Our Readers SPH Experiences: When I was in College…

By Account_for_Fetishes.

I was in my last years of college (A senior), helping a study group of five young freshmen girls whom I had met some weeks earlier. I was still a virgin and never had even kissed a girl at the time. I had passed the last previous night jerking off to a bunch of captions about femdom, SPH, virgin humiliation, this kind of thing… The problem was I had to look at all those captions on my tablet, and I forgot to close the tabs!

I was with this group of girls in an empty classroom after class, helping them, when I got up to go to the bathroom. While I was away, one of the girls looked at my tablet. I usually used the tablet to help the study group, so she was looking at it out of innocence, I imagine. But she saw all the weird, creepy captions that were open on my tablet’s browser and showed them to the other girls;

When I came back to the classroom, I noticed that they got weirdly quiet when I came in, but I didn’t care much about it. I was distracted, didn’t notice anything wrong, and I just continued helping them study.

During the next hour, I noticed how some of them were very giggly, making constant ‘funny’ remarks about size, virginity, and ‘little things.’ At the same time, some of the other girls were quieter them usual. The two most attractive and communicative girls out of the group were, of course, the two more giggly, with all the ‘weird’ jokes about size. It was normal that all of us made a bunch of silly jokes during this afternoon’s study groups. Still, to me, it was weird that they were laughing so much at some silly jokes that I was really not understanding.

Now, I can see how pathetic I looked, not understanding that they ‘knew’ and they were actually laughing at the situation. They were laughing at me!

About those two girls: To give you an idea of their appearances, in my mind, they vaguely (very vaguely) resembled Debby Ryan and a young Gal Gadot. I will call them those names here for simplicity.

I had been interested in both of them since I started helping this group and had even jerked thinking about them some days early. Gal was very friendly, the ‘face’ of the group, while Debby was more of the rock star of the group. Everybody laughed at her jokes; she was always the center of attention, and she was constantly arriving later than the rest of the group because she was so busy in her life. Debby was clearly a privileged rich girl who didn’t take most things seriously. She was the only one in the group with a boyfriend, and she was always talking about him.

So imagine those two cute girls, only 18-19 years old, laughing and making jokes at my expense without me even knowing. While I was trying to help them study, and while I was secretly lusting for them!

During these minutes, Debby would constantly ask: “Do you think that guy, or that other guy, have big dicks, or do you think they have tiny ones?”

Debby and Gal would giggle at those questions while I didn’t know what to answer. Why was she asking me this? Why was she bringing these random questions out of the blue? I really didn’t have a clue they had seen those captions.

One moment, when the girls were chatting among themselves, Gal asked loudly to Debby: “Are you and your boyfriend still virgins?”

And Debby, with lots of her usual bratty rich girl confidence, answered: “No! What are you talking about? (She laughed). My boyfriend and I have sex all the time! We’re like a couple of horny rabbits.”

The embarrassment of some of the girls shows that they were probably virgins as well, but the confidence of Debby and the way she usually acted and talked made us think that, yes, for certain, she was telling the truth. But the worse was that this was followed by Gal asking: “Does he have a big cock?”

Most of the girls giggled while Debby answered with a big smile. “Yes! He has a huge cock!”

Some minutes later, because I was getting curious about all the weird sexual talk, I remember making some comment like, “Damn, why are you all so horny today?”

And Debby answered, “It isn’t us who’s horny…apparently.”

These words made all five girls burst into laughter or get red, embarrassed faces. I didn’t understand anything. I had completely forgotten about the tablet and my jerk session the previous night. The girls were laughing so much at those unfunny comments. I was thinking, ‘Oh, they are just silly teenagers. They must be referring to something from their generation or something.’

Finally, I opened my tablet to check something. I saw it was open on the weird kinky captions, and the room suddenly got quiet again. I looked at Debby and Gal smirks, who were staring back at me, trying not to laugh. And the truth came to my mind at once, and I was completely taken by surprise, shame, and desperation. I was still new to this humiliation/ femdom fetish, and I really didn’t know how I felt about it. At this point in my life, I had never talked to anyone about it, and there I was, being outed for it.

Today, I regret that I didn’t enjoy it more. I would love to go back in time and really enjoy that moment; I should have humiliated myself even further to those two cute, bratty girls.

But unfortunately, I just tried to treat the situation in the most calm and frank way that I could. I tried to be calm, and I asked them if they had looked at my tablet, and it was when they told me that they had. The three other girls were embarrassed by the situation, maybe curious. Still, my memory is mostly focused on Debby and Gal since they were the two that I was into.

They took the initiative at that moment, happily asking questions like: “Are you really a virgin?” and, “Did you jerk off to those things?” and, “Do you really have a small dick?”

The mixture of mock, giggles, disgust, and curiosity on their faces and tone of voice during this quick and confusing dialogue makes me horny until today, years later.

Again, I wish I could go back in time and humiliate myself to those girls, but instead, I try to deny everything. I just said (stuttering and sweating a lot), “No, I am not a virgin; And I have a normal cock size. I am just in a weird period, curious about those weird kinks.”

I didn’t deny that I was into those kinks, but I tried to change the subject and focus on the study. After this talk and some more questions from Debby, like, “Are you certain that you are not a virgin?” followed by more giggles.

The subject finally went cold, the afternoon ended, and this was not mentioned again by the group. I saw them a few more times, but the study group eventually came to an end at the end of the semester, and I lost contact with all those girls.

I wish so much I had said, “Yes, I am small. Yes, I am a virgin,” and I had tried to incentivize their curiosity instead of running away from it.

Debby was especially interested. I could have answered her questions more. It would have been so hot and humiliating. I wish those two girls had continued making fun of me about it afterward. I wonder about it often and get horny just thinking about it. Suppose the talkative Gal and Debby told this story to other people. I imagine Debby giggling with her boyfriend while telling him about the nerdy loser from college, who was other them her but still a virgin and had a weird fetish about girls making fun of his small dick.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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