Our Readers SPH Experiences 93

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets some smack from his wife…

I was talking to my wife on the phone on FaceTime, and I looked pale as hell in the picture, like ill pale. I mentioned that if I were black, you wouldn’t see the dark circles under my eyes. I mostly said this because I’ve been turned on by the idea of her fucking a black guy.

She said, “I guess you wouldn’t be such a disappointment down there if you were black.”

I made a fake laugh sound, and she just stared at me and smiled.

Turned me on.


Another reader recounts his high school from hell experiences…

From the first day of junior high (Well, the first gym class anyway), I was teased for having a small penis. By 13-years-old, most boys had started to get some growth down there and even a little peach fuzz. As we progressed thru 8th and 9th grade, it grew worse, the other boys were growing quite a bit down there, and I was still tiny and hairless. Gym class was bad enough, but I was on the swim team, and I was a 9th-grade boy in the locker room, and most of the 7th-grade boys were more developed than me.

My worst experience was in high school. Only the other boys in gym class and on the swim team had known the secret of my lack of development. One day after gym class, a bunch of boys grabbed me on the way to the shower and shoved me out of the locker room and into the hallway, locking the door behind me. It was time for a class change, so the hallway was full of students, boys, and girls.

They weren’t letting me back in so I could either stand there where a crowd had gathered and was laughing and pointing at me, or run down the hall to another hallway that led into the Gym and get back in the locker room that way. I must have passed 100 or so students who were yelling taunts like, “Are you sure you’re in the right building? You look like you belong in grade school.”

Well, I finally got back to the locker room and got dressed. However, the whole school knew about my problem by the end of the day, and they called me ‘tiny,’ ‘baby dick,’ ‘baby boy,’ and many other names for years to come.

Many times after, when I tried to get a date with a girl, she would ask, “Do you have anything down there yet?”


While this reader is living the dream…

I believe that I’m living the SPH enthusiasts dream. I’ve always been honest with my girlfriend about this fetish, and she has been getting more and more into it over time. Yesterday she was wearing a shirt that made her titties look more incredible than usual, and when I told her so, she responded by pulling up her shirt, saying, “Well, why don’t you get that little dick out and jerk a load onto them.”

Needless to say that out my dick came, and as I jerked it for her, she kept telling me how wet it makes her watch me stroke my small dick. That, in my opinion, is living the dream.


This reader understands our frustrations deeply…

For some context, I’m probably a bronze member on a good day in length. I’m not that girthy, unfortunately. Anyways, so three days ago I was talking with a female friend at her apartment after we had some drinks. I was bummed because my GF had left me about a week prior because of my size and inability to please her as a result (she explicitly stated this in her call to me in a very passive-aggressive way and then wondered why I blocked her on all social media). I admitted to my friend that I did not have the best-sized penis. We went deeper, discussed the problem and then she said something like, “Just be a gay bottom.”

It hit me like a brick wall. I explained I was straight, and I didn’t like to be a bottom. She tried to press on that I should just change my whole sexuality, so I left her place. For the past three days, I’ve been dodging her texts and phone calls because I was pretty upset with her. I’m so sick and tired of my small penis ruining relationships. Yeah, I will admit, sometimes I have trust issues. However, when you’ve had past GFs leave you for toxic dudes with bigger dicks than you, even though you treated them right, it’s bound to happen.

I’m also sick of people like my ‘friend.’ I have tried to change positions, I have tried different techniques, and I’ve definitely done oral a ton. I’m not going to degrade myself by using a penis extender. I tried that once, and I felt utterly humiliated afterward. I’m just shit out of luck and struck out in the genetic lottery.


Another reader seems to embrace his shortcomings…

A conversation with a coworker recently:

Her: My report is so short. I feel I need to pad it out.

Me: Hey, size doesn’t matter, right?

Her: That’s only something you say to guys with small dicks, so they won’t feel bad.

Me: Ha-ha, I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Her: That’s good. I feel sorry for those guys, really. Being doomed to a lonely life for having a tiny dick must really suck.

And to think I was going to call in sick today


While this reader is slowly training his GF to do SPH…

I started ‘slipping out’ when my GF and I are having sex, and I’d keep thrusting as if I didn’t know and cum fast. First, she would tell me it was out, and I was like, “Really?” and would put it back in.

Then, eventually, she stopped telling me it was out, and as I kept thrusting, she would continue to moan, fake moaning instead of telling me it was out. I know leaving a lady unsatisfied is not what gentlemen do, so, of course, I always go down on her and only stop eating her out when she tells me it’s enough.

She used to be back and forth about my small dick size. Sometimes she’d jokingly humiliate me telling me that I had a small dick, how I couldn’t satisfy her with it etc., but she’d also sometimes just tell me it wasn’t actually small and that she was just joking and that I could make her orgasm as long as I could last longer.

I kept slipping out, and now she no longer tells me it isn’t small. She started saying stuff like, “What are you gonna do about this booty with that small thing?”

I never told her I liked SPH, but I just react in a fun way to show that I’m not insecure about it or anything. Acting cocky really gets the SPH from her, and she does it the most when she’s drunk a little. Every time some wine goes in her, SPH always comes out, and she recently told me she’d buy me a penis extender. She has also suggested banging other dudes, and I let her know I would be fine with it.


This reader shares a common origin story for SPH lovers…

My first sexual experience was a very confusing one. She said she was a virgin and me avoiding any pregnancy, used two condoms. Regular size, of course, yet they fit baggy. When putting it in, she made this face as if it hurt, but I was confused since I could barely touch her walls. I asked her if it hurt, and she said no to allow me to go faster. I remember the face of boredom, especially after I finished in less than a minute. It did not take a week for her to tell all her friends that I had a small dick, and I was a premature ejaculator. Of course, this happened during high school, so it spread like wildfire. Little did I know that it would be the foundation for my SPH kink.


Another reader learns that GF’s will lie…

My GF and I have been dating for about two years. She’s a complete bombshell and has had nineteen different sexual partners (according to her). Our relationship is amazing, but we’ve always had some issues in the bedroom as I’m a silver member of the small dick club and tend to ejaculate too quickly. I’ve asked her before how I compare to her past partners, and she’s always said, “Oh, you’re just fine for me.”

I think she’s just avoiding the answer because she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.

Last night we went out to dinner and got drunk. When we got back, we started having sex, and she said, “Go deeper, I want more.”

I’ve never heard her say anything like that in my life. I told her I’m all the way in, and she said, “Come on, please just give me more. I need more.”

I was on top of her, and she put her hand around my hips and tried to pull me in deeper, but I was already as deep as I could go. She was clearly getting frustrated and started vigorously bucking her hips on my cock. I told her I was close to cumming, and she blurted, “Ugh, come on, I just want to be fucked for a change. Why do you have to be the smallest and fastest cummer I’ve ever been with? Just fuck me. Make me orgasm for once.”

That was enough to send me over the edge, and I came right then.

This morning was a little awkward, and she apologized and said she was drunk.

“So is what you said true?” I asked her.

She said, “Oh, you’re just fine for me,” and turned away in that way, you know someone’s lying.

I was so fucking turned on but also so very humiliated.  She just admitted my dick is too small for her for the first time.


While this reader got no stars for his review…

Earlier tonight, I met up with a girl I’d been talking to on Tinder for a while. We went and had dinner then went back to my place. We made out on the couch and watched TV for a little while, and then I took her to the bedroom. I was naked in bed, with the covers covering everything from the waist down, and she was topless with her skirt still on. We were still just kissing, and I was trying to get her to go further. I took her hand and slowly moved it under the blanket, toward my hard dick. She took the hint and grabbed it, and then her entire demeanor changed.

See, she’d asked me before about the size of my dick, and I’d told her, “I don’t know, average-ish.”

It’s not average, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club (and only just, at that). She yanked the blanket off me and looked at my dick. She was obviously disappointed and not happy that I’d lied about it.

“Really?” she said.

She didn’t say anything else about it, but she did give me a quick, unenthusiastic, messy handjob, and left shortly after.  I checked her twitter a couple hours later, and she’d called me out by name and said I have a ‘baby pp’ and that I should ‘stop lying.’ Later she also tweeted I’m a minute man and called my dick a ‘white baby carrot.’ She also says we should have a site like Yelp for dicks.


This reader got a GF despite his shortcomings…

Several years ago, I had met a cute but chubby girl with a cute face and only twenty-one. I like fat girls because most skinny girls intimidate me, and I cannot even get my silver member dick hard for them. After spending the day together, we decided to have fun. I started easing down her huge thong! LOL. She had a beautiful smelling juicy tight pussy. I was surprised, so after a long round of eating her out and licking out her sweet juice, she said, “Fuck me; I need something bigger than your tongue.”

She hadn’t yet seen my dick, and I was not gonna let her. LOL. She handed me a condom, and I put it on and got on her. When I stuck it in, I could tell she was disappointed. I gave it all I had as hard and fast as possible. All she could say was harder. Finally exhausted, I pull it out go to take off the condom to find wasn’t on my dick. It was inside of her!

I didn’t tell her it was too embarrassing. I guess she got it out. I saw her a few times after but she always sat on my face. I loved it, but she almost smothered me and soaked my face with her juices. I learned at an early age to eat asshole and pussy like a champion when you have a dicklette like me. Now my new GF squirts like hell when I suck her pussy and lick her sweet fat black asshole deep!


Another reader found the truth hard to believe…

Back in college, I was dating this girl Christen for about a year and fell head over heels for her up until her ex appeared. Things grew rocky a stale for about a month then I noticed she would hide her phone and laptop from me. Long story short, she left me for her ex and to put a cherry on top (and something I knew going into the relationship) her ex was well known for his huge dick. Not saying it had anything to do with it, but she ran back to him very quickly once things with us became routine.

After the break up I did what any college-aged guy would do, I drank and partied until I could forget her. It was one of those moments in life that you look back and wonder, ‘Wait, who did I hang out with and why?

This was definitely the case. I started partying with people I never used to talk to or see. They just happened to be around. In that circle of friends is when I met Kerry. She was a high school volleyball girl and built like one. She was taller than I was and athletic. She had those volleyball legs that could crush a bowling ball, which was super hot whenever she wore shorts or a bikini.  Kerry and I were friends but really nothing more for a long time. Until one night, I went over to a mutual friend’s house, Lea.

Lea was a short super skinny lesbian who threw the best parties. Her place stocked with everything you needed, beer pong table, a lazy Susan to play shot roulette, and empty bedrooms with extra beds for the party guest to stay. I walked in with my own bottle of Jack and partied hard that night.

I was plastered and found myself making out with two girls that night, including Kerry. One that line was crossed, all bets were off. We made our way into one of the rooms and made-out, lying next to each other partially passing out in each other’s mouths mid-kiss. Kerry then said she wanted to fuck. It rather took me by surprise since we left the door open, and none of us had a condom anywhere in sight, but nonetheless, I was down, and she was down. Everyone was ready to go.

Drunkenly we both agreed the more secretive, the better. We got under the covers, she pulled her shorts off, keeping her panties on, and I did the same keeping my pants still on around one leg in case I had to get dressed in a hurry. I was hard and climbed on top of her. Neither she nor I saw anything below the covers. I climbed on her in a missionary position and slid it in. I still remember to this day how wet she was. This was when the whiskey dick kicked in. In no more than 5-10 pumps, I was pouring cum inside of her.

In a college boy panic, I pulled out and absolutely covered her pussy in cum. Being single meant of a lot of buildups, I guess. I apologized and rolled over, lying next to her. Then I passed out.

I woke up the next day to an empty bed and a walk of shame as I exited the room and was greeted by a room full of people laughing clearly knowing I had gotten laid the night before. That was it. That was the last time I spoke to Kerry for over five years. I went on to date someone new and completely left that group of friends.

Five years later, I got a random Snapchat add and saw it was Kerry. She had a weird name, but after PMing and asking her who she was, she told me. We picked up like old friends, we joked, and we laughed and shared stupid stories. Then the conversation turned flirty as it always did with her. Then I asked her if she remembered that night, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Remember that night at Lea’s, I was so fucking drunk!

K: OMG me too. I was bad back then.

Me: Yeah, you were. I, uh, sorry about what happened

K: What do you mean what happened?

Me: Don’t you remember?

K: Um, no, remember what?

Me: Seriously, you don’t remember going into that room?

K: No, seriously, remind me.

Me: We had sex, Kerry. You don’t remember?

K: OMG! We didn’t, did we? I’m so embarrassed!

Me: Shit, I should be the embarrassed one! Do you remember what happened?

K: Kinda.

Me: Kinda?

K: OMG, I REMEMBER NOW! You had whiskey dick! Couldn’t you get it up?

Me: I got it up, but I had whiskey dick for sure. Don’t you remember what I did?

K: No, tell me! What happened?

Me: We had sex, but I came in you like within 10 seconds.

K: YOU DID! OMG. WTF were we thinking! I wasn’t on the pill!

Me: You weren’t?


Me: Really? Or are you just saying that?

K: No, I remember! I talked to Lea about it the next day. I went and got tacos, but when I came back, you had left. Everyone made fun of me for having sex with you. I told them I thought it didn’t happen. I’ll be honest, I legit did not think we had sex because I didn’t feel it. I honestly did not feel your dick inside me. I remember now, I thought it was weird you were on top, and I didn’t feel anything. Then I remembered maybe the cum because I was all-gross in the morning, but I crashed out. I may have passed out while you cum in me. LOL. OMG, that’s so bad and STUPID!

Me: You didn’t feel me? WTF. What a lie? I was all the way inside you by the time I came.

K: Really. Oh. Sorry, I just didn’t feel it, I guess. Are you sure? I know what a dick feels like inside me. Seriously, I didn’t feel anything.

Me: I don’t fucking believe you. Now you’re just a bitch about it. (I was getting mad)

K: Fine, then don’t. Lea did say something about you that morning that now makes perfect sense.

Me: Oh yeah, what did she say?

K: She said you had a tiny dick and that everyone knows it cos she saw you naked on the bed.  Lea said it was super tiny, like a toddler. I told her then you probably did. Now I know for sure you do.


K: Whatever. Bye, baby dick.

After that, she stopped replying. Almost a full year later, she apologized for the text after we started talking again via Instagram this time. We never hooked up again. She moved to a different city, and I graduated from college. We still like each other’s posts from time to time though.


While this reader discovers small dick men are evolutionary dead ends…

One of the most alluring aspects of this fetish is how inferior I am to most men when finding a partner. I read about how men evolved to have larger penises because women chose partners with larger ones. A more endowed man demonstrates more vitality to a potential partner. Stronger, healthier, more developed, a more viable mate physically and a more pleasurable one sexually.

Penises evolved to displace sperm during intercourse. The more volume and length a penis has, the more capable it is of removing another man’s sperm. Even if I had intercourse with my girlfriend and ejaculated, the overwhelming majority of men have a larger penis than me, so if any man had intercourse with her afterward, his longer, thicker, and more voluminous would almost certainly fertilize her. Sex could occur a million times in this manner, every time he would be able to fertilize her when I could not. Removing my sperm easily with every insertion because of the increased depth, he can reach.

She would also enjoy him significantly more than me. A larger penis can stimulate more of her body. Studies indicate that regardless of a woman’s disposition towards the subject of size, she is significantly more likely to experience orgasms with an above-average penis. Feeling ‘full’ is highly desirable because it activates more nerve endings.

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