Our Readers SPH Experiences: A Night to Remember

By Anonymous Female.

This was during Covid after I’d finally been vaccinated. Because of the lockdown, I hadn’t seen many friends, let alone potential sexual partners. I was very horny and getting most of my sexual release through online sex chats, porn, and masturbation. When the vaccine finally made its rounds, I felt comfortable enough to seek to get my needs met. Tinder hookups or a bash-and-dash are not my ideal method of sexual escapades, but shit is it convenient.

I should also say that I’m Domme, not that I need to be dominating during sex every time. Still, it is my natural disposition, and I am by no means sexually submissive, especially with a random. I jumped on the app and changed my profile to reflect exactly what I was looking for, something like ‘Horny, dominant female for a one-time thing, no strings attached, ASAP. Handjob fine, not trying to suck your dick, and by that, I mean I won’t. You can go down on me if you want. Be clean, hygienic, and fun.’

Like I said, to the point. I got plenty of messages and found someone close who was hanging at their friend’s place and could be over quickly. He sent me a dick pic and was about 6-7″ hard, trimmed and cut. Lovely, so I invited him over.

When he arrived, his physical presence thus far matched his photos, but his personality wasn’t my type. He thought he was some Casanova panty-dropper who could make me swoon and fall to my knees to worship him. It seemed like he thought I was someone he could conquer. I’ve dealt with guys like him before; he had a dominant air to his attitude that also felt like a facade, and when challenged by my relentlessness, he got incredibly turned on.

We made out and were feeling each other up, and my hand made its way to his crotch. I felt around and was perplexed; his energy was very excited, like a teenager about to lose his virginity, but my hand wasn’t feeling it. Eventually, his pants came off, and I saw him naked, and I was looking at what I really hoped was not his fully erect penis. He was small, but not just that, he was also uncircumcised and hairy. The dick pic he sent me was clearly not of himself.

I stopped everything. “What the fuck? Where’s your cock? That thing is fucking tiny.”

I called him out, and he admitted the pic he sent was of his friend’s cock. I was pissed, and it wasn’t just because he was small. It was because he fucking lied to me to get in my pants. I’m not a size queen, I’ve had dicks of varying lengths and girths, but he was definitely on the small side. Again, not an instant deal-breaker, but lying is, and I was at once turned off.

I scolded him. I like having sex, but I hate feeling used. I told him to get dressed and leave. He tried apologizing, saying that his buddy was just trying to help him get laid and that he honestly thought I either wouldn’t notice or fuck him anyway. I don’t know if he just had a poor perception of me or women in general.

He got dressed and said his friend dropped him off, and he had to call him for a ride again. It was cold outside, so I let him sit on the couch to call and wait for his friend. I sat next to him as he sheepishly asked to be picked up. I could easily overhear both sides of the conversation and the lies he was now telling his friend about the encounter, no matter how quietly he tried talking. I’d had enough and grabbed the phone from him and told his friend the truth.

“Your friend insulted me with his lies and tiny dick. Come get him before I decide to punish him for his actions.”

The friend apologized, too, and we ended up talking for a few minutes. I was getting horny and turned on by the situation. There was a guy with a nice dick about to come over and his still-hard tiny dick friend next to me, seemingly incredibly aroused by the way I was talking about him. Without knowing anything about the guy I was talking to besides what his dick looked like, and driven by the wetness forming in my panties, I suggested he do what his friend could not, fuck me.

We stayed on the phone as he drove over. I’m not usually into teasing or being flirty, but the humiliation was making my tiny dick beta wimp go crazy, and I’m no stranger to that. He asked if he could watch or touch himself, I told him liars don’t get that privilege, but I’d let him eat my pussy to prep me for his friend and maybe let him jerk off in the car as he waited. He told me he’d do whatever I said.

I pushed his head down on me and told him to get to work. I put the phone down but kept it on so his friend could hear my instructions and moans. When he arrived, I had tiny dick greet him at the door with his pants pulled down just enough for his pinky dick to pop out. His friend chuckled and was let in, and I was pleasantly surprised that he was quite good-looking.

I pulled out the friend’s cock and made a show of how delighted I was with it. Tiny dick really wanted to stay and watch, so I told him if he sucked his friend’s cock, I’d let him. Unfortunately, neither of them was super into it, so we compromised. I’d let him jack off while listening to us fuck over the phone in his friend’s car if he gave him a handjob.

They compared cocks, but the stroking was really only minimal touching and squeezing at best. Still, I didn’t push it, and the tiny dick guy’s friend was already hard anyway. I sent him to the car with permission, and his friend and I got down to business. I’m not quiet, to begin with, but the knowledge that someone was listening in was hot and encouraged my volume and language. We fucked hard, and it didn’t take long for us to cum (him especially), and I sent him on his way too.

That was what I call a night to remember.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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