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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is taken by surprise his secret is out…

My penis is a bit on the small side (1.5 inches flaccid), and my girlfriend knows I enjoy a little bit of SPH. Unfortunately, only my girlfriend knows about my little problem and I have never mentioned it to anyone else.

Today I was out with my GF and her four other friends from her university. We were sitting having lunch in a cafe. The girls do an art degree, they are required to draw naked Male and female models as one of their classes. The girls talked about an older guy they were drawing and mentioned that his penis was quite small and shriveled (probably because of age). After a couple of minutes of discussing this, out of nowhere, one of the girls says, “Do you think the same has happened to [my name]?”

It was so off the cuff and sudden it completely took me by surprise, by the time the shock wore off, and I made my retort it was a good two seconds of complete silence on my end. This probably confirmed to all the girls what I was thinking! My girlfriend has obviously told one of her friends about my little problem and now they joke about it. It was humiliating at the time, especially now the other girls probably know about my small issue.

To be fair though, the one that said it is kinda sassy and that made it pretty hot. The girls started giggling as soon as she said it so it’s obviously been mentioned by her before. I’ve not talked to my girlfriend about it yet because it’s my first ever public SPH, but I think I want it to happen more now after that.


While this reader finds a way to fit in with his swingers group…

We belong to a closed swingers group along with six other couples. The guys in the group are all well-hung except for me. It’s no big deal and we all have incredible fun, but the fact is that the wives really get off on big cocks including my wife and aren’t really interested in fucking me. Occasionally, they ask me to wear my cock sleeve and fuck them. It’s a hot silicone sleeve and takes my cock up to a thick eight inches. They watch me get hard and put on the sleeve. Once it’s on, they will rub it and suck it like it’s a real cock. While the others watch, I’ll fuck the ladies if they want it.

The fun part is that I can fuck endlessly because I can’t feel much of anything. For me, it’s so hot just seeing their naked bodies and knowing that I’m pleasuring them while also incredibly humiliating knowing I could never get them off otherwise. For them, they’re fucked hard and to completion. When they’re done, they do take care of me. When I take off the sleeve, my cock is super hard and sensitive. Their hands, mouth, or loose wet pussies feel incredible. After edging with the sleeve on for so long, I go off like a fountain when I finally get to release, usually twice. Although it’s degrading to fuck with a fake penis, it has become a personal fetish and I love being watched and able to try positions not possible with my smaller cock.


Another reader’s helicoptered into an embarrassing situation…

I was out drinking with a few friends, two girls, and one other guy. This is the clip-notes version of a rambling conversation that ended with my size ousted to all. I might exaggerate a little for the sake of a good story, but about 99% of this did actually happen.

Everyone was pretty hammered and somehow the subject of which Disney character has the biggest dick came up, as it does. Which quickly leads to which one has the smallest? Which eventually lead to one of the girls saying that the guy playing Aladdin in the live-action version ‘looks like he has a tiny dick.’ This spawned a new conversation, whether or not girls can tell how big a guy’s dick is without even seeing it. She was insisting she had a sixth sense for this kind of thing, and she’d never been wrong before.

After a few minutes of this, one of the other girls told her to try to guess how big me and the other guy there were. She’s seen us both naked before on several occasions so she would know whether the dick oracle was right or not. She said my friends weren’t huge or anything but were average or maybe a little above. I’ve seen it before, never hard, but it’s big enough flaccid that he’s got nothing to worry about.

When it was my turn, she told me not to get mad, but that mine is ‘really not big.’ I can be a belligerent drunk sometimes, I started protesting, and trying to defend myself, which was a mistake because it seemed like the outburst just confirmed it in her mind even more. She said I was ‘definitely mad about something’ and rolled her eyes. At this point everyone was laughing, especially the guy and the girl who’ve seen what I’m packing before.

I went to get another drink. When I returned, my friend had his phone out and everyone was howling at whatever was on screen. It turns out it was a video of me from a house party about three months ago. I lost at beer pong and as a punishment, I was told to get naked and do the helicopter, which if you don’t know is where you swing your dick around like a helicopter. Only problem is my limp dick isn’t big enough to swing, so I was standing there with my shirt off and pants around my ankles, with my dick just bouncing a little bit, while everyone else was just laughing like hyenas. In the end, you could even clearly hear someone at the party say, “He’s too small…He’s too small….”

As the video ended, the dick size guessing girl’s only response was, “I told you so, he has a baby dick.”


This reader likes to put himself in dicey situations…

One of my more memorable experiences happened when I wasn’t really expecting it. One of the beaches I go to (this one is a clothed beach) has a small shower/toilet block attached to a restaurant and cafe set just back from the beach. I go there a few times for a swim and the shower block gives a great opportunity to expose myself innocently. When you walk through the door, the shower area is immediately on your right. It’s an open square floor with a shower column in the middle and four shower heads pointing in each direction. With everyone facing into the middle, it’s impossible not to look at the other people showering.

I always shower there naked and while some other people do most will keep their swimmers in which I find adds to my embarrassment. To top it off, to the left of the door is the sinks and mirrors, so whenever someone walks in, the open door gives a brief reflection of the shower area to the outside. Anyone coming in to use the toilets first walks past the shower area, so it’s great for maximum exposure.

Not long ago, I went down for a late-night swim. The cafe and restaurant closed, so I figured they’d lock t, which block too. However, when I got there, I was able to walk inside of it. They have harsh fluorescent lights on a sensor and the way the whole room lights up at night made me feel incredibly on show. I figured my chances of seeing anyone were quite slim, so I decided to increase the risk slightly.

Between the shower and sinks are a few beaches set against the wall where people get dressed. I stripped off, crammed my clothes to the bottom of my bag with the towel on top and pushed it under a bench. Then I hit the shower with a bar of soap and started lathering up.

After a few repeats of soaping and washing to try to prolong the time there I had given up on anyone coming in and was lost in my own world when I hear the door open. A security guard walks in and is very surprised to see me there. Being naked in front of people in swimwear is one thing, but in front of someone fully dressed in uniform was a far more intense experience. He looked immediately down at my tiny cock and held that gaze for a second before telling me that to leave as he’s locking up. I apologized and said I would leave immediately, but he didn’t walk out. Instead, he stood where he was with a hand still holding the door open.

This made me panic a bit as I could hear voices outside. It’s a popular beach for teenagers to drink at night. I was still covered in soap so had to quickly wash that off while he stood watching me. Then I had to retrieve my bag from under the bench…

As I was walking over to the bench, I nearly had a heart attack as a second person came in. A guy who looked like he was in his late teens holding a beer bottle. He stopped when he saw me and had the biggest condescending grin on his face. Without saying anything, he pointed at the urinals, and the security guard let him walk past. While I was retrieving my bag and shamefully getting dressed, he kept looking over with a smirk.

When he finished pissing, he shook off and actually turned to face me before putting his cock back in his pants. It wasn’t huge, but against mine, it was like comparing a finger to a forearm. He left and I quickly got dressed as the security guard stood watching me still holding the door. As I walked out the other guy had rejoined his friends and I could hear them laughing as he pointed over at me.


Another reader learns that the unfiltered minds of children make them say horrible shit sometimes…

Once in Georgia during a vacation, I was standing at an old fashion ceramic trough urinal at a place in Decatur when a young father and son entered to use the restroom. They both took their places at the trough, the son standing next to me and a bit too close for comfort. He must have been five or six years old. Despite my small size, a bashful bladder has never plagued me, though sometimes retraction issues can make urination a bit more difficult. Sometimes it just a tip of foreskin showing, and between navigating through layers of zippers and boxers, I have learned to carefully aim that tip and thrust forward a bit so as not to wet myself in the process. I was well into midstream when they walked in.

The boy got started with his whiz and I could tell he was looking over at me, though I tried to keep my eyes forward, when I heard him say to his father, “Daddy, he doesn’t have a pee-pee.”

Sure enough, I looked over to see both of them staring down at me. The father smiled apologetically and told his son something to the effect of not staring. I couldn’t really do anything to hide it until my stream finished, it was one of those moments where I had to piss powerfully, so it felt like it took forever to finish. At the same time, the boy continued to stare at me out of curiosity, and his father engaged in furtive glances as well. Finally, the father made some kind of apologetic gesture to me as I went past them. No one was rude, really, just a kid being naively honest as only kids can do. Nevertheless, the rest of the day, I felt like a freak.


This reader gets a nice surprise from his girlfriend…

This happened recently with my girlfriend and me. I enjoy being naked and usually do it when no one’s around but today while me and my girlfriend were laying in bed I decided to drop my shorts, hoping to get a reaction. She didn’t really take any notice to it and I got under the blanket. Now it wasn’t cold or anything but my position made my soft cock shrivel to like an inch and a half. While I was lying there on my phone, my girlfriend goes to get up and pulls the blanket back and looks at my cock, and squeals, “Omigod, it’s tiny.”

Then she preceded to wrap her hand around it, which made it disappear entirely. I’ve never told her about my SPH fetish but the fact that she doesn’t know and still makes fun of my small dick makes me so horny.


This reader claims his mom saw him naked…

I came home from school one afternoon when my mom was out. She said she was gone for the day, so I figured I had the house to myself for a bit. So I decided to shower, and since I thought I’m alone, I walked to the bathroom naked without a towel. I didn’t know that my mom had texted me after I went to take a shower and said she had just finished grocery shopping and was coming home early.

Meanwhile, in the shower, I decided to shave. Big mistake. It made my already small dick look like a baby’s penis. I shrugged it off and got out of the shower. As I was walking back to my room naked, my mom walks through the door, looks up the steps, and sees me walking by. She shrieks, and I rush to cover my penis as I see her. She gets a grin on her face and starts saying it looks like I haven’t grown much since I was a baby and I say that’s not true.

She says, “Okay. Fine. let’s see then,” and tells me to take my hands away.

Confident that it doesn’t look THAT small, I remove my hands. I guess the combination from the cold and it being shaved made it look smaller than she’s ever seen it because she giggles and says, “Looks like instead of getting bigger, it got smaller.”

I say, “That’s just because it’s cold.”

She shakes her head and disagrees but as this is happening, I start to get hard. All the attention on my penis was making it grow. It’s getting bigger! That will show her I’m not small. Once I was done growing, I put my hand on my hips and displayed it proudly.

She said, “That’s not bad… I bet it looks close to normal size when it’s all the way hard.”

I was thinking, ‘This is all the way hard….’

My mother told me to come down and help her with the groceries so I did and as I walked down the stairs my penis bobbed up and down and it was at this moment that she realized I WAS fully hard. As I reach the bottom of the stairs, she hugs me to test if I was fully erect. She pulls in for a hug and presses her breasts against me. My penis starts twitching but stays the same size. Once she saw that it didn’t grow she knew I was fully hard. She saw it twitch and asked me if I was about to orgasm, I stifled a no.

We then went to the kitchen with the groceries to put them away. She said, “Might as well stay naked since I’ve seen it all even if it isn’t much to see. Not even 4 inches when it’s hard, that’s so funny!”

My penis twitched again from the rush of the humiliation. As we started putting food away my penis shrunk down to its flaccid state, it was basically just a little head sitting on top of my balls like an acorn and VERY thin. I started to put the freezer food away and the cold of the freezer made me get smaller and even thinner. My mom said, “Looks like the cold isn’t having a good effect on your little baby dick.”

I looked down. She was right! It was so tiny! Then she threw her head back and laughed as she said, “You know what, I feel so bad for you. Go get dressed before your penis gets any smaller and turns into a vagina.”

She laughs again, and I leave to get dressed.


This reader learns the carrot comes before the stick…

I have been humiliated about my tiny dick during BDSM-sessions, and while that that can be very humiliating the most humiliating taunts I have ever experienced happened in everyday casual completely non-BDSM situations. One was I (M25 at the time) and my best friend (F20) was in my apartment watching the TV-series Dexter and drinking. The subject of circumcision came up in the show, and my friend commented on that almost no men in our country (not USA) are circumcised.

I replied, “But I’m circumcised,” and she seemed genuinely surprised.

She said, “What? No, you’re not! Are you?”

After we both laughed a bit about the whole situation, she pretty much dared me to prove it to her. Remember that we were both a bit drunk. So, without thinking too much about exposing my dick to my female friend, I simply pulled down my pants just far enough for her to see it. I said, “See? I told you so!”

Instead of acting like, ‘Oh, OK, I stand corrected,’ she just started giggling uncontrollably. I pulled my pants back up quickly, and she apologized profusely for laughing, but while she was apologizing, she still giggled a little bit more.

After that situation, she used her newly found knowledge about me whenever she wanted an edge over me, and that was quite often. She never said it aloud, like, ‘You have a tiny dick,’ it was more like insinuations and subtle hints.

Like one time she was throwing a party, and I and her sister (F24) was helping her out before the other guests came over. We were unpacking the snacks, which included both normal snacks like chips and healthy alternatives like cucumber sticks to dip in yogurt. Then all of the sudden she turns to me and says with a somewhat loud voice, “Oh, I saw these tiny little things in the supermarket, and it made me think of you. Here you go,” and handed me a small bag of baby carrots.

This caused her sister to do that laugh that you try to hold in, so it only came out like a weird-sounding hiccup, and then the both of them started laughing. I wasn’t sure how much of it was because of the funny-sounding hiccup and how much it was because of the joke about my small manhood.


Another reader is surprised when a female friend lets it rip…

One time I was helping a female friend unpack a new bed she had bought, and the topic of a sleepover came up. We had done it before, in both her place and mine, and it was nothing sexual or romantic about it. I am bisexual, and I guess she just saw me as a ‘gay friend.’ Anyway, we were talking about when would be a good time for that, then out of the blue, she gives me a serious look and says, “But you need to keep your pants on when you sleep.”

She holds this serious stare a few seconds, then starts laughing and saying, “Just kidding with you,” and then very casually said, “You can sleep naked for all I care, I’ve already seen your tiny little dick.”

I am blushing redder than a tomato, and look at her only to see an evil grin on her face as if she knew beforehand the effect her words would have on me. She just said, ‘You have a very small penis,’ right to my face, and didn’t seem to feel any need at all to say even claim it was a joke or something to that effect. The power she had over me at that time was tremendous. She really made me feel like a sad, inadequate little boy, and I guessed that was how she actually saw me.

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