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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers he’s the smallest in his family…

At 17-years-old I was the oldest of 3 brothers (15 and 14) and had the privilege of my own bedroom while they had to share a bigger room.
I was lying on my bed one afternoon having a wank when the youngest brother barged in without knocking. It was too late to deny what I was doing, so I stopped and decided to brazen it out. “You should knock first,” I shouted. “Now, what do you want?”

He couldn’t stop staring at my fully erect cock but surprised me by calling for our middle brother, saying, “You’ve gotta see this!”

He came running in and came to a sudden halt when he saw me lying there openly displaying an erection that was not going away.

“What’s up with you two? Have you never seen a dick before?” I shouted.

They then looked at each other and burst out laughing! “That’s not a dick it’s a weiner!” Said the youngest. “This is a dick!”

He then unfurled a soft cock easily 6 inches long. Then my other brother followed suit, and his dick was practically identical! They were both laughing hard, and one of them pointed out that they were bigger than me soft. Still shocked at the sight of their massive dicks I nodded in agreement and found myself asking how big they got hard. They’d obviously measured before as the youngest declared he was 7.5 inches and 6″ around, and the other stated 7.5″ also but 6.25″ around. I wasn’t going to argue as I genuinely thought they’d be even bigger given their flaccid size. Then came the moment I dreaded. They asked about my size.

I confessed to being 4.5″ long and 4″ around.

Just as I thought, things couldn’t get any worse. Mum then appears through the door! They put their dicks away instantly, but I had nothing on. Asked what we were up to, my youngest brother said, “Laughing at Dave’s little dick!”

“Don’t be silly,” said Mum. But she looked down and simply said, “oh!” She followed this up with, “Well, you certainly don’t take after your father,” and smiled.

She then told my brothers to stay out of my room and respect my privacy. My dick size was all my brothers spoke about for months, and I couldn’t look my parents in the eye as Mum had told Dad all about it. A few months later, Mum tried to reassure me about my size but did not help by wincing at my measurements and revealing Dad was 8″ long as my brothers.


This reader shares a medical mismanagement…

Aged 18, I had a terrible fever, and my mother had panicked and got a nurse who lived a few doors away. She was actually a medical receptionist, 40-years-old, tall, slender, attractive face and very sexy in tight clothes all the time. Not that it mattered this night as I was too ill to care.

She took one look at me and told my mother to ring an ambulance immediately. After a few days, I was back home, having been diagnosed with glandular fever plus mild viral meningitis. I was still running a temperature nut was out of danger. The thing was, my mother gave full credit for my recovery to the nurse ignoring the wonderful work of the doctors and real nurses at the hospital. As a result, she was coming in to see my early morning and of an evening. I was in bed on top of towels absorbing my copious sweating with a thin sheet over me. The neighbor would come in with a bowl of cool water and a flannel and cool me down by washing me all over as my mother was too embarrassed to see me naked. She would always linger over my genitals and smile at me as she recognized my discomfort at having my dick exposed in such a pathetic state.

Being ill, I was not remotely aroused, and my balls had migrated into my body cavity while my dick was a shriveled skinny one and a half-inch long. As I started to recover, my dick stayed in this pathetic state, and she would talk to me about it, enjoying watching me squirm. She asked if it was always this small, did it ever get hard, and what did my girlfriend think of it, constantly looking me straight in the eyes. By the end of the week, I was feeling much better, and when the nurse came in to check me out, I made sure a raging boner would greet her. What an unexpected reaction I got!

She screamed, called my mother, and said she was upset and shocked to be treated so unprofessionally! I was squirming with embarrassment as they both stared aghast at my hard dick and covered myself up. My mother apologized profusely on my behalf, and then the nurse calmed down, gave me a sly glance, and took mother outside. Ten minutes later, they both re-entered my room, and my mother said that the nurse had raised serious concern and they needed to see me naked.

Still in shock I meekly pulled the sheet back revealing a tiny shrivelled soft penis. The nurse explained to my mother that she shouldn’t judge me in that state as it could be a combination of illness and nerves, they needed to see me erect! I was then made to play with myself until I was hard and call them back in. A couple of minutes later the nurse is measuring my erect penis with a tape measure while my mother stares on fascinated. I’m bright red with embarrassment wishing I was dead.

She then stood and said that she was pleased to say I did not have a micropenis at four inches long and a four-inch girth. Mother thanked her but was then told I was definitely in the lower percentile of penis size and should visit the doctor to see if there was a hormonal problem behind my very small testicles. Again, my mother thanked her, assured her that she would, and then made me apologize for my original lewd behavior and thank her for her concern – while she shot me a sly, knowing smirk as I did so!

For the next year or so, I had to endure several visits to a urologist and sit through awful conversations between my mother and the nurse while they openly discussed my small size. It was only when I hit my thirties and had suffered several sexual disappointments that I started to consider this experience as hot.


This reader has a big mouth wife…

As I entered the room, my wife and her two friends immediately stopped laughing and looked guilty. “Are your talking dirty again?” I joked.

“Not really,” my wife replied, “we were just saying how quickly boys grow up. Janet caught her son masturbating yesterday!”

I was shocked they let me in on this story and surprised they found it so amusing. “I hope you didn’t overreact,” I said, “it could be traumatic for the poor lad. He’s only young.”

“Traumatic for Janet more like, she reckons his willy is at least 6 inches long!”

They all grinned as I said, “Lucky lad, he’s only just a teenager isn’t he?”

“Twelve,” replied Janet “ I didn’t think boys were sexually active so young. Were you?”

“No, I don’t think I hit puberty until I was 14 or 15,” I truthfully replied.

“So you weren’t 6 inches long at 12 then?” Janet asked.

No chance…” interrupted my wife, “he’s not 6 inches now!”

They all burst into laughter, and I realized that’s what they’d been laughing at. So I blushed and said, “As I say, he’s a lucky boy.”

“Fifty percent luckier than you!” shouted my wife, and the laughter grew hysterical.

They obviously knew I had a 4 incher and my blushing and nondenial simply confirmed the truth. I begged them not to tell their friends and husbands once the laughter subsided, and they agreed so long as they could see the proof. My wife nodded and told me to go upstairs, undress, and come back down. I was then stood naked with a shriveled 1.5-inch willy bright red with embarrassment as the three of them gasped for air. They were laughing so much. I was then forced to masturbate until I was hard.

Janet was still laughing as she said, “No doubt about it, my boy is a lot bigger…” and they all cheered as I came all over the floor.

I then had to clean up and go back upstairs, where I could still hear them laughing for the rest of the night.


This reader was pantsed at the pool…

My brother and cousins dropped by to visit my girlfriend and me in Manchester, and for whatever reason, they were eager to take me for a men’s night out. Naturally, I was ecstatic, as I hadn’t seen this lot for a good few months. However, after only maybe two beers (fucking lightweight), my first cousin, Matt, had the genius idea to take us swimming.

East Manchester Leisure center was open until 10 pm on Fridays, and it was about a quarter to nine. We had all sped home, got some swimming gear, and arrived in the changing room before getting changed into our trunks. The rules stated we had to have a shower before going in. In the shower was a group of girls just getting out about our age. They were all rather attractive, particularly one who’s a** jiggled as she walked. My little guy agreed, growing from a small nub in my baggy trunks to a small nub poking against my trunks. I managed to hide it. However, my brothers and cousins’ had a harder time. They were all at least 3 times larger than me and had tight Speedos on. I know for a fact now that my brothers are 7 inches, and my second cousin is 8.

The girls took note and giggle, complementing the boys on their prized packages. When one brought attention to my reluctance to show my crotch, they demanded to see the goods. As no one else was around, my cousins grabbed my arms and my bro whipped my trunks down. I had never been so embarrassed as they laughed at my naked crotch, making my penis go flaccid in fear.

“I hope he’s your little brother because he sure looks like it!”

I pulled my trunks up, and speed-walked out, and hid in the changing rooms. Later, my company came after me about 15 mins after the incident and apologized. My brother was whole-hearted in his apology. However, my cousins, still rather tipsy, giggled during the whole endeavor.

It was only about a month ago I kind of started to enjoy this whole SPH thing.


This reader learned that loose lips sink ships…

I had a co-worker who was a perfect asshole, always bragging about how much a seducer he was and how many girls he fucked. Once, we were talking about girls and sex with other colleagues and, to take part in the conversation, I let slip that I had quite a big dick. I know that’s stupid, considering I have a very tiny penis (1-inch soft, 3 inches hard), but I was young (25) and still wanted to show off like other dudes. The guy I talked about was 10 years older than me, very self-confident, and he said something like ‘size isn’t a very big deal to cut me off as he always did. I foolishly replied, “Small dick’s words,” or something like that.

I just wanted to teach him a lesson because he was always so arrogant. He looked offended but let it drop. Btw even if the other guys laughed, nobody took it seriously, and I think many of them had already seen him naked because they were doing some gym at the same club.

Months later, I was talking with a girl of the office I tried to pick up, and I was bragging about how much I was good at squash. The co-worker in question heard me and came into the chat saying how much he loved squash, being a regional champ when he was young. I began feeling bad and shut my mouth (I’m pretty good at squash but not a great player). Then, suddenly, he asked me if I would fancy a game against him. In front of the girl, I couldn’t refuse. So we went to a squash club.

As we entered the locker rooms, I began to worry, and there were only communal showers. Not only he beat me in the game, but he also destroyed me, lol. He was actually a very good player. We went back to the locker rooms. I only thought about how I could get through this situation. I tried to let him go first on the shower pretending to answer some emails on my phone. He was talking over and over again, explaining to me how I could improve my game, bragging about how good he was (fucking asshole !). Then I realized he wouldn’t go to the shower without me, and I was tricked!

I gathered my courage and started to unclothe. He was already naked, his average-to-big cock (maybe 5 inches soft) resting between his legs, always talking, when I dropped my pants. Then, finally, he stopped talking and locked his eyes on my little shriveled one-inch dickie. He snickered a little and just said, “Small dick words, eh?”

I turned red, and I had to endure his large grin and his glances on my penis during the shower. When I redressed, he couldn’t resist saying, “Boy, it’s not a cock, it’s a teeny-weenie baby dick.”

He laughed openly. I couldn’t reply to anything, and I was too ashamed. Fortunately, nobody else was in the locker rooms.

When we went out, he told me, “Just to say… If you need it, maybe one day I could help you to satisfy your girlfriend,” and left me mortified.

I somehow asked for it, but what a moron!


Another reader learns sometimes it’s better not to ask…

So this just recently happened. My girlfriend and I were sitting on the couch after sex and talking about what we like about each other, I asked her what she liked about my dick, and she said she liked how it was the first cock to not make her gag, then she complained that her ex made her gag all the time his dick was so big.


Reader LakeBum told us…

I had always preferred female doctors mainly because they seemed genuinely sympathetic when I was ill or had a problem. In addition, my doctor was a mid 40’s female that always seemed a bit flirtatious, and I even caught her staring at my underwear while I sat there one day.

On this particular day, I needed to have a physical for life insurance purposes. When I got back to the examination room, the nurse told me to strip down to my underwear and put a gown on. To my surprise, my doctor came in with a hot 23-year-old physician’s assistant on her heels. She made a quick introduction and asked what I was there for. At the time, I didn’t realize it, but my records clearly stated the reason for my visit. So, in reality, she knew exactly why I was there.

She did the perfunctory things like blood pressure, listen to my heart and lungs, and checked my ear, nose m and throat. Then she turned to the P.A. and said, “He needs a hernia test as well as a prostate exam.”

Without missing a beat, the P.A. says, please stand and remove your underwear. No sooner than they cleared my balls when I heard my doctor giggle, and on queue, the P.A. looked down and giggled as well. I was horrified at being naked in front of two beautiful women yet highly aroused. While I would like to say that I then developed a raging boner, and they masturbated me to orgasm, the reality was my dick went into hiding. Normally, it is between 1-2 inches soft but 5 inches hard. This day, however, it was a mushroom cap sitting on my balls with no shaft present. And she reached up and cupped my balls and then made me turn my head and cough. To add insult to injury, she then had me bend over the table and perform a prostate exam sticking her finger in my backside. From that point on, I didn’t hear a single word and was singularly focused on getting out of there as quickly as possible.

I masturbated all the way home in my car and then finished as soon as I got home. Then, fifteen minutes later, I finished a second time. I’m quite sure that was the talk during their lunch hour because every time I go there, the nurses all have a little smirk on their faces.


Reader Ant Smith sent us…

In coming to terms with being a guy with a small willy, I never hide it anymore. Ninety-nine percent of the time, other people totally take it in their stride when I say, “actually, 4 inches is a bit of an over-exaggeration.”

Sometimes though, a bloke will be shocked or amazed at the sight of what I have between my legs. And I can’t help, but like the feeling when I think, ‘Goddamn he knows I’m Ant Smith off the telly and he’s seen just how very small my willy is.’ I kind of doesn’t mind letting guys like that have a good look. Recently I was at a public urinal, with my usual one-inch button almost poking out of my fly when a young laborer came in. He saw immediately that I was pissing basically from a thimble dick, haha.

He strode up. Stood dead center at the trough and fished his dick out (bigger soft than my hard-on). He let a streaming flood out and sprayed the entire trough, left to right, basically owning it while I was still dribbling in the corner—the whole time staring at what I had in my fingers and chuckling.

When he finished, he looked me in the eye and simply said, “Tiny little dick, mate,” then left, shaking his head.

Yup, I acknowledge I have a small penis, and I love it! But there’s something still about seeing my little willy next to a cock like his!


This reader is making heads turn on the nude beach…

I did walk past a group (presumably teenagers, because adults usually mind their own business), and some dude shouted, “Hey, nice dick, bro!”

This followed by a girl very loudly saying, “Holy fuckin shitballs…” then a bunch of laughter.

My dick was completely inverted at the time, so it was obvious they were shouting/laughing at me. There were only a few other people around, but anyone near us definitely noticed, and I saw a few people look up at me and smile.

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