Our Readers SPH Experiences: How I Lost My Virginity

By So_ME_boy207.

I’m a 5’7 skinny (at this point) guy who had always been friend-zoned or viewed as a harmless little brother type. I had just started my freshman year and was enjoying everything about college life except the one I wanted to experience the most—the co-eds!

I had a couple of Tinder dates and make-out sessions during my first few months. I even brought a cute red-headed short girl back to my dorm; technically, she’s the first girl I ‘slept with.’ But we had matched late on a weekend night, and I think she had lowered her standards being with me for an evening of making out and cuddling because after dropping her off the next morning, she unmatched me on Tinder.

I was becoming increasingly frustrated through the semester for still being a virgin. And I was doing everything to remedy that, Going out to parties, Flirting with classmates, Tinder, and even a Craigslist ad at one point. But none of these brought the girl I’d lose my virginity to into my life.

I had been randomly assigned a dormmate, and we got along well. I’ll call him Jim for this post. Jim was way taller and probably much better-looking to girls than me, and he had a sexy girlfriend (Susy) to prove it. They were high school sweethearts, and some of her high school friends came to the state college with her, and one of those friends would be the girl I’d lose my virginity to and get my first SPH (albeit minimal).

We’ll call her Molly, and I first met her when she and Susy returned to our dorm from the University pool to hang out and dry their hair. The first thing I noticed was how much taller than me she was. At least six feet tall (she towered over me), curvy in all the right places, and medium-sized boobs, but on a shorter girl, they’d probably be huge. She had a big but shapely ass and a cute sweet face partly covered by her pool-soaked brunette hair.

They came in laughing and in good spirits, and within two minutes of meeting this girl, Molly asked us if she could change out of her wet stuff. It was shocking for me. I had never fully seen a girl’s boobs in broad daylight before, and here they were, less than a yard from my bed. After changing into a Pajama style outfit, Molly asked if she could join me on my bed while we watched TV. I replied nervously and excitedly, which made her like me more because the touching and flirting started soon after.

Jim and Susy fell asleep with the TV on. By this time, Molly and I were cuddling under the covers. I had figured we would begin falling asleep when all of a sudden, she started pushing her ass into my crotch. After a few minutes, it was like a side cuddle dry humping. I reached around to rub the outside of her panties. Molly then returned the favor and moved her ass back to sneak her hand to the outside of my underwear. And soon, those were gone too, and this cute tall co-ed I had just met a couple of hours ago was jacking me off in my bed while I rubbed her pussy.

It was hard for my short arm to reach around her big beautiful butt, and within 5 minutes or so, I told her I was close, making her jerk me even harder. I muffled my moaning in my pillow and her hair as I came over her hand and my discarded underwear. Molly giggled slightly from my reaction and giggled again after I thanked her. I reached for a fresh pair of underwear from my bed so she still hadn’t seen me naked yet, but she now knew about my lack of length down there, and we fell asleep. And she gave me her snap before leaving the next morning.

Fast forward two weeks. We had been out for a few dining hall dates, I took her to a movie and smoked weed in my car several times, but it was always with Jim and Susy or a big group. But soon, we hung out with her and her other high school friends that came to the college. And that’s when I knew from the smiles and types of questions they asked about Molly and me that they knew I was inexperienced and short down there, and she had told them. But being cute to girls and simping can sometimes get you places.

A day or two after this hang-out session, I hadn’t heard from Molly until she started snapping me selfies of her and her friends out at dinner. Instantly her snaps got flirty, and in a matter of a couple of minutes, she asked me for a dick pic. And I instantly knew she wanted to show her friends to help tell her story about our night together. So in a panic, I came up with a lame excuse but told her she could come by to see it for herself again. Molly replied that she’d have her friend drop her off after dinner, and I texted Jim that I needed the room for a while.

In about twenty minutes, she was knocking at my door. She looked amazing. I realized I hadn’t seen her with makeup yet, and she was gorgeous. I looked at her face, and she said, “Aren’t ya gonna offer me a kiss after what I’ve done for ya?”

I laughed nervously and welcomed her in.

After a couple of minutes of making out and she came out and said, ” Do you wanna fuck?”

I agreed, and then she dropped to her knees, undid my pants for me like someone who had done this before, and yanked down my underwear to reveal my hard silver member dick. With her (larger than average for a girl) hand, she wrapped around my cock, taking up most of it blew me right in the spot we met a couple of weeks earlier. Molly didn’t do this for long as she told me to lay down on my bed so she could blow me better.

In hindsight, I think of this part as kind of SPH because she certainly wasn’t enjoying this as much as the bigger cocks she most certainly had been with before and was doing everything she could to make it more enjoyable for her and me. A few minutes later, I asked if I Could eat her out. She was only topless at this point, and now I would finally see my first completely naked girl in the flesh.

We traded places on the bed, and soon I was in between her legs, licking at her freshly shaved pussy with just a cute tiny patch of pubes above. She squirmed and moaned and grabbed my hair and head. In the five minutes I was down there, I was so in heaven but still so focused I hadn’t realized my hard-on became a semi.

And soon Molly said, “Fuck me, please,” I stopped and began to try to angle myself for missionary.

But it was hard with how thick her thighs and pussy are and how short my dick is. I could barely make it, and that’s when I gave her the worst thirty seconds of sex she probably had, and I came inside her.

I rolled off her, and Molly smiled and said, “Someone was excited.”

I tried to play it cool and say, “How could I not be? You’re beautiful.”

She thanked me for the compliment but quickly said, “You wanna go again?”

I told her it might be hard for me to go twice, but she noted I got hard again after the night she jerked me off and cuddled. So I said okay.

At this point, my dick has shriveled to its normal flaccid state. Two inches and not thick at all. As I lay next to her, grabbing her boobs and ass while trying to get hard again, she two-finger jerked my flaccid dick to try and help, but that only made it worse. I was already cold too, so it was small and soft.

And after a few minutes of this, she hit me with the line, “I think your little guy is broken, babe.”

I was mortified and tried to tell her I was nervous and thought she was hot. Molly asked me at some point if that was my first time. And rather than lie, I thought it would be a good excuse for my poor performance. Molly smiled and thanked me for making her my first, but soon she was talking about needing to get back and do homework. She got dressed and said she’d snap me, and left.

A couple of days later, everything seemed normal between us in our snaps to one another. Eventually, I hung out with Molly and her high school friends, but they were even more forward this time. The only comments and questions I can remember from this conversation were in a room full of girls who knew I had a small dick and had just lost my virginity.

After they knew we hooked up, Molly’s hottest friend Kylie blatantly asked me, “How was it?” in front of Molly.

I replied, “Amazing, just look at her,” to get the focus off me.

This got some feedback from everyone, but I remember the hot friend scoffing to herself and looking back at her phone. She joined the conversation a few minutes later when we talked about sex in general.

Kylie said, “Anything less than 10 minutes isn’t worth it.”

I always took this as a jab for my poor performance and later as part of my SPH fetish. But I suppose she may have been talking about anyone.

Molly and I hung out several times, never by ourselves, and never fooled around again. I snapped at her and facetimed her a few times the rest of my freshman year, but it became less and less frequent, and she had stopped viewing me as a sexual option. I still check her socials now and then, and for a couple of years, she went blond and started dating guys her height or taller, including a couple of black guys. And I always think, ‘I must’ve been the tiniest dick she’s ever been with,’ or at least since that night.


The End.

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