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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader finds out his stripper crush is used to a bigger pole…

I’ve never told this to anyone and just wanted to get it off my chest. I’m 26 now, but when I was 22/23, I frequented strip clubs quite often. Anyway, I had a favorite club, and one of the dancers was into me and always tried to get with me, but I always steered clear.

Anyway, one night, I get a bit too liquored up and go for it. She ends up going back to my friend’s place with him and me. He goes to bed, and she and I get busy in the living room. She takes my pants/underwear off and starts going to work with her mouth and hands.

She’s alternating between mouth/hands, I look down when she’s working me with her hands, and she has a big smile on her face, and looks like she’s almost laughing.

I ask, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” she answers.

I go back to relaxing, and a few seconds later, I look down, and she’s doing the same thing. I ask her again.

This time she says, “It’s nothing… I just expected you to be bigger, I’m sorry.”

Making my best impression of a deer in the headlights, I ask, “What do you mean?”

“Well, my ex was so much bigger, but also a lot older,” she said. “You’re still young, so you have time to grow!”

She wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, so I guess she thought dicks grew after 20.

I guess I had a shocked look on my face, and she notices and tries to comfort me by saying, “Oh, come on, don’t be like that. It’s okay, we can still have fun.”

I never felt more emasculated and humiliated in my life.


Another reader found the games he played as a kid left a permanent scar…

I was maybe 12-13 at the time and had this good group of friends that used to hang out a lot because we lived near each other. It was two girls and two boys. This was just around graduating grade school and the time when we started hitting puberty. I am Asian, small in stature, and a late bloomer. My friend M, a tall Jewish kid, was just getting there, his voice cracking every other sentence. The two girls were N, and A. N was also Jewish, and A was Indonesian.

From the outside looking in, it seemed like me, and A were a couple, and M and N a couple because they were both Jewish and A and I was Asian. I, however, had a huge crush on N. The girls at that time didn’t like either of us like that and M was just horny.

On a normal day of us hanging out as hormonal preteens, we used to play games like spin the bottle, truth or dare, or variations of it. We made a game where we would draw cards, we would gamble on the results, and it would be boys’ versus girls. We would all agree beforehand, and it would go something like, whoever draws high cards gets a kiss.

The game progressed quite innocently, a kiss here and a kiss there. Take off your shirt for 1 minute; we get to touch your butt etc. Then it quickly progressed to the point that we have never actually reached before. We played for boob flash versus a penis flash. The guys won. The girls flashed their boobs, but it was very fast and M, and I complained.

“Hey, it was too fast…”

They rebutted, “You should have specified the rules clearer.”

We decided to play again, and the rules were set for 10 seconds. The girls crushed us. At this point, I was young, and I kinda knew I was small but didn’t know how small. M. and I both took our pants off, and the girls immediately chuckled and covered their mouths.

The first thing I heard was

A: “I told you Asian boys had very small ones!”

At the same time, glanced over at M, and he was maybe over twice my size. It wasn’t huge or anything, maybe 5 or 6 inches, but also kinda semi flaccid. I quickly pulled up my pants, and M quickly did as well.

N said, “That wasn’t 10 seconds!”

M quickly was about to take his pants off again but A, who must have seen how embarrassed I was, or felt guilty of what she said, told M it’s okay and to keep his pants on while looking straight at me.

At this point, I was aroused and embarrassed, so I just sat and put a pillow over my crouch area. I plead that I was just not in puberty yet, which lead to whole another discussion. M then mentioned that I had more pubic hair than him and started teasing me about my size. N and A both found it hilarious. From that day onward, I noticed a slight shift and group dynamics. A slowly started crushing on M. N started friend-zoning me hard. We still hung out a lot, but we all eventually drifted away when we went to different High schools.

This was one of my earliest recollections of a small penis story


While this reader remembers the day he knew the truth about himself…

When I was about 17, I was like any other teenager and constantly horny, and always looking at porn when I could. My girlfriend at the time was not very popular with guys, but she was just as horny. I think this is what drew us together.

However, her being horny 24/7 meant that she was never going to be faithful. At 16, it wasn’t her sleeping around, but she would love texting guys and flirting and doing what she could for attention. This would often mean I would find out she had texted some guys and would text with them behind my back. It got to such a bad point that she would type out random phone numbers and see whom she could get in contact with.

I didn’t know it was cuckolding at the time, but I guess I eventually got really into the idea of seeing another guy with my girlfriend. It wasn’t at the front of my mind, but I started to come around to the idea in my fantasies, but never wanted it in real life.

One day, I had found she was texting another guy by looking at her phone when she was in the bathroom, we fought about it, but I started to come around that this was a real issue for her and she needed an outlet for it. I agreed that she could keep doing it but under certain conditions.

This escalated over time, of course, it did, how I did not see that happening I’ll never know! Either way, it meant that after school one day she had arranged to meet one of these random strangers. Nothing was planned from what I knew, but I could imagine heavy petting. We had slept together, but usually, it was just heavy petting. I agreed that this could happen, but I wanted to be privy to everything that went on.

The next day I was at her house, and we had a room to ourselves. This always meant we could fool around a bit more and I was in for getting a blowjob. However, before any of this, I wanted to know what had happened the day before. She proceeded to tell me in detail about how they had kissed when she first entered his car and how nervous she was. They had tried to find a quiet place in town to park up and ‘talk’ more.

After driving down to the beach, they had found a quiet corner to park up in and started kissing. She initiated it of course, slowly and then more passionately once they got to know each other’s mouths a bit more. He had then reached up to her school shirt, felt her modest boobs outside, and could feel how firm they were.

As things heated up more, she had laid down across his lap while they continued to kiss, her head in his crotch. He moved his hand between her legs and could feel through her trousers how hot she was. Opening two buttons, she said nothing, and so he moved inside. She was always wet, and to this day the wettest girl I’ve been with, although she never squirts. Feeling how wet she was, he started to finger her with the first one and then up to four fingers inside her. She had told me about how she had opened her legs wider for him at that moment to let him really get in there. He rocked in and out of her until she came.

I was rock hard at this point, hearing it all and was ready to get on with what I wanted to do to her on her couch. However, she had more to tell. After cumming, she had to return the favor. She reached for his crotch, unzipped, and pulled out his dick. She stroked it (didn’t suck it since anyone could walk by at any time) but didn’t let him cum.

Nevertheless, she said how she wanted to get it into her mouth because his head was so wide. It was at this point she started to do the same to me.  She opened my buttons and pulled out my dick.

All of this had fed into what I had come to terms with happening. Then she decided to move her hands about three inches above my dick. She said he was definitely bigger, mimicking how big his dick was in comparison to mine. I felt embarrassed, angry, and ashamed that she had been with a bigger guy without anything I could do about it. She wanted to go back to him too.

Besides all those emotions, and saying I was totally against her going back to meet up with him again, my dick was rock hard the entire time she told me this and after. It was here that I was first introduced to SPH and cuckolding.  This was when I realized that I was a member of the small dick club.


This reader forgot the rule; you only flaunt it IF you’ve got it…

This was my sophomore year in college. A large group of us headed out to the coast for some drunken debauchery. Since at the time I was a serial monogamous, I brought along my girlfriend and several of her girlfriends. My guy friends figured the more girls, the merrier so it was a win/win for all. A lot of them ended up hooking up, but that isn’t today’s story.

One night we all decided to hit up a bar. Pre-gamed and fake IDs loaded we tackled a local bar. Being spring break, the bar that night had some local rappers and a DJ, and also a wet t-shirt/wet shorts contest. I’d never heard of a ‘wet shorts’ contest before, but it seemed fun.

We got insanely drunk, as you do on spring break. The MC came on the microphone and announced the start of the wet t-shirt contest. Several of the girls participated, and my actual girlfriend. It was wild seeing her topless on stage. I felt so proud when she came in fourth. One of her friends actually won a $400 prize. (Helped buy more drinks)

When the MC announced the wet shorts contest, as you can imagine the girls egged us guys to go on stage. Two other guys and I decided to try it out and see if we could get more drink money.

They had us go backstage and change into white shorts. They were cheap shorts with thin fabric and the inner liner cut out. We danced and hammed it up on stage for the screaming crowd. It was actually fun. The whole time another female MC poured FREEZING ice water all over us.

Of course, being super drunk, it didn’t take long before shorts started to come off. I wasn’t the first one to do it, it was actually one of my friends, but things escalated quickly. Even though I was drunk, I was still shy. I could feel how small the cold water made me and I could tell where this stage act was going. Guy after guy eventually whipped it out to a crowd of over a hundred people. Then it came to my turn.

I hesitated and resisted, with chants from everyone in the crowd starting to go crazy. The lady DJ started calling me a pussy and chicken on the mic until finally she and my other guy friend (whose dick was already out) yanked my shorts off down to the floor.

I wouldn’t say it was a movie-style of silence that filled the room, but to me, it was deafening. I instantly went to cover myself, but by that point, over 100 people saw my shriveled cold penis. Usually, when I get this cold and wet I shrink down to no more than an inch visually with most of it being foreskin.

The crowd did though break out into absolute laughter, even the Lady DJ. She said, “Looks like someone got a little bit cold up here, huh ladies! I feel bad for his girlfriend… If he even has one with that baby dick.”

The crowd once again broke out in laughter. I was so embarrassed I yanked the shorts up and walked off stage.

The DJ then said, “Aww, I guess the little guy got mad. Must have LITTLE complex or something,” and she gave the tried and true, index and thumb symbol.

Once again, the crowd laughed.  I ran back to my GF who I saw was trying to hold back a laugh herself. Some local man with a HUGE dick won the $400 and one of my friends got 4th.

In the end, the DJ even said, “Where’s the little baby dick guy? Is he still out there? Does he want a participation award?”

I was in the bathroom hiding out at this time.

That night back at the hotel we partied some more, and once we all crammed back into bed, I was with my girlfriend, her friend, and her boyfriend, in one bed. I was just about to fall asleep when my girlfriend pokes me awake.

She whispered, “Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Could you not show off your dick around my friends again?”

“Why?  You showed your tits?”

“Yeah, but I have big tits. I just don’t want my friends talking shit about me, and I already heard Cindy telling Sarah that she felt bad for me having to put up with your dick. In the restroom, they were all saying how tiny Jason (5th place winner) even made you look. Fucking bitches, even called you baby dick like that DJ bitch.” She paused for a second. “Just could you not show it to ANYONE anymore? Please…for me? I just don’t wanna feel embarrassed because you’ve got a small dick.”

The rest of the trip was brutal, and my girlfriend and I broke up soon after we got back. Then it turns out she cheated on me the next night in a threesome.

When I found out I text her to confront how fucked up I thought that was and she just responded with: ‘They were making fun of your stupid ass tiny dick saying I could never take a big dick, only little baby-sized ones. I told him I’d fuck him just to prove him wrong. So it’s your fucking fault I cheated on you. Asshole!


Another reader also knows when it all started…

Freshman year of college, I had a close nit group of friends, and we hung out with each other pretty much every day. As you can imagine when hormones and drinking are involved, things can get wild.

One Saturday night it was my friend Tyler and me hanging out at our friend Michelle’s place that also lived with our other good friend Alice. So, pretty much a normal weekend night. This night though, we were drinking and partying heavier than usual. It was right after finals, so I think we all needed it. Well, something must have been in the air because what started as normal beer pong and drinking games night turned into me and Alice making out on the couch while Tyler and Michelle made out on the loveseat.

We never crossed this line before but looking back, I think the sexual tension was always there. We all rather knew where this was going, and somehow we ended up back in Michelle’s room. I vaguely remember someone talking about her king-sized bed memory foam mattress she just got, so we all ran to lay on it.

The two girls jumped on the bed wearing their cozy leggings from before. They sat up with their backs to the headboard while Tyler and I walked in with drinks. We thought it was just going to be a pre-game at Michelle’s night, so we were dressed to hit the clubs. Jeans, button-ups, and dress shoes.

Right before we could jump on the bed to join the girls Alice yells, “No, sirs, you can’t come in here wearing all that!”

Michelle then followed with a, “Yeah! Strip!”

Tyler and I looked and said, “Fuck it.”

We hammed it up for the two girls slowly unbuttoning our shirts and tossing them, removing our shoes and socks slowly just to be funny and finally our pants. Tyler went first since, at that point, I started to get shy. Now that things were kicking off, I grew nervous knowing what had to offer.

Honestly, I let Tyler go first just so I can see what he was going to be presenting and would you believe it, but the second he yanked his jeans down he showed all three of us a VERY noticeable bulge in his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. The girls were going wild. They were hollering and cheering as he kept dancing for them at the foot of the bed.

Alice said, “Come on, let me see!”

I shook off my and pulled down my pants and stepped out of them now also only wearing my boxer briefs. This time though there was a heart-wrenching pause that drowned the room.

Michelle then said, super loud, “Where the fuck is your dick?”

I don’t know if I am the only one who did this growing up, but I used to be embarrassed about being a member of the small dick club. So much so that I would try and hide my dick from view. It was sort of a Ken Doll way where I would bunch fabric or tuck so that all you saw when I was in swimsuits or underwear was a mannequin wearing underwear.

Michelle was laughing hysterically at this point, and even Tyler said, “How did you make your dick hide?”

Alice was quiet the whole time, then joined in the laughter. The whole room’s attention was on my missing bulge.

I tried my best to arrange a tiny bulge saying, “Oh, I just push it down, that’s all.”

I must have been blood red in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Michelle is saying things like, “Dude, Alice look at his compared to Tyler’s. Like his doesn’t even do it as Tyler’s does.” Also, “Does it not show at all? Do you HAVE to try to make it show every time? Dude really, you have to do that just to make it noticeable? Wow.”

At that time, Michelle hopped off the bed, and she and Tyler ran out of the room for some reason giving Alice and me her room to ourselves.  I climbed in bed and started making out with Alice, and things seemed to pick back up where they left off. I fingered her with her panties and yoga pants still on and thought I was getting her ready for more. Until I felt her hands trail down to my crotch. She rubbed my hard-on through my boxers and dropped her hand onto the bed right after giving my shaft a slight squeeze. It felt amazing.

I reached to pull my boxers down, but she stopped me before I could and said, “Not tonight.” I asked why and she said, “Just, um, promise you won’t be mad?” I said it was okay and to tell me what was wrong. “Um, is it really that small?” She raised her pinky in the air towards me.

I froze. Absolutely froze. The feelings of embarrassment and anger and heartbreak and sadness of being a disappointment was so overwhelming it wasn’t until weeks later did I realize how much I fucking LOVED IT

I nodded, and she just said, “It’s OK really but can I also be honest with you.” I said sure again. “I just don’t wanna fuck someone who has a small dick. Like what if people ask me, and they fuck you too. They will all know I fuck small dicks losers.”

I’m astonished by her comments. She was so sure of herself and without remorse. I just nodded again, and we cuddled the rest of the night.  The whole night we snuggled I couldn’t sleep. The millions of thoughts about what happened went through my mind and the sounds of Tyler fucking the absolute shit out of Michelle three times that night also didn’t help.

Looking back, that’s the night I like to point to and say, “Yup that’s the catalyst that started it all.”

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