Our Readers SPH Experiences: ‘Small Dave’ Edition

By Small Dave

Small Dave shares some moments of small dick zen.


This isn’t just me being weird. This is my life, what I have experienced, what I live. It’s making sense of experiences that have been awful, misery, making joy from humiliation. If you have a small dick inevitably, you will have been cheated on and humiliated.
The truth is that women don’t like sex with men with small dicks. It is not as good. I know. You can’t make a woman orgasm while having sex. Women will lie to you and say it doesn’t matter, but then they will get cross and frustrated and angry and really unhappy. They will say they love you, but they’ll be unable to stop themselves from fucking men they say they don’t even like.

Very few women are honest about this. A friend I worked with on festivals was honest and told me that she deserved a decent cock, and although it wasn’t the man’s fault if he didn’t have one, she didn’t care. She said Why should a man’s problem always end up being the woman’s problem.

So you get laughed at for the small size of your dick. You get women you love: your wife, girlfriend, or fiancé losing their temper. You get cheated on and laughed at. I’ve seen girls who love me laugh with a man because she thinks I won’t catch her.
And you become submissive. If you can only make a woman cum by going down on her, you will be submissive. You will likely go down on a woman when she has been fucked by another man.

If you are lucky, you will enjoy all of this. If you are lucky, a woman will be horny and cruel and loving enough to let you enjoy it.


My Wife Tolerates My Tiny Cock…

One of the reasons women and girls aren’t really into small penis humiliation is that they don’t like how it makes them feel. Yes, they get cross, frustrated, scornful, and they tease, cheat, humiliate, fuck other men and tell their friends. Yes, they become dominant and cruel with a man who can’t fuck them. But they don’t like that about themselves.
And they wouldn’t be like that if we could properly fuck them.

Even my wife now. She doesn’t like to acknowledge that I have a much smaller dick than any man she’s been with, although she has admitted as much.

But the little ways in which she has let slip her frustration and need for a bigger cock have been so delicately humiliating that they arouse me as much as those experiences of humiliation and cuckolding by previous girlfriends and partners.
Through her ex-boyfriend Adam, we met a mutual friend known as a rough sexual man with a very big cock. She was still seeing him regularly for sex when we first went out together.

She’d been a naughty girl and was keen to put her previous life behind her when we met. She wanted to get married, so I got to meet her parents, and she wanted to play it very slow when it came to sex. She said this would be more exciting and like old-fashioned courting. I agreed to whatever she said. She’s a beautiful big woman, and I was in awe, in love, and very proud she was with me, plus I too wanted us to get married.

Also, I was nervous about sex because my cock is very small: maybe 3 inches at most fully erect: small compared to most men, let alone the famously well endowed Adam.

So we didn’t have sex, but we dated and kissed, and she got me to pick her up from here and there and take her home or to her parent’s or friends’ houses in my car.

Sometimes she’d phone me to collect her from Adam’s place, a house he shared with some other friends and guys I worked with. At first, I knocked on the door then waited outside in the car. She would take 20 minutes, maybe 45 minutes. I knew from the way she came out of the door of his house, said goodbye and walked to my car, got in, and kissed me that they’d been fucking. A few times, I was invited in to wait and sat there making small talk with his hippy housemates while she was in Adam’s room. Again I would wait for anything up to an hour, and when she finally came downstairs, she would be dressed in her dress and heels, makeup freshly touched up, patting her hair, adjusting her clothes, and he would follow her in a pair of shorts looking like he’d just got out of bed. He would be very friendly with me, invite me to stop for a beer, and she would be keen to go as quickly as possible.

She let me finger her and even go down on her but no sex. I tried very hard to please her. When I was down on her licking her clit with my tongue and sticking my fingers in her cunt she said, “God, Dave, if you want to make me cum you’ll have to go a lot deeper and a lot faster than that.”

When she finally saw my dick, she made a fuss of it, saying how it was so sexy and sweet. When I confessed my worries about my size and what other girls had said, she assured me that size isn’t the only important thing and that she’d had enough of rough macho men with big dicks. She said it wasn’t the smallest one she’d seen and told me about this guy she’d met who had what she called a ‘pencil dick’ and “That was even smaller than yours, so don’t worry.”

She talked a lot about previous boyfriends who’d been in rock bands or were smugglers, who’d been in the SAS. She admitted that she had been obsessed with some men’s cocks and hated herself for allowing men to control her with sex.
We talked about getting married, and she let me have sex with her.

Because my dick is so small, I have to be careful that it doesn’t slip out when I have sex which means the woman not moving her hips or bum too much. And because the strokes are short, I always cum quickly. Or not at all if I lose my erection. I will never know what it’s like to make a woman shudder and orgasm. I’m concentrating more on myself.

To make up for it, I always make sure I go down on the woman either before or after. I don’t mind the taste of my own cum. Either way, it’s a much more submissive role than it would be for a man with a big cock.

I could tell she couldn’t really feel me inside her, but she made such encouraging noises of pleasure, and when I did cum she looked at me and squealed with mock delight as if I was a child or a puppy dog that had done something clever.

I found that humiliating and arousing.

A week before we decided to make it public that we were getting married, she disappeared for a long weekend without any warning. I just couldn’t get hold of her. I hunted around, called on people we knew, and suspected that some of her friends weren’t being entirely honest with me.

I called at her bedsit flat on Tuesday to find her in bed, saying she just hadn’t been very well and was very sorry. I fussed over her and made her hot drinks, and she got a bit cross at my fussing. She told me to get into bed with her, and when I went down on her, she told me to be very gentle as she was very sore down there. She appeared to have a small orgasm with my tongue and then lazily said it was okay to have my turn now and be gentle as she was sore and tired. She managed to murmur with affected pleasure while falling asleep, and she began to snore while I was inside her. I found this so shameful and arousing that I came, and she sensed it saying “Ooh lovely, good boy, so nice” in her sleep.

The next morning she admitted that she’d been to Adam’s for the weekend ‘just for sex’ to get him and his big cock and all big cocks out of her system once and for all before committing to marriage and sexual fidelity with me. She saw it as a sign of her commitment and love for me. She couldn’t walk properly for a week and let me lick her better to soothe the pain that Adam had caused her.


Unintentional Creampie

The first time I went down on my girlfriend just after another man had fucked her was an accident. I didn’t even know I was doing it. And when I found out, I felt angry, humiliated, disgusted, upset. Especially when she laughed and made fun of me about it, it was only later that I found myself constantly thinking about it, constantly aroused whenever I remembered. My shame and humiliation had turned into an intense sexual obsession.

It was a Saturday morning.

I woke up hungover, still drunk perhaps, with little recollection of the previous night. I woke up with an erection and feeling horny in an exciting submissive way, as I often did. My girlfriend Tina was snoring next to me, in our bed. She felt hot, sweaty, sticky, big, and sexy.

I cuddled into her from behind, my small stiff dick pressing into her ample bottom. I kissed the back of her neck and her broad, strong shoulders and wrapped my arms around her, cupping her large breasts, stroking her nipples in my fingers. She murmured and pushed her bum back into me. My hand moved down the front of her body, stroked, and squeezed her sexy podgy tummy.
The size of her body, her fat, her weight, her muscle turned me on. She was so much bigger than me. She was still asleep, but her breathing changed, became deeper, and she pushed my hand down to her pubic mound and shifted position to part her legs. I stroked her bushy, wiry, thick pubic hairs and felt sticky, moist matted.

My fingers naturally slipped down between her lips, into her cunt which was already wet, warm, swollen. With my arms stretched across her broad hips, my fingers were barely able to enter her, so I moved down under the bedclothes until my face was pressed against her buttocks. She smelled of sweat, booze, perfume, piss, cigarette smoke, and sex. I lifted her leg over my head, and she rolled onto her back, wrapped her legs around my face, and let out a low, sleepy moan of pleasure as I pressed my face, nose, tongue into her cunt. I lapped at her sticky salty goo and rubbed my nose against her clitoris. Suddenly I felt her wake up, freeze and push my head away.

“Mmm, Dave. That’s very nice but are you sure? After what I did last night? I was a very naughty girl,” and she giggled.

I didn’t know what she meant but found myself becoming even more aroused when she said she’d been a very naughty girl. I wanted to carry on. I felt submissive. “I’m sure. I like it. I want to. Please.” I whined from between her thighs. I heard her laugh, relax, and so I carried on. She told me to be gentle as she was still sore from last night. Eventually, she came on my tongue, loudly.

Then I climbed up on top of her between her legs to fuck her afterward. As I always did. As she always let me. She says she can hardly feel my cock inside her because it’s too small. Sometimes she’s even fallen asleep and started to snore while I’m on top of her. For some reason, that turns me on.

On this morning, my little cock felt even more lost inside her than usual. I jerked and kept slipping out.

She looked up at me and giggled. “Sorry, Dave. I’m probably a bit loose after last night. Pete’s cock is a lot bigger than yours, and we did do it all night long!”

I felt like I’d been hit. A wave of shame, betrayal, embarrassment, humiliation, shock overwhelmed me and simultaneously aroused me, and my little dick throbbed and spurted as it slipped out of her. I felt even more embarrassed when I learned that Pete was still at our flat. She told me not to be silly, and when he knocked on our bedroom door, she told him to come in, and he sat on the bed in his pants and chatted. The three of us had breakfast together. Tina insisted that we talk about what had happened that night. Pete didn’t object. I said I didn’t want to know. I was dying to know.

As Tina talked, I found some of it came back to me. The previous night had been Tina’s birthday, and we’d been out with friends and got drunk. I became upset because Tina was flirting with Pete in front of everyone. She’d made it obvious she wanted to have sex with him, and he was up for it. When I objected, she laughed at me and said it was her birthday and that the birthday girl deserved a proper shag. I’d begged them not to but was ignored. So I’d got very drunk and embarrassing. At one point, I stormed off, angry and upset. I remember walking around the streets picturing Tina and Pete kissing and deciding I was a grown-up and could handle it. So I came back, thinking I was calmer. I decided to be an adult and let Tina and Pete have sex.

Back at the pub, I found our friends and announced that I wanted Tina to be happy and that she deserved a proper fuck from Pete, and I insisted on telling them all how much I loved her but that I didn’t have a massive willy.

I couldn’t see Tina and Pete so went outside to look for them. They were in the car park just about to fuck when I found them. I went up to them to explain that it was all fine and to thank Pete and tell Tina how much I loved her, but I was incoherent. They got cross with me, and so I became angry and tearful and left to go home. I recalled most of that. Tina told me that she and Pete were so worried about me that they stopped what they were about to do. They got their coats, said goodbye to our friends, and went off to find me. I hadn’t got very far because by then I could hardly walk. They told me how they had to hold me up between them, so I didn’t fall over.

“Pete even carried you in his arms the last stretch and all the way up the stairs to the flat,” Tina told me. “Then he fucked me there on the sofa. In front of you. You watched us. You were still awake. I’m surprised you don’t remember.”

After that, they’d put a blanket over me, and I’d fallen asleep. They went to bed, our bed, and fucked three or four more times. They even had a disagreement over it in front of me. Either way, they’d been asleep when they heard me wake up later, stumble about, go for a piss and take off my clothes and walk around looking for the bedroom. I was naked when I came to bed, apparently unaware that Pete was in bed.

Tina giggled and gave me a guilty/not guilty look. “Sorry, Dave, but he fucked me again when you were in bed. I wanted you to wake up, but you were dead to the world.”

After that, I’d moved around in sleep and kept putting my arms around Pete, so he went and slept on the sofa.

“Then we slept. Until you woke me up by licking my pussy. Oh, Pete, I didn’t tell you about that. Dave insisted on licking my cunt even when I told him I was full of your cum. I think he likes the taste.” I made a noise to protest, but she looked at me. “Dave, I think on some level you did remember, and you liked it.”

Of course, I denied it.


Sex Holiday

After that, she often teased me about it. I denied it but found myself thinking about it. I was angry, upset, and humiliated while constantly aroused and soon found that I could only cum when I thought about her and Pete and me licking his cum from her pussy. I almost admitted as much to her. The closest I got was one drunken night when I asked her to tell me again what had happened and what it had been like with Pete.

Our relationship was difficult. She kept telling me how small my cock is compared to other men. I found that painful; I found it sexually arousing and made it no less painful.

That summer, she and her girlfriend Fiona went on holiday to a resort in Africa. I knew that sex would be a big part of the holiday, although Tina never said so directly. I decided to be an adult about it and went to a chemist and bought a box of condoms and gave them to her before she left. So she would be safe if she did have sex. She smiled and thanked me and gave me a little kiss.
While she was away, I constantly masturbated over fantasies of her being fucked by men with big cocks, and memories of her and Pete. I think this is when I came to terms with my submissiveness, my cuckoldry, and accepted my tiny dick as a source of intense erotic humiliation.

When she returned, she was tired and reticent. She became irritable when I behaved submissively and ran her a bath. After the bath, she slept. I washed her clothes. They were all dirty and creased and smelly. When she finally woke up, we had a meal I’d made and a bottle of wine. She told me about the holiday. I asked if she’d used the condoms I’d given her. She laughed, cruelly and angrily, and said I had no idea and that she’d used loads more. She told me that she and Fiona had fallen out because she’d met two guys and stayed at a house with them on a different part of the island for the last week of the holiday. Just having sex.

Although I found her cheating, teasing, cruelty, and her dominance sexually arousing, it made for a difficult relationship. I was torn between my submissiveness, small penis fetish, and my self-esteem. She was torn between her desire to humiliate me and cheat and guilt at hurting me. So we split up. I moved out. It was painful but amicable, and we remained on good terms. I had a few very unsuccessful relationships, which confirmed that my dick was too small and made girls angry, frustrated, even mad.

We met up and got drunk regularly, and I told her about my disappointing sexual misadventures, which made her laugh. She told me a little about her sex life. It turned out that getting fucked regularly by fit men with big cocks actually made her happy and contented.

She said she missed me. We sometimes kissed and cuddled, and she let me stay the night and sleep with her in her bed.
She had started going to the gym, and she’d put weight on. I admitted that I still had fantasies about her strong body and her dominance and that my desire to be submissive had grown stronger since we’d split up. She laughed and said that all these big, assertive men with big cocks were fine, but she missed having someone tease and humiliated.

One night we got drunk and discussed our relationship. I confessed that I was now obsessed with that night with Pete and her. “All I can think about is me licking and swallowing another man’s cum from your cunt.”

She laughed. “It’s a shame you weren’t here last night then. I brought two guys back here, and they both fucked me twice. They were gone by ten. I could’ve done with you and your tongue. I was full of cum.”


Cuckold proposal

I couldn’t tell how serious she was. Two nights later, I found out. I was in the pub after work when my phone rang. It was Tina. “Get here now.”

I jumped in a cab and was there in ten minutes. I rang the buzzer to be let in when two guys opened the door and smiled at me. One of them shouted upstairs, “Your husband’s here,” then they walked out.

The flat door was open. Tina was lying on the bed naked, her hair a mess. Cum was oozing from her cunt. She smiled at me. “Those boys have left a present for you. Get your mouth here now and lick my cunt clean.”

I did. She made me lie on my back and straddled my face letting the cum drip into my mouth, rubbing her clitoris, cunt, and arsehole on my face until she achieved orgasm. As her orgasm subsided, she gripped my face hard between her powerful thighs, let out a sigh of relief, and pissed on my face, in my mouth. Afterward, she made me run her a bath, change the bedding, and wash the sheets while she soaked. My shirt and suit were wet and smelly, so I took them off. Tina laughed when she saw me and said she’d forgotten how small I was.

Tina called me regularly like this. She called me to pick her and a man from a pub and drive them home while they made out on the backseat. She always referred to me as her husband. She and Fiona had planned another holiday to the resort. She openly called it a fuck holiday now. A week before it, Fiona changed her mind. Tina was upset. She tried to change the dates or get a refund but couldn’t. None of her other girlfriends could go.

I was surprised when she told me she wanted me to go with her. “Isn’t it a girl’s sex holiday?”

She smiled. “Yes. But I can’t go on my own. I want someone I trust and get on with. And I can’t think of anyone else I get on with more than you.”

I wasn’t sure.

“Remember when I went with Fiona last year when we were still together? Didn’t you spend the whole time wanking your little dick wishing you could see me getting fucked by all that big cock?”

I had to admit it was true. “But we’re not together now.”

She looked excited. “No. But we can pretend. Like we do when you come over and lick me out. I want you to come as my husband and watch me. Please.”

So we did.

I had to endure the other holidaymakers’ scorn and humiliation as I let my wife have sex with men on holiday.
She paraded me as the cuckold husband and made fun of me. And of my tiny dick. She even found a nudist beach and made me the subject of giggles and derision. I licked her well-fucked pussy and tasted her lover’s cum. She had a tattoo with a spade on her shoulder, indicating that she was only available to black men.

We met a couple who really were married, and the wife told Tina that she was not using any contraception to be knocked up by one of the men. Tina got very excited about that idea. When we got back to England, we carried on as normal. Tina asked me to stay at her flat when she went out to bring young lovers back to me as her husband. When I wasn’t being dominated and humiliated and spanked, we had an excellent relationship. Submissiveness suited me, and domination suited her.

Eventually, she asked me if I’d like to move back in with her. I wasn’t sure. That’s when she dropped the bombshell.

“Actually, Dave, I want us to get married. I want to be a real cheating wife. I want you to be a real cuckold husband. I want to humiliate you in front of our families and the whole world. I want to walk down the aisle in a white wedding dress with another man’s cum dribbling down my thighs and in my hair and veil. I want your dad and brothers to fuck me in my wedding dress while you watch. But most of all. I want to come back from our honeymoon with a black baby in my womb. So everyone knows it isn’t yours.”

I got down on my knees and asked her to marry me there and then.


On Stage…

When the college drama society asked me to be in a play where I had to walk on stage completely naked I should have said no.
I was only chosen because one of them fancied me. But I was flattered and still in denial about how very small my penis is.
I was only 19 but I’d had enough humiliating experiences with girls that I should have got the message: I’m small; a little under 3 inches when erect and an acorn-sized nub when soft.

I never got naked during rehearsals. It was only on the night that I realized my mistake. It was cold and my dick barely stuck out beyond my pubic hair. It was a one-night production so there was a full house of all the students at the small college including my girlfriend and all my friends.

As I walked onto the stage I heard a loud gasp from the audience. Then silence. Followed by the sound of all the women in the giggling, laughing, coughing, heckling.

It was the night that my girlfriend, who had never been with a man before me, discovered what she was missing.
She started cheating on me soon after that night.



My girlfriend Sue had never had sex before she met me. So she wasn’t aware that my dick was much smaller than average. I was in denial myself and certainly didn’t want to admit that I was small to her, to myself, or to anybody. She blamed herself for the fact that she couldn’t have orgasms when we had sex. We met at college when we were 18. This story takes place when we were 20.

One weekend we arranged to travel to the nearest neighboring city to see a concert. We were going to stay with my ex-girlfriend; Dawn who was a student there. Now Dawn had been my first love and the first girl I ever had sex with. She was older than me and more experienced. Although we’d had an exciting and loving relationship she soon became cross and frustrated with our sexual relationship.

As I was 16 and totally inexperienced I didn’t realize how small my dick was and how unsatisfying sex with me was for a woman. Eventually, Dawn slept with other guys, had affairs that everyone but me seemed to know about, got angry with me, told me that she’d never really liked sex with me, told everyone that my dick was small and that I was a selfish lover who didn’t care that I couldn’t make a woman cum.

Despite all of this we had kept in touch and I still had her on a bit of a pedestal and she still thought I was a nice guy, a cool person and we stayed in contact through our shared musical, cultural and political views and activities. Also living in the same city as Dawn was my old school friend Stu. Stu and I had been at school together since we were 12 and in a band together since we were 15 and we liked one another. Dawn had been in our band when we met when Stu and I were 16/17 and like I say she was a couple of years older. I hadn’t really kept in touch with Stu as I’d moved away from our town when I was 17. Stu was a tall handsome black guy. He’d always been a gentle and modest person, not given to showing off or talking about sex.

Sue and Dawn had met before and got on really well. And that night the four of us had a great time at the gig, going to an underground club afterward than on to some drinking hole, and then back to Dawn’s where we drank some more. We all got into the one double bed in Dawn’s room. Stu and Sue kissed and began to have sex and so did Dawn and I. It was lovely. Sue asked me if I was okay with this and I kissed her while she was with Stu and said yes if she was fine with me and Dawn being together. Which she was.

I went down between Dawn’s legs so she could have an orgasm, but after a while, she told me to stop and to just fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me and I poked my dick in her cunt and began to fuck her as best I could.

At fell erection, my dick is only gold member long so the thrusts are short and shallow and I have to be careful to make sure I don’t slip out. So neither I nor my partner can move too violently. I slipped out of Dawn a few times that night and she got impatient as she always had done and laughed and said she’d forgotten how frustrating sex was with me and how small my dick is.

Anyway, I lost my erection before I could even cum. She said it didn’t matter and we kissed and cuddled while Stu and Sue were in the throes of passion next to us in the same bed. They had a different problem. When Stu tried to enter Sue she cried as she’d never had a cock that big inside her. They tried different positions. She went on top and lowered herself onto his dick and got some of it in and she said it felt amazing but it was still too big for her. Dawn tried to help by kissing Sue and holding Stu’s dick so he didn’t push too hard or too deep. I kissed Sue as well and found that I was hard again. So we swapped.

I jumped between Sue’s legs and my dick entered her more easily than it ever had done before. She giggled and said, “That’s better, it doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, I can hardly feel it.”

Dawn laughed at that. I came very quickly. Sue and I lay awake trying to sleep while Stu and Dawn fucked. Dawn had loud orgasms. Sue said she couldn’t even imagine what it must feel like to make those sorts of sounds during sex.


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