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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got a medical smackdown…

So I was having some pain not too long ago down there. Which was weird, I never had it before, and so I went to the Emergency Room.

Now my dick is very small when it’s soft – like 2 inches (I’m more of a grower tbh). Not to mention I was in pain, so you can imagine.

Anyway, the doctor comes in. And she’s in her 40s, very pretty, and she has a resident in her 20s with her, who’s crazy hot. So the doctor asks if it’s okay if the resident accompanies her. I say fine.

And the doctor lifts up my gown, checks out my little dick, and so does the resident. The situation had turned me on, but I’m in too much pain. Plus, it’s a little embarrassing having the resident looking at my dick like this too.

The doctor then asks about the tests that were run – checking for STDs and all that. I tell her I’m not worried about them (I haven’t had any in a while, but I don’t say that). Then the doctor says, “I wasn’t worried about you having one either,” completely straight-faced.

I don’t think she meant to make fun of me, but the resident holds back a little grin on her face. I could tell what she was thinking about. Thinking back on it, the brief exchange was pretty hot, and I just thought I’d share.


This reader goes from chocolates to boiled lollies and back to chocolates again…

I was 18 at the time. I am 1 inch soft, 2.5 inches hard with 3.1 inches girth.

After our exams, a few friends and I went to Centre Parcs in Windfell Forest UK, for those who’ve never been, you stay in lodges of 2-8 people. We had a full 8 people: 4 males, 4 girls.

One night, we returned a little rowdy and tipsy, all sitting around the table by the entrance. Due to our intoxication, we decided to play a ‘game’ in which each girl would choose a boy and take them for a blow job. Each girl would rate their experience, and the most enjoyable man would have his drinks paid for the rest of the trip.

I was paired with Zoe. She was half Asian and my personal favorite of the group. Due to my height of 6’2”, she presumed that I’d be well endowed. She thought I might compare to her 8.4” ex, as she explained later. So we all choose a bedroom, and Zoe kneeled in front of me. She’s 5’7” with straight black hair down to below her shoulder blades, with green eyes and 34D breasts. She took her shirt off to show them almost spilling from a bra that was purposely too small.

“Let’s see how gifted you are, big guy,” she said, grinning up at me. She felt around my trousers, finding my now semi-erect cock shuddering with excitement. “Still flaccid?”

“Yeah,” I said.

I began to panic as she rubbed her lips over the near non-existent bulge in my trousers. Slowly, she unbuttoned my trousers, still searching for the cock she was expecting. Eventually, my jeans were below my ankles, and I was stood with my 2.5 inches, barely making an outline in my boxer shorts. Zoe began to laugh, her chest rapidly moving inwards and outward. She pulled down the rest of my boxers and kissed my cock before rubbing it in between her thumb and index. She buried it between her breasts where it quickly disappeared. I was more humiliated than I thought I would be. She must have realized this because she made me sit down on a bed and let her sit on my lap. She took off her tights to show some black lingerie, resting herself on my crotch fidgeting:

“I think there’s something between my cheeks?” she said.

At this point, my dicklette was about to burst. I released it onto her underwear, and she jumped quickly up to wipe it off.

For whatever reason, this pissed Zoe off, and she put her clothes back on stormed out of the room. We sat at the table in awkward silence until everyone else came back. The girls told the rest of the table about their time. Two of my friends were sizing in the mid-high 6″ range. Olivia, a tall blonde girl with C-cups, told us that my friend Tyler was HUGE!

“He says it’s 9.3 inches,” she exclaimed.

She wasn’t lying. Tyler stood up and pulled his trousers just low enough that he could see his long thick softie snake it’s way down his leg. It was at least 6″ flaccid.

Finally, Zoe stood up and claimed, “Little FBomb didn’t have a dick worth sucking. What he did have, blew his cum onto my pants in a matter of seconds.”

The whole table roared with laughter, certain that she was lying.

Eventually, the table turned towards me, and Zoe glared at me, signaling to show everyone. I was reluctant, however, to the point that Olivia pulled them down, pants and all to show my 1-inch shortie.

Everyone laughed until they had tears in their eyes. My little dickie reared to its full length and began to leak some of the precum left from before, making everyone laugh even harder. Tyler pulled down his own trousers to expose his lengthy thick cock, still soft, and pushed it into my own penis, literally dwarfing it in every dimension. Even his testicles were bigger than mine. His scrotum was almost the size of a tennis ball, and both of my testicles were the size of grapes, barely.

Zoe gave Tyler a few strokes, and he showed his full 9.3-inch meat, bobbing far further than my pin. Zoe continued to rub it, pausing in intervals to rub mine, pretending to pity it. Staring me in the eyes, she pulled her shirt down slightly and slowly pushed Tyler’s hard cock down her deep, plump breasts. He gave a gentle thrust, and her bosom wobbled.

Eventually, everyone stopped their jeering, and I retreated for a shower. My cock was still hard, and whilst I jerked it in the shower, someone turned the lock from the outside, presumably with a coin, and waltzed into the steamy shower room. It was Caitlyn. She’s 5’9″, blonde, and basically flat chested (a personal preference for me). She asked if she could join me, and somewhat reluctantly, I let her. She played around with the little guy a bit, calling it pathetic, laughably tiny, smaller than her little cousin’s, etc., before we got out and decided to give each other some company for the night.

Turns out, she’s a fan of my little boy dick. We didn’t have sex, as we were both too tired. However, Caitlyn would eventually become my girlfriend, whom I am currently still together with. On reflection, this was one of the best nights of my life.


This comes our fried littledickwanker….

I always knew that I was kind of small down there but never really dared to measure my penis, maybe out of fear of confirming what I had always suspected.

I was a 25 years old virgin still living with his parents and his 18 years old sister named Kathy. It drove me nuts that my sister was regularly dating guys and having sex now. Every time I started messing with her, she teased me about how she had never seen me with a girl, to which I don’t have any comeback.

I didn’t really know how to hook up with girls and, even though I was still in denial of my tiny dick, I was afraid of what would happen. My only frame of reference was porn, and those guys outmanned me with ease.

Since Kathy’s room was next to mine, I could sometimes hear her and her new boyfriend through the walls. At first, I would only hear them fucking. On lonely nights I would be in my room, reading a magazine or watching television, when the noises would start.

“Oo, take it off,” I would hear her moan, and suddenly I could not concentrate on whatever I was doing. She was 18 and already having a wild sex life while I was still tugging my tiny dick with 2 fingers. How was this fair? Sometimes I would fall asleep to the sound of their naked bodies beating against each other.

Now being small and horny, my only option for pleasure was to get myself a fleshlight. I saw all the ads and decided that if I could not get the real thing, I should settle for the second-best thing. At least something else than my fingers.

Now, my sis was still at school, and my parents were working. I decided to take the day off work because I knew I would have the house all to myself. So I did it. I got on my knees, stuck my fleshlight between my mattress, and went to town. For good measure, I had some porn going to increase the experience.

Quickly, I lubed up my softy, helping it get hard right away. Now was the time. I started to feel an erection brewing.

With my little pecker between thumb and index finger, I took aim and shoved my hips forward to put it in.

To my dismay my dick didn’t sink in very deep. My shaft barely made it past the lips of the fake vagina. And as soon as I moved a little bit back, my dick fell out. Great, I thought, I’m like a joke.

I crawled a little bit forward with my knees. Being tiny down there, I had to get as close to the bed as possible.

This time, I tried pushing in as far as I could, and it worked, kinda. My little dick tip now at least opened the lips a little bit. But instead of thrusting, I had to make a conscious effort to wiggle my hips back and forth just in order to not fall out.

How embarrassing! Up until then I had always made excuses. I used to tell myself that I was maybe a little bit on the smaller side. But now, there was no way around it anymore. I was actually struggling to hump a toy pussy.

Now I started to feel angry and started humping more furiously. But this only made me fall out more often.

After an embarrassing minute of pleasureless humping, I gave up. “How does Kathy’s boyfriend do that,” I whispered to myself.

Suddenly, someone behind me burst into giggles. “How does Kathy’s boyfriend do that” a female voice repeated with laughter.

I turned around and saw my sister leaning up against the door frame and recording me with her phone. She had a good view of my exposed penis and said, “wow, that’s sad!” and started to laugh. I was deflated. I told her to get out, but she said no. She looked back down towards my penis and continued laughing. “Jeez, that’s so pathetic.”

She bend a bit over and started talking to me like I was a little child. “Does your tiny wee-wee not fit in that thing?”

“Get the fuck out. And it does,” I screamed at her.

“No reason to scream around, baby brother. I’m glad you finally found a girlfriend.” She playfully shifted her weight from one foot to the other and smiled at me. “Too bad you are not big enough for her.”

“Should I call my boyfriend for you. Maybe he can tell you how real men do it.”

Then she winked at me. “He knows. Trust me. Even though he’s a little bit younger than you.”

I found myself quivering with anger, my fists were clenched. “Get out now, and I don’t care about that asshole of your boyfriend.”

“Didn’t look like it.” She started imitating me, “How does Kathy’s boyfriend do it.”

“Oh god,” she sneered, “this was a hilarious thing I’ve ever heard, really.”

“Grow up.” I stammered. I didn’t know what else to say.

Then she started to laugh so hard. She had to lean onto the doorframe. “Grow up,” she repeated between giggles pointing at my dick. “You are as innocent and endowed as a toddler. You are the one who needs to grow up.”

“I am not innocent. I’ve had sex before,” I blurted out.

Her laughter confirmed the she didn’t believe me.

“I swear, you are getting more and more hilarious by the minute.” She waved at me with her cellphone. “And soon everybody’s gonna know how funny you are. Unless.”

“Unless what,” I asked.

“You know,” she said, tilting her head to the side while still smiling at me. “Housework. Mom and dad are not here over the holidays, and I really just want to relax over the next 2 weeks. No Cooking, cleaning, or washing.”

“OK”, I minced.

“Are you always that obedient. No wonder you still haven’t gotten your little end wet.”

I don’t know why but the whole situation was too much for me. I didn’t want to admit to my sister what a loser I was. So I lied.

“I have sex with my girlfriend all the time.”

Even to me, it sounded like the most pathetic lie ever, and I just lowered my eyes in resignation.

She tilted her head to the side and smiled at me, causing me to blush under her gaze.

“Oh really, tiger, what’s her name, and why have I never seen her.”

Even though I was trying to speak. No words came out of my mouth. I was so lost for words.

She snickered softly as she saw my reaction and a knowing grin appeared on her face.

“You have got virgin written all over you little guy. It’s not really a mystery you are bad with girls. And besides,” used her fingers to demonstrate my tiny size. “With that thing, I don’t really blame you for avoiding them.”

At this point, my discomfort and anxiety were obvious. I just kneeled there with a bright red face and hunched over.

“By the way, my boyfriend is coming to stay over the holidays, and you are gonna show him exactly how obedient you can be.”

“No”, I cried. “That’s not fair.”

Then she walked in, her hips swaying with every step. Since I was still on my knees, I had to look up in order to meet her gaze.

She leaned over and softly whispered into my ear: “Of course it’s not fair. See, not only is he packing a bigger dick than you, but he is also a lot more experienced where it matters.”

She lowered her voice even more. “While mum and dad are gone, he is gonna be the man in the house. You better show him some respect.”

With one final giggle, she waved her pinky at me and said, “Peace out, girl scout.”, then turned around and finally left me there.

As she went off, I could still hear her chuckle and repeat, “How does Kathy’s boyfriend do that.”


One Reader thinks all his problems started with being born with a small dick…

My 3 1/2″ penis has totally destroyed my life. I’m in my early thirties and have only had two relationships and the occasional encounter with a prostitute. No wife, no ex-wives, no children, nothing. I first realized that I was inadequate around age 12-13, and, of course, this inadequacy made me fear intimacy with women. I grew up in a neighborhood full of girls, most of whom tried to sleep with me at one time or another, but I always managed to get out of it. And while my friends were out discovering girls and enjoying their youth, I was all alone in my room smoking pot and watching television. Sure, I’d occasionally meet up with my friends, but when the conversation always turned to women or when a social situation arose in which girls were involved. I’d always get out of there.

At the age of 17, an overly aggressive chick pursued me until I gave in. Several months into the relationship, we eventually had sex, and I couldn’t perform out of fear (I was scared to take my pants off!). Needless to say it ended of relationship. When I turned 18, I discovered $20 prostitutes, and at the age of 20, another aggressive female entered my life. She pursued me (or, shall I say, stalked me) until I gave in and we had a relationship. So, she pretty much pushed me into intimacy, and the sex was horrible–sort of like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. But, she claimed that she was in love with me and wanted to have my baby and get married. So being young and dumb (and totally in love), I impregnate her, and then she aborts the baby a month later and starts sleeping with someone else.

So I start smoking crack. Sure, I understood the dangers but honestly didn’t care. I felt hopeless. I embark on a crime spree and crack binge that lasted several years. Eventually, my lifestyle caught up with me, and I was sentenced to 6 years in prison. So, I go to prison and sober up, join Narcotics Anonymous, see a psychologist, lift weights, practice meditation daily for several years and I’m at the top of my game! Felt great! And then I get out of prison and reality smacks me in the face. And here I sit, a socially well-adjusted, unemployed loser with no viable job skills nor previous employment history, and scared to death of women.

The pain is becoming unbearable. Simply seeing an attractive woman or bumping into an old friend out with his family or girlfriend is enough to send me into paralyzing bouts of depression. It’s very sad. I’m a very attractive guy (or at least that’s what the chicks have always told me). The thoughts of what could have been and the memories of all the chicks who have tried to seduce me in the past are killing me. On a positive note, I haven’t relapsed on crack cocaine, but then sometimes I wonder if there’s really any point in staying sober. I mean, if I can’t have a wife or children of self-esteem or any of the other things that normal men have, what’s the point? But I’m going to stay sober for a little while longer and see if I can turn this thing around. It all seems so hopeless though.


Another Reader shares how he’s tried, but failed to meet a woman who accepts his small dick…

I didn’t realize that I was totally inadequate until later in my life. My dick is just under 4 inches hard and about an inch soft, and not very thick. I always thought my dick was on the smaller side, compared to guys I’d seen naked in school, and porn stars, obviously, but I didn’t think I was that small that it made me terrible at sex. I was aware some women I’d been intimate with didn’t make a sound or show any signs of enjoying sex with me. That worried me greatly because I couldn’t seem to keep a girlfriend for long. They eventually dumped me. But I still didn’t think my size was to blame because none of them said to me, “I’m dumping you because your dick is too small to please me.”

Then I started hearing and reading things women were saying about penis size and sexual enjoyment, and that’s when the true reality of the situation hit me. Sure, I read all the online articles claiming that size is unimportant. It’s all technique and foreplay. But how are you supposed to be able to practice technique and foreplay if women laugh at you and then won’t let you fuck them?

When I became aware my dick was to blame for not being able to keep a woman long, I started taking notice of their reactions to seeing my dick, and sure enough, I spotted the smirks, the stifled laughter, the eye bulges, and double-takes. So I never married, never had a family, and wonder what my life would have been like if nature had been kinder to me in the dick department. I’ve reached an age now where the fact I’m still single raises an immediate alarm in women I try to date. They think if he hasn’t got anyone by now, something must be wrong with him. They’re right, I have a tiny premature ejaculating dick, and no woman wants that unless it’s, I pay them for the service (meaning a prostitute). If it wasn’t for prostitutes, I’d never have sex with a woman, and they laugh openly at my small dick.

The last hooker I was with said, “No wonder you gotta pay for it, small fry. No woman wanna marry that baby dick.”

And she’s right.

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