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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers breaking up is hard to do…

I had an experience involving a new girl I was seeing and some girls she lived with seeing me naked the morning after a hookup. She broke it off pretty explicitly because I’m too small for her. After the first time we hooked up she’d told me it didn’t matter because I was good at eating pussy. I guess she changed her mind though because it turns out she never actually made her friends delete the naked photos of me they took earlier, and not only that, she’s apparently she’s been mocking me and laughing at my dick with her friends behind my back since we first hooked up. They even had a nickname for me, “the compensator,” because I guess since I work out, drive a nice car, and maybe act like an asshole sometimes it must be because I’m compensating for my small dick. Yeah, it wasn’t a pretty breakup…It was super messy and she basically told me all of this, even showed me some of the messages, just to hurt me. And she did explicitly say she was done with me because I’m awful in bed and she’s tired of pretending to not hurt my feelings.


Another reader impresses a friend with his analness...

A little while back I had a long car ride with one of my best female friends, we are both 20. We were heading to a concert about 2 hours away. Natural while talking we got on the conversation of sex. She knew from a previous interaction (one that I have not posted yet) that I was small in the pants department. This led her to ask about my sex life and how it was going. We got on the subject of anal and she asked me if I have ever had a girl stick a finger in me. I slowly replied, “Well….I’ve had something bigger,” which she was confused by. I stumbled out, “I’ve had a dildo in me.”

She was extremely turned on by this. We kept talking about it and she asked a ton of questions. One of the questions was about the size of it and I told her 7.5 inches. She then said, “Oh, so way bigger than you?”

This was true as I’m a silver member of the small dick club. I then somewhat told her about SPH which she liked and ended the conversation by calling me ‘little guy.’ Hopefully more to come from her!


While another reader gets the low down on his skinny…

I first met this Asian girl in college, she is your typical smart Asian med-student on her way to becoming a doctor. What made her stand out from all the other Asian girls is her massive 34D tits (she told me her size). She had the body of a sexy anime girl, big tits, long legs, and seductive brown eyes. Like a lot of Asian girls nowadays, her dating preference is white men. Even though she never explicitly says it, she only ever says white guys are hot, never any Asian guys. She also always friend zoned the Asian guys (including me) but has no issue telling me how hot she thinks the white guys are and wondering if they would be interested in her.

Now to the SPH, I finally had enough and confessed to her. She turned me down and said we were better suited as friends. On the bright side, after a lot of convincing she felt pity for me and agreed to look at my dick pic and give her brutally honest opinion since she has never seen an Asian dick before, only white. She told me I had the dick of a toddler and she’d never have sex with something that small. Ouch!


This reader gets a public shaming he’ll never forget…

This was my sophomore year in college. A large group of us headed out to the coast for some drunken debauchery. Since at the time I was a serial monogamous I brought along my girlfriend and several of her girlfriends. My guy friends figured the more girls the merrier so it was a win-win for all. Needless to say, a lot of them ended up hooking up but that isn’t the story. One night we all decided to hit up a bar. Pre-gamed and fake IDs loaded we tackled a local bar. Being spring break the bar that night had some local rapper and a DJ that night and also a wet t-shirt/wet shorts contest. Never heard of a wet shorts contest but seemed fun.

We got insanely drunk, as you do on spring break. The MC came on the mic and announced the start of the wet t-shirt contest. Several of my Gf’s friends and even my gf participated. It was wild seeing her topless on stage. I felt so proud when she came in 4th. One of her friends actually won which was a $400 prize. (Helped buy more drinks) When the MC announced the wet shorts contest, as you can imagine the girls egged us guys to go on stage. I and two other guys decided to try it out and see if we could get more drink money.

They had us go backstage and change into white shorts. They were cheap shorts with really thin fabric and the inner liner cut out. We danced and hammed it up on stage for the screaming crowd. It was actually really fun. the whole time another female MC poured FREEZING ice water all over us.

Of course, being super drunk it didn’t take long before shorts started to come off. I wasn’t the first one to do it, it was actually one of my friends but things escalated quickly. Even though I was drunk I was still shy. I could feel how small the cold water made me and I could tell where this stage act was going. Guy after guy eventually whipped it out to a crowd of over a hundred people. Then it came to my turn.
I hesitated and resisted, with chants from everyone in the crowd starting to going crazy. The lady DJ started calling me a pussy and chicken on the mic until finally she and my other guy friend (whose dick was already out) yanked my shorts off down to the floor.

I wouldn’t say it was a movie-style of silence that filled the room but to me, it was deafening. I instantly went to cover myself but by that point over 100 people saw my shriveled cold penis. Usually, when I get this cold and wet I shrink down to no more than 1″ visually with most of it being foreskin.

The crowd did though break out into absolute laughter, even the Lady DJ. She said, “Looks like someone got a little bitty cold up here, huh ladies! I feel bad for his girlfriend… If he even has one with that.”

The crowd once again broke out in laughter. I was so embarrassed I yanked the shorts up and walked off stage. The DJ then said “Aw, I guess the little guy got mad. Must have a LITTLE complex or something,” and she gave the tried and true, index and thumb symbol.

Once again the crowd laughed. I ran back to my GF who I saw was trying to hold back a laugh herself. Some local guy with a HUGE dick won the $400 and one of my friends got 4th. At the end, the DJ even said, “Where did the little guy? Is he still out there? Does he want to compete? I do have participation awards.”

I was in the bathroom sorta hiding out at this time. That night back at the hotel we partied some more and once we all crammed back into bed it was me on the edge my gf, her friend, and that friend’s boyfriend in one bed. I was just about to fall asleep when my gf pokes me awake. She whispered, “Hey. Can I ask you something?” I said yeah. “Could you not show off your dick around my friends again?”

I asked her why not since she showed off her tits to my friends.

“Yeah, but I have big tits… I don’t know. I just don’t want my friends talking shit about me and I already heard Cindy telling Sarah that she felt bad for me. And in the restroom, they were all saying how tiny Jason (5th place winner) made you look. Fucking bitches even called you baby dick.” She paused for a second. “Just could you not show it to ANYONE anymore? Please. For me? I don’t want to feel embarrassed okay?”

The rest of the trip was brutal and my gf and I broke up soon after we got back. Then it turns out she cheated on me the next night with Jason and Sarah in a threesome when they said they were going to get more drinks. When I found out I texted her to confront how fucked up I thought that was and she just responded with: ‘Sarah and Jason were making fun of your stupid ass tiny dick saying I could only take little ones. I told him I’d fuck him just to prove I could. It’s your fucking fault I cheated on you. Asshole!


Another this reader is told it’s a threesome, but she’s just cuckolding him…

My girlfriend and I decided to have a threesome with a guy she knew, and I thought it would be fun since I suffer from premature ejaculation and am rather small (I’m a silver member of the small dick club)). He was about 7″ long. Everything was going well, but most of the time I couldn’t participate because I was always on the verge of cumming and I wanted to last. It ended up with her just getting fucked and me watching. I ended up cumming in my hand and she just laughed at me, and he eventually came in her pussy (Something I don’t even get to do). She wants to do it again, yet I feel a bit embarrassed by the whole thing.


While this reader gets a lesson in the family tree…

I decided to move into my uni accommodation a tad early to look for a job and the like. Anyways, earlier today mom was helping me unpack and came across my box of snug-fit condoms. Before I could say anything she was like, “Ah, sorry about that, hun. You must take after my side of the family…” and pulled an awkward pity face as if to say, ‘I wish I could change that for you but I can’t.’

I was feeling bold and decided to press things. “Oh, so I don’t take after Da—”

“Anyway,” she cut over me. “The fact that you have them shows that you’re doing just fine with the ladies. Let’s leave it at that, shall we?”

Sure, Mum. I’m small and pathetic. You just didn’t wanna make me feel bad, right?


This reader enjoys reminiscing about high school mishaps…

This happened way back in high school so some of the details are a little foggy. As part of a high school thing, the whole class had been taken to a rock climbing wall somewhere off school premises but generally nearby. Some of the class were on the wall, some just lazing around in the rock climbing place’s coffee shop area. There was me and two of the hot ‘popular’ girls still stood at the base of the wall waiting to get harnessed up and start the climb. We were chatting about nothing particular. We weren’t best friends or anything, so barely spoke outside of situations like this. I was next to get the harness attached before I could climb. The instructor for the climbing wall handed me the harness, which I put on, and then began to tighten the straps to make it more secure.

Then they tightened a strap that went around my crotch. It pulled on my pants and basically revealed everything to the two girls I’d been chatting with. I didn’t know how visible it was at first until I saw one of the girls start to giggle, point at my dick, and in a low (but perfectly audible) voice say, “Look at it.”

Both girls started giggling as the length of my soft dick (a quite pathetic 1-inch flaccid back then) could be seen through my tightened pants.

I was next up on the wall so, with my front to the climbing wall, nobody else really saw. However for the rest of the day, whenever the two girls saw me they always started to cover their mouths and giggle.


Another readers striptease was bold but will backfire eventually…

My male friends went to a shop to buy alcohol for a small party and I was alone with three girls. They were smoking pot in a room, so I went there to talk to them. Everyone was drunk and the girls were talking about male strippers. One of those three girls had seen me naked before and she said that the most important thing for a stripper is to have a big dick. She was smirking and looking at me while she said it and the other two girls started laughing. That was the moment I knew she had told them about my small penis. But this time it made me super horny and I was hard in no time. Drunk as fuck I told the girls that I will be your stripper and I started dancing to the music in the background and taking off my clothes. The girls were laughing and whistling at me, and videoing it on their phones.

But the most laughter I got when I took off my underwear, standing in front of them totally naked with my unimpressive 4-inch erection. I’m uncircumcised, so I grabbed my penis and pulled down my foreskin exposing my tiny dick completely. I was so horny, my cock was twitching uncontrollably. That made the girls laugh even more. I wanted to jerk off in front of them so badly, but it all ended right there when one of my male friends called one of the girls saying that they are back from the shop. I put my clothes on, and after a couple of minutes, I disappeared from the party.


While this reader lays it bare for mom…

Let me start off by saying I’ve got an unusual problem in that my dick is tiny but my balls are huge. So when I was trying on jeans for my mum I obviously complained that they were too tight around the crotch area. Eventually, she got annoyed. “Oh, give over! I’ve seen it. It’s not that big, believe me…”

She must have thought I was humblebragging about my dick or something. I’m ashamed to admit this kind of aroused me and I was feeling brave so I decided to run with it. Talking about how small and pathetic I am is a major turn on so that’s what I did…

“Thanks, mom, I’m well aware that I’ve got a small willy. It’s the balls that are the issue.”

She understood and apologized. We found a pair with more ‘ball-room,’ paid for them then left. I thought that would be that but on the way back there was silence so my mum decided to break the ice. She was clearly feeling guilty.

“Listen, forget about what I said earlier. I only caught a quick glimpse and even then it probably wasn’t fully, y’know…”

Again, me being the kinky bastard I am, I decided to play dumb. “Y’know, what?”

She paused for a second before quietly mouthing the word, “HARD!”

I told her it was. She responded with a simple, “Oh?” Before half-heartedly trying to reassure me, “Well, size isn’t everything?”

The reason I added a question mark to that sentence is that that’s how it sounded. It’s as though she was unsure of her own reassurance. I shut her down right there.

“You don’t have to lie to me, mom. I’m 20 years old. I’ve been with girls…”

All she said was “Right, sorry,” and that was that!

So overall, a pretty weird but arousing experience. Just thought I would share.


This reader likes to relive a life-changing moment…

I attend my local gym regularly which also has a pool and sauna. We had our family friends staying with us so used my gym guest pass with their son, the same age as me. We went for a swim and hit the sauna after for some time. I just wore my usual board shorts and the same with him. I was sitting on the top step of the sauna and him lower diagonally across from me. Legs spread, relaxing and chatting nicely I kept noticing him glancing down and darting his eyes away quickly. After a while, it got really awkward and he seemed uncomfortable and said he was going to go swimming again. I stayed for a little longer. I went out jumped in and asked him if I had said something or offended him. My biggest regret. He literally said he could see up my shorts legs and could see my little dick! His words! I just laughed it off as best I could.

I was so embarrassed at the time and I was worried he would tell everyone when we got home or bring it up about my tiny dick. Now thinking back it’s a huge turn-on for me and wish I could relive the moment again.

Now when I go to the gym by myself I make sure I wear loose shorts and sit on the top step of the sauna every time!


Another another reader needed a cold shower…

I am working at an Inn on the night shift so I am pretty alone. I was at the reception, chilling. I was looking at nudes etc. on my phone and I kinda got a hard-on. I heard people coming so I tried to hide it. Without success because I wear tight jeans. This hot MILF shows up. She approaches the desk and I think she sees my bulge. She reported a problem with the shower but the thing is the way she said it.

After she took a look at my bulge she said, “I have a tiny problem with the shower,” while doing a pinching sign.

She was really sweet and hot, I was embarrassed but when she left, I was (still) turned on…

I don’t know for sure if she saw it but damn the thought turned me on!

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