But Janie and Richard had recently fallen on rough times, so Janie decided that it was a good time to start spilling the beans on subjects she knew would bother Richard. So, during a drunken party with friends, Janie told Robert and several more of Richard’s male friends the facts about Richard’s ‘shortcomings’.

By the end of the evening, Robert and most of Richard’s guy friends knew that Richard couldn’t cum during oral sex, that he tended to sing pop songs as they made love, that he had rarely brought her to orgasm, and that his self-assessed size of seven-inches long was an exaggeration. Janie proclaimed that, while she had not measured his pecker per se, she could tell that he was more like five-inches long, at the most. Perhaps a few marks below that, but definitely close to five-inches. And while his member was normal looking, it was not particularly thick.

The group had a good hardy laugh about this information, and Robert laughed loudest of all. And he had a lot to laugh about. He now knew for a fact that he out-sized his friend Richard by nearly least four-inches. Robert had measured himself often in his young life, and by the age of fourteen he was already what the books called average. Upon reaching his full maturity, he could boast of almost nine-inches in length when hard, and five-inches in girth. His soft dick flopped down at an impressive seven-inches, eclipsing every guy he ever saw in the change-rooms. Often times he had stood with the ruler pressed against his straining member, trying to push the tip of his penis closer to that nine-inch line.

He could get so close, but could never quite make it the last two or three marks. Sure, it was a minor disappointment, but with the books were telling him the average was between five and seven-inches, so it wasn’t that hard to bear.

He knew for a fact that the women of their social circle found Richard to be the most attractive guy in their group, or at least more attractive than him. So it was quite a coup to know he had a bigger dick than him, much bigger.

Later in the evening, when some more beer had been consumed and the woman had gone home, Robert sat with his friend John discussing the new information of the day. They both laughed at the fact that Janie would be so open about their friend’s performance. But John seemed a little uncomfortable when Robert really started bashing Richard’s equipment.

“Man, I never would’ve guessed he was that short,” Robert said.

Just then, a mutual friend Shawn showed up. He had not been at the party, so the two guys filled him in on what was so funny. Upon hearing that Richard was “only” five-inches long, Shawn just shrugged. “Hey,” he said, “… that’s more than I got.”

Robert and John were shocked at this disclosure. It seemed so matter-of-fact. Robert finally said, “Gee, I’m almost afraid to ask, but how much do you have Shawn?”

Shawn again shrugged and said, “I’m four and three-quarter inches on a good day.”

John and Robert just kept a stone face until Shawn left for his dorm. But it wasn’t long after he left that the two, now very drunk, friends started laughing about the new information.

John started it. “Damn, Shawn is pretty small. four and three-quarter inches, man that must be rough on his girlfriend.”

“Oh, I doubt it’s rough,” Robert laughed. “She probably can’t even feel it.”

More laughter followed. But this time it was followed by a somewhat awkward silence.

Finally, John spoke again. “So, do you think size matters that much to a girl?”

Robert smirked on the inside, but kept a straight face to his friend. “Well, maybe it’s not the most important thing, but I’m sure it matters a lot to most girls. Why, are you worried about your size?”

John made an uncomfortable shrug. When he spoke again, his speech was slurred from alcohol and nervousness. “I don’t think so. I mean, I’m bigger than Shawn and Richard.”

“How big are you?” Robert asked.

“I’m average, like six-inches.”

Robert, with effort, kept from smirking.

“So, how much do you have?” John asked sheepishly.

Now Robert couldn’t help but smirk. “I’ve got, like… almost nine-inches.”

“Damn…,” John said, kind of looking at the floor.

Robert started to laugh a little to himself. John was a little put off and asked what he was laughing at. Robert just shrugged and said, “Man, I can’t believe I’m bigger than my friends.”

“Well, mine is like, four-inches around. I was on the internet and it said that my girth was bigger than 65% of all guys on the planet.”

Robert smiled. “That’s cool. I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as it does the job… eh?”

After a few more drinks, John left for his dorm. Robert’s drunken thoughts were swimming. In just a few hours, he had learned that the male meat he was packing between his legs was bigger than all his three best friends. And by how much as well. He had always taken pride in his member, but now he knew that of his three best friends, none of them came even within an inch of his tool.

He was intrigued by what John had said about looking on the Internet, so he booted up his computer and logged on to a search engine. Within minutes he had found several sites with information on sizes and how they compared. He found one, probably the same one John had looked at, that said that his nine-inch cock was bigger than 95% of the males on the planet. And John’s was SMALLER than 30% of males; Shawn’s was SMALLER than 70% of guys; Richard’s was SMALLER than 40% of dudes.

Hell, according to the web site, Shawn’s twenty-year old, full-grown pecker was the size of the average fourteen-year old boy’s. Damn, he had known he was big, but he had never known his pals-and other guys in general-were so small. He suddenly found his nine-inch tube of donkey flesh hard as a rock. He jerked off that night thinking about his hard inches pushing up into Shawn’s girlfriend, feeling her where Shawn had never, and could never feel.


Sunlight streamed through Robert’s dorm room blinds. The junior rolled over in his bed as a ray of sunlight struck his closed eyes. It was the next semester; Robert had grown in confidence with the ladies. He was still a virgin, but had been on several dates, more so than at any other time in his life. And he found it much easier to meet ladies at parties than before. In fact, it was going to a party held by Richard’s girlfriend Janie that night.


Classes were boring, as usual. The only interest this strapping brown headed boy was the college girls in his class, particularly the blondes. Combined with his new knowledge of his male prowess, Robert was hornier now than ever in his twenty-years. He would often think to himself while driving around with his friends John, Shawn, and Richard, that he had the biggest dick in the car. The snake in his trousers puts all of theirs to shame. And when he walked around campus, he would often see a hot girl walking arm and arm with a tough looking dude.

Lots of times he would run back to the dorm and jerk off right then, imagining how the girl would get off to his fat cock. After all, he had a 70% chance of being bigger than her boyfriend. That was what he was thinking about that day in History class when he spotted a hot blond number. She was sitting across the room from him, both on the end seats, so he had a clear view of her.

And she had a clear view of him. She noticed his looks and stares, and even adjusted he bra under her shirt, giving them a little bounce for his benefit. She noticed the bulge rising in the crotch of his jeans. Robert spread his legs a little so that his nine-inch tool pushed even harder against his jeans. Yeah, I’m giving her quite a show, he thought as he smiled.

Just then, Professor Javitts walked by, and Robert quickly adjusted to hide his arousal. God, he hoped the professor didn’t see it. When the girl got up to leave at the end of class, she smiled at him, but disappeared in the crowd filing out the lecture hall before he could talk to her. Fortunately, he remembered the sorority shirt she was wearing. It was the same as Janie’s. That meant that she would probably be at the party!


That night, at Janie’s sorority house, the floor was packed around the keg. Robert’s friend John estimated that one-thousand people would show up and Robert believed him. As the last major social of the year, so Robert knew that it was probably his last chance for some action before exams. Suddenly, he recognised the girl from his English class. Forcing his way through the crowd, he finally got to talk to her.

Her name was Susan, and she was from the city. Of course, his attention was focused principally on her breasts, which were very ample C’s. They danced for a while during which she regularly fondled the growing bulge in his jeans. Robert had never had a girl touch his trouser snake. It felt so good, even through his clothes. He was so excited, his stomach was burning with passion.

“Want to head to my dorm for some privacy?” he asked as he led the girl to the door.


Robert laid the girl on his bed and began to seriously feel her up. After a few minutes, he tired of rubbing her breasts under her shirt and began sliding his hand under her panties. After a quick unbuttoning of her jeans, the hot blond moaned as she felt this long thin fingers of his right hand cup her soft wet mound. Susan responded by throwing Robert onto his back and straddled him, feeling his chest. She smiled down on him, and wordlessly stripped his shirt off of him. She cupped his crotch and felt his hardness through the rough denim of his jeans.

“Oh, god, you feel so big,” she moaned in his ear.

She unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper as she stroked his lightly hairy chest. Peeling his pants off his hips, she felt his soft balls through his cotton tighty-whities before removing them, exposing his stiff cock to the air. As she pulled his underwear down his legs, Susan is rubbing the soft brown hairs that grew on his scrotum.

She thought to herself, he was a good-looking guy, with a tanned swimmer build and little body hair, except for tufts of brown under his arms and a tangle of dark brown hair over his sex. That thick tangle rose to form a triangle of mature sex hair that leads past his tan line to his naval. He had never even thought of shaving it.

She reached into her shirt and after a few seconds, her hands emerged with her bra in hand. Leaning over, she kissed Robert and simultaneously allowing him to see down her shirt. She pulled off her top and threw it aside. By this point, Robert’s cock was fully erect. The pale white flesh of his cock gleamed, accented with a prominent circumcision scar which lead to a ring of pink tissue that merged into his flared red helmet head. It was almost exactly nine-inches long erect, with the shaft skin pulled tight as a drum over the hard bone-like pole.

She leaned over and sucked on the prominent tip while stroking the shaft with one hand. Robert threw his head back and groaned loudly from deep within his muscled body. With her free hand, she cupped his heavy sac. Robert’s male orbs still hung loosely below his straining pecker. She delicately fondled his twin studs with her fingers, feeling the velvet skin of his male bag wrinkle and tighten at her touch. Letting go of his drooling cock, she turned around and dropped her skirt and panties in one motion. Then, Susan returned to her sucking, flicking of her tongue to the underside of his mushroom to re-stiffened the young tool.

After several more minutes of her swabbing his fat knob, Susan looked up at Robert and said, “I want your big dick now. Put it inside me.”

Robert didn’t have to be asked twice. He rolled her on her back, her head lying on the feather pillows at the top of the bed. Her legs were already spread for him, and he rested his masculine body on top of her. He could feel the heat of her sex on his ball sack and lower legs. He couldn’t wait. He kissed her face as Susan reached under him and grasped his thick tool. And she placed his mushroom probe at the entrance of her pussy lips, she moaned in his ear, “I want to feel you deep.”

Robert felt his naked male cock head pop past the tight lips of her pussy mound and press deeply into the silky wetness of her inner self. With that, Robert drove his male meat inside of her warm sex, pushing until his dangling balls rested on her ass. She moaned loudly as he entered her. She was obviously not a virgin. Robert felt his cock begin to throb almost as soon as it entered her.

He pumped her slowly at first, rocking back and forth gently as he began to piston his cock inside her. Her hands rubbed the tangle of brown hair on his head, and dropped down to tickle the tight muscles of his back. Her naked breasts rubbed against his muscled chest. Robert began to groan into her ear. His breath was loud and laboured coming through his nose.

Susan then began to speak to him as she moaned. “Oh god Robert; oh god, you’re so big.” Robert let his head drop beside her as he continued to pump. “You’re the biggest Robert, the biggest I’ve ever had. Oh god, you’re the best.”

“Ugh, oh, Uuuuhhhh,” he moaned, his dick throbbing with each stroke. He raised his head and looked at her. “You want me to go deeper baby?” he asked.

Her smile told him, yes. He began to pound his hips, pushing his long pole even deeper into her wet pussy. Susan closed her eyes and began to whimper with each thrust. Robert knew that he was driving her wild. As he watched her face contort with pleasure each time his penis bottomed out in her pussy, Robert couldn’t help but imagine his buddies fucking this same girl.

None of them could pump as deep as he is now; none could reach the nerves in her pussy that his mushroom head was touching. He thought of Shawn, whose short, fourteen-year old long pecker would be at least four whole inches shallower than his was in her warm wet pussy. Oh fuck, he wished they could see him now. He wished they all knew how much more of a man he was. Being well hung was awesome.

Susan opened her eyes and stared at him. Robert was holding himself up by his hands now, and she could look down and see the tangled mess of his pubic hair mingle with her own. She could even watch as his thick pole pulled out of her halfway before being driven home again in an act of male instinct as old as mankind. “So deep,” she squealed to him. “Oh… Robert… you’re such a big man.”

She reached behind and began brushing the long sparse brown hairs that sprang from his nut sack. She found Robert’s male orbs tight and wrinkled, damp with the juices of her sex.

As her hand brushed the hard oval nuts that had made Robert a man, that had produced the hard cock that was filling her insides, that had given him the strong muscle tone, the deep voice, the aggressive maleness that she found so irresistible, her whole body shuddered into orgasm. The quivering and contracting of her pussy muscles drove Robert far over the edge. He felt his virile seed well up as a great pressure behind his tight balls. With every nerve in his hard cock awake and firing, he felt his potent seed rush up the length of his rod.

He dropped to his elbows; it was like his hands could no longer support his weight above her. At the same time, he slammed his cock deep inside her, pushing the flared throbbing head of his orgasming penis as deep as its nine-inch length would allow-two inches deeper than Shawn’s could ever reach. She screamed in pleasure herself as she felt his male tool inject her body with his fertile seed. Robert groaned loudly, manly, as he satisfied his woman as well as himself.

“You were awesome,” she whispered in his ear.

She jostled the college boy’s hair, damp with sweat. Robert continued to lie on top of his woman, completely spent. She felt his chest rise and fall as he breathed heavily on over her. As Susan rubbed his sweat soaked back with her fingertips, Robert felt his male penis grow soft inside of her. Slowly it shrank down, until he no longer felt her warm wet walls cling to his tool. The area behind his balls, which were loosened from their tight orgasmic state, was still tingling for a full five minutes after his release. It felt so good; he couldn’t bring himself to move a muscle.

But, after ten minutes of relaxed post-orgasmic bliss, he finally fell to the side, his soft penis popping free of her now loose pussy lips.

“You were so good, big boy,” Susan said as she laid her head on his chest. She fondled his softening genitals with her right hand. Robert was surprised that they still tingled so long after his orgasm. It was his thought as he drifted to sleep.


The next morning, Robert woke to find Susan has gone. He was in bed alone and nude on top of his covers. God, thank god his room-mate had not come home. He rolled out of bed, with less strength than usual, and stumbled to the bathroom. Inside, he turned on the water and prepared for a shower. It was then, looking at himself in the mirror, that he noticed a change. His penis, which usually hung down like a loose hose, was for some reason shrivelled up extremely tight to his body. All that was visible was the very tip of his dick head that looked like a little mushroom barely peeking out of a thick bush of black grass. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. Man, that is the worst case of shrinkage I’ve ever had, he thought.

By the time he got out of the shower, it had not returned to normal. Robert started to get nervous. He examined himself more closely. His testicles were hanging low in their sack. They appeared to be unchanged. He pressed the tangled black hairs of his crotch back against his body. There was his penis about the width of his pinky finger, sticking straight out only an inch from his body. The head, now a pale pink colour, was way smaller, like a tiny little mushroom, then the purple heavy helmet that had once weighted down his hanging sausage. What was going on?

He closed his eyes and began to stroke his dick. It just must be really shrivelled from last night, he thought. But as he got hard, he knew something was wrong. He opened his eyes and looked down. There was his proud pecker, jutting out from his body, only three-inches long, and no thicker than his pinky finger. HOLY FUCKING HELL WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME, he screamed in his mind.

Robert spent the whole day on the Internet, looking for information on illnesses that would make a man’s penis shrink. He found nothing, of course.

After several hours, he got dressed and went to the college health centre. He asked to see the doctor, telling him that he was concerned about the size of his penis. The doctor examined him, obviously surprised by the little penis on this healthy young jock. Finally, he asked Robert to get dressed and sit on the table. “You’re sure you’ve never been diagnosed with micropenis? It’s usually picked up at birth,” the Doctor asked, looking at Richard over his glasses.

“I swear Doc, it was like seven-inches soft before I went to sleep last night,” Richard said, breaking into a sweat.

The Doctor didn’t seem to believe him. “A dick that small doesn’t happen overnight, you’re born with it,” the Doctor said.

He went on to explain the scale of normal and how some guys were just big and some were just small. And that he should not feel bad about what nature gave him. Robert asked about illnesses that could make a pecker shrink, but the doc just laughed it off. The Doctor offered to refer him to a psychologist to discuss it if his penis size is worrying him. Robert said no thanks, and left.

Robert walked back to his dorm room. He went into the bathroom and began to trim his pubic hair, hoping that this would make him look more like his old self. Eventually, he shaved his crotch bald. But is still didn’t help. His penis looked pathetic, sticking straight out above his low hanging sac, his dick was so short it wouldn’t even hang down .

If it weren’t for his mature balls, he would look like a hairless little kid in the crotch. He sat at his desk. He turned to computer on and looked up the website about size, the one he was so fond of visiting. As the window opened, tears began to stream from his face. He had once been bigger than 90% of guys on the planet; now 99% of guys were bigger than him. His hard penis was now the size of an average ten-year-old. His little hung friend Shawn could go almost two-inches deeper into a woman than he could.

How could this have happened, he wondered in utter horror. He began to cry.


Across the campus, Susan was just waking up in the late afternoon. She had slept in late, knowing that she would be sore from last night’s activity. Fuck, she thought as she showered, that boy had been hung. Long and Thick. She figured that it would take all day for her pussy to return to normal. As she showered, the young woman smiled to herself. It had only been a year ago that she learned of her strange power. An old boyfriend had sent her his journal before attempting suicide. It had spoken of how his six-inch penis had shrunk by more than half after sleeping with her. Then everything clicked with her. This was why no guy in high school or college had ever slept with her twice. At first, the fact had really upset her. How would she ever get married?

But for the last six-months, she had come to terms with her curse. In fact, she found it kind of funny. She had gotten to the point where she even tried to sleep with guys she thought were well hung. As she got out of the shower, she pulled out a book from under her bed. Inside was a page devoted to each of the young males had slept with, before and after she knew about the curse.

Each had several pictures of the guy who, thanks to her, now had a pathetic little pecker between his strong male legs. As she pasted a picture from the party of her latest man, She began to imagine him sitting in his room, fingering the little penis between his legs, wondering what happened to him, maybe even crying. As she wrote above his picture “Robert Smith”, she was already fingering her swore pussy to orgasm. Fuck, he had gone so deep, she almost moaned.

The End

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