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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader fails the future mother-in-law inspection…

This summer my fiancée Jenny’s father and stepmom have been staying with us for some time. They claimed it was to help with the wedding, but I think they were just using us to get out of the north and into some actual summer heat. Well, one Saturday morning, my fiancée and her father went shopping for things for the wedding, so my future mother-in-law and I stayed and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee soaking in the morning sun. She’s beautiful in her own way, but years of smoking and early years of drinking have caught up with her a bit, not terribly, but noticeable. She is very fit, though, which is great since she usually just wears yoga pants and loose tops.

I thought nothing of the situation, and the conversation stayed normal. After I finished my cup, I excused myself and went to get ready. Now here’s where I probably should have played it better, but while getting ready I got horny. Don’t ask why I just did, and I decided that since I was alone and since my future mother-in-law tends to smoke a few before doing anything, I knew I had at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted time. I propped myself on the edge of the bed and whipped out a few of my porn videos on my phone.

I was edging hard for quite a while pushing myself to the edge and stopping right before I would cum, letting my pre-cum drip out. Once I decided I wanted to blow, I went to town on myself losing myself in my dirty thoughts. I swear to this day she didn’t knock, but she says she did. I blew a small load onto my hand and onto my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw my future mother-in-law standing at the doorway to my bedroom. I freaked out and tried to cover myself. My future mother-in-law just sipped her coffee and smiled as she walked out, not a word said.

Later that afternoon, after dinner, the four of us drank some wine on the back patio watching the sunset. My fiancée’s dad walked inside to use the restroom (which meant he would be gone for a while) When out of nowhere my future mother-in-law just says, Jenny, I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Jenny asked.

“Earlier, I walked in on Brad while he wasn’t decent.”

My fiancée started laughing at the hilarity of it. “Omigod, that’s embarrassing.” Then she smacks my knee playfully. “Well, that sucks.”

I just smiled and turned blood red.

“I just wanted to say sorry,” my future mother-in-law said sipping her wine.

“About what?”

“Well, let’s just say, sweetie, I know what gift to get you for your bridal shower.”

My fiancée tilted her head in confusion and gave an awkward chuckle.

Then my future mother-in-law straight up just made the small dick symbol with her thumb and forefinger and turned to me, and said, “I’m sure you can make up for that shortcoming by other means. Otherwise, I should keep my wedding gift receipt.”

She patted my hand and sipped her wine.

My fiancée stayed quiet after that. I asked her later if she was mad at her stepmom for saying that about me in front of her since she didn’t say anything after to defend me. I just assumed she was so mad she couldn’t find the words. In reality, my fiancée just said, “No, I wasn’t mad. I was just embarrassed that she saw you.”

I asked her what she meant by that.

“Well, now she knows you have a little dick, which is fucking embarrassing for me.”


This reader experiences a variation of an old classic…

My first time having sex with my high school girlfriend, and we had no clue. I was especially small at the time. We turned off the lights, and I entered her. She asked me to go in all the way, and I said it was. She was just like, “Oh, OK,” and she went silent for a bit.

Then during sex, she asked again, “Are you sure you can’t go any deeper? I’m not feeling a whole lot at the moment.”

I couldn’t, I was balls deep already.


Another reader is outdone by deodorant…

My female best friend and I have known each other since I have memory. When we were teenagers and both curious about the opposite sex, she saw my erect penis. (I was around 4 inches at that time). She said something like, “I was a little worried you could be too big for me, but I can take you easily.”

It turns out she had been masturbating with a deodorant can that was like 6.5 inches in length and way thicker than my cock. My cock completely disappeared inside her pussy with zero effort. We talked after the fact, and I told her that for me, it felt incredible. She told me it felt OK, but my cock just couldn’t fill her, it was too small. Every time I remember those words and the disappointed look on her face, I get a raging boner.


While this reader goes all revenge of the nerds…

I was in high school, and a bunch of us decided to have a nerd day where we dressed like stereotypical nerds. Well, during a presentation, I hiked my pants up a little bit higher than usual, and the class started laughing. Turns out the outline of my little soft nub was visible through the pants. Of course, I just thought they were laughing at my nerd act until a few people started wiggling their pinkies at me. Rough day, but it brought me here.


Another reader has a very understanding wife…

I always knew I was a small dick club member by comparing myself to porn stars. I suppose we’re told not to do that, but how can you help it when their cocks are so huge, and mine is a Bronze Member. I bought my wife her first toy, it’s way bigger than mine because I used to fantasize about her fucking other guys with big dicks while I watch. I still do, but now she knows about it, and it’s become her favorite role-playing scenario pretending the toy is another guy, and she tells me how pathetic my dick is while the toy fucks her to orgasm. I love my wife, she’s the best.


This reader discovers just how rude French people can be…

I am from the UK and currently vacationing in a popular UK holiday destination. Earlier today, I decided it would be a great idea to go swimming in the sea along with these French guys and girls, now obviously because it’s the UK, the water was very cold, and I had some major shrinkage (not that there’s much to shrink). As soon as I get out of the water, I notice my shorts have clung all around my tiny soft dick, and the French girls immediately notice too. They begin laughing and pointing, calling it “Tiny,” and, “Little.” However, the one that hurt the most, and is most exciting in retrospect, was when the men also joined in calling it a “Baby dick,” and, “Toddler dick.”


There’s no trick or treat for this Halloween partier…

I was at a Halloween party with my female roommate and her friend, a woman upon whom I had a serious crush. At one point, they start talking about dick pics. They didn’t know I was listening to their conversation. My crush stated it’s easy for a woman to get a dick pic these days, you just have to ask. According to my crush, most men are more than willing to send one. To prove it, my crush apparently texts one of her ex-boyfriends, and a few minutes later, she gets a text, looks at it, and then shows my female roommate the picture sent.

My roommate’s eyes bug out, and she gasps. They didn’t say anything to me or show me the picture, but later, my roommate told me to forget about my crush. “She’d never go for a guy like you,” she said glancing at my groin. That moment always turned me on after that.


This reader uses a joke to reveal a secret…

This story happened a couple of days ago, but I’ve only just got around to sharing it. There are three people involved. Me (a transgender girl with a small penis), an FC (a female co-worker), and an MC (a male co-worker). I’m a trans woman, but nobody at my work knows I’m trans, they all assume I have a vagina. The three of us are joking around, and MC is joking about his penis size.

FC jokes, “I actually have a huge dick; it’s so big that I tuck it down my pant leg, but it scrapes on the floor sometimes.” We all laugh, and FC turns to me, and asks, “What about you, do you have a huge penis too?”

As nobody at work knows I have a dick, I know it’s a joke, so I play along. “No, I have a really tiny 4 incher,” I said.

MC and FC laugh.

Then FC said, “That’s a shame, I like ‘em big,” and wiggles her pinky finger at me making MC laugh.

They didn’t know I was actually telling the truth, I do have a small 4-inch hard penis.


This reader learns never to get into a sword fight with a dude called Horse Dick….

I grew up sheltered in a small town and attended a private school with guys mostly like myself. Meaning, mostly smallish beta dudes who were my only gauge for penis size. I was convinced my four, and a half incher was near what everyone else was sporting. All of the studies involved that average was around five, and I assumed most guys exaggerated. All of my notions were confirmed when I had sex for the first time in the summer before college. The girl went on and on about how much she loved my thick dick as I fucked her for all I was worth.

Heading into college now a non-virgin, my confidence was high, and it wasn’t long before I met a local girl that I was so turned on by. She wasn’t like any girl I had met. Trina was brash and kind of ‘dirty.’ She invited me to a late-night pool party at one of her friends’ house. It was a few groups of couples made up of townies. The girl whose parents owned the house and her boyfriend were both mouthy and obnoxious.

He went by initials ‘HD,’ and told me that stood ‘horse dick’ and chuckled. After a few more beers, he started on me. “Is your dick as short as everything else about you?” He and his GF laughed. I am only five foot five tall, and this asshole was like six foot three and skinny as fuck.

I said, “Fuck you, beanpole, height has nothing to do with it. Guys who call themselves Horse Dick are overcompensating.”

He responded by saying, “Oh, you think so, let’s pull them out and see.”

I didn’t want to pull my dick out in front of these virtual strangers, but I was trapped and couldn’t back down. I glanced at Trina, who gave me a look of concern. HD’s girlfriend, on the other hand, was brimming with excitement. We were all in the pool, so she swam over to HD and said, “Let me get you ready,” as she began kissing him.

Trina gave me no similar treatment, but I could already feel my dick swell to a fully erect state in anticipation. Everyone gathered around a picnic table as HD, and I prepared to drop our swimmers. I pulled my trunks down, and my rock-hard pecker stood straight up with its pronounced curve. I heard a few giggles from the girls. My concern turned to horror as HD dropped his trunks and held his semi-hard, uncut Horse Cock in his hand, and helicoptered it. There were at least five inches of cock sticking out past the end of his fist.

Finally, he flops it down on the table with a thud. Despite not being completely hard, it was nine inches long and very thick. I was beyond mortified. HD began gloating, everyone was laughing, even Trina. I hurriedly pulled my trunks up and asked Trina if she was ready to go.

She said, “No, I’ll find my own way home.”

I never saw Trina again after that she ghosted me.


Another reader cannot even get anal right…

My sex life normally revolves around handjobs and oral sex, but I’ve tried penetration twice and seeing as they were both very embarrassing I thought I’d share.

First time: I’d been in a relationship with this girl for about 5 or 6 months by this point and we’d only ever really done oral stuff. I was keen to try vaginal sex as I had never done it and wanted to see how it was. I lay on my back, and she got on top. She sat upright and began to rub my dick against her vagina, and then she started to slide it in. It kept falling out, and after about five minutes she just sighed and told me that I was ‘too small to play,’ so we went back to oral. She never wanted to try penetration again because I wasn’t ‘up to the task.’

Second time: This was with a different partner. We’d been together for a little while, and she thought our sex life had become boring with just oral or hand stuff. She loved anal sex, like absolutely loved it, so she wanted to do it with me to spice things up. We lubed up and went for it. I began to thrust, and after three or four, she began to laugh. I asked if everything was okay and she told me that we should stop for the night. I asked why and she told me that she couldn’t really feel anything. She then went into her other partner’s room (next door to her room). The walls were very thin, so I heard the following conversation.

Her: “Joey and I just tried anal.”

Other partner: “How was it?”

Her: “His dick is just too small, I could barely feel it.”

Other partner: “Don’t worry; I’ll give you a good fucking tomorrow.”

Those are my experiences trying to top.


Another reader goes skinny dipping with friends…

So this was back when I was 18. I went to go hiking with 3 high school friends, there were a couple of names Matt, Melissa, and our mutual friend Sarah (names for privacy reasons). We were all friends in high school, and we decided to take a hike. Midway through the hike, we saw a pond, and Matt and Melissa suggest we should stop at this pond to rest and eat. I jokingly said we should go skinny dipping because I secretly wanted everyone to see my small cock and shockingly everyone said yes.

I am six foot two tall and around 200 lbs, I was committed to playing lacrosse in college, not that anyone cares, but I had a very athletic build. Matt was five foot ten and very skinny, maybe 160 lbs. As we were taking our clothes off, I got cold feet, so I stopped with my boxers still on but Melissa, Sarah already had their tops off, and they saw me acting hesitant and said I couldn’t turn back now because I had already seen their boobs. Matt took his shorts off first, and I immediately noticed that his soft dick was much bigger than mine was, and we hadn’t even gotten in the water yet.

I’m four inches hard and two inches soft. Therefore, I said fuck it and dropped my boxers.

I immediately knew they were thinking about how small my dick was compared to Matt’s because no one said anything once my cock was out and I saw Melissa and Sarah immediately turn and walk away to talk to each other. I was so embarrassed, and Matt walked up butt naked to talk to me with a confidence I had never seen out of him before. I stood there with my shriveled-up dick out talking to Matt, and Melissa and Sarah walked over and asked us to get in the water.

All I could think about was all three of them looking at my little dick. I walked in the water and hid it as much as I could but at one point I stood up, and the water was below my waist, and my little dick was out (about one inch), and I was talking to them, but I could tell they were both comparing me to Matt and I didn’t measure up well. Ever since then, when I hang out with them, I can tell they look at me differently for having a small dick, and I secretly love it.


A girl friendzoned this reader and treats him like a sissy, and he seems to enjoy it…

I was working out one day with a good friend of mine, a girl with a huge butt. I mean, the thing was out of this world. Anyway, she wore light pink leggings that were see-through, and I could see what underwear she had. Of course, I got a boner from watching this.

Then, all of a sudden, she asked me if I could spot her while she was doing squats. I did my best while trying to hide my tent, but swiped her ass with it a couple of times by accident. She didn’t seem to notice at first. However, when we went our separate ways to shower, she texts me saying: ‘I felt it, you know. But just a LITTLE bit.’

Totally humiliated, I went out to meet her after the shower. I could not speak. I blushed, and she just looked at me smirking and waving her pinky at me. She continued doing this sometimes at parties or just as we passed in the hallway. We’re still friends though, and we go to parties together. She’s out there laughing and pointing at me with her girlfriends, and I’m just sitting there hoping no one else notices what they’re talking about.

I should add that we are close and talk about sex and fetishes a lot.


A female reader describes an experience with an exhibitionist in college…

I first became interested in SPH a few years back after meeting some guy at a party my housemate threw. This guy was pretty infamous for having a tiny dick (and I mean super tiny), as he would always take his clothes off when he’d had a few drinks. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy with his clothes on? I had an extremely open-minded set of friends at university.

A group of us had gone up to my room in the house because I had a balcony that they could smoke. This guy joined us, completely stark naked. He sat having a cigarette on the edge of the balcony with his legs spread wide open, so everyone could see how little it was. I honestly couldn’t stop looking at him. He was a genuinely handsome guy, very tall, probably about six foot four, and really toned, but when he was flaccid, there was almost nothing there.

Anyways, some more people arrived at the party, and because the music was so loud downstairs, they had to shout up to my friends on the balcony to let them in. They left the room, leaving just a tiny dick man and me alone together. Having had two vodka cokes (serious lightweight) at this point, my conversational filter had gone, and I instantly blurted out, “You know you’ve got a really tiny cock, right?”

He just laughed and said, “I know.”

With the turn in the conversation and my obvious attention, he started to get a bit of an erection, so I asked him how much bigger does it get. Tiny dick guy laughed again and said he could show me if I’d like. At this point, I was intrigued, and the guy was seriously hot despite his shortcomings, so I said yes.

He came off the balcony and knelt on the floor beside my bed. He started to wank himself off with just his thumb and forefinger as that’s really all there was room for at the beginning. Quite quickly, he got to his rather unimpressive full size of three inches when erect. However, strangely, the juxtaposition between how big and muscled his body was and how small his cock was a massive turn-on for me.

He asked me what I thought and being honest I told him that it was really not that much bigger than before, and it was probably, actually definitely, the smallest dick I’d ever seen. Hearing this seemed to do the trick for him as he promptly came all over my brand new IKEA rug.

Pretty much every guy I’ve had sex with has been six or more inches but that moment still sticks out in my mind all these years later.

N.B Obviously, I don’t advocate all my small dick friends doing that at a party. He was just lucky enough to find a girl who ended up being super into it.

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