Our Readers SPH Experiences 72

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader wasn’t offended at all…

I’m going to change some of the specifics of this story due to privacy, but I was out with some friends last night at a bar and was clicking pretty well with one woman in particular. I’m pretty quiet, but she is very outspoken and does not censor herself.

At one point, a group of douchey guys walked by and made some comments about her.

She yelled at them, “Fuck off, little dicks!”

I actually missed her saying that. It wasn’t until she turned to me and said, “Sorry about that, [my name].”

I was like, for what? She replied that she told me she just ripped on some guys for having little dicks and that I’m probably offended.

I was taken completely off guard and had no comeback. I later asked one of our mutual female friends about it, and she just smirked and let out a little appreciative laugh.

Edit: She sent me a friend request on FB


Another readers mom missed it….

My mom walked in on me once while I was in the bathroom. Afterward, she told me, “It’s a good thing your thing wasn’t out when I walked in.”

The thing is … it was. Because it was sort of dark and my bush was untrimmed, I guess my peanut dick was kind of concealed. She thought I had my underwear on. I corrected her. She looked at me blankly.

All she said was, “Oh, I must have missed it then…”


While this reader was the talk of the schoolyard…

So, I went on a teen tour when I was younger, and in middle school, I believe, possibly my first year of high school. Anyway, the two friends I went with at the time were pretty mean and not really friends, but I knew them from my school. One of them had a dick like a horse at our age. It had to be like 7″ soft. He showed me a few times and even jerked off in his pants once at a sleepover and showed me the wet stain. So on this trip, there were a bunch of cute girls that I was interested in, but I was very shy and awkward, and my penis has always been pretty small. Even now, it’s still not great. But back then, it was probably like 3″ erect. So having had my penis seen by these “friends” of mine on other occasions, I remember hearing giggling coming from the girls on the bus once and this girl who had been a little flirty with me made eye contact with me and said something like, “Hey (my name) I heard something. How are you?” She then smiled so big and made the small penis sign. I was mortified and didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t say anything. I’m pretty sure all these girls knew I was small because of that too. Anyway, nothing too crazy, but that’s my story—a bunch of girls my age when I was younger gossiping over my small penis.


Another reader found he couldn’t perform when it counted…

As I entered the school changing room, there was more noise and laughter than usual – standing on the bench were two naked lads swinging their huge low hanging balls side to side in unison.

The next thing I know is I’ve been pushed up onto the bench to join in. I nervously drop my towel, and it’s worse than I’d imagined – my balls have retracted, and my tight sac looks like a walnut shell – there was literally nothing to swing!

The laughing got hysterical with someone shouting out that my balls don’t even reach the top of my legs, quickly followed by someone else asking, “What balls?”

I felt like crying, but they wouldn’t let e down and started shouting for the helicopter dance. Either side of me was massive long thick dicks blurring round in perfect circles while my shriveled two incher barely moved side to side.
A teacher came in and stopped the commotion, but even he was laughing when someone called me a eunuch- a nickname that stuck!


This readers sprung by his drunk wife and her friend…

So my wife and her friend stumbled home very drunk a couple of weekends ago. They had been out for another friend’s birthday.

I’m at home getting excited at the prospect of some ‘fun and games when she gets home. It gets to 2am so I think she will be alone, so I’m sat naked, hoping to surprise her (I’m about 4.5 inches but well under average girth). I waited about 10 minutes longer and then started to put a collection of toys out (dildo, vibe, and a very large penis extender).

A little later, I hear the front door open, and my wife comes in. I stand up to go greet her, but before I can open the living room door, I also hear her friend too. At this point, I kind of freeze for a minute in a panic! From our living room, there is nowhere to go except past the front door, so I was just stood frozen, wondering what to do, totally naked and with a collection of sex toys on the sofa.

After what seemed like an hour but was really a matter of seconds, the living room door opens, and in walks my wife, as an example of how drunk she was, she didn’t ask me what I was doing or anything. She just turns around and says, “Sharon (name changed!), he’s naked!”

At which point Sharon rushes in to see, and my wife makes no effort to stop her. “Let me see, let me see,” Sharon shouts.

I’m still frozen in panic at this point as she comes in, so she sees everything and bursts into drunken laughter, along with my wife. I start to cover myself with my hand, and they are both saying, “Not much point now….”

So, in the act of supreme bravery (or stupidity), I uncover stand and myself there talking to them. After a few minutes, Sharon notices the sex toys and starts to examine them. She is particularly impressed with the penis extender (it’s very big) and starts saying she wants one but doesn’t understand where the batteries go. I go bright red, and my wife says, a matter of fact, “No, he wears it….”

Sharon looks blank for a minute, then bursts into laughter and starts asking how. “How does he wear it? It looks too small (the penis opening) to put over his willy?”

“Oh, no, it just slides in,” says my wife. “It’s amazing, and you feel so full.”

Queue sex talk for half an hour. I’m still sat naked, kind of in shock but also because, hey, why not? Talk gets back to the extender, and my wife asks me to demonstrate it. By this point, my little pencil is getting rather happy, so she just puts it on me. I’m really embarrassed but also really turned on. Sharon is very impressed to see it ready for action but can’t stop laughing at me.

“A massive difference,” she tells my wife, who is laughing too and agreeing with her.

Sharon finally goes home an hour or so later. The next day, my wife was very apologetic, blaming the drink (it was very out of character by her). Sharon was also apologetic but also still amused. She calls me ‘HB’ now (as in pencil size).


Another reader should’ve used a bigger prop…

I was the only member of our football team with a small penis. I was also our star player, and so although my teammates always made fun of me, it stayed good-humored, and I was never disrespected. They never hit on my fiancée, for instance.

I’d become so relaxed about the situation I had no problem agreeing to be in a fundraising nude calendar, especially as our genitals would be discreetly covered.

The calendar was shot individually over a month or so and we were all hiding ourselves behind various articles, towel, flannel, football boot, a ball, water bottle, and in my case, my mobile phone. We were all happy with it but the reaction from our supporters and local community was a shock. They all homed in on the fact that it doesn’t take much to cover my parts and they all just assumed it was OK to openly mock me. I acquired several nicknames but ‘Inchy’ was the one that stuck but the tone was different to that of my teammates and it was relentless.

People would poke fun at me at work (we were an amateur team) in the pub, restaurants, and some assholes would openly hit on my fiancée, asking if she wanted to try a real man! Unfortunately, it eventually got too much for her, and she broke off our engagement. To make matters worse, she later started dating the teammate who probably had the biggest penis on the team! This was the final straw, and I walked out on the team and never played again.

Starting a new relationship was virtually impossible because even if the woman were unaware of the calendar, someone would soon say something to her about my smallness. I eventually moved, remain comfortable with my small penis, and met my wife at a local nudist club, so all’s well that ends well.


While this read gets it straight from a girlfriend…

Hello friends, I don’t know if anyone cares, but I wanted to share the story of my first SPH experience.

It was the first sex or nearly sex experience with my second girlfriend (I was 19 at that time). (I just had a very short in and out sex with my first girlfriend.) She undressed me, and when she saw my dick, she tried a handjob, but it already was near peak-hard (a bit less than 4 inches). Then she stopped and told me that she would prefer to give me a blowjob. I was a bit confused but accepted.

The morning after that, she told me she once had sex with a guy who had dick my size, and it was a terrible experience for her. I, to my surprise, told her that I was fine with it and I would find other ways to please her. She taught me how to lick her pussy and use a dildo on her, but she broke up with me 3 months later for another guy. I never had actual sex with her at that time.

However, every time I stroke my dick nowadays, I can’t help but think of that morning she told me that my dick was too small for sex.


Another reader has the kind of sex common to all small dick men at some point…

Legit true story. I was probably 30 or so at the time of this story. It wasn’t intentionally meant to humiliate or demean me, but it was just a matter of fact.

It was my girlfriend from back in junior high. We fooled around back then and were each other’s first for oral and sex, just fooling around in general. So back then, when it the first for everything, size really isn’t much of an issue cause you don’t know any better. So jump forward 15 years or so, and we happened to reconnect on Facebook, and shortly after we started to talk again, she breaks up with her boyfriend and asks if I wanted to hang out because she was sad. I gladly said yes and headed over.

So I get there, and she offers me a drink and we just kind of chill and talk, watch a little TV, and all that BS. We move to her sunroom at her place, sit on the couch there, and start making out, and I’m rubbing the body and her pussy over the top of her clothes and all that. We are drunk by this point. She has not touched my penis or even rubbed in that area, but my little 4” dick is rock hard. Not joking or making this up, she gets up, removes her pants, and moves to the ground on her hands and knees. It was a nice sight. She was wearing this little black g-string.

My only issue was even back when we were young, she didn’t shave, and 15 or so years later, she still doesn’t. I love a clean-shaven pussy. Anyways, so I am happy to oblige and move behind her sliding my pants off, letting my small little dick spring free. So I pull her g-string to the side and start fingering her a little from behind, rubbing her clit some all that, and she said she wants me inside her and hands me a condom. Well, the condom didn’t fit all that snugly (more on that in a bit), but I didn’t think much about it at the time.

I slowly start to enter her, and once I’m all the way in, she says, “Oh, Jeremy is huge compared to you.” Jeremy is her recently broken up with ex-boyfriend.

I don’t let it discourage I’ll prove her wrong that small dicks can get her off. Well, no, I tell her I am going to cum like 45 seconds later, and I cum. She tells me, well, and you’re going to have to go down on me to get me off then. I pull out of her and realize my condom isn’t on any longer. I am scrambling, looking around, hoping it fell on the ground or something but no sight of it. I tell her my condom is missing, and she asked what I did with it, and I said I pulled out, and it was gone, and it is nowhere.

She reached down, starts fingering in her pussy, and pulls out the condom that had slipped off my little dicklette. She gives me this look like my god, you’re pathetic, and motions for me to eat her out. I started eating her out from behind but then lay down, she lowered her pussy onto my face, and I kept going until she got off. We say our awkward good nights and never spoke again to this day.


While another reader gets to the clay…

I was hanging out with a girl in my friendship group called Sarah and some others, and she was showing off a clay dick she’d made when bored. Everyone was finding it funny, then I said without thinking, “It’s pretty big, isn’t it for a dick?”

This got a bit of awkward silence, and Sarah said, “No, I’m pretty sure it’s just average….”

This just made me go red, and the look of realization I got from her was so hot. She knew I had a small dick.


This reader learned women can be utter villains if they want to be…

I got married in college, and our marriage lasted less than a year. She was very loud about her reasons, though it was more complex, what she told people was I was hung like a mouse, and she wanted to get pregnant. She told me that she had been having an affair for most of the time. We were together with my ‘then’ best friend, and they’re still together. I had done everything I could to please her, not only sexually but also emotionally, and working extra shifts so she wouldn’t have to. The whole thing was so devastating, and I guess most divorces are, but not only did my marriage end, but she outed me to my friends who didn’t know. There is a special place in hell awaiting her. I hope she finds it!


Another reader is happy to be cuckolded…

Eh, my girlfriend got sick of sex fast because it was a lot of effort for something she couldn’t even feel. We still did other stuff, but it slowly dwindled. One time we were 69ing and I came quickly – she was disappointed and told me she wants a ‘real man.’ The next thing I know, a friend of hers comes over, goes into her room, and all I hear is loud moaning. I guess it could’ve broken us up, but we’re still together for now.


While this reader didn’t have the equipment to keep his girlfriend happy…

I had come across SPH porn and erotica in my early twenties as I explored the world of online porn, but my first relationship with a woman cemented it as a main erotic focus. I was a very socially awkward young person and became a Christian in a no-sex before marriage kind of church at the age of 19, so I was a virgin still at 24 when I had my first girlfriend. She was beautiful: Blonde, c-cup boobs (which she had insecurities about), curvy, south African alpha female. I was a skinny inexperienced British, nerdy type who wondered what she saw in me.

Our relationship blossomed quickly as she was very forward and confident. She was my first kiss, and she was very open about her promiscuous past and seemed all-knowing. She even confided in me that she had a fantasy about sleeping with a black man. About 8 months into our relationship, she decided she wanted to go to a camp of America thing. I was rubbish at staying in touch, which annoyed her. However, I was concocting a plan to fly out there when she finished going travelling with her. She met me at the airport, tanned and stunning. We spent over a month going coast to coast across the USA, and in Seattle, one of our first destinations, she made it clear she wanted to be more intimate.

She initiated my first ever handjob, which was amazing, and of course, I came in less than a minute, which she seemed to find amusing. I returned the favor by fingering her, and I noticed that she needed at least three fingers bunched to feel it. I remember reflecting that that is certainly wider than my skinny pencil dick. Anyway, we carried on travelling and making out but no oral or intercourse. We eventually arrived in Connecticut, where my brother lived, and had friends all connected in a church.

We were immediately admonished about sharing a bed and were separated. When we returned home within two weeks, she insisted we meet up to talk. I booked us a table in a restaurant, and she used the opportunity to tell me that whilst in Camp America, she had cheated on me. She had gone further with this guy than she did with me, and I blurted out, “Was he bigger than me?”

She didn’t answer, but the look on her face suggested yes. Even though she had cheated on me, I tried to persuade her to stay with me. She ended it keeping all the power and control. I left the restaurant humiliated and hurt. My sexual fantasies quickly turned to imagine her being fucked and worshipping some black guy’s big cock. And my inferiority complex concerning my white pencil dick became fully eroticized.

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