Our Readers SPH Experiences: Three very different women

By WaJohns.

When I was 27, I was finally diagnosed with Micropenis. I was and am a gold member of the small dick club at 2.75 inches long by 1.25 inches wide. The physician assistant told me the only thing that could be done at this point in life was surgery to gain 1-2 inches but with high risks. I told her immediately I didn’t think it was worth the risks. This event changed me, though, eventually giving me more confidence and bravery in establishing a relationship. I had a series of failed relationships since I was seventeen.

I decided, eventually, that I would start telling women my size before we were together physically. I tried to continue with conventional dating with little success. Then I found internet dating and eventually this website, one similar to the ones we have now, that asked about 100 questions and had twenty or so surveys to help make a ‘match.’ They even had one about penis size, if you were above, average or below! Other users couldn’t see your responses. Here are three of the four stories of the women I met on this site.



Lisa was a 5’5” tall graduate student with model-good looks in a town that was about 150 miles from where I was living. She had B-cup breasts and a little bubble butt. Lisa was studying molecular biology, not my cup of tea. Still, I think she was the most intelligent woman I’ve ever met, certainly the smartest I’ve ever dated. We found each other about the same time, joining the website days apart, being each other’s top match at 99%. Our chats were free and open, and we talked about some sex early on.

I told her within the first week that I was below average, but it took two weeks for me to tell her how small I was. She said it didn’t matter to her how big a man was as she orgasmed easily just using her fingers. Wow, was I excited? She was such a busy student that it took about two months for us to finally meet over Thanksgiving break. I drove to her city as she didn’t have a car and was living in a tiny studio apartment. We cut straight to the chase, having the most incredible sexual experience of my life over about a two-hour time limit.

She so easily orgasmed and made me feel more confident than I had with any other woman! The only downside was that I did have to wear a condom and pull out of her before I came, she demanded, as she didn’t use any other birth control. Later, I wished that I had brought more of my Japanese condoms as I only had two. We might have gone a third time! We had dinner, but I left early the next day. We chatted on Sunday and Tuesday, but then she didn’t respond to me for a week, saying she was so busy.

We basically emailed back and forth until her school let out in December, but then she went home for Christmas without seeing me. It just didn’t work out. The emails and chats stayed regular, but I started to move on as she didn’t ask to meet again until spring break. By that point, I was completely committed to a new relationship. I’ll always wonder about Lisa and what might have been!



Rachel was the second woman I met on the website. She was 5’7” and had a very athletic build. She was a runner who did 5k and 10k races. Just an A cup, I hadn’t been with a woman like her ever. She was a pharmaceuticals technician who lived six blocks from me, but I met her on the internet, crazy! I have to be honest. If not for the website, I might not have talked to her if we met in person. Rach, as she liked to call herself, had an amazing athlete build but simply was not pretty.

She had 3 or 4 smallish tattoos and a pierced tongue, ears, belly button, nose and clit! No nipples; she was thinking about it. She had truly short hair. Just, there’s no other way to say it, an awkward-looking face. She was vegan, and I was on an Atkins diet at that time, so that was complicated. We met quickly. After two or three chats at the neighborhood bar, a band or DJ started up. I can’t remember, just that it got very loud. I picked the wrong time to ask her about my Micropenis, but I was horny and wanted a shot that night.

We had to go outside, I had a cigarette, and when we were finally alone for five minutes, I told her the story of my diagnosis and, finally, my size. She told me she thought I was brave and we talked outside for at least half an hour before we headed back to my place. We started kissing as soon as we were in the door. As we got undressed, I couldn’t help but think we were the odd couple, her slender, athletic, hairless body and my 5’8”, 180lbs hairy one. I admit I love a shaved pussy, and she was, but I was a little concerned as her pussy gaped about one inch wide. I wasn’t sure she was going to feel much.

Well, I kind of ‘licked the jar’ with my micro cock. I could tell Rachel felt something because she stayed wet, but I was never making more than 50% contact. I finally came after about 30 minutes. She had tightened up some. We decided to have a few more drinks. On the way back to the bar, she told me her dildo was as thick as her wrist and that ‘next’ time, we would go to her place. I understood why her pussy was the way that it was. Rachel and I chatted daily for about a week but agreed we’d just see each other at the neighborhood bar or laundromat. I was disappointed but moved on.



The third, and next to last, woman I met was Heather, a bartender in a town of about 500 that was twenty-five miles or so from where I lived. Heather was like no other woman I had ever been with, to say the least. BBW brown eyes and long brown hair, above average looks, but very unflattering glasses, 5’7”, 44C-38-56, 215lbs. That’s not a typo, 56-inch hips. We chatted about sex the first time we chatted. I felt confident enough to approach the size subject. I asked her if she used a sex toy, and she responded right away but was shy about telling me it was 7.5×1.5 inches.

I told her many women to use one bigger than that! I told her how big I was, and there was a five-minute delay. She finally asked if I was otherwise ‘normal’ and was very curious about how much I came when I did orgasm. I told her I usually ejaculated three or four times, and she seemed content with that.

Five days later, we met at a steakhouse in my town. Heather ate a steak, salad, and baker just as I did. We each had two drinks and beers and agreed to head to my place. I was embarrassed when we got there as I didn’t hide my porn before I left, totally spaced it off. I only had a half dozen or so movies, she looked them over and selected ‘Black Monster Cocks.’ They were, too. Every guy was 10 inches or more. We watched the whole thing for almost two hours, talking the whole time and having a couple more beers in the process.

When the movie was over, we started to make out. I couldn’t even get my arms all the way around her hips! We went to the bedroom and helped each other undress. She knelt and gave me a little oral, then didn’t even get on the bed, getting on all fours on the floor and said doggystyle was her favorite position. Her giant ass exposed, I tried to find her pussy with my cock, but I think the problem was it didn’t reach. I asked her to tip her hips up, and she did, and I could put the head of my 2.75-inch penis in her pussy. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t even enter her.

She blurted out, “Just fuck my ass.”

I did, for about 3 minutes, then shot my cum all over her ass and back. I cleaned her up and then gave her oral sex until my mouth was numb, but she never orgasmed. I’m just not particularly good at oral. I was licking her clit when she said she had had enough. We got dressed, and I offered her a beer, but she just left. She wouldn’t even kiss me goodbye. We chatted off and on for the next month or two, but I moved on from her within a couple weeks.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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