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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers the perils of public bathing…

I recently went to a Japanese Onsen with friends, some of which a good few years younger than me. It was more than apparent that I was the one lacking. While in the hottest of the baths, mine still was not coming out to play and I overheard a whisper of, “What will it be like in the cold bath?”

No surprise in the cold bath, my soft dick disappeared. As it worked out, I had to jump out first, revealing just how small I was, and spotted quite a few shocked looks!


Another reader gets ghosted for a disappointing dick pic…

I was texting a girl from tinder for a couple of days. Last night, she asked me to come over and fuck her, to which I said sure, sounds good. She asked for a pic first to ‘know what she’s dealing with.’ I sent her a pic of me fully hard, to which she responded, ‘LMAO.’ I asked her what happened and she hasn’t responded since.


While reader and small dick club member ‘smallerDdesire’  tells us…

I posted about an incident that happened once in college where some guy in my ex’s dorm saw my running around naked and later asked if that was her bf and told her that he was sorry.

Another time, later in the relationship I was hanging around naked, I must have taken a shower or something, or maybe we had had sex, but it was chilly so I was very small and I joked, “It’s pretty small, isn’t it?” or something to that effect.

My ex said, “It looks like a baby’s dick.”

I could not argue with her. I wasn’t really into SPH at the time, but I thought it was funny, and we laughed about it. I used to come really fast with her (she was my first, and she was VERY tight, and probably too hot for me). I remember one time, after fucking for probably a minute, I was going to come and told her so, and she became very exasperated and said, “Not again!”

Eventually, we broke up, and a week or so later, we were talking on the phone (we had been together for 2 years and became close, so it was a hard break up). I was asking if she had hooked up with anyone else, and she said she had. Then I started asking how far they had gone together.

She was coy about it, but eventually said, “We had sex.”

Well, that was like a punch to the gut, but I also became hard despite it. I asked her if he was bigger than I was.

She said, “I’m not going to answer that, don’t even ask.”

That ended the conversation, but later she told me the condom had broken multiple times, so they just gave up on using condoms. (We had always used condoms). I was jealous and asked why the condom broke. She didn’t answer. I could only think that he was bigger than I was and/or he was fucking her harder than I ever had.


This reader goes the extra mile to get his kicks…

I was with one woman for 8 years in a very toxic relationship. What started in love but it became years of her extreme verbal abuse. She would say cruel things about my large home, my job, and my character. Nothing was really off-limits. While I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, she did love to ride it. That was until she began to withhold sex as a punishment. While at the time, I secretly thought she blamed my Gender Dysphoria for much of our problems, but she seldom brought it up, and I did not Cross-dress in front of her. After eight years together, she finally blamed the relationship failure on my Transgender issues, said she was leaving and demanded $2000 and a plane ticket. I gave her the plane ticket and money, and she moved across the country. Even as she was leaving for the last time, I could see the love in her eyes, and I remember thinking how odd it was that someone who acted so badly and treated me so cruelly could be still so in love. It still baffles me.

After she left, I underwent counseling for my Gender Dysphoria and started on Estrogen and Testosterone blocker. After two years on hormones, I had grown noticeable breasts, and my penis had lost about an inch in length, and I am now a silver member of the small dick club. As time went by, I came to see that it would just not be feasible to live fully as a female and stopped the hormones, but my dick never recovered its former length, and the breasts are still there.

Sometimes my ex would text me links to love songs and call me when she was tipsy. Even after therapy, I realized this woman still has a lot of power over me. As I’ve always loved looking at her naked body coupled with her constant feeble earnings, I got the bright idea to send her a laptop and a webcam so she could try the cam girl thing. She agreed to try it, but in her usual style, she just kept the laptop and never even tried to use it to be on the cam sites.

After about a year of trying to persuade her gently to go do it, it occurred to me that I might convince her to get naked for me if I paid her, so I emailed her that proposal with a link to an online money transfer site. Therefore, I laid out my pitch about her sending me nude pic’s for money and that I would pay if she ordered me to do humiliating things and send her the picture of me doing them.

I ended it by saying, “If you want to do this text, ‘Hey Little Dick, pay up!’”

After two long days, I got the text.

Thus began our first session. She fell right into it and called me ‘Little Dick’ on the first text, and I loved it! My heart was racing, and my hands began to shake. Her next message was, ‘What are you wearing little dick? Put on a military jacket unbuttoned, no undies, smooth crotch, and hold a gun.’

I tucked my cock between my legs and couldn’t get that picture taken fast enough. She liked it and reminded me I will submit to her commands and asked, ‘How far are you willing to go?

Of course, I replied, ‘All the way.’

Immediately she went into cruel. ‘Get you and your little dick, the fuck, in the dog cage, and then show me because I really feel like cracking you.’

I contorted myself into the wire mesh cage for the dog and sent a pic, be sure to include my semi-erect but now smaller penis.

That’s my sweet little cunt. Stay!’ She replied. Then she texts, ‘Stay Bitch. I’m busy.’

After threatening punishment for whining to get out, she told me to beg. I did until she was satisfied, but she promised that were she there she would whip my ass hard as I got out of the cage.

Her next message was this, ‘Now call up one of your pathetic faggot friends and have him come over and try to suck your pathetic little dick and I will let you know when to cum.’

OMG. I couldn’t believe it! She never talked to me about having sex with a man before! I arranged to have someone come over but told her, ‘I have someone coming over, but I have to suck their fat cock instead.’

Excellent, now go lay down,’ was her comeback, which I did but didn’t understand she wanted proof. Next thing I get a text that says, ‘You simply must be beaten into submission because I haven’t received proof of you lying down.’

Immediately I took a pic of me with my little dick lying nude on the couch and sent it to her. That’s where we left off. When we were together, we never talked about my dick size, me sucking a guy’s dick, or her sexually humiliating me, and wonder what it would have been like had we done so. Right now, all I can do is wait excitedly for her message to see how she’ll mock my little dick and degrade me.

Now over the years, I’ve grown to crave the thought of shrinking my dick further. I think about one day getting surgically castrated and often still tuck and put on tight jeans as I go out shopping or running errands. I love how women do a double-take or turn their eyes away when they see only my smooth crotch where they expect to see a bulge. She doesn’t know about the years of HRT and my quest to be female.

I’ve typed out some dialogue on the phone to send her telling her, and may even send pictures of me when I was dressed female and on the hormones. I’m thinking now of trying to persuade her to make me go back on the hormones to further shrink my dick to make it tiny and limp. The thought of being forced to do it just rocks my world. I just have to figure out how to make her think it’s her idea. I’ve paid her $55.00 so far, and we’ve only just begun. I love the idea of being her little dick slave and pay bitch.


Another reader has a successful fling with a coworker…

I’m the supervisor at my job, highly respected, always have the answers, smartest in the room, and most confident. When people describe me, they describe me as having ‘big dick energy.’ Sadly, I don’t have a big dick whatsoever. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. For this reason, I had never hooked up with a coworker, as many of my other boys have. Because whenever they piss off the girl, they end up exposing them for ‘low sex drives,’ having a small dick, and stuff of that sort?

I just didn’t want people to lose all the respect and endearment for me because I have a small dick too. However, this new 5’2” petite, big lip, dark hair, pretty face, smooth dark skin Mexican girl got the best of me. She’s probably the hottest girl that has ever worked in my area. I never gave her much attention because I know I probably didn’t have enough cock for her and didn’t want to be exposed to it. She dated one of my top friends for a while that I knew had a good-sized cock, about 7.5 inches, as described by other females. Therefore, I definitely was not going to be able to perform or please her as much as he did.

She and I started getting closer. She’d always flirt with me and ask me questions; I’d flirt back and teach her things. She thought I was very smart, and she loved that. Always telling me how amazed she was by my intelligence and looks. Wondering what my flaws were. I kept my distance, but she was coming strong on to me. I couldn’t help myself though, one night she told me to come through. Therefore, I did. We just made out and cuddled. I didn’t want to pull my dick out, but I know she felt it.

The next day at work, we were alone outside on the job, and she was teasing me, calling me a ‘little man.’

I was caught off guard and didn’t know what to say. Time went on, we hadn’t had sex yet just casually sleeping together and making out. We got drunk at a party, and I ended up actually pulling my dick out. She just grabbed it, and I could tell she was not impressed. However, she still liked me and would just constantly tease me.

She just grabs it and makes comments like, “It’s sad that I can grab all your junk with one hand.” She’ll call my dick a monstrosity and then be like, “Oh, I’m not calling it big, because it’s definitely not.”

We finally started having sex, and she actually loved it. I can last long, and I’m strong, so I can throw her around and put her in many different positions. I’m very experienced despite my shortcomings. She told me she loves my small dick because I don’t leave her vagina sore for days after like other guys have in the past. That she doesn’t have to tap out because I’m hurting her. Apparently, our sex is the best. However, I’m scared to piss her off or break up with her and have her tell everyone how small my dick is.


While this reader is turned on by his wife’s potty mouth…

I was just talking to my wife about a friend running into a friend. It was a guy she used to be friends with for a while, and they fucked twice. He has a big 8” dick, I know because I was friends with him too at a different point and he mentioned it many times.

She mentioned his name, and I said, “Oh, yeah, Joey,” with a smile.

She said, “Yeah. Joey…his dick is way bigger than yours”.

I pretended I didn’t hear her and said, “What?”

My wife looked me straight in the eye and said again, “Joey’s dick is way bigger than yours.”

So hot!


This reader learns small dick men should always use the facilities…

On the weekend, I went to a rodeo/drinking festival. There were a couple of thousand people there. It was camping for three nights, and there were drunken people of all ages everywhere. They have portable toilets, but men usually go wherever. It was late at night when everyone was in their tents when I was taking a leak when two guys and two girls around twenty years old came up walking past me. They stopped and screamed out, so many people would have heard.

One of the fit young women said, “Mate, your dick is so fucking tiny I can’t even see it. I need a fucking microscope just to see your dick.”

I froze and couldn’t do anything, people started to open up their tents to see, and I was the center of attention with my little dick out.


Another reader gets the ‘Is it in yet?’ treatment and loved it…

I’ve been into SPH for a while, and my girlfriend has always been willing, but it took a lot of encouragement, and she only ever did it if I asked for it. Last night, I was fucking her from behind. I was all the way inside her cunt when she asked me to go deeper. She asked a couple more times, and I told her I couldn’t go any deeper.

She just sighed and said, “I want more, damn it.”

It was incredibly hot.

Afterward, I asked her if she had really wanted it deeper, and if she realized I was all in when she asked. She said yes to both. I still get a little hard when I think about it.


Reader and small dick club member ‘Kyle1to3’ tells us…

I first realized how small I was when I joined the soccer team in high school. I was 15 years old and had never played a team sport before, but because I was tall for my age (about 6’1” at the time) and in decent shape, people kept trying to get me into any sport they could. I finally agree to try out for the soccer team, since I had some friends that convinced me it’d be a lot of fun and not as time-consuming as football or baseball.

I tried out and got on the team easily, so I was excited when the first day of practice came. I got to the school gym early that morning, changed, and went out into the field before anyone else arrived. We did some laps, practiced kicking, and did some other exercises before we had to hit the showers.

When we wrapped it up, I headed for the locker room not knowing what to expect. I’d never seen any other guys naked, not even my brothers. I found my locker and starting rummaging through my stuff to find something, and just then, my friends Juan and Julian came up on either side of me. They undressed quickly, and before I knew it, Julian was standing stark naked to my right. I happened to catch a glimpse of his dick and had to do a double-take. It was huge! I can’t remember exactly now, but it was bigger than my hard dick but not much thicker. Maybe about three inches, but it was a long time ago.

Julian moved behind me so that he could better hear Juan, and the two of them kept talking while I grew quiet. I thought, ‘How could he be so big?

I remembered hearing rumors that black guys had big dicks, and Julian was from Ivory Coast, so I told myself that must be why he was so big. Then, Juan dropped his shorts, and I got a full view of his dick. His was a bit longer than Julian’s was, and it was thick. If you had put mine up next to his, even hard, it would look like a pencil next to a thick sausage.

At this point, I started panicking, but I realized I had no choice. You see, I’ve always been small, but at the time, I was even tinier. I remember measuring my dick after that day and seeing that it was barely half an inch flaccid and 2.5” hard. My balls were tiny too, so I looked way, way smaller than Julian and Juan. I had to get naked and shower with these two massive dicks flopping around. However, I tried to tell myself it couldn’t be that bad. Maybe they’re just really big, or it’s a racial thing or something. It’s funny how the mind works at that age, constantly trying to rationalize something that it can’t understand.

Then I heard my friend Henry started walking up. He’s white like I am, but a lot shorter, maybe 5’8”. Most people would look at him and think he has a tiny dick, so I felt confident that I’d be in good company. I finally dropped my shorts, threw them in the locker, and turned around to face my three friends.

I was dead wrong. Henry had the biggest one in the group! My guess is 5”, but I can’t be sure. It was about twice the size of my hard dick. He was still walking up to us when I turned around, and I’ll never forget how it flopped back and forth while he walked. Then I noticed that all three dudes either looked or glanced at my dick. Juan didn’t seem fazed, but Henry and Julian started laughing.

Henry looked at me and said, “Dude, where’s your dick?”

Through the laughter, I just told them to shut the fuck up, and they let me know they were just joking. They were good guys, so they dropped it afterward. We all walked to the locker room together and showered in the open shower room. I was definitely the smallest guy in there, but the other guys barely brought it up except when they felt like joking around a little.

Nevertheless, my pride was still wounded. I tried telling myself that it was because they were all athletes and worked out all the time, so they must’ve had a lot of testosterone. Deep down, though, I knew it was just me.

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