Our Readers SPH Experiences 98

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gives granny a flash…

My grandma lives in the attached apartment. I just got home from work and stripped down to my thermal pants. They have an open fly that doesn’t exactly overlap fully for obvious reasons. Carhartt brand if you’re familiar. Wasn’t exactly thinking anything of it

Anyways, I went to go check on her, say hello, and get the mail. I sit down and make a conversation. As I walk across the room to say goodbye, she says, “Fix your pants.”

I was confused and asked, “What?”

She points and says, “Your little thing is showing.”

My foreskin-covered head was showing, and her apartment is so warm I didn’t even notice. I apologized, blamed the design, laughed about how I didn’t have my sweats in the mudroom. I went on my way.

Gulp, the cat is out of the bag now.


Reader ‘statueofdavid’ tells us…

This was the sophomore year in college. A large group of us headed out to the coast for some drunken debauchery. Since, at the time, I was a serial monogamous, I brought along my girlfriend and several of her girlfriends. My guy friends figured the more girls the merrier so it was a win-win for all. A lot of them ended up hooking up but that isn’t today’s story.

One night we all decided to hit up a bar. Pre-gamed and fake IDs loaded, we tackled a local bar. Being spring break the bar, that night had some local rapper and a DJ that night and also a wet t-shirt/wet shorts contest. I’d never heard of a wet shorts contest but it seemed fun.

We got insanely drunk, as you do on spring break. The MC came on the microphone and announced the start of the wet t-shirt contest. Several of my GF’s friends and even my GF participated. It was wild seeing her topless on stage. I felt so proud when she came in fourth. One of her friends actually won, which was a $400 prize. (Helped buy more drinks)

When the MC announced the wet shorts contest, as you can imagine, the girls egged us guys to go on stage. Two other guys and I decided to try it out and see if we could get more drink money. They had us go backstage and change into white shorts. They were cheap shorts with thin fabric and the inner liner cut out. We danced and hammed it up on stage for the screaming crowd. It was actually fun. The whole time another female MC poured FREEZING ice water all over us.

Of course, being super drunk, it didn’t take long before shorts started to come off. I wasn’t the first one to do it; it was actually one of my friends but things escalated quickly. Even though I was drunk, I was still shy. I could feel how small the cold water made me, and I could tell where this stage act was going. Guy after guy eventually whipped it out to a crowd of over a hundred people. Then it came to my turn.

I hesitated and resisted, with chants from everyone in the crowd starting to go crazy. The lady DJ started calling me a pussy and chicken on the microphone until finally she and my other guy friend (whose dick was already out) yanked my shorts off down to the floor.

I wouldn’t say it was a movie-style silence filling the room, but to me, it was deafening. I instantly went to cover myself but by that point, over 100 people saw my shriveled cold penis. Usually, when I get this cold and wet, I shrink down to no more than two inches visually, with most of it being foreskin.

The crowd did, though, break out into absolute laughter, even the Lady DJ. She said, “Looks like someone got a little bitty cold up here, huh ladies! I feel bad for his girlfriend…If he even has one with that…”

The crowd once again broke out in laughter. I was so embarrassed I yanked the shorts up and walked off stage.

The DJ then said, “Awe, I guess the little guy got mad. Must have ‘LITTLE’ complex or something…” and she gave the tried and true, index, and thumb symbol.

Once again, the crowd laughed.

I ran back to my GF, who I saw was trying to hold back a laugh herself. Some local guy with a HUGE dick won the $400, and one of my friends got fourth. In the end, the DJ even said, “Where the little guy? Is he still out there? Does he want to compete? I do have participation awards…”

I was in the bathroom sorta hiding out at this time.

That night back at the hotel, we partied some more, and once we all crammed back into bed, it was I on the edge, my GF, her friend, and that friend’s boyfriend in one bed. I was just about to fall asleep when my GF pokes me awake.

She whispered, “Hey, can I ask you something?”

I said, “Yeah.”

“Could you not show off your dick around my friends again?”

I asked, “Why not? You show off your tits to my friends.

“Yeah, but I have big tits…I don’t know. I just don’t want my friends talking shit about me and I already heard Cindy telling Sarah that she felt bad for me. In the restroom, they were all saying how tiny Jason (the fifth-place winner) made you look. Fucking bitches even called you a baby dick.” She paused for a second. “Just, um, could you not show it to ANYONE anymore? Please, for me? I don’t want to feel embarrassed, OK?”

The rest of the trip was brutal, and my GF and I broke up soon after we got back. Then it turns out she cheated on me the next night with Jason and Sarah in a threesome when they said they were going to get more drinks.

When I found out I texted her to confront how fucked up, I thought that was, and she just responded with, “Sarah and Jason were making fun of your stupid ass tiny dick saying I could only take little ones. I told him I’d fuck him just to prove I could. It’s your fucking fault I cheated on you, asshole.”


While another reader discovers his fiancés past…

When my fiancé and I first started dating, things got hot and heavy quickly. We didn’t sleep with each other right away but it was within the first two weeks or at least by date three. Once the seal broke, we were like two bunnies and couldn’t stay off each other. Hence why we’re getting married. So one night in bed, we are having pillow talk when I asked her, “So I’m curious, how many people have you slept with?”

She giggled and answered, “Don’t judge, but nine.”

Reasonable number, I thought. Therefore, I asked, “I gotta know where do I fall in the lineup?” She looked at me, confused for a second, but I followed up with, “You know, size-wise.”

Her face turns red; she won’t answer the question and even tries to change the subject. After a bit of prodding, I got her to answer the questions finally.

“Well, don’t be mad…You’re the smallest by far.”

I laughed a bit and asked her, “So no one was like me?”

“Not even close,” she said but cut herself off, trying not to offend me.

I then asked how big the other guys were.

“Well, big…I don’t know exactly I didn’t take a measuring tape to them but they were big. Way, way bigger than you…Sorry…So being in a sorority, we have a rule that we shouldn’t get with another sister’s guy…Well, we never followed that rule. Most of us would usually get drunk after meeting or events and talk. Trust me these girls were NASTY. So eventually, they would spill the beans on how big their boyfriends or FWB were. It was easy to figure out who the popular guys were and I would go for them. Back then, if I thought you were ‘too small,’ I’d just give you head or a handjob. If not, I’d have sex with you. That’s why I have been with nine other guys. I only wanted to sleep with the biggest. So yeah, you’re pretty much the first non-frat guy I’ve been with. Don’t be mad, baby. You know I love you.”

She blushed, and it got a bit awkward, not because she just told me that I would’ve been passed over in her college days, but that this was actually the first time she said I love you.


This reader is outdone by his GF’s little brother…

When I was with my ex, we took her little brother to a water park a couple of hours away from where we live. As we’re leaving, I take him into the men’s changing rooms to shower and change. As we get into the showers, there are a few other people in there and they all have their trunks off showering, so I thought we’d do the same. I’m not the biggest out there soft I’m only about two inches but my 6’5” frame makes it look small. I start to take off my trunks and out the corner of my eye; I catch him doing the same.

I ask him if he wants to use somebody wash, and as he says yes, so I turn to give the bottle to him and can’t help but notice his cock. It had to be about five inches soft and a little thicker than mine. I notice he looks at my small soft penis, and I see a little smirk on his face. I was so embarrassed. I’m over a foot taller than he is, and he has twice the dick I do. As we were drying off and getting changed he not attempted to hide his cock. Whenever I’d go over to my ex’s house after that while we were still together, he’d always call me little man. It’s was so humiliating.


Another reader discovers that some females have high expectations…

After dating my girlfriend for quite a while, she finally admitted to me she thinks I’m ‘really small.’ Then I asked her what she thought small, average, big was. Her answer was, “Small under six inches, Average six to eight inches, and big eight inches plus.”

I honestly feel like most girls think this. Also, why did it take years of her telling me I was perfect and size doesn’t matter to admit this to me? It just makes me think all girls really do have this thought. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.


This reader puts on a show, but it just burns him later…

Recently I attended a Halloween party on my college campus. It started normally with plenty of booze and girls. The house that the party was at only has one bathroom, which the line gets super long. Most of the guys will end up going out back a peeing on the side of the storage shed. I went out there and was all alone. As I start to pee, three girls decided that they were going to pee by the shed too. They start walking toward me and see that I’m peeing.

One said, “Sorry, we won’t look,” and starts to laugh.

The second one says, “Fuck that, I’m gonna look…”

As they get closer, the second girl says, “Where is it,” while looking at my dick.

She started laughing and giving me the small dick sign. The third girl who’s been quiet this whole time then comes up, gets eye level with my dick, and asks, “Why are you getting hard?”

She then put it together that I like it. By now, I was fully hard (Bronze Member), she then told me to stroke it. I did and about twenty seconds later, I said I was going to ejaculate. This made them go nuts, as I didn’t last at all for them. I then went back inside to clean up a little.

Later on in the party, I was talking to some other girls when one of the women I jerked off for came up and said loudly, “Don’t go with him, he has a tiny baby dick and cums in like ten seconds.”

Suffice it to say, I didn’t get any other action that night.


While this reader’s examination proves to be embarrassing…

As a freshman in college, I worked an extra job to make cash. I was constantly moving heavy equipment and one day started experiencing pain in my abdomen. Therefore, I decided to go see a doctor, to make sure nothing was wrong. I figured they’d just ask the symptoms and give me a prescription, and I’d be on my way. When I got to the exam room, I sat around waiting for a bit, and finally, the doctor came in. I was completely surprised the doctor was an RA in my dorm hall, a smoking hot girl who was gorgeous from head to toe.

She had the face of a doll, perfect boobs and a great plump butt. She recognized me immediately and started talking for a couple minutes before getting ready to check me. I was slightly nervous, but I still figured it’d be a simple check-up. She did the normal tests like heart rate and all that. I had to take my shirt off to have my heart screened and thought that was the thing. However, when I thought she was done, she told me to drop my pants.

I was shocked and just stared at her, confused. She just shot a look at me and said to hurry up already so I slowly turned around and lowered my pants to the ground. I heard her giggle, probably because I was wearing tighty-whities. I asked what now, and she told me that the underwear had to come off too. I turned my head around to see if she was serious and saw her loosely holding my shirt and pants while nodding. Therefore, I took off my underwear even slower than my pants and pushed them away toward her with my foot.

Now completely naked, I stood turned away from her terrified. Even as a college student, I was only an inch when soft and had very little pubic hair. I had never shown my penis to a girl before, let alone a gorgeous girl who literally had authority over me. She told me to turn around and I simply froze. She grabbed my arm and spun me around while also removing it from covering myself up. I saw her eyes get huge and she let out one loud laugh before covering her mouth.

She turned away and kept laughing, trying to calm herself down. When she finally got herself together, she finally was about to start examining me. She told me that to examine my balls, I had to grab my dick and move it out of the way. As I went to grab it, she said, “Never mind because your finger is more in the way than your penis.”

I literally wanted to cry. Her hands were freezing cold, and my lack of a dick retracted upon her touch. I saw her snicker again and I felt a small tear run down my cheek. She noticed and said in a baby voice, “Awww…is this why Olivia dumped you?”

Although it wasn’t, it probably could’ve been, had she ever seen it. My dick wasn’t in the way much, but whenever it was, she would make sure to pinch it tightly with just two fingers she was under my skin, and she knew it and was running with it. Here I am, an 18-year-old, completely embarrassed by a smoking hot girl in her mid-twenties.

When we finished, she gave me back my clothes. She told me I was all clear of a hernia and probably just pulled a muscle. I choked up enough courage to ask about the elephant in the room, and she straight up said I missed my growing window and was always gonna be short. After that day, I tried to stay away from her in my dorm as much as possible but whenever we crossed paths, I saw her give a sly smile and a wink.


This reader is in search of a true SPH experience…

OK, so let me start by saying that I have had a small penis humiliation fetish since my early twenties. I’m 36 now. My penis is about an inch when soft and I’m a silver member hard. I have always wanted to get honest SPH reactions but never was able to. My wife doesn’t know about my fetish and I really don’t think she’d be into it.

Therefore, over the past few years, I have tried my best to show off my dick, legally and not unsolicited. I have gone to a nude beach about a dozen times. The reactions I get there are decent but not full-blown humiliation. Women do look at it and some really do smile and nudge their friends to look as well. However, for the most part, even though I would enjoy it, they don’t actually give me humiliation. I guess because they don’t want to offend me.

I have also been to a nudist club held at a gym/spa in the off hours about once a month. Again, I was able to get many looks at my tiny penis but never was able to get a girl to comment on it. However, I never asked.

So finally, I tried my hand at an Asian massage parlor. I have gone there about two dozen times over the past few years. The language barrier is difficult to express my desires. I’ve tried to get the girls to at least acknowledge my smallness, but even if they somewhat understand, they don’t really carry on with it. I think they think they’d upset me. At least I leave with a nice handjob. So finally a few days ago I went and I spoke to the ‘mamasan’ who actually speaks English very well. I told her what my fetish was. She understood completely.

Then she had me pay a little more. She spoke to two girls in what I assume was Korean. The girls nodded and seemed to understand. Both girls began to undress me and when they pulled down my boxers and saw my little dick, they both laughed and began to play with it. One of the girls spoke English better than the other and kept saying things like, “Oh so tiny,” and “Little dick,” all in between laughs.

Although I would prefer fluent English, the girls were very good. I didn’t last long once they started jerking me off.

Another situation I had was about two years ago. I stumbled upon a girl online who performs fetish/dominatrix services. She was a little pricey, but I figured I’d try it. She was very pretty and local. I met her at a hotel and we talked a good while about exactly what I wanted. She was very accepting and did an amazing job.

I know that most of my experiences were not true SPH because I asked for them, but it’s the best I can do right now.


Another reader has a GF happy to oblige…

I had the most amazing titty fuck and SPH experience last week. My GF has really gotten into the SPH-play during sex lately, and she wanted me to stick my dick between her breasts. I was unsure at first and gave it a go, but her tits engulfed my dick completely. She mocked me, saying that my ‘little dick’ got lost in her tits and that it is so tiny that she could not see or feel it. She then jerked me off with her forefinger and thumb, until I came all over her tits and she then brought out her dildo and started to masturbate with it, and made me watch her while saying that my tiny clit dick can’t satisfy her. I loved it.

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