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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s high school reveal was hell on earth…

High school can be an especially bad time for a guy with a micropenis! High school kids are notorious for being unsympathetic and cruel. I was on the swim team in a small high school in Oklahoma. One day during my sophomore year, we had a free day in the pool instead of official practice, and a friend of mine, Lindsay, and I were horsing around, wrestling, dunking each other underwater, etc. The PE teacher allowed the class that period to join us in the pool since we were not practicing. At some point I got hard, and despite my efforts to keep it discrete, and to end the horseplay until I calmed down, Lindsay didn’t back down, and while he was wrestling me, trying to get me in a headlock, he felt my little rod poke at his leg accidentally.

Lindsay made some comment about me having wood a little too loudly, and before I knew it, one of the other guys, Randy, had grabbed me from behind while Lindsay proceeded to pull off my trunks. I got desperate quickly and was kicking and struggling to make it stop.

The incident went from a game to something very bad in no time, and I accidentally landed my foot in Lindsay’s face while trying to keep him from pantsing me. All the commotion drew attention, and suddenly another guy grabbed me from behind, so I was unable to get my arms free.

Where was the coach, who the fuck knows, but not at the pool?

Lindsay rubbed his jaw and looked like he was very pissed no longer just amused, and pretty much ripped my trunks off, they tore down the seam as they came down. Then the guys lifted me and exposed my small wagging erection to the team and a PE class that was sharing the pool. There was no more arguing I was a grower, not a shower. My full length, or lack of it, was now on display (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club). My arms were behind my back, and I couldn’t cover up as they lifted me out of the water. The three guys held me up above the water level and carried me into the main group of students in the pool, held me aloft, and then threw me at a small group of girls who got to see close up what I had sprouting between my legs.

Everyone was laughing at my expense.

They decided to play a game of keep-away with my trunks after they let go of me. I was mortified, and tears flowed. A friend of mine helped me regain my trunks, though they were now torn, and so holding up my ripped shorts, I got out of the pool and ran to the lockers.

The class was at the end of the day, and I left the gym and waited where the buses parked. The next day, I refused to go back to school knowing what would face me when I returned. My younger brother teased me about it, saying he’d heard about it even in junior high. My mom called the school complaining about supervision. The coach punished the three boys involved, and Lindsay even called with what seemed like a sincere apology, BUT the harm was already done, he’d OUTED my small dick status to the whole school, and the news went viral. My older brother called the following day and told me that he’d heard all about it from friends and joined in teasing me too. Life after that was completely different. I think it’s about the worst SPH event that might have ever happened to someone.

There was a lot of teasing after that, every day with name-calling, bullying, and more de-pantsing, etc. I had an incident in the locker room in the showers where I got hard in the shower. I tried not to as I realized what was happening, but I couldn’t stop it. Showers have this effect on me. One of the same guys that had grabbed me in the pool, an asshole named Randy, grabbed me and got my arms behind my back to show me to the guys in the locker room. Then they pushed me out the door and holding it shut to keep me from being able to get back in again until the coach showed up.

As a side note, during my senior year, after enduring the hundreds of baby dick jokes I’d been subjected to since my outing, I lost it one day in the locker room, when Randy started joking about how my dick had fallen off and to search the pool for it. I spun around, punched, and splattered Randy’s nose. He wasn’t expecting it. No one was. It was out of character for me to throw a punch. I got in a couple of more punches before he came at me. Someone must have felt like he deserved it cause one of the guys grabbed him to keep him off me, and after that, I got at least received a modicum of respect for the remainder of my senior year.

The detention was worth it.


Another reader has an understanding girlfriend…

Probably the hottest SPH experience for me was my girlfriend’s friend called her, and she started talking about this new guy she’s seeing and how his dick was huge. My girlfriend put her on speakerphone with her friend not knowing I was listening, and they started to compare us with my girlfriend telling her about my smaller size. She was jerking me off the whole time.


While this reader shares a secret with a friend…

So my best friend (F22) and I (Trans) met up as we usually do every occasionally. My friend has recently become single after splitting with her long-term girlfriend. She is a lesbian, so I, out of curiosity, asked if she’d ever date a Transgirl (I’m not interested in her in that way but would like to know out of interest). She said that she would, but only if the Trans girl she dated had a big cock because she liked huge cocks on girls.

I giggled and said in an off-hand way, ‘Not me then.”

She says, “Oh? How big are you then?’

I reply, “Three inches.”

She told me. “Three inches is fine, how big is it hard?”

“Honey, that is hard,” I said.

She laughed a lot, and then the conversation moved on.


This reader gives the whole waiting room time to give him an examination…

This happened to me around some very attractive nurses. A little while ago, I bought these fancy looking boxers. I usually get medium to large boxers (more because of my big thighs), and they fit great. I guess these were sized small because where I tried to put them on, they clearly didn’t fit. They barely got on, and my dick pokes out from the side. It’s actually why I like them.

Anyways I had to run some errands. Already kind of rushing, I had these large basketball shorts on. At one point, I sat down to do something in my rush and noticed my leg in this hanging mirror I had. I noticed it did not take much at all to see up my shorts. Then because of the practically non-existing boxers, you could see my little dick directly. In fact, my boxers funneled it making it super clear to see. I was embarrassed just looking at myself. Therefore, I make a mental note to be careful about how I sit.

Anyways get to the doctor’s office and at the front desk where some women, I usually see women receptionists in these offices. The one who helped me was a very attractive Mexican woman. We talked easy going, and she gave me a clipboard to take back and fill out. This was when it started.

My dumb ass forgot that I had this on. Sat directly across from the nurses in this small office, and began to work on the sheets. Not long into this, I see the nurses laughing. I mean as if something was very funny. Not like one of them made some dumb work joke. No, this is really giggling and murmuring.

I instantly remember my situation and pretend to adjust and roll the legs of my shorts closed. Anyways may have been too late because the entire time consisted of them laughing and glancing at me. They could have been laughing at anything, but I for sure caught eyes with the Mexican one looking at me with this big teasing grin. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was smug. The laugh someone who just saw your small junk would make.

I don’t know, but maybe I just imagine things. This is a true story, but it could have been in my head, or maybe I just gave these nurses a full small dick flash. When they finally came to help me, it was this younger black woman doctor. She definitely was laughing on her way to me. Maybe I’m just self-conscious because I know it was easy to see up my shorts, but it definitely felt like it was about my junk.


Another reader sure isn’t packing a whopper…

I was texting my GF yesterday on her way home from work, and she said that she was extremely hungry and that she was going to stop at McDonald’s to get a burger. I replied, “You can get my D,” and then she hit me with, “What D? Your dick is like a happy meal, and I’m looking for a Big Mac.” This instantly made me hard.


While this reader is outed at his wedding reception…

I got married, and what made the day the great was the best man’s speech.

A little back-story, my best man and I have been having drunken adventures for the past 15 years and have plenty of stories to tell. One of those stories includes us wearing kilts during a Halloween party back in college. Of course, we wore them traditionally, with no underwear, and proceeded to get plastered that night. While sitting around a campfire, I forgot I was in a kilt and spread my legs open and flashed my friends, all guys. They all proceeded to make fun of me every chance they got about flashing them and how small my dick is. I have grown to roll with the punches, but wearing a kilt in 30-degree (F) weather made my small dick practically a nub at that time.

The speech: So in probably one of the best speeches I have ever heard, my best man went on to tell the kilt night story and what made the whole thing perfect was the line, “He does everything big and huge…except that night…He was pretty small.”

The crowd burst in laughter at the dirty joke, and I nearly choked in shock that he would actually say it. My eyes darted across the room seeing the faces of everyone I know laughing. Then out of nowhere, and with high volume, my bride said, “Omigod, RIGHT…”

I then heard a “Yup,” from behind me coming from one of the bridesmaids (who has seen me naked).

Then followed by a, “Really?” from another bridesmaid.

The one who has seen me naked turned to her and whispered, loud, “Yeah, I’ll tell you later.”

Followed by another bridesmaid chiming in, “Yeah, it’s really funny.”


This reader enjoys exposing his smallness at nude beaches…

Yesterday I went to a nude beach to get humiliated. It was a mixed beach, which means there’s a nude area and a clothed area. There’s a fluent passage between those two sections, so the separation is not strictly policed. I had some lovely reactions from some beautiful young girls, which I want to share with you.

I started my day by going to the clothed area. I spotted two girls probably in their early 20s, laying on the lawn just right before the sandy shore begins, one of them really attractive: tall (at least taller by a head than me) and blonde, real good slim figure and a very pretty face. I really think we’re talking model dimensions here concerning her looks. She had on a yellow bikini that showed her ass off to its best advantage.

The other one was also okay but a little older and not exactly my type. I settled myself a bit behind the girls and kept my clothes on yet. They took to the water for a short time, and as they were coming back, I knew it was time for me to change into my swim trunks in front of them. Therefore, I stripped down my shirt as both were coming nearer, but I saw that the less attractive one would stop to chat with somebody.

However, the hot blonde girl was coming steadily nearer, and I could see her walking toward her seat, her face thrown into the direction where I would sit. I was shaking with excitement at that point and had both legs bound forward so that my dick and balls were somewhat pinched between them because that makes my package look even smaller. As she was almost there, just a few meters in front of me, I stripped down my pants all along with my underwear.

She was facing me straight from the front as I sat there, completely naked while looking for my swim trunks to put on. I wore sunglasses so I could secretly observe that she was glancing first at my face and then at my genitals for a couple of times and trying to hide a smile and a surprised expression while I was naked.

After I had my swimwear on I sat there for a while, and she faced me a couple of times with rudiments of a smirk that I would describe as sneering but friendly. I think she was either too nice or too embarrassed to tell her friend and make some obvious fun of me (I could be wrong though, and they were just hiding it well). However, I imagine that she had similar thoughts like these at that moment (at least that’s how I would assess her personality without really knowing her):

Omigod, what the fuck was that? I bet that the boy didn’t want anyone to see his secret parts naked. Somehow, I feel bad for him but also amused because he still looks like a child down there. He probably just wanted to change very quickly and didn’t see me coming. He must be embarrassed now because. Omigod, that must have really been the smallest dick I’ve seen.’

I’m sure she had her own thoughts on the matter and would make a promise that she’d never date a male as small as me.

After this first warming-up experience, I went to the nude area and sat right where the transition from clothed to nude takes place. At this spot, you can find the first nude bathers, but there are still a lot of clothed people nearby you. I had the luck to be surrounded by a sexy young babe, maybe 18-21 years old, with a curvy but still tight body and long dark brown hair in a black bikini that just gave me a little tease of her boobs and perfectly shaped butt.

Her mother sat next to her, another two quite attractive girls in their late 20s were situated left and right from them (all of them clothed). I jumped out of my swim trunks but sat down in a position in which nobody could see my wiener yet – I wanted to make sure that before any girl could see me nude, I was freezing cold so that my baby dick would come out. From all the reactions I got there, I found two major ones worth mentioning: The mother of the just mentioned girl stared straight at me as I came out of the water freezing.

Here she saw a dick almost a nub as I walked slowly out of the cold water. The daughter noticed me not until I was at my seat, but then she would stare at me obviously while I was drying up my body in a standing position. When I sat down, she couldn’t stop looking at me here and then and had a definite trying-to-hide grin in her face. She tried not to make it apparent that she was inspecting me, but that was quite unsuccessful. I’m sure she had only experiences with men way bigger than me. I wish I would know her thoughts when she observed my body closely and saw my peewee sticking out, hanging there even smaller than my tight ball sack that has contracted from the cold water. She must have thought that even the old men around her that she saw nude were better hung than me. Yeah, I’m sure she noticed that.

Also, I think both, mother and daughter, found it strange that a young guy like me at a beach full of nude and ugly old guys would just present himself like that, not in the slightest way feeling awkward about his little dick. I’m not going to lie. If you go deeper into the nude area, you have to be very lucky to not just be surrounded by fat grandpas/grandmas. Maybe they also thought that I just didn’t know my dick is tiny and, therefore, must be very gullible that it can’t be explained in any other way that I had the balls (in the truest sense of the word) to sit near them and be not embarrassed.


The second noteworthy reaction came from two clothed good-looking girls that were walking by. I sat nearby a path. If I hadn’t misheard (and I’m almost 100% sure I haven’t), they were talking about something ‘tiny’ as they were just a few meters away and couldn’t yet see me behind the tree. Then as they were walking by, they casually eyeball my naked body and could see all the tiny details of it.

One of them then said something like, “Concerning tiny…”

The other answered something like, “Ha-ha true…” and they giggled as they were walking ahead.

They probably thought I couldn’t hear them because I had earplugs in, but I just pretended to listen to music so that comments like these could happen, and I could hear them.


Now the last reaction is probably my favorite one. I put my swim trunks back on and went back to the clothed beach, which was almost empty by now as it was evening already, so I had to look a bit for where to settle. I found a place next to some maybe 19 or 20-year-old beautiful-looking girls and laid down there some meters away. I acted as if I just came to the beach right now and went for a quick swim in the evening. They both just looked perfect to me, slim but not too thin (maybe best described as proper curvy), about as tall as me or a bit taller, one blond, the other one brown-haired, both had just perfect round and wiggly asses and fairly big boobs but somehow kept a flat stomach. On top of that, both of them had cute faces, you know, they were the type of girls that would make you cum prematurely if you could only see them naked if you know what I mean.

So shortly after resting at my new spot for a couple of minutes, I took to the water again until I was freezing cold, so my soft penis would change shrivel into my body again. I wanted to change before them directly at the beach, but this time I would make sure that it looked like an accident to see me naked. This turns me on even more because then they can perceive me as this shy little boy, who actually doesn’t want to be seen naked because he’s embarrassed about his penis size. So first, I wrapped my towel around the bottom of my body and pulled my swim trunks down, everything down there still covered so that the girls could not yet see anything. I would make sure to draw attention to myself by acting as if I couldn’t find my underwear in my bag and by wringing out my bathing wear.

I could already see the blond one (as she was the nearest to me) peering at me, but cross-eyed, trying to be inconspicuous. Eventually, I found my boxers, and now it was time for my simple move. First, I would rub-dry my intimate area with the towel, then I would move it up to dry my face and upper body so that my lower body’s exposed for a second. I gave them just a quick glance at first. Then I acted as if it’s impossible to hold the towel and at the same time, pull up my boxers, so I had to put the towel over my shoulders, now fully exposing my lower body to give them a good look at what was going on down there. After I pulled my underwear and jeans back on, I tried to watch their reactions secretly. The blond one was giggling and nudging her friend, telling her something in a fainted voice so I couldn’t hear.

I’m sure they both saw it because the other one was nodding and laughing at that point. The blonde one was looking at me one or two more times again with a cute facial expression that was a mix of a smirk and disbelief that she has just seen a soft dick that small. An expression that gave away something along the lines of, ‘Are you serious, you loser?’

As I was walking away, I could hear them talking and laughing a little louder, probably about the situation they have just witnessed. I’m not 100% sure, but I heard the girls saying either the word ‘Stumpen’ or ‘Stummel,’ maybe best translated as ‘stub,’ which normally means the end part of a cigarette.

So what else could they have meant with that other than to emphasize how short, thin, and stubby my manhood was? I think they would never consider me as a sexual partner or as somebody who could give them any pleasure, let alone make them orgasm after what they have seen of me 🙂 It’s my favorite reaction because it was so subtle and could theoretically happen to a normal man, not into SPH. Also, the girls were really hot, and it was a cool honest reaction from them.

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  • FrankGeorg

    “Stumpen” ist ja geil erniedrigend! Das waren bestimmt so geile Ossi-Weiber, die kein Blatt vor den Mund nehmen (means bitchy girls from East Germany with their typical downright attitude)


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