Our Readers SPH Experiences 82

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had a day out at the beach to remember…

I guess it happened around 2 years ago. I went to a nudist beach where a lot of young people go, some girls, gay guys and some shemales at the end of the afternoon. So, to get on this beach, there is a trail in the trees, and that day, I was already leaving the beach, when coming in my direction in the trail, came 3 female figures.

As the first comes, she flirts heavily with me, and I notice they’re actually shemales, but they take hormones, shave, have silicon breasts and makeup, etc. I´m straight, but my dick is easily fooled. So, I´m polite with the first 2, but the third is the most attractive one, and I stop to say hello to her. She puts her hand in my neck to kiss me and lets her arm go down, leaving her hand between us, rubbing her backhand against my dick. After a few words, before I go back to the beach with her, she pulls the elastic band from my shorts and studies my penis for around 3 solid seconds, letting go. She seemed to me to be disappointed.

We go back to the beach anyway, and I knew that the first shemale I passed would feel a bit rejected by me (I preferred her as a friend), so when I go back to the beach, I remove my shorts right in front of her face. She stares at my penis and shouts, “LITTLE PEE-PEE,” all the while laughing and making fun of me.

At that place, there were the 3 of them, me, and 2 other guys who were already there. Anyway, I and the third shemale go behind a nearby rock, and I ask her to suck me, which she does. I tell her my SPH fetish, and she starts to humiliate me, telling me that sucking off my dick would like sucking a small boy and how big every other man she’s sucked off had been.

After this, I came fast (I didn’t wanna spend too much time there), and as we went back, the first one was complimenting a guy’s a dick, something like, “What are you gonna do with that big cock?”

As she saw us coming back, my partner tells her about my fetish, and now she starts saying stuff like, “Fast AND SMALL DICKED?” and, “Bye little dick, go home and fuck your hand, that’s all you’re ever gonna get,” and, “Look at that little dick, I’ve seen bigger clits.”

All quite loud, in the middle of a beach, where at least the hung guys were listening. After that, I went home fast and got off many times, remembering this day.


While this reader got smacked down by his sister and a sexy neighbor…

When I was 21, I had this newly married girl about 2 yrs older than me in the opposite of my house. She was damn sexy with a very big ass. She had come home to meet my sister, who was 19 at that time. I was unaware of her presence and came out from the bath as naked. She saw me for a good 20-30 secs (I was shocked to find her presence and did not move), and she started laughing very hard. She started calling me small boy and asked if I have attained puberty as my dick was hardly existent (1/4th of an inch after a cold shower). She literally had tears while laughing so hard at me. Then I went into the bathroom and tied my towel, and came back. By then, my sister also had returned. This girl told her the entire story.

My sister, instead of supporting me, joined her and continued to tease. She said to the girl that she had seen me naked many times in the last 4 yrs and never has my dick been more than 1 inch. This caused both of them to literally ROFL. I have a small belly too. That made my dick literally nonexistent. I had also eaten a peanut butter sandwich before my bath. Suddenly from nowhere, a loud fart blurted out, and they both couldn’t stop laughing after that. They started calling me embarrassing names. The girl left, and by then, I was in my room. My sister went to her hostel the next day, and before going, she came to my room and told me that the girl next door really liked me seeing naked and would want to have a CFNM session with me.


This reader has a boyfriend who knows his place…

This happened between my small dick boyfriend (I’m female) and me. I texted him to say that I was on my way with a friend and her boyfriend because they needed to use the bathroom, and our place was on the way to the next bar we planned to go to. So I had him wait in a princess t-shirt and pink panties under a blanket in our bed. We get there, and I show them our bathroom upstairs and go back downstairs and start playing with his little baby dick. After 5 minutes, we start to hear loud moaning upstairs, I run up to peek, and my friend’s bent over, taking her guy’s 9” cock. I got instantly wet and walked in. My friend says she doesn’t mind sharing. So he starts fucking my pussy too, all the while my boyfriend is trapped downstairs in pink panties with a tiny throbbing dicklette listening to us all fuck our brains out. When we were done, I went downstairs to see how he was. I leaned down to kiss him and felt his pink panties, and sure enough, there was a big wet spot. He’d cum in his panties. I then whispered to him that he needs to change the sheets before I get home.


Another moment from littledickwanker

I was at this public pool. They had three kinds of showers—one for men and one for women. The third one was basically unisex but mainly used by parents and their children. Being tiny down there, I wasn’t really too keen on going into the men’s shower. So I figured it’s already pretty late, and the third shower must be empty. I stepped in and saw that I was alone. So I decided to get completely undressed.

When I pulled off my trunks, my micropenis was nestled in its foreskin, with the little tip just beginning to peek out. I don’t hang like regular guys down there. Only a few seconds later, my heart skipped a beat as I heard another person enter. It was a young mother with a son that was probably around 4 years old.

“Oh, sorry. We didn’t know that someone was in here. Should we wait outside?” she asked.

“No, it’s OK,” I mumbled.

But it wasn’t ok. I had never been naked around a woman before. For I second, I got nervous, but luckily, they didn’t care much about me. I just turned away from them, so they didn’t see that I was tiny and bald down there like a little child. After a while, I turned my head toward them. I just couldn’t help but look over to them. I discretely watched the mother pull the towel off her son, snuck a quick peek at his privates, and was surprised at how much bigger he was than me.

“Oh, God,” I whispered to myself in a semi-panic.

He wasn’t huge or anything. But what he had was about three times my size in every way. Longer, thicker, and a bigger nut sack. Suddenly, the mother cleared her throat. To my utter embarrassment, she had seen me peeking. I started to panic a little bit. How would she react? Her gaze then dropped to my crotch, my tiny shrunken pistol pointing straight into the air. The corners of her mouth turned up into a smile. I saw her eyes sweep back and forth over us, assessing our development. I could tell what was running through her head. I was outmanned by her little boy. Comparing him to me, I continue to be smaller. I felt completely belittled and emasculated.

We exchanged a meaningful look. There was no question about it, we were sized up, and I was the loser here. Then she put their things into her bag and stood up to leave. As she turned her back to me and is about to walk out the entrance, I still stand there naked. Now I tried to quickly get my towel and get out of this embarrassment when I see her turn around and take one final look at me.

A snicker comes out of her mouth before she quickly covers it in an attempted to hold her laughter. She must have been proud of her little son. He was already more of a man than me. I look at her face. She gives me a wink and says to her kid, “Ok, say goodbye to the other little boy!”

With one final giggle, she waves her pinky at me and says, “Peace out, girl scout.”

Then she turns around and finally leaves me standing there soaking wet, embarrassed, and oddly excited. I have been outmanned by many guys in the past. But the way this woman looked at me, this look of pride on her face. It felt as if I was outmanned by her.


This reader falls foul of a bully…

I tend to avoid urinals like the plague because I don’t want people to know about my embarrassingly little willy. At under 2 inches soft, it’s a secret shame I keep well guarded. Having just turned 18 (still a virgin), I’m old enough to drink in clubs in the UK now even though I haven’t quite finished school yet, so last winter off. I went for a night out. Several hours and many drinks later, I was desperate for a piss, and unfortunately, the cubicles were all full, so, being possessed of Dutch courage, I braved the open trough urinal.

Then my worst nightmare happens, not only am I joined by four loutish lads swearing and spitting but unbeknownst to me (I had my head down), one of them is Toby, the tall, hot, six-pack clad blonde who has tormented me all through school. I was too drunk to recognize his voice, so I just carried on pissing when he erupted into ruckus laughter.

“HAHAHA, look how fucking small James’ cock is,” he bellows while pointing down the urinal, drawing the attention of the group to my shriveled knob.

They all went to my school, and they all joined him in his laughter, each of their faces alight with cruel glee. I could not believe it. I just stood there frozen like a deer in headlights while my bully rolls over laughing at my little dicklet!

“Oh my God….. Oh my God, you’re so fucking tiny,” were all the words he could get out while gasping for air between howls.

I snapped out of trance and popped myself back in my jeans, and made a hasty exit but not before glancing down and checking the lads out, though. To be sure, they all dwarfed me in size. Toby, in particular, was sporting a 5-inch floppy making him bigger soft than I am hard!

As I ran off, I heard Toby shout, “See you Monday, baby dick!”

I felt almost dizzy from the humiliation, so I left the club, and I felt sick for the rest of the weekend as I knew Toby and his mates would have a field day with this little nugget of information back at school. To my surprise, Monday came and went, and nothing was said. Same thing for the rest of the week. The boys did give me knowing smirks and would giggle as I passed them in the corridor, but they did not appear to be spreading the rumor, much to my delight.

Alas, this turned out to be the quiet before the storm, however, as Toby had concocted a devious scheme. On Friday morning, I noticed after PE class that the button on my trousers had been loosened to the point of being completely useless. Also, my belt had gone missing. I assumed I’d been careless with the button, and I expected that someone had stolen my belt because it was nice.

I went about my day, not really giving it any thought. I went to lunch as normal, ate my food, and made to leave the dining area. Suddenly out of nowhere, my trousers and underpants were down at my ankles. Toby had pantsed me. Two of his mates grabbed my arms. It was an ambush. My deepest darkest secret was exposed for the world to see. My tiny one-and-a-half-inch uncut cock was out, and much of the school were present for the occasion.


The cafeteria exploded with laughter, they only held me there for a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity. I could see the faces in the room. Some of them wore expressions of sympathetic pity, but most of them delighted in my very public humiliation. Boys laughed; girls laughed. Year 13’s laughed. Year 7’s laughed. Even my friends laughed. At that moment, I was the whole school’s bitch.

I was released, and I pulled my trousers up. Toby was on the floor in hysterics at this point, trying and failing to high five his mates, clearly pleased that his wicked plot had come to such glorious fruition. I went home for the rest of the day, unable to cope with the embarrassment and hoping to escape. Then I felt my phone buzz. Unfortunately, the whole thing had been recorded and was now being shared on social media. Now everyone I know is going to know exactly what I’m not packing.

It was too close to the end of secondary school to bother with a school change, so I had endured the constant teasing from Tom, Dick, or Harry, who happened to feel like humiliating me at any given moment. Every single day someone made a witty remark, and as you might expect, no one wanted to date or fuck me. I’ve literally become a joke. I’m hoping to have a fresh start at University after summer and hope to lose my virginity there, but, of course, Toby keeps promising me that he’ll send the video to my new peers there too. Hopefully, he won’t be that mean, but somehow, I’m not optimistic!


This reader discovers his wife has been talking behind his back…

It was like observing animals on a safari. That’s the best I can describe what happened. My wife and I went to some friend’s house for a birthday. We have been friends for 9 years, but we never had any conversation like this. They had Family over the get-together. My wife brought some makeup for our friend Jen and when she opened the make up the sister-in-law grabbed the lipstick and started whispering to Jen and my wife and then said, “Like this size…” while holding the lipstick between her thumb and forefinger. They all started to giggle but, for some reason, looked at me.

Now my wife has never humiliated my dick or hinted at it being too small for her to me before. In fact, I always thought our sex life was solid. I’m not delusional about my dick size. It’s 2 inches soft and 4.5 inches at its hardest. So now the women are on this dick size mode but, more importantly, trash-talking about little ones.

Then Jen (who is a nurse) said, “God, how I hate those really tiny ones…” and then gives the small dick sign while looking at me with a sneer. “You know, those itty bitty baby dickies,” she said, still looking at me.

I’m like, what the hell?

Now her husband has a huge cock. Not that she’s said anything, or my wife told me. I know by seeing the outline of the monster weighing against the front of his jeans. It’s gotta be 6 inches limp, judging by how low it hangs and meaty also. But back to Jen, I don’t know if it was the look on my face or my wife and she talked about my dick size before, but she kinda had a real condescending look on her face of ‘poor little guy’ as she stared at me (sometimes glancing at my groin). I blushed because all this small dick shit talk was aimed at ME. I couldn’t believe it. I thought these people were my friends.

In the meantime, her husband has his back to us and chimes in, “But, honey, it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.”

At that, he and all the women started laughing. It’s the first time I realized my wife had spoken to her friends about my size, and while I had always thought our sex life was good, after this day, I began to doubt it.


This reader gets burned at the Doctor’s office…

I never really thought I had a tiny penis when I was younger. I didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until my dad saw me naked at about 12-13 years old for the first time since I was a lot younger. He had come to wake me up for school. I woke up when I heard the door close as he walked out. I noticed that my blanket had come off me during sleeping showing my morning wood (I sleep naked). That night he said he noticed I was underdeveloped for my age and was worried and was going to take me to the doctors. I was worried and embarrassed.

A few weeks later, I’m at the doctor’s with my dad and brother in the room. I didn’t want my brother there, but dad said we were all boys, so who cares. The doctor did all the usual check-up stuff, and I started to get a hard-on when he started to check my balls. My brother thought this was hilarious and was trying not to burst out laughing.

The car ride home was awkward as fuck, and dad said we would make another appointment about it. I started to cry, and dad said, don’t worry, everyone is different shapes and sizes, and my brother said, “Yeah, some are tiny like you.”

I heard Mum and dad talking that night, saying that the doctor said I have a micropenis, but nothing else was done about it after that visit.

I now get turned on thinking of this experience and from SPH, so I guess that’s how it all started. Three guys—my dad, brother, and the doctor—all talking about how tiny my dick is.

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