Our Readers SPH Experiences 97

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is surprised to learn he’s been talked about…

My penis is a bit on the small side (1.5 inches flaccid), and my girlfriend knows I enjoy a little bit of SPH. Only my girlfriend knows about my little problem, and I’ve never mentioned it to anyone else.

Today I was out with my GF and her 4 other friends from her university. We were sitting having lunch in a cafe. The girls do an art degree, and they are required to draw naked Male and female models as one of their classes. The girls were talking about an older guy. They were drawing, mentioned the fact that his penis was quite small, and shriveled up (probably because of age). After a couple of minutes of discussing this, out of nowhere, one of the girls said, “Do you think the same has already happened to him (meaning me)?”

It was so off the cuff, and sudden, it completely took me by surprise, and by the time the shock wore off, and I made my retort, it was a good 2 seconds of complete silence on my end. This probably confirmed to all the girls what I was thinking! My girlfriend has obviously told one of her friends about my ‘little’ problem, and now they joke about it. It was really humiliating at the time, especially now that the other girls probably know about my issue.

To be fair, though, the one that said it is kinda sassy, and that made it pretty hot. The girls started giggling as soon as she said it, so it was obvious it’d been mentioned by her before. I’ve not talked to my girlfriend about it yet, but I think I want it to happen more after that.


Another reader has an encounter in the showers…

I went to the gym today, and I’m a bigger guy (about 300 pounds), so taking a shower afterward is always a must-do. Usually, I can get in and get out without any men in the locker room but today was different. There was some sort of class going on, and plenty of ripped men were there (including an old friend from high school). So I got into the shower and left all of my clothes in my locker because I didn’t think I’d need to use the changing room since usually the locker room is empty. But when I got undressed and started walking to the shower, about 5-6 ripped dudes came in.

At that point, it was too late to go back and grab my clothes, so I just kept walking. Not only was I obese and had C-cup tits, but my tiny less than one-inch flaccid dick was ‘out.’ I was always used to my friends sort of bouncing and slapping my tits, but showing my dick to men that were obviously much better was freighting. Besides a few chuckles, I didn’t hear much. But they were the playful type and were just messing around in the locker room so when I got out, they are only just then naked.

They were all at least ten times the size of my shrunken wet and cold flaccid penis. One of them was from high school, and he instantly slapped me with his towel right in the tits and said: “Meet my school friend, Matt.” Then he said, “I always thought you were packing because of how tall you are. I guess I was wrong, that’s small, man.”

I chuckled along with my slowly becoming erect penis. I also noticed my school friends were a good four inches flaccid. After that, all of his gym buddies (especially one of the black guys with what I noticed had the biggest cock) laughed because they all heard my friend call my dick small. When they all went to the showers, my small erect silver member dick was throbbing. It was so good.


While this reader lived as a cuckold for a while in college…

I dated a virgin in high school, popped her cherry, finally, and fucked her for about two years. Then I noticed she was getting looser and looser. I kept asking her why, and she swore she didn’t know. Then one day in college I came to her apartment early and caught her legs up in her bed. The guy she was getting fucked by had a dick as thick as a soda can and about ten inches long. I was amazed! I watched them for a minute and left before they saw or heard me. That night I loved fucking her sloppy pussy and came three times. She continued to fuck us both for a month or two before I told her I knew. She told me how long she was fucking him, and we broke it off. She is still married to him.


This reader had a night out to remember…

In junior college, my friends and some girls went to a bar. One girl whose boyfriend had recently cheated on her was upset And wanted to blow off some steam. I sat to the left of her on the table, and we talked, and after several drinks, she starts hitting on me and puts her hand on my leg. Eventually, she moves her hand to my crotch over the pants and starts rubbing me. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and her boyfriend was a black dude with a huge cock, so her first response was, “You call that a dick?”

“That’s why my ex always cheated on me,” I said.

She laughs then shrugs and says, “You’re lucky, I just wanna get back at my boyfriend,” and puts her hand down my pants to finish me off. “I think every guy I’ve ever had sex with is bigger than you,” she said and laughed. “I’m gonna tell all my friends you have a small dick.”

Sensing I’m about to cum, she takes her hand out, and I blow my load in my pants. She later takes one of my friends home to fuck. She said to me as we all went our separate ways at the end of the night, “Sorry, I would’ve taken you home, but your dick is too pathetically small to fuck.”

She said this right in front of all my friends who laughed at me.


Another reader gets the treatment from his GF he so sorely wanted…

It has been a little over ten days since my GF unintentionally gave me my first SPH. And as much as I enjoyed it, I was skeptical if she had realized that it was a fetish I had and played along or whether she was just honest about my size or rather lack of it.

We went out partying this weekend, and I was hoping to bring up what had happened with her. We had a great time, were drunk by the end of the night, and went back to her place.

Here, after fretting all week over it myself, I finally mustered up the courage to ask her if she really could not feel my dick inside her. At first, she just laughed it off and told me that I didn’t need to worry about anything.

Nevertheless, after I persisted with it, she reluctantly opened up saying that although I was smaller than usual, she didn’t say anything-earlier coz she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. She started apologizing profusely about what she had done the last time we had sex but also said that it was a weight off her chest when she told me about how she wasn’t reaching orgasm and was frustrated.

I went down on her right away on the couch and probably gave her the best head I had ever given anyone. After about ten minutes of me eating her out, she wanted me to fuck her. I stood up, she unzipped me, and I was hard already. She started to blow me slowly, and then unexpectedly, she held my penis between her forefinger and middle finger like a cigarette and said, “Look, I can take all of you in my mouth without even gagging,” and she then deep throated me fast.

I came instantly! For some reason, though I’d nutted, I was still semi-hard probably because I was so aroused by everything. But that meant I wasn’t fully hard anymore, and as much as I tried, I couldn’t stay hard enough to get inside her. She got frustrated after a few minutes went by of me trying, and she got up and went upstairs to her room.

She asked me to follow her upstairs into her bedroom. She reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out a plastic bag that had something inside. I could not tell at first, but as she brought out the contents, it was a large dildo and a vibrator-like sex toy that doubled up as a cock ring! Apparently, she had gone shopping for sex toys or had used them before with her other partners.

Then in a very playful yet stern tone, she asked me to get some lube while she got comfortable in bed. I brought the lube out, and she asked me to pour some over this eight by six-inch dildo, and she then started to pleasure herself. I stood there, watching her get off and make noises that I had never heard her make during sex. I did not realize it, but I had gotten erect again and had a fair bit of pre-cum dripping..she noticed it and then asked me to put on the cock ring.

I fumbled around with this violet rubbery device and finally got it in place properly. She asked me to lie down in bed while she got on top of me. She then compared my fully erect cock to her massive dildo and started to giggle. I asked her why I needed to wear the cock ring, she didn’t say anything, but put my dick inside her pussy and then pressed this button on the base of the ring that started to then vibrate the ring and a plastic tip.

She seemed to be enjoying herself, but she didn’t really ride me, and neither did she want me to thrust. She told me that although she could not feel me, the vibrations felt good on her clit. She came in a few minutes and then asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I was really turned on and obviously wanted to fuck her, and so in doggy position, I went as hard as I could for a few minutes. What made me blow my load, though, was what she said next.

“Get done with it already, I want another go with the dildo after you’re done tickling me with your useless baby dick.”

This was honestly the most fun I have ever had, and while I did not expect it to get this good so fast, I got the feeling that my GF was finally venting out her frustrations. At the end of everything, my GF told me that she felt bad and didn’t want to hurt my feelings but continued because she felt I rather enjoyed the dirty talk and would stop if I wanted her to. I told her that I didn’t mind it at all. Best night ever! I had never cum twice in a night, let alone enjoy it so much.


While this reader got reverse SPH…

So this just recently happened. My girlfriend and I were sitting on the couch after sex and talking about what we like about each other. I asked her what she liked about my dick, and she said she liked how it was the first cock to not make her gag, then she complained that her ex made her gag all the time.


This reader learns that loose lips sink ships…

An important thing to remind when you have a small dick is that if you claim to have a big cock, one day, you may have a backlash…

I had a co-worker who was a perfect asshole, always bragging about how much a seducer he was and how many girls he fucked. Once we were talking about girls and sex with other colleagues and, to take part in the conversation, I let slip that I had quite a big dick. I know that’s stupid considering I’m a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club, but I was young (25) and still wanted to show off like other dudes.

The guy I talked about was ten years older than me, very self-confident, and he said something like, “Size isn’t everything, dude,” to cut me off as he always did.

I foolishly replied, “Small dick’s words,” or something like that.
I just wanted to teach him a lesson because he was always so arrogant. He looked offended but let it drop. By the way, even if the other guys laughed, nobody took it seriously, and I think many of them had already seen him naked because they were doing some gym at the same club.

Months later, I was talking with a girl from the office I tried to pick up, and I was bragging about how much I was good at squash. The co-worker in question heard me and came into the chat saying how much he loved squash, being a regional champion when he was young. I began feeling bad and shut my mouth (I’m OK at squash but not a great player). Suddenly he asked me if I would fancy a game against him. In front of the girl, I couldn’t refuse. We went to a squash club.

As we entered the locker rooms, I began to worry, there were only communal showers! Not only he beat me in the game, but he also destroyed me lol. He was actually a very good player. We went back to the locker rooms, I only thought about how I could get through this situation. I tried to let him go first on the shower pretending to answer some emails on my phone. He was talking repeatedly, explaining to me how I could improve my game, bragging about how good he was (fucking asshole!).

Then I realized he wouldn’t go to the shower without me, I was tricked! I gathered my courage and started to unclothe. He was already naked, his average cock (maybe four inches soft) resting between his legs, always talking, when I dropped my pants. He stopped talking and locked his eyes on my little shriveled one-inch dickie.

He snickered a little and just said, “Small dick words, eh?”

I turned red, and I had to endure his large grin and his glances on my dicklette during all the shower. When I redressed, he couldn’t resist saying, “Boy! That’s not a cock, it’s a teeny weenie.”

He laughed openly. I couldn’t reply to anything, I was too ashamed. Fortunately, nobody else was in the locker rooms. When we went out, he told me, “Just to say…If you need it, maybe one day I could help you to satisfy your girlfriend,” and left me mortified

I somehow asked for it, but what a moron.


Another reader loves being the smallest man on the beach…

My girlfriend and I recently took a trip to a nude beach close to where we live, it was a fantastic experience, and I was by far the smallest guy there. For anyone wondering, I’m a Silver Member of The Small Sick Club erect and between one-inch and a flaccid inny when soft. The combination of nerves and being naked outside kept me at flaccid inny the whole day. I knew I’d probably have one of the smallest penises there given my micro status in general, but I was kinda shocked at just how much smaller I was than all the other guys.

My girlfriend (who loves to humiliate me) thought it was hilarious! She’s been teasing me about it for days. Nobody cared or was really paying attention, all though I caught a few glances and smirks, and I might have overheard a girl say, ‘Poor guy,’ to her boyfriend, but I can’t be sure. The couple laying next to us seemed friendly enough, though we mostly kept to ourselves. The man was kinda hung, his soft penis was bigger than men when hard, which my girlfriend was quick to point out.

I did see the woman looking at me when I came out of the water for a dip. She gave me a friendly smile/giggle when we made eye contact, but it was very friendly. I would have loved someone to open laugh or point at me, I know it’s not really a nudist thing to be judgmental, but I still would have welcomed the humiliation. It was definitely humiliating for me (which I love) but such a great experience. I loved being the smallest man on the beach! Can’t wait to go back!


While this reader discovers being the smallest on the beach isn’t always a good thing…

I’m 35-years-old and am a Gold Member of the Small Dick Club, it’s very thin and a pair of very small balls to go along. I often go to a nudist beach near my place. I love the feeling of swimming naked and the non-judgemental spirit of the naturist community. This activity allowed me to push back my complex at a young age. But it also gave me the most humiliating moment of my life.

One day I decided to spend the afternoon at the beach. The weather was good. I chose a place and, as I do all the time, I went to the beach to take a walk. Lost in my thoughts, I was looking et the open sea. My little penis shriveled due to the breeze which blew that day when I heard a voice behind me.

“Good morning, Mr. Louis.”

I haven’t mentioned that I’m a teacher in high school, and I immediately recognized in that voice one of my students, Laura. The little minx, a young gossipy and popular girl with whom I had several verbal altercations since the start of the school year. My heart began to race, but I was stuck. I slowly turned back to face not one, but two of my students as Laura went with her friend May.

Laura is a pretty blonde girl, five foot five, with long hairs and an already fully developed pair of nice breasts and a blonde pussy too. May was a tall (five-nine) and slim brunette, with dark skin and a pair of little breasts. They seemed very at ease being naked in front of me. I was stunned.

“I was sure it was you. Do you often come here?” Laura asked.

“Ummm…good morning girls…Um…Yes, pretty often, and you?”

“We’re with my mom and my little brother, we come here sometimes. I’m a naturist since a little girl. May comes with us sometimes.”

She got a large grin and looked right in my eyes, but I could see her take some glances at my flaccid inny. I could also see May trying to retain a giggle. I was dying of shame. I tried to end this awful episode.

“Well, girls have a good day, and see you tomorrow in class.”

“Don’t go, Sir, I would like to introduce you to my mom, she’s just here,” answered Laura pointing a place nearby.

I couldn’t refuse without appearing rude, and I didn’t want to let her see my embarrassment. Therefore, I followed the girls trying to be cool and shooting the breeze. Laura introduces me to her mother, a beautiful brown-haired woman, five foot five with small breasts, and a slim and tanned body. She obviously was an accustomed naturist. Even if she took a quick look at my crotch, shed id little more than a smirk, and didn’t seem to pay attention to it.

We were talking for five minutes, the girls stood a few steps away from us, when a little boy about eight years old, honey wheat blond, ran to us.

“Here’s my son Jonas,” Laura’s mother said.

“Nice to meet you, young man,” I said pleasantly.

The child stayed near his mother while we went back to our conversation. After a while, I realized that the two teenagers didn’t stop looking in my direction, trying to retain a burst of laughter and talking in a low voice. Trying to find out what they look like, I realized that from their position, they had a direct view of me and Jonas who was between his mother and me.

I looked down and was horrified by what I saw. I looked alternately to my penis and the little boy’s one. It was evident that his genitals were bigger than mine were; in length and width, his testicles were only slightly less developed which made my cock even more ridiculous. Laura’s mother followed my gaze, and her grin widened suddenly. She spoke to her son.

“Jonas, my BIG boy, would you like to play further, please.” She put some emphasis on the big, and the girls burst out laughing. “Girls, don’t be mean, stop that,” she said to the teenagers.

I tried to put a brave face on it and went back to my towel a few moments later, thinking that two of my students have seen me naked and have found that my dick is smaller than an eight-year-old pee-pee. The rest of the school year was difficult.


This reader finds a prank leaves him exposed…

This story happened recently. I’m 20 and I’m not exactly huge. I’m a Gold Member of The Small Dick Club. My brother and cousins dropped by to visit my girlfriend and me in Manchester, and for whatever reason, they were eager to take me for a men’s night out. I was ecstatic, as I hadn’t seen this lot for a good few months. However, my first cousin, Matt, after only maybe two beers (fucking lightweight), had the genius idea to take us swimming.

East Manchester Leisure center was open until ten pm on Fridays, and it was about a quarter to nine. We had all sped home, got some swimming gear, and arrived in the changing room before getting changed into our trunks. The rules stated we had to have a shower before going in. In the shower was a group of girls just getting out about our age. They were all rather attractive, particularly one whose ass jiggled as she walked.

My little guy agreed, growing from a small nub in my baggy trunks to a small nub poking against my trunks. I managed to hide it. However, my brothers and cousins’ had a harder time. They were all at least three times larger than me and had tight speedos on. I know for a fact now that my brothers are eight inches, and my second cousins eight and a half.

The girls took note and giggle, complementing the boys on their prized packages. When one brought attention to my reluctance to show my crotch, they demanded to see the goods. As no one else was around, my cousins grabbed my arms, and my brother whipped my trunks down. I had never been so embarrassed as they laughed at my naked crotch, making my penis go flaccid in fear.

“I hope he’s your ‘baby’ brother because he’s sure hung like one,” a girl said.

I pulled my trunks up, and speed-walked out of there, and hid in the changing rooms. Later, my friends came after me about fifteen minutes after the incident and apologized. My brother was wholehearted in his apology. However, my cousins still rather tipsy giggled during the whole endeavor.

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