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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has a dream or girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I have been together for several years now. And though we are generally happy, she usually complains about the positions my dick can’t reach when we’re having sex. She constantly asks me if it’s in and if I’m ever going to get bigger. However, seeing as I’m 21, I don’t see that happening any time soon. She’d compare her flats to my erect penis and show me how small my penis is in comparison. I also have a younger brother who’s fairly athletic and 17 years old. He had numerous awards in both academic and athletic competitions. He’d often walk around the house in just his shorts after taking a shower to dry off. Of course, I usually tried to disrupt her attention from his big bulge and his strong muscles and chest hair out of jealously when my girlfriend was over. I hated how she always looked at him and then me as if she was making some comparison. At that time, I felt several intimations of what she was thinking.

At times, I’d get jealous when she’d look at my underwear and then hold it in comparison to his. She’d even get his smelly shoes and compare how big his feet were to mine and cheekily hold her own feet against my dick, showing how small my penis was in comparison to hers. I’m writing this because what I’ve feared this whole time actually happened.

Long story short, My little brother fucked my girlfriend. I found out because I heard noises coming from his room upstairs when they had thought I was away at college. Although they don’t know I know, my girlfriend seemed to be happier than ever, although I knew she’d not be as satisfied when it came to me having sex with her. So finally, one day out of a total curiosity, I asked her, “Why are you cheating on me with my little brother?”

Of course, she got taken aback, but she replied honestly that it was my penis size.

I was taken aback. Not only was my younger brother smarter and more athletic than me, but he also had a bigger penis? I was thoroughly embarrassed but, out of curiosity, asked her how big it is. As a side note, We were attempting to have sex at this point, and my penis was erect. She held my penis and made a girthy circle with her hands on top of my erect penis to show his girth. Then she made indicated with a hand to her forearm how long it was. Although now she tells me she respects my humility and abilities to take my inadequacies, she also has been having sex with me less and less.


Small Dick legend “Little Dick Jay” shares some of his experiences…

My experiences with my first wife, Patti, made me accept the truth about my dysfunctional sexuality.

Patti and I were virgins on our wedding night. Of course, we wanted to consummate our marriage, so on our honeymoon night after the wedding, we undressed together for the first time, climbed into being,d, and I lay on top of her, and began to try and penetrate her tight virgin cunt with my little 3 inch erection. I don’t know if she was aware how tiny my pee-pee was – as she had no experience with men’s cocks – and I pumped and pumped but could not ‘find’ her cunt, and she wouldn’t guide me in. I tried for a few minutes, but I was pumping air with my tiny pee-pee. Then I moved my body down a little, and my pee-pee started rubbing against the inside of her right thigh. It felt so good I started humping it, and after 30 seconds or so, my tiny pee-pee squirted a load of cum all over her thigh and the bedsheets.

Well, she threw a hissy-fit – all upset and angry that I didn’t deflower her and that I had made a mess on her thigh and a small area of the fresh bed sheet. In between sobbing and screaming, she made me get a wet towel and clean up her thigh and damp bed sheet. Then she switched sides on the bed and made me lie on the still damp bed sheet. I didn’t know what to do and apologized profusely to her with tears running down my eyes. I promised her I would satisfy her in the morning!

I never did consummate our marriage – as I discovered my pee-pee was too tiny to penetrate her tight cunt, and she wouldn’t let me try alternative sexual positions. So we spent the six months of our married sex life with me masturbating her with my two fingers and then masturbating myself with my two fingers making sure I squirted into a few tissues.

When Patti finally announced that she was divorcing me, she told me she had found a man who could satisfy her sexually. When she told me that, I remember telling her how humiliated and horny that made me feel and would she mind if I jerked off for her one last time. She got furious at me, called me a homosexual and pervert, and admitted that she knew about my musclemen and gay magazines collection. I countered angrily that I knew she was fucking other men in our bedroom, but I never said anything about it because I liked to sneak into the house when she was fucking listening to her orgasms and jerking off in an adjacent room. On our divorce papers, the reason for divorce stated ‘non-consummation of marriage by husband…’ She also made me sign off on a Jewish divorce document called a ‘get.’ That document officially annulled our marriage in Jewish law. I had to admit that I was incapable of consummating our marriage.

My 2nd wife, Debbie, and later my last wife, Inez, both agreed before our marriages to cuckold me. They often allowed me to watch and jerk off when they were fucking their bulls and boyfriends. Occasionally they let me suck their boyfriends’ big cocks – not often enough, sadly! Debbie loved to humiliate me good-naturedly, but Inez was a real Bitch and got off on degrading and abusing me with her boyfriends. If I wanted to watch her fucking with her bulls/boyfriends, I was forced to wear a matching bra and panty and endure mean-spirited humiliation. Consequently, I grew to love intense humiliation and degradation. Being single now for over 12 years, I seek it out regularly with professional dommes (men and women) and incidental club-cruising. Cheers, LittleDick Jay


This reader shows it’s pointless closing the barn door after the horse has bolted…

My wife was out on a hen night while I stayed home catching up on some TV programs. At about 10 pm, I received a text from my wife, opened the video attachment, and was shocked to see two male strippers on stage waving their massive dicks!

Thirty minutes later, I get another text, and it’s a photo of my wife laughing as she is holding a massive dick in her hand. The next photo is of her holding two dicks, and then there is a close-up of her with her thumb at the base of a huge thick dick and her finger placed less than halfway along. She is laughing hysterically, and the caption reads: Just showing the girls how small your dick is!

I was horrified and was waiting up for her when she rolled up at three am pretty drunk. So far from apologizing, she then went into a lurid account of how she had gone to the strippers’ changing room and had been spit-roasted by the two biggest thickest dicks she had ever seen. She finished by lifting her dress to expose a redraw, gaping hole of a fanny that was still dripping wet!

“I hope my vagina goes back to normal for your sake,” she said and laughed. “Do you want to have sex?”

Shocked by my own reaction, I wanted her so bad and ran her up the stairs. There was no foreplay. I just jumped on top of her and plunged my whole 4.5 inches into her warm wet inviting fanny, and started to pump her hard. It was a strange sensation as she felt so loose and kept shouting at the top of her voice, “I can’t feel you!” And laughing!

The next morning she showed no shame, said she had no regrets, and if I was unhappy with the situation, it was my tough luck. I had to admit to being strangely turned on and asked her to tell me about her night in all its gory detail. She did and took great delight in watching me masturbate as she told me, “I do love your toddler dick.” She laughed and said, “and so do my mates now they know!”

I came so hard and realized our lives would be different and more exciting from now on.


Another reader learns that boasting you’re big when your not is a folly…

I burst into the shed on my younger brother and his mates, suspecting they were up to no good. They were rapidly pulling their trousers up, so I started teasing them about being gay. One of the friends took exception and explained they were settling an argument over who had the biggest cock. “I won,” my brother chipped in.

“Of course you did. You’re like me,” I said, “Lucky for you lot, I’ve outgrown this childishness as you’d have seen a real man!”

The next thing I know, I have to fight all three of them off as they try to pants me. I fought them off, but since I was older, was the only one with a girlfriend, and was proud of my five incher, I agreed to join in their competition. We split into pairs, turned our backs on each other, and turned and faced when we were hard and ready with our tape measures (they had come prepared). I was opposite the skinniest and youngest. As I turned, I was shocked to see a thick cock past his belly button and tight balls about the size of medium hen eggs!

“I thought you lost!” I gasped.

“He did,” grinned my brother, who was even longer, thicker, and had loose hanging balls like duck eggs.

I reluctantly got on with the measuring, and it turned out my young opponent had come third. The measurements made, the result was:
4th: me at 5 inches long, 4.5 inches girth
3rd: 7.5 inches long by 6 inches
2nd: 7.75 inches by 6 inches
1st: my brother at 8.5 by 6.5!!!

I couldn’t take my eyes off these massive cocks while they were all laughing and teasing me. Then came the forfeit. The smallest of each measuring pair had to masturbate the winner. I protested for appearance’s sake but secretly enjoyed being amazed and in awe of a much larger cock as I held it and cupped the big balls. I was then shocked by the ferocity of his orgasm as he shot his load all over the floor. He then grinned and gave me a ‘pity wank’ laughing as he told the others, “Look, I only need three fingers!”

And they all laughed at my tight ball sack as it looked like I had no balls, something I disproved by the amount of spunk I shot as I had one of my most intense orgasms ever. I then persuaded them we should keep this escapade a secret or get called names, but my real agenda was to keep my smallest cock status a secret from my friends.


A week after discovering in the shed that my brother and his mates all had bigger cocks than me, I was on the sofa making out with my girlfriend when he entered the room. I asked him to leave, but he said there was something on television he wanted to watch. Finally, my girlfriend relented and said he should stay, but I was obviously annoyed. “We can carry on where we were later,” she said, “what’s up with you?”

“He’s annoyed that I’m not the little brother,” my brother chipped in.

“What do you mean?”

“Ask him!”

I said he was just silly, but she persisted, saying it was an unusual comment.

“Tell her about the shed!” So grinned my brother and as she wouldn’t let go.

I said we had compared dicks, and he was slightly bigger.

“Slightly? Do the maths!” Exclaimed my brother.

My girlfriend was now fascinated, and the television was long forgotten as she asked what he meant.

“I am 70% longer and about 40% fatter,” he laughed.

“Stop exaggerating,” I shouted, “that would make you more than twice my volume!”

“Them’s the facts,” he grinned, and to my horror, there was a massive bulge in his tracksuit bottoms as he’d obviously become aroused.

“Twice as big?” My girlfriend gasped and turned to me and said, “You don’t mind if I have a look, do you? I’m sure he’s telling lies.”

I knew The situation was out of my control and reluctantly found myself standing next to my brother and dropping out pants on the count of three. Then, finally, his cock sprung out and looked even bigger than I remembered. My girlfriend’s eyes were like saucers, and she instinctively reached for it and gasped, “Wow!” She then took my cock in her other hand and started to laugh. “Oh my God, it really is twice as big… and more if you look at his balls!”

My brother started to masturbate where he stood, but my girlfriend stopped him and took over. I was dumbstruck but just stood there and stared. I’d been in awe of his mate’s cock just a week earlier and knew what she was experiencing. After my brother left the room, we continued making out, but she kept comparing my size to his all night. The incident was never repeated, and she continued to be my girlfriend for a few months, but the relationship just ended naturally the way they do in your teens.

It’s tough for me even to begin to understand the sudden attraction to SPH, let alone trying to explain it to anyone else. Like most little dick guys, I spent a lot of time and effort trying to keep that information from anyone else. But, of course, high school gym classes and swimming classes were unavoidable nightmares for me. I would overhear some of the girl’s conversations, or parts of conversations, where it was obvious that they were gossiping about some guy’s cock size. Even if they weren’t, I imagined that they were.

I can’t even begin to explain WHY that changed, but I can tell you exactly WHEN that changed. About six months ago, I was at my doctor’s office getting my semi-annual exam. My doctor is a woman, as were a number of my past doctors. Women doctors and nurses seeing my small penis didn’t really bother me. I guess I thought of them more as healthcare professionals who just happened to be female.

On the day of the exam, a nurse-led me into one of the exam rooms and told me to undress completely, then lie down on the exam table. She handed me a paper sheet to cover myself on the table. A few minutes later, the doctor came in. As she started the exam, the first thing she did was remove the paper sheet. Almost immediately, the phone’s intercom buzzed. After a brief exchange, she hung up. She apologized but explained that she needed to take an essential phone call that she had been waiting for. After a few minutes of staring at the ceiling, I sat up, with my legs hanging over the side of the table. While I occupied myself looking around the room and reading all of the medical posters on the wall, I noticed that in her rush, the doctor hadn’t closed the exam room door completely. Not only did it not latch, but it left a one or two-inch gap between the wall and the door. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the door open, and my doctor re-enter. At least I thought it was my doctor, but it was actually one of the girls from the front office, to my horror.

Because this exam room was smaller than most, the exam table was only four or five feet from the door. She stepped into the room and was now standing directly in front of me. She saw me and gasped, “Oh my God, I am so sorry!” Even as she spoke, I noticed that her eyes were locked onto my little penis. Fully hard, it’s just shy of 3 inches, but when flaccid, my dick protrudes maybe half an inch out of my body. But because the room was quite cold, it had retracted completely into my body. There was no shaft and no head to be seen. The only thing visible was a small ring of wrinkled flesh, where my dick was supposed to be. She kept apologizing but made no move to leave. It felt like minutes went by, but it was probably only 10 or 20 seconds until she turned around and left.

After the doctor returned and the exam was completed, I stopped at the office window to collect some paperwork and make a new appointment. Just as I was leaving, the girl who walked in on me came over to the window and apologized again, saying, “I really am so sorry about intruding on your privacy and embarrassing you like that.”

Not wanting her to feel bad, I reassured her. “That’s okay. It’s no big deal.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them.

She was silent for a few seconds, then burst out laughing, “I guess your right. It definitely is NOT a big deal”.

She thought that I was making a joke about how small my penis is, and it caught her off guard. I really wasn’t making a joke, but what could I do? I just chuckled along with her as I felt myself getting warmer, and my face began to flush. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

When I got back to my car, I couldn’t help but go over what had just transpired in my head. I knew for sure that the other women in the office would be curious and ask what had happened. Now, a doctor might dismiss the question or say it is private. Still, this office girl might not think as professionally as a doctor would, especially since she thought that I was openly joking about it, right in front of everyone. Would she really tell them what happened? Would she actually give them all of the details? That it was too small to see. That it didn’t even stick out from my body. I was imagining them laughing. All of them laughing so hard that they couldn’t stop. It was then that I noticed that this was turning me on. It was turning me on so much that I was rock hard. This was a very odd thing that had just happened, and I didn’t really understand it. But I knew I wanted to explore it.


Yet this reader felt his title had been stolen…

I work as a taxi driver in my city and have many varied and funny conversations with passengers, especially those intoxicated. For example, the other night, I was driving this husband and wife couple to a friend’s fiftieth birthday event, and the husband (who was sitting in the front with me) said, “I’ve got my speech sorted, but I’ll leave out the dirty jokes if there are kids there.”

She asks, “What dirty jokes?”

“Oh, the one’s about his tiny penis,” he said proudly. He must’ve noticed my reaction, and with a smile, “My mate’s got the smallest penis in this city.”

I said, “Maybe he’s just a grower, not a shower.”

“His wife asks, “What does that mean?”

So I explained what a grower and shower are, and to my surprise, she didn’t know. So anyway, the guy is smirking at me and says, “You obviously have a small penis too.”

Ouch. I was busted. I’m a silver member.

*Conditions Apply.

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