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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


Small Dick Club Member ‘statueofdavid’ tells us his story…

So this is another experience I had, and while some of the details might be different from what happened, this is a true story of something that happened to me. It was something that led me to my SPH fetish.

When I was younger, I had a couple of close female friends that I hung out with all the time. I had known them for years and they were like sisters to me. I had guy friends too, but it was kind of like two separate groups of friends. While both were relatively attractive, one was tall, with olive skin, bright brown eyes, and great legs while the other had a cute face, kind of like America Ferrera, and had amazing breasts, regardless of any attraction I knew our relationships were platonic, we just all got along really well and had similar goofy senses of humor. There were nights, however, where we jokingly talked about all fooling around, playing strip poker, going streaking, going skinny-dipping, and stupid shit like that.

There was this one Friday night when we were in High School, and all chilling at the taller girl’s houses, and successfully snuck some vodka from her parent’s liquor cabinet while we were watching a movie. Seeing as how we all had limited experience with alcohol, it didn’t take long for the gray goose to hit us, and in only about an hour of doing a few shots, we were all pretty much completely shitfaced. I called my parents and told them I was sleeping over, I had known this girl for years, so her parents were fine with it also, and I had done it several times before. It was at this point that the alcohol began to take over. It caused my teenage hormones to go into overdrive. The point is, I don’t remember how it started, but whatever we were talking about quickly digressed into me badgering both to get them to show me their boobs.

Which they sternly refused several times even in their drunken state, until finally one of them said, “Fine, I’ll show you my boobs if you show me your dick.”

Now I was just joking around, and I think they were too, just trying to get me to shut up. While I had a faint hope that they might be drunk enough to just go for it, I figured they still wouldn’t. They were both pretty shy and prudish at the time, even around me, but I definitely wasn’t expecting that response, it caught me completely off guard. It was then I realized that this poorly conceived idea had backfired horribly.

As I had just recently started to discover the fact that I was on the smaller side, which is putting it nicely, to make matters worse, I was and still, pretty much am an acorn when soft. Which was the case at the time, as my fight or flight reaction was not doing do my little guy any favors? I had pretty gone through puberty at that point and even had some facial hair, so that excuse was out the window. Suddenly I became extremely nervous and terrified that my secret would soon be out and began to play out all the scenarios in my head, them laughing at me, calling me names, telling their other friends, who would tell other people.

Not that they were that type of people, but I pretty much panicked and worried that I had backed myself into a corner because if I was adamant about not showing, it could also hint at what I was hiding and might make them more curious.

After a couple of seconds of silence, which seemed much longer in my panicked state, I was able to compose myself somewhat, laughed awkwardly, and told them never mind I’m just really drunk. I went to go to the bathroom, and to make another drink while trying to process what was happening in my head. I had hoped that they’re drunk enough that they would just drop it and go back to watching the movie or better yet just pass out. They were drunk. What I was not hoping for is what actually happened, and yes, I promise this all did really happen.

As I clumsily stumbled to the bathroom, I didn’t realize that they followed me, and while I did remember to lock the door (something I distinctly remember about this), I would find out later that my friend had a younger sister who apparently hogs the bathroom every morning. So she had figured out a trick to use a bobby pin to jimmy open the lock when her little sister wouldn’t open the door. I wasn’t really paying attention when I heard them start messing with the handle. I was already going at this point, so other than putting it away and pissing all over me, there was nothing I could do.

I laughed thinking they were just messing around and not actually trying to open the door, and turned to the door while shouting, “God, how drunk are you guys, let me take a piss in peace.”

Before I could even look back down, the door swung open. I froze and felt helpless as I turned again to look this time seeing them both looking down and snickering while kind of nudging each other, the image burned in my brain, and still turns me on. While it seemed like an eternity, I’d say they stood in the doorway giggling for a solid five seconds before they slammed it shut and ran back to her room.

I was in shock and not sure how to deal with this. After finished going and the adrenaline had worn off, I snapped out of it and asked myself, did that really just happen? As I weighed my terrible options for what to do next, I went through them in my head as I washed my hands. Should I tell them it gets bigger (albeit not much but they don’t know that) if they start making fun of me, should I just pretend like nothing happened, I was freaking out and wanted to just stay there and not go back to my friend’s room.

As I walked down the hallway, the questions kept running through my head. Did they see anything, what do I say when I go back to the room, are they going to tell some of our other friends? I tried to pull it together as best as I could and figured I would just laugh it off and not make it weird for fear of making the situation worse and my embarrassment obvious. I quickly made a drink in the kitchen, swigged about half of it to calm my nerves, and walked back to the room as casually as possible, given the circumstances, pretending to be unfazed.

When I opened the door they were kind of quietly giggling, so to not make it seem like I was self-conscious, which might confirm what they may have seen, I let out a loud fake laugh while and said, “You guys are fucking ridiculous,” and sat down on a chair next to them.

I don’t know if maybe they could tell I was uncomfortable or embarrassed, maybe my body language gave me away, but the girl whose house we were at, the taller one, said, “Relax, we were just messing around, we didn’t see anything, let’s go do another shot.”

She really was a sweet girl, not wanting to make it worse and just move on, and you could tell she felt bad. We went back to watching to movie and drinking, and after a few minutes, it didn’t even really seem like it was a big deal. The next day we were, of course, extremely hung-over, and it seemed like they couldn’t even remember half the night, so I chalked the whole thing up to drunken shenanigans and hoped maybe they didn’t see anything and if they did maybe they were too drunk to remember. Eventually, I almost completely forgot about it completely.

A few weeks had passed after that night, and other than to joke about how drunk we got, we never really talked about that night when we hung out. Of course, that panicked feeling I felt that night was about to come rushing back very quick. One day I was walking in the hallways after school with the girl whose house we were at that night, talking about how our classes were going so far that year. We were still friends but hadn’t really hung out that much at that point that year because our schedules were both crazy, and we just were caught up in school, when we happened to bump into each other. I was going to soccer practice and she had a meeting for some club she was involved in.

We were both going the same way and ended up walking together. While we were walking and catching up a bit, we happened to pass by the gym and I noticed the door was so you could see the wrestling team practicing, not really thinking anything of it I kept walking. I got a few steps ahead when I noticed my friend had stopped to peer in and watch and, of course, I just had to say something.

“I didn’t realize you were a wrestling fan.”

She turned to me, kind of laughed and said, “No, definitely not, just curious, I’ve never really watched it before.”

“Yeah, the coach tried to get me to try out this year, but it looks miserable.”

She started smirking and said, “Is that why, or is it cause everybody would see your tiny pee-pee in the onesie thing they have to wear,” while trying to hold back a small chuckle.

I once again did not handle the situation very remark well and just kind of stared at her for a second, and before I could even come up with what probably would have been a lame comeback, she said, “Oh my god, it was a joke, everybody probably looks tiny in those things anyway.”

She quickly realized that what she said was not exactly making me feel any better, which must have been obvious based on how red my face probably was. She did her best to avoid the awkwardness, although it was obvious that she was embarrassed for me she barely looked at me when she said bye.

“Anyway, I have to get going. It was great catching up with you.”

“Yeah, same here.”

I did my best to try to play it off as if it didn’t bother me but was clearly flustered as I turned and walked away without even saying bye.

After that, we saw each other on occasion and would hang out outside of school with a group of friends we shared. It was never bought up again until the end of our senior year when we were both at a house party and had been drinking. We both planned on crashing there with a few other people and the guy who’s house we were at was cool with it as long as we left early as his parents were coming back from vacation the next day, which is why we’re able to get pretty shitfaced. We were all sitting outside and playing drinking games when someone recommended skinny-dipping in the pool.

I did my best to deflect again, not trying to make it obvious or bringing attention to how mortified I was by the idea by joking that I wasn’t drunk enough or something like that. The same girl was next to me playing beer pong when I said that and must have been pretty drunk already because she usually wouldn’t do something like this.

She started kind laughing, and said, “Yeah sure (my name), I bet that’s why you don’t wanna go skinny-dipping…”

Another girl that I didn’t know but was a friend of hers was playing beer pong with her, immediately turned to her, and said, “Uh, what does that mean?”

My friend casually laughed and said, “Just a joke, let’s keep playing.”

The girl looked at me, laughed, and went back to the game. I was so turned on and embarrassed at the same time, I’m sure the other girl derived a conclusion, and just thinking about both of them making fun of me got me hard almost immediately. That was the last time she ever referenced it again, at least to my face, and we kind of went separate ways after that. Still, one of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had.


This reader gets his tights in a twist…

I’m five foot seven, and at the time this happened, I weighed about 115 pounds and was 27 years old. I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club, and it’s thin and quite small when soft. I was doing a dance-theater show. Me, one other guy, and three girls. I wore tights to rehearsal because I love them. The other guy did not. He was bigger than me and strong and handsome. I’m short and at the time it was very thin and puny. Next to him, I looked very small. He was hot and I loved dancing with him.

The show was very queer. The hot guy dances with the girls and me. It was this whole love triangle thing. He rather shoved me in one scene, which was also hot. By the way, he and I knew each other and were friends. I’m gay, and he’s straight, but he did like flirting with some boys, like me.

Anyway, one day, we were rehearsing. He was lying on his back and I was standing over him. His head was right under my legs and he was staring up at my crotch. As always, I was wearing black tights. We were waiting for the director, just standing there joking around. He was staring up at my crotch and said, “Dude, is it cold in here because you have like no bulge at all.”

He looked up at me with this cocky grin. My heart dropped, and my stomach caught on fire with shame. It was amazing. I never thought I was big, but until that moment, I never realized how small I really was. I masturbated about that experience for years.


Another reader uses the toilet roll paper test to prove his point…

So recently, my current girlfriend and I have been experimenting with SPH. It started with me subtly bringing it up by saying things like, “You think it’s a good size,” and, “How big do you think it is?”

Always with her sweetly reassuring me by responding with things along of the lines of it’s fine, or it’s a good size. After hinting at my fetish for several weeks after we had been dating for about a year, I finally told her about my kink one drunken night of fooling around, and not surprisingly she was weird out, said, “Wow, OK, that’s why you’re always talking about it?”

But that was it. We kept going before quickly passing out and not really mentioning it again. Over the next few weeks, as she became comfortable with the idea, she becomes much more willing to get into it. Now she always prefaces it by saying. “You know your fine. You’re not small,” to make me feel better before degrading me.

She seemed genuine in her belief that it was just a kink, and I was not small.

One night, I explained to her the toilet paper roll test, and she thought it was stupid but as always was willing to indulge me. As she put it on, she was doing her typical act of calling me tiny and little, as hot as it was it had become so routine that it was fake and not as much of a turn for me as it was in the beginning. Then as she put the roll on my penis, she stopped and gave a sincere laugh while saying, “Holy shit, it covers it completely. Wow, I was not expecting that.”

It was subtle but at that moment she was not acting and her reaction was genuine, she was not expecting it to fit, and seeing her laugh when realizing I was smaller than she thought was so hot that I practically came immediately


While another reader’s wife has it well in hand…

My wife knows I have a small penis cos she’s a nurse (I’m a Silver Member of the Small Dick Club), but she doesn’t know about my SPH fetish. My story is that we were lying in bed and I was asking (begging) for sex. She responded swiftly with no! Therefore, I asked for a simple handjob, which she rolled her eyes, put her book down, and said fine. I quickly took my purple lace thong (one of her favorites) off and she grabbed my penis.

She then said, “You have sixty seconds, and I’m only going to use two fingers.” She’s never said anything like that to me before! She gave my small balls a hard squeeze and said, “Understand?”

I nodded and moaned, and she rubbed up me and down twice, and then I shot my load.

She laughed and said, “I guess you only needed ten seconds!”

She told me to clean up and then went back to reading her book.


This reader still has a crush on a high school teacher…

I don’t know if it is still like this in high schools now, but when I was in high school, the female teachers sometimes felt empowered to enter the boy’s bathroom to search for male students who were in trouble and had to report to the principal.

One time this happened as I was standing at a urinal with my small penis in my hand. I felt the weirdest sensation of fear, submissiveness, and erotic arousal as I suddenly realized that one of my female teachers was standing behind me. I was powerless to prevent her from walking right up next to me and seeing my penis if she chose to do so. Being in the middle of urinating made it impossible to flee quickly from the situation.

What made it such an exciting moment for me was that I had always been very attracted to her. She had long dark hair, and although she wore glasses, she dressed very nice, usually in tight dresses, skirts, and high heels. The student she was looking for was Jeremy. She called out, “Jeremy! Jeremy? Is Jeremy in here?” There were four other boys in the bathroom so her final comment directed at all of us was, “If you see Jeremy tell him he needs to report to the principal’s office.”

That’s when she left the bathroom. My knees were shaking like jelly. I knew that my back was facing her, so she probably hadn’t seen my penis while I was urinating, but the fact that it had been so close to happening was still shocking.

In my fantasies, I like to imagine that she walked up and stood beside me, and she looked down and saw everything. I could imagine her saying, “That’s not very big, I hope it gets much bigger when you’re hard.”

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