Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 76

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader went one pod too far…

This story was from before I was into SPH last year. This girl was honestly one of the hottest girls on campus. She had average size tits and a huge firm ass. She liked to show her huge ass by wearing yoga pants and extremely small shirts. A girl I knew was an absolute fiend for Juul Pods. Like she told me, she would start shaking and shit if she didn’t have at least a pod a day. (One pod is equal to about 20 cigarettes.) This girl’s known for being a slut. I have a reputation for always having pods on me, so she came to me begging me and telling me she hasn’t had a pod in 3 days. She had no money at all, and I told her with no money, she can’t get shit. She looked disheveled, so she wasn’t as hot as she usually is, but she was still a solid 8. After a while of thinking, she goes, “I’ll give you a blowjob in the bathroom.”

I’m uncircumcised, and my cock is 3.5 inches hard. I had never had a sexual experience, and to this day, this story is my only sexual experience. I said okay, and we went to the bathroom. I hopped on a toilet seat, and she got on her knees. She started rubbing my bulge with her hand through my sweatpants. I went rock hard and almost came my pants. She took my sweatpants off and then my underwear. When she saw my fully erect cock, she started giggling. I asked her what was wrong, and she didn’t say anything. I asked again what was wrong.

She tells me, “No offense, but your dicks kinda really small.”

I lie, “It’s not fully hard yet. It’s about 7 inches when it gets hard.”

She starts laughing, not giggling like before, but laughing, and goes, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Then she does the sexiest shit ever. She takes her tongue, starts at the bottom of my shaft, and then licks her way to the very top of my head. I fucking came everywhere. She was shocked. “I-I-I barely even started….”

My worst nightmare came true. I tried to salvage the situation. “Listen, I haven’t jerked off in a while, that’s why I came so quickly. Maybe I can get a redo?”

I don’t know why, but she got pissed when I suggested that. “Go get the fucking pods out of your bag while I’m wiping all this shit off my face.”

I got the pods; she came out of the bathroom after wiping her face and took the pods. She only wanted one, but I threw in another because I felt bad. She left, and the next day, she and many of her friends blocked me on all social media. She stopped talking to me completely in class, and many girls did too.


Another reader gets turned on when his bully ridicules him…

This is one of the first humiliations over my small penis that I experience firsthand. This guy and I were kind of acquaintances but not that close, and we basically knew each other through a mutual friend. At the time, we both had crushes on the same girl. She was this cute Emo-girl (which was my thing at the time). She was somewhat shy but had a great sense of humor, and we both had a similar taste in music, which in high school was always a huge plus. Looking back on it, she reminds me of Aubrey Plaza’s character in parks and rec, but nicer and with less edge. She even rather looked like her, from what I remember. Anyways me and the other guy Mike had known each other for a couple of years as our circle of friends often intermingled, but for whatever reason, we never really got along.

Whenever we were around each other, he would always kind of pick on me for no reason and try to embarrass me, and not in a way that felt like it was lighthearted or in good fun, and it always felt like it was mean spirited and spiteful. While his behavior towards me seemed completely arbitrary, I did seem to do better with girls than him as most girls he approached turned much down. At the same time, I had already dated three girls by my sophomore year, who were hot and had given me some respectability among some of my friends. Not that I’m trying to brag, but I can be a funny and charming guy when I want, and most would consider me better looking than him by far. Although he was a few inches taller than I was, it didn’t really make a difference because most people agreed with me that he was a douche who wasn’t funny. A lot of our friends didn’t really like him. Regardless, the only reason I could come up with was that he was jealous or just an asshole.

He was never blatantly mean to me though, it was always in a passive aggressive way to appear not like a dick. He constantly did that backhanded compliment thing to me, saying shit like, “Yeah, your pretty good for a short guy…” if we were playing basketball. Alternatively, if I started talking to some girl, he might say, “Wow, dude, didn’t think you had it in you, she seems way out of your league.” He was always trying to get under my skin for whatever reason, and I hated being around him.

I usually took in stride as he was friends with many of my friends, typically responding with a fake laugh or say fuck you in a joking way, although I’m sure he could tell I meant it. I am not very confrontational by nature, so while it bothered me when he said stuff like that, I never wanted to make it into a big ordeal. During the second semester of our sophomore year, we both had the same biology class, much to my dismay. To make things worse, none of our mutual friends was in the class, so we’re forced to interact with just each other and no buffer. He annoyed the shit out of me, always randomly making comments during downtime in class like, “Dude, you have small hands,” and, “You’re hairy as fuck, you look like a werewolf.” Every now and then, I would give him a look, and he would immediately say, “I’m just joking, man, relax.”

Of course, whenever he needed notes or something, he was buddy-buddy, but it would always revert to his typical shit when he didn’t need my help. The girl I mentioned was also in this class, and we were assigned to each other as partners for a project, so since then, I had struck up a friendship and was quite smitten. She laughed at my jokes, listened to my stories, and I burned CD for her with a mix of songs I liked at the time, which she really enjoyed. One day during class, Mike had mentioned to me that he noticed we were friends and was wondering if I could be his wingman and put in a good word.

I told him that she really wasn’t his type and not waste his time, which really seemed to piss him off for some reason. As I said, she’s out of his league or something because the rest of that class, he was worse than usual, making comments like, “Dude, you gotta cut your hair, you look gay as fuck.”

Really pissing me off until I finally said, “Dude, just the fuck up. This is why nobody likes you.”

While he looked angry as hell, it seemed to do the trick because he sat silently for the rest of the class and just stared at his book. It felt great finally putting him in his place, even though I knew it would be uncomfortable since we were friends with so many of the same people.

Unfortunately, while I was better looking than him and funnier than he was, I did have a severe disadvantage. I have a small dick at 4.5” inches hard and an acorn when soft. While I admit over the years, I had developed a fetish for humiliation, and it was something I still kept hidden as it embarrassed me. Even the girls I dated hadn’t seen it, and we never got back second base as I was nervous about it, and also we were still pretty young. Of course, there were always challenges to keeping such a secret hidden. The locker room was an issue. But I had gotten pretty good at putting my clothes on while keeping my towel around my waist, plus I usually tried to wait until there were only a couple kids left, pretending like it was because I was talking or something, so it wasn’t obvious what I was doing.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. One day, I was on my way to the class we had together and had to piss like a racehorse. This particular teacher did not let you go to the bathroom barring imminent death, she was a fucking Nazi, so I had no choice but to go during the seven-minute break we had in between. The closest bathroom was one of the older ones, and I usually tried to avoid it because the urinals had no dividers and exposed you when you used them, but this was an emergency.

I was hoping that the one stall would be open, but, of course, it wasn’t. So I quickly pulled out my little guy (I literally had to pull it out of the zipper because it was too short to simply hang out). For the first few seconds, nobody else came in, and I figured I was in the clear when suddenly my nightmares became a reality. Mike walked in, saw me peeing, and casually strolled over to the urinal next to me. There are four other urinals he could’ve chosen, but the asshole had to choose the empty one next to me. I tried my best to play it cool and not acknowledge him, but it quickly became apparent that he was trying to steal a glance.

I did my best to block his view, but eventually, I had to shake, and it was at this point that I heard an audible chuckle. I again ignored and convinced myself that he was just fucking with me and hadn’t seen anything, but deep down, I knew that the guy I fucking hated knew my embarrassing secret. Well, weeks had passed after this, and to my surprise, he never made a comment about it, nor did he even acknowledge it. Therefore, I figured maybe he wasn’t looking, and I was just paranoid.

Then one day we got a test back, and the teacher let us use the last minutes to walk around and go over it with other students. I did pretty well and was bragging to the girl, who did not do so great and joke maybe she should study with me next time. At this point, captain douchebag walked over. While I don’t remember why for some reason I’d had a rough day, and told myself I wasn’t going to let him fuck with me especially since he had been intentionally running interference any time I tried to talk to the girl lately. He smugly walked up, and said, “Wow, good job, dude, I guess you’re not a complete retard after all.”

I said to myself, okay, time to tell this fucker off, and I said, “Dude if I were you, I wouldn’t be calling other people retarded. Most people think you’re probably autistic because of all the stupid shit you say, also didn’t you get a ‘D’? Maybe you should just shut the fuck up.”

I was happy with the comeback, although it was something I had been thinking about saying to him for a while.  Now had I known that he, in fact, did have such damaging dirt on me, I probably would’ve treaded more lightly. Because without missing a beat, he loudly said, “Wow, those are tough words coming from someone with a baby dick.”

Now even when people make small dick jokes, I don’t know how to handle it. I awkwardly laugh along while trying not to stand out and make it obvious the jokes are basically at my expense. However, even with those instances, I don’t handle it well and usually clam up until the subject changes. I never had, up until this point, had to deal with one that was about me especially, and I couldn’t have handled it worse. I said, “Whatever, dude, you’re so full of shit.”

Hoping he would let it go, but instead, he went for the jugular all the while, the girl was right next to us. He shot back, “Dude, I stood next to you in the urinal before class the other day, I saw your little dick, and it was hard to see it because it was basically buried in your pubes. But I could see your baby dick.”

I didn’t know what else to do, my face turned red, and I was clearly flustered, all but confirming his story. All I could muster was, “Whatever, dude, you would look, cause your gay.”

Not surprisingly, this weak response didn’t deter him. “Awww, look at how red you are. It’s OK, and everybody’s got their cross to bear. Unfortunately, yours is a ‘baby dick.’ Just learn to eat pussy, and you’ll be fine.”

While I didn’t want to, I couldn’t help but look at the girl who was awkwardly looking down while pretending not to listen but making it obvious she had, as she could not make eye contact with me. I finally said, “Fuck off, dude.”

He said, “Don’t get mad at me. I didn’t give you a baby dick,” and finally walked away.

I was so humiliated and didn’t know what to do. I said to the girl, “He’s an asshole….”

All she said was, “Yeah, sorry, dude. That was really mean.”

Nevertheless, the look on her face said it all. She was visibly embarrassed for me and abruptly ended the conversation by saying she was just going to look over her test for the rest of class. While at the moment, it was brutal, within minutes, I began to get hard and practically sped the whole way home to jerk off. Experiencing SPH firsthand was so much more arousing than I could’ve imagined and something I hoped would happen again.


Another reader found a stripper who’s a ripper…

Recently, I had an amazing experience at a strip club. I went to a small club on a weeknight early, and a beautiful Italian girl with a Brooklyn accent approached me. She looked about 40, great body but some age on her face. After two lap dances, she asked me to go to the private room. I said no, it was too expensive. She leaned into my ear, grabbed my dick with her hand, and said, “It’s worth it. I promise you will cum.”

So I took the chance and go into the private room. I gave her an extra 50 tip before we started, and she got naked and started rubbing me. She undid my belt and zipper, stuck her hand in, and grabbed my dick. She made some comments like how she wanted this dick to cum. I always feel like a girl for SPH by first saying, sorry, I am so small. She, of course, said, “No, it’s not bad.”

Then I said, “It’s OK. I love when you tell me it’s small.”

She squeezed like a vice and said, “How far can I go?”

I told her the meaner she was, the more I liked it. The next four minutes, because that’s all it took for me to cum, were amazing. She stood me up, pulled my pants down, and laughed. She measured me with her fingers, correctly guessed my three-inch length, and proceeded to jerk me off with two fingers while telling me how pathetic my dick was. It’s more of a clit than a cock, and I could never satisfy her. She needs at least eight inches of cock to orgasm and would never feel my tiny dick inside her. She kept calling my dick ‘her’ or ‘she.’ Finally, I came as she was saying how bad she felt for me that I would never know what it feels like to give a woman an orgasm. It was a great experience. I went back to her two more times, leaving work early on a weeknight, but it’s an expensive hobby. Anyway, she’s a great MILF who knows how to get into it. The best stripper I ever encountered.


Meanwhile, a desperate housewife turns the table on her shrimp dick husband…

I started posting pictures of my husband’s underwhelming penis online a few weeks ago. I was new to this and really had no idea how it worked. I have had several people ask what made me start posting, so I thought I would put up a post telling my story.

I’ve been married for fifteen years. My husband is a good person, but he was and is a terrible, selfish lover. For the first five years of our marriage, he was very demanding sexually. If I didn’t take care of him, he would be upset and not be very nice. I would have sex with him regularly even though I got no satisfaction from it, and he expected me to blow him a couple of times a week. It became like a job for me. I started to become very resentful, and it was causing me to be very unhappy.

One night, I had my sister over for dinner, and we were talking about sex. I saw how uncomfortable it made him, and I decided to push it a little further. He was trying to change the subject, and I could tell he was bothered. I realized that night that his ‘little secret’ that I had kept for so long was the key to my sexual freedom. As I said, I could tell he was uncomfortable, and when he made a rude comment to my sister, I told him to apologize. When he wouldn’t, I told him he’d be sorry. He ignored me, so I decided to put him in his place, and it was the best decision I ever made.

I told him if he didn’t apologize, I was going to tell my sister his little secret. He knew right away what I was talking about. He told my sister he was sorry, but her curiosity and his reaction were just too perfect, so I finally told her he had a tiny penis. She started laughing and said she knew it. She said that she always suspected it because I never talked about sex, and he carried himself in a way that made her feel he was trying to compensate for something he was lacking. The fact that my sister didn’t really like him made it even better.

When she left, she looked at him and said looks like things are going to be a little different around here. I was so exhilarated and excited, the door closed, and I looked at him and told him never to say anything like that again.

As the week went on, I started to lay out some new ground rules. I have a very large group of girlfriends who he knows well. I told him if he didn’t want anyone else to know his little secret that he better start acting a little nicer. After years of him taking pictures of me, I started taking pictures of him. I didn’t share them, but he knew the threat was there. I got so much enjoyment out of control that part of our lives that I started to take control of everything in our relationship. The little thing that controlled my life and unhappiness for so long was now the key to my happiness.

It has been five years since that night. I haven’t fucked my husband for 3 years. Instead of me blowing him twice a week, he gets one hand job. If he was nice during the week, I let him cum, but he knows he has to eat it. I make him do this for all the times he came in my mouth when he knew I hated it. If he was a jerk during the week, I jack him off and ruin his orgasm. Only one other person knows he’s under-endowed. She and my sister use him as a delivery service and taxi. They call him to pick up food, drive them places, and my sister even makes him buy her clothes.

I have never been happier. Posting my shrimp dick husband’s pictures online has even made things better as I now have something that I can show to keep the pathetic man in line. People have asked me if it turns me on to humiliate him. Humiliating him is fun, very fun, but it’s the power and control that turns me on most.


This Reader embraces a life not many would enjoy…

My second wife Debbie and later my third and last wife Inez (the Bitch) both agreed before our marriages to cuckold me. I told them (and showed them) that I had a condition called micropenis and couldn’t penetrate pussy or ass. I confessed that I enjoyed a sex life of jerking off while real men with big cocks fucked my wife to orgasms and that I got off on absorbing small penis humiliation and body shaming. During our ‘marriages,’ both Debbie and Inez often allowed me to watch and jerk off when they were fucking their bulls and boyfriends. Occasionally, they let me suck their boyfriends’ big cocks – not often, sadly enough! Debbie loved to humiliate me good-naturedly and even tried to ride my tiny wee-wee twice – but I squirted as soon her cunt lips touched my clit dick. Inez, though was a real Bitch and got off on degrading and abusing me with her boyfriends. If I wanted to watch her fucking with her bulls/boyfriends, I was forced to wear a matching bra and panty and endure mean-spirited humiliation. Often she encouraged her bull/boyfriend Charles to bend me over, restrain my hands and fuck me hard and painfully until my wee-wee started to drip cum. Consequently, I grew to love intense small penis humiliation and degradation while I masturbated my useless pee-pee. Being single now for over 12 years, I seek it out regularly with professional dommes (men and women) and incidental club cruising.

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