Our Readers SPH Experiences: Be Careful What You Ask For

By Mr. Disappointment.

My new girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half. I’m in the small dick innie club. My soft dick looks more like a belly button than a penis, and it’s about 4 inches hard. When I start dating someone, I’m nervous and don’t want to show them what’s underneath my clothes. We had been together for about a month, and she was getting impatient because I hadn’t made any moves on her yet.

It was a summer night and hot. I just had on loose-fitting shorts and no underwear to stay cool. We sat on the couch together, just talking and making out. She was getting ready to leave, and I was going to hug her and kiss her as I always do. We were standing by my front door when suddenly she dropped to her knees and yanked my pants down.

Thank God I was hard from all the kissing. Out pops my little 4-inch boner. I thought, ‘Well, this is it. This is the part she’ll look surprised and leave,’ but she didn’t even bat an eye. She put it in her mouth and sucked it inside. She let me finish and swallowed everything, then she got up smiling, kissed me, and left.

I forgot to say I make a lot of money and am a company’s Vice President. Anyways we started our sex life after that. But the first time we made love, I remember putting it in her pussy, and she didn’t move or make a sound. No matter what position we were in. It was the same when she would ride me until she supposedly had an orgasm.

So most of our sex is her riding me, then she starts making some noise and says she came. Then she tells me I’m the best sex she’s ever had. So my wheels got to turn because I know how small I am. We were drinking one night, and after sex, I asked her if I was the smallest she’s ever been with. She looked at me for a few moments. I already knew what the answer was going to be.

She said, “Yes.”

So I said, “If I’m the smallest, how can I be the best you ever made love to?”

She answered that she thought I had a perfect cock, which hits just right. But she didn’t know I liked SPH, so I was slightly disappointed in that answer. But I saw her face several times after sex when my dick would disappear inside me when I got limp. She didn’t know I was looking at her, but the surprise on her face was priceless. I never thought I was super small until I started going to websites where you could show off your dick and people could comment.

The comments were often, “That’s the smallest dick I ever saw,” or “It looks like an infant’s penis.”

There was always lots of laughing and jokes about how small I was. But like I said, SPH is something that I like up to a certain point, and most of it didn’t bother me. I just thought lots of them were exaggerating.

So it’s been one and a half years with this girl I’m with. Every time I ask her if I’m too small, she says my cock is perfect, and it always gets her off. Well, once again, I was drinking one night and finally got the courage to tell her my fetish. She was stunned and confused for a minute but didn’t say much.

I asked, “Maybe the next time we have sex would you make fun of my size?”

Still waiting for a real answer verbally. But the next weekend, when she came over, I was standing in the kitchen, and she came up to me, kissing and hugging me.

Then she rubbed the front of my pajama pants and said, “It’s so tiny and little. I’m going to fuck that little thing later.”

I was in shock but instantly hard, and she knew it. So when it came time to make love, we both got naked, and she started to stroke my penis.

She said, “I can’t even use my whole hand. It’s so small. I’ll use my two fingers and a thumb.” Then she started to suck me off. She says, “You don’t even touch the back of my throat, and I’m definitely not going to gag on this.”

I love all of this at this point. Then she straddles me a sit on my cock.

She says, “Oh my God, you’re so fucking tiny. It’s almost disgusting because I feel like it’s the size of a little boy, but I will fuck the hell out of this baby dick. I can’t even feel you in me. I wish someone with a real cock would fill my pussy up. I miss that so bad.”

Her pussy was the wettest I’d ever felt it. It was running down my balls. But I started to lose my hard-on because of some of her words. I thought it would be hard for her to say these things, but she yelled them out like the truth and had to get it off her chest.

After that night, she always referred to me as a baby dick. I couldn’t do anything for her pussy, the pussy I didn’t deserve. I never told her she was going a little far with this because I’m the one that wanted it in the first place. One day I was setting at home thinking about how many guys she had slept with and the number.

She always felt loose, but I’m a sliver member of the small dick club, and she’s had four kids. So I texted her and asked how many guys you have been with. I only thought it was five from the ones she had already discussed. At first, she got pissed at me. But a few days go by, and she finally tells me a number but says it’s close to that. I don’t know if it’s more or less than the number she told me.

That number was twenty guys. I about shit myself but didn’t say anything. Now I’m truly starting to think there’s no way I’m the best she’s ever had, knowing I’m the smallest of twenty men. Then I thought maybe she’s been faking orgasms too, and was she lying about my penis being perfect.

One day I’m sitting at work, and she texts me the picture of a 6-inch hard cock, saying that’s the size she needs. I’m not going to let another guy fuck her, so after work, I run to the porn store that’s about 10 miles away from the town I live in. I had no idea what I was going to buy. I looked around for what seemed like forever and found a 6-inch strap on.

I thought that was perfect because it’ll still be me. Your cock goes inside it (if you’re small like me), and it has a harness you wear. So, bought it and brought it home. My thought was, if she thinks my cock is perfect, then she won’t make any sound when I stick the fake 6-inch cock in her. She had also told me once that toys don’t do anything for her. She has to have the real thing.

So the weekend finally arrived, she came over, and we started drinking. We went to the bar, and she got pretty drunk. We got back to my house, had a few more, and she passed out. I drank a couple more and dug the strap out of its hiding place. I put it on, lubed it with warming gel, and went to the bedroom.

She was naked, laying on her stomach. I pulled the blankets off of her. She moved around a little, and I told her I had a surprise for her. I told her to keep her eyes closed. I spread both her legs apart, exposing her (already getting wet) pussy. (I’ve never entered her while she was laying down with my dick because I’m not long enough, just doggie style, and I still barely go in her). So I rub the head of the fake cock up and down between her lips. She squirmed a little. Then I started to push. The head went in. She made I little ‘ah-ah’ sound.

Then I pushed some more. She kept saying, “Ahhhhh. Oh. God.”

So I start pumping. Short pumps at first, I pulled it almost out and jammed it back in. She started moaning, the first kind of quiet, then louder.

She said, “Oh my fucking God. That feels so good. I miss that feeling.”

The more I pump, the louder and wetter she gets. Her pussy was dripping on the bed. Something I’ve never seen her do before.

I asked, “Do you want to ride it?”

Her answer was, “Oh fuck yeah. Get on your back.”

So I did, and she straddled the fake cock and sat down on it. She started doing moves I’d never seen her do before. She started screaming while her eyes rolled back in her head. At this point, I’m not enjoying this anymore. I crossed my arms, lay there, and watched as she almost convulsed. Then she saw me just laying there. So she stops riding it and gets off.

She asked, “What’s wrong?”

My response was, “You’re a fucking liar. You told me a toy couldn’t get you off and that my cock felt the best out of everyone you’ve been with, yet you’re screaming, moaning, wetter than I’ve ever seen you before, and doing moves you don’t do on me, but when I’m in you, you can hear a pin drop because you don’t make a sound.”

Her response to me was, “I wasn’t moaning. It was just when it went in me too far and hurt.”

I told her, “Those were sounds of ecstasy, not pain.”

She rolled off me with her back to me. She said she was pissed and didn’t want to talk. We lay there for an hour, not saying a word until she said, “I want more.”

I was excited because I thought she wanted me. I got in front of her getting ready to fuck her with my dick, when she said, “Aren’t you going to put it back on?”

I said, “You don’t want me. You want the fake cock again?”

She said, “Yes.”

So I just pounded the hell out of her with it. At times sliding myself in her. Every time I did that, the moaning would stop. Then I’d start with the strap-on again, and she would moan. I don’t know how many orgasms she had, but it was a lot. Finally, she got on my dick, riding it as if bored. I finally came, and we went to sleep.

My question is, has she been lying about me being perfect? Lying by saying that I’m the best she’s ever had? Telling me that I’m not that small, and toys don’t get her off?

I haven’t had sex with her for a week because she comes over on the weekends. I’m not sure if I want to try the strap-on again. I asked her if she wanted me to use it again.

She said, “It’s for your pleasure because you like to do it. It’s not for me. So it’s up to you.”


You might want something else.

You might find out how truly small you are and that you suck in bed. By the way, she also told me I had a pathetic little dick too. Is this her way of telling me what she thinks?

This was all a true story down to every last detail.

Thanks for reading.


The End.

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