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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader eventually accepted his fate…

I was a very late bloomer as a kid. Back in that day, boys were required to shower after gym class and after sports practice/games. That started in the 6th grade. At first most boys were shy and also not too developed yet. But in Jr. High many of my peers really started to mature. Growing hair. Growing bigger penises, except for me. I was still almost pre-pubescent at that age. Nerdy. Glasses. Not very athletic either. I stated to become very self-conscious about my lack of manliness and small, hairless cock and balls. I kept hoping Mother Nature would come through for me and soon I’d be on par with the rest of the boys.

Well, I did finally start maturing but not so much for my penis. It remained quite small. Small enough to where I was constantly being teased in the locker room. And the more I was teased the more embarrassed I became. Yet all the attention focusing on my small member would sometimes make me aroused. At that age, a slight breeze can make a boy’s penis get hard. So when I started to get the uncontrolled erections that only highlighted my smallness the humiliation and abuse got worse. At the time, I felt almost traumatized by it.

I spent many years as an adult feeling shame and hiding my privates from view. It has only been in the past years that I decided to celebrate my smallness. There is nothing I can do to change it anyway. I joined the YMCA. I proudly walk around naked to/from the showers, steam room and sauna in full view of the other guys who all seem to have big dicks. I wouldn’t even mind if someone started to chuckle or point and make fun of me. It would take me back to those early days of my youth. And I’d probably get an erection just like I did then. At least now, I’ve learned to accept how I am. And maybe even enjoy my smallness more.


This reader found German Hookers are loose…

I was in Berlin and I had some money to spend so I decided to go to the Artemis, a famous FKK naturist club where you can have sex with some hookers. It works like this: you pay an entrance and then they give you a towel and you go around semi naked in this room full of hot girls who will try to convince you to have sex with them (you have to pay extra money to fuck the girls).

I’m a quite shaped and muscular guy so with my towel around my waist I look pretty okay and many prostitutes came to me trying to convince me to have sex with them. The nice thing is that you can make conversations and you can choose the ones you like the most.

I started speaking with this stunning German prostitute. She had a typical German face and a stunning body with a very big ass. I started talking with her and she was nice and smart. At one moment, I started having an erection and she noticed it so she said, “What do we have here?”

She started touching it and then removed my towel. Her look revealed her disappointment and I said her, “It’s small, I know.”

She said, “It doesn’t matter, honey, it’s so cute”.

Then I told her that it excited me if she made some comments about how small it is and she was quite participating. She started sucking my cock and she said, “The client I had before was huge.”

I asked her, “How much big was he?”

She indicated me with her hands starting from the base of my penis. Apparently, he was double my size. Then we had sex and she kept saying, “Oh, yes, fuck me with that little cock.”

She was so loose and I’m sure she didn’t feel anything when I penetrated her.


One reader discovered once was enough for one girl he had sex with…

When I was young I had sex with this girl who was clearly disappointed with my dick size and at one moment she started riding me and my dick kept slipping out. I guess she was just too used to big cocks because she was definitely moving too much, making my penis frequently slip out. I told her, “Sorry, it’s small, you shouldn’t move too much” and I won’t forget that angry stare she gave me. She didn’t enjoy so much my penis and indeed it was the last time we had sex


Another reader learns the age-old truth, sometimes it’s better not to know…

Every girl has for sure dated someone bigger than average and if you are unlucky enough, they have dated them for a long time. It was my case for a girl I was dating in college. She was hot and we really went along together. Penis size was frequently a topic between us. She didn’t like to humiliate me but she frequently made fun of me and she often acknowledged that I was small. It was a recurrent joke between us and I used to reply by telling her that she had small boobs.

Once she was drunk and we were teasing each other. I asked her, “Have all your boyfriends before me been small?”

“Well, some of them were,” she said.

“I bet that D. (a guy she dated for 2 years and who drives a big car) has a small dick.”

“Oh, actually, he was huge.”

“How huge?”

“Like you, but 4 inches longer and much, much thicker.”

That was painful and exciting to hear at the same time.


One reader has discovered exhibitionism through Tinder…

First time I sent a dick pic was to a hot girl on tindr who was flirting on the chat with me. She was definitely willing to do something. At one point, I asked her to come to my place and she answered: Send me a picture of your penis first. I was horny and I really wanted to fuck, so I worked a lot to find the perfect angle to make it look bigger. I sent her the photo and she doesn’t answer me. Then after 5 minutes, I ask her: Is it because it’s smallish?
She answers: Yes, sorry
That was a huge ego-crusher, but exciting as well.
In tindr, it’s pretty common to have a girl ask you for a dick pic. I’ve sent at least 10 and sometimes the response is very exciting.


This reader learns his girlfriend is the jealous type…

One night I was drunk and I talked a lot with this hot woman at a party, getting my GF quite jealous. I saw my GF giving me a dirty look as this woman flirted with me and I went to her to tell her I’m just mucking around and not trying to pick the woman up. She said, “No, it’s fine, you can talk to her as much as you want. Just keep in mind she knows you’re just 4 inches down there. I told her.”

I pretended to be mad but it was just so exciting to me.


Another reader got his dick psychoanalyzed…

I just happened to have 10 sessions with a female psychologist and even though she wasn’t hot (just a normal woman in her 40’s), at the middle of it I realized I was sexually attracted by her (they say it’s normal). She asked me at one point, “Have you ever had any problem during sexual intercourse?”

I answered, “Well, I’ve always been unsure about my penis size?”

Then she asked me to develop the thought and I told her how embarrassed I was when I saw other penises and stuff like that.

“Is your penis objectively smaller than average or do you see it like so?” she asks.

“I measured it and it’s just less than 4 inches, if you want to know.”

She looked very embarrassed at that point and she didn’t know what to say. She changed subject, but that was very exciting for me


A reader gets a lesson he never forgot…

I was in high school, 16 years old, and I had a hot science teacher who was in her 40’s and always dressed provocative. She was also a bitch, giving me bad grades so I really hated her. One day they had her teach us sex education. At one moment, she said, “OK, let’s do this exercise, everybody draw a realistic penis and a realistic vagina and indicate all the anatomical parts you can recognize.”

It was somewhat awkward and I copied the vagina from the anatomy book while, without thinking too much about it (I wasn’t so aware that I was small). I drew my penis with my balls hanging much lower than my penis. Then she passed to check every drawing and she saw mine, and smirked.

“Is it OK?” I asked.

She said, “Usually the penis hangs lower than the balls.” I became red and she understood my embarrassment, and said, “But, it’s OK.”

The teacher I hated the most knew I was small. That was the moment I started loving SPH.


While this reader learns the truth hurts…

We were playing truth or dare at a party few years ago, I chose truth, and she asked me, “How big is your penis?” I was ready to bluff it out, but then she said, “Be careful what you answer because at the next dare you might be naked, so you better tell the truth.”

I was stoned. “It’s just 4 inches, I know it’s small but I don’t care,” I said.

She laughed at me and she said, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry. You are tiny.”


Another reader’s illicit parking lot encounter is more than he can handle…

I used to go out with my coworkers every Saturday night to the same bar in town after work. We all worked at a restaurant about a mile away. I was 22 (now 27) and we would all usually get a little tipsy and hang out from maybe ten pm to like one, just talking at a table not really participating in the bar thing or getting super drunk. The longer we did this the more we made friends with the other regulars until most Saturdays we’d get a table and use it as kind of a home base while we mingled.

One night I split off and got to talking with a short, thick (not at all fat) brunette girl who was by my standards at the time much older. She was like 31? I don’t know, anyway she was super forward and I have a way of cranking up the charm (only when I’m drinking). It’s never served me well so it’s no brag, and before I knew it she flat out suggested we go to her car to “make out”.

Of course I said yes and we went to her car and did just that. We made out pretty intensely for probably 10 minutes before she stopped and confessed she was married. There was no guilt or anything just said she thought I should know. I would like to say I felt bad and walked away but I had been drinking and she was so forward inside I just knew I’d get laid if I continued. So I told her I was fine with it as long as it didn’t leave the parking lot. She moved us to a darker, more secluded part and resumed kissing me but this time our hands wandered a lot more.

Up until this point, I had never considered myself small. I knew I wasn’t huge but I never really put much thought into it and just assumed that I was at least average. We continued for a while and things were getting intense. There was a roomy bench seat in the back of her truck so she told me to climb back and she followed right after. We continued making out and after a while, she started moving south as she was going to give me a blowjob. I just laid there thanking God for my random fortune as she unzipped me and pulled down my boxers. I wasn’t looking at her. I was just laying on my back when I feel the front of my boxers pulled down and my ridiculously hard dick spring up.

Then complete silence.

I mean silence that’s done without a doubt on purpose. So I look up and see her just staring at my dick less than a foot from sucking it. I ask what the problem is and I’ll never forget it because I’ve played it over and over in my head ever since.

She said, “Uh… Nothing. I’ve never cheated on my husband before and I can’t now.”

“OK,” I said. “Why?”

What she said next made my stomach turn, my heart speed up, humiliated me and brought me one good tug away from cumming all at once.

“It has to be worth it, and that’s not worth it,” she said.

Holy shit, not only had I never even considered being small but I never thought that I’d be into humiliation. I asked her what she meant, she replied by telling me I was too small and it could end her marriage. She wasn’t going to take the risk with me because ‘depth is what did it for her.’

I look d down and put in a half hearted attempt to disagree and I probably could have lied to myself and recovered but literally 5 seconds after I started defending it she grabbed a lighter and held it beside now ‘little’ dick, which at this point was pouring precum. It was the exact same length as the lighter. Omg—I’m small—like really small and even more surprising, I fucking loved having it made fun of.

She was completely serious and didn’t touch me again. She apologized half heartedly and I told her I understand but I’d be really uncomfortable if I went back in as hard as I was. After a few minutes of convincing, I got her to let me jerk off to get rid of it so no one would see, but in truth, I just HAD to cum. She spent the ninety seconds it took me to cum harder than I ever had in my life scrolling through Facebook.

When I can I was super loud and she just looked over and smiled.. I think she liked being a bitch but felt bad for it. After the rush of being turned on was gone, I was completely humiliated and my face had to be fire engine red. All I could say was thanks while I used a McDonald’s napkin to clean up then I got out of her car and never saw her again.

Since then I’ve met someone who’s much more dominant than me and she completely plays into my fetish all the time and it’s honestly better than I ever thought it would be. We have been pretty freaky from the beginning and she loves being called a slut so I finally got up the courage to tell her that there was a version of ‘slut’ for men per say. By the way, if you’re wondering how to tell your girl you’re into SPH that’s the way. It’s a lot easier to understand in that context.

She started very slow, and says; “You’re small,” maybe 3 times in the first 6months of her knowing but after MUCH convincing I was serious and wouldn’t get mad she can’t stop. I get texts, nicknames, stories about ex’s. What I have going for me is she’s small, prefers girth which I have plenty of (3.25in long and 5.5in around) and as long as she isn’t making fun of my little dick I can last a good little while. We still have a couple extensions and she uses a toy to cum right after I do every time just to get hers.


Another reader got bullied in school…

It all started when I walked into the high school locker room. I was the only kid who had not hit puberty and was still wetting the bed. I walked into PE class my first day and I had already been the main target for bullies in junior high. The first thing I heard was, “Is that the kid?”

I started shaking. The bigger kids walked up to me and asked me, “Are you the kid they call baby dick Davey?”

I didn’t answer. I was too embarrassed to answer cause I knew the torment I was about to endure if I had. Well I guess I should have answered because the torment started anyway. I remained silent and then they grabbed me by the back waistband of my underwear and gave me a hanging atomic wedgie using the hook on my locker. I realized this was not a good foreshadowing of the years to come.

I didn’t get too upset because I knew not a lot of people saw what happened in the locker room, but then I realized it wasn’t all OK. I was in the hallway the next day and as soon as I was going to close my locker I felt my feet lift off the ground and my underwear going all the way up my butt crack and realized I was gonna be the wedgie target for the bullies until I graduated. The one kid, TJ, was the one who picked me up by my underwear and dangled me for everyone in the hallway to see.

I was so helpless and embarrassed I could not help but to cry. He laughed with the rest of the school as I dangled there by my underwear and was defenseless. TJ would go on to give me a hanging atomic wedgie anytime he got the chance too (which was at least three times a week) and I just had to embrace my life as a dork. I didn’t realize how much of a dork I was until TJ, the same bully giving me wedgies, pulled my pants down in front of the whole gym class and they all pointed at me and laughed.

I knew I was small but I didn’t realize how small I was. They started to chant, “Davey has a baby dick! Davey has a baby dick!”

I was mortified because not only was I the kid getting atomic wedgies every day but also I now became the loser with the baby dick. And it all happened in the same day. To this day, I am a virgin and the experiences I had in high school still run through my mind every day. In addition, I’m still very small as I only measure 3.2 inches fully erect as a 23 year old.

*Webmaster’s note: Bullying in any form is something that should never be tolerated by anyone. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing bullying then please speak to someone. Get help so the bullying will stop.


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