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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader claims his brother abused him…

So this story is the time I got SPH from my oldest brother so I was 15 at the time and I was going through puberty and my dick was about 1 inch soft and 3 inches erect. So it was around 5 pm and I was watching TV about to fall asleep when my brother comes in the room and starts teasing me. So I got up and told him to stop. I was yelling really loud so my brother picked me up from my arm pits and started shaking me and at the time i was wearing really big under ware and baggy shorts and my shorts were not buttoned. So while my brother was shaking me, the shorts and underwear slid off exposing my tiny 1 inch soft dick right to him. My brother then looked down say my underwear and shorts on the ground and looked at my baby dick and burst out into laughter. He laid me down on the ground and he sat on me put his legs on my arms so i could not move and sat between my legs and looking right at my tiny dick.

He says you have a baby dick and starts to laugh even more and states too play with it and my dick stats to twitch, and he says are you getting hard off me laughing at your dick. My dick grows and so he says alright, and he says you have a tiny dick and takes pictures, and does the small dick sign and says that his girlfriend’s son has a bigger dick than me. So he says you know what I am going to show my girlfriend your baby dick. So he takes a picture of it and sends it to her, and the response is: hahaha is that a baby’s dick, and who’s dick is that? My bro responds that is my 15 year old brother’s dick, and she replies, hahaha, and sends a pic of her sons dick and the small dick sign after and says, your brother has a micropenis.

My brother shows me her sons dick and its bigger than mine, and my face turns red so my brother says you know what lets see how big its gets so he starts stroking it with his thumb and a finger that does nothing so he puts is big toe next to my foot and says, my big toe is bigger than you dick, that’s sad, and so he said, you don’t even deserve to get jerked off with fingers so he states to jerk me off with his big toes. I am getting hard and he starts to laugh and says does baby dick like that, and mid jerk off, he stops and starts to play with my dick saying, come on, baby dick, blow, and he calls his girlfriend on face time and he says, can you humiliate him I was doing it and he was getting hard but we should both do it now.

So she says, wow, and does the small dick sign and asks, how big are you? I say 1 inch and she laughs, and says, I bet my pinkie toe is bigger than your dick. She puts her pinkie to up to the screen and says, you know what, I will be there and 5 minutes.

Later, she arrives at my house and comes in to the bedroom and puts her pinkie toe up to my dick and at this time I’m soft and she says, yup, my pinkie is bigger, and she flicks my dick and says, small dick loser, and her and my brother take turns jerking me off and then I cum. My dick retracts in to a inner and she says, wow, I did not know a dick could get any smaller her and my brother do the small dick sign and walk away. That was the most humiliating moment of my life I remember it to this day .


This reader has developed a severe panty fetish…

After my fiancee had convinced me that we would be married and that I could trust her completely, I finally admitted to her that I had a thing for women’s panties. I explained that my first experiences were with the sheer panties of my babysitter who happened to be my mothers friend. She worked with my mom in the hotel industry and went to college. She was around 21 years old and had curves in all the right places. I had just turned 13 and had been jerking off for only a short time when one day, while visiting Kaye, I happened to come across one of her sheer white panties on her bathroom floor. I picked it up and felt how soft and silky the material was. It smelled like her perfume. I was instantly hard so i dropped my pants, wrapped those panties round my 3.5″dick and started stroking.

OMG! I couldn’t believe how good those panties felt…especially on the head of my dick! I was starting to feel light headed with each stroke and suddenly I was cumming! I came so hard shooting spurt after spurt into those panties. I nearly fell over before I was done. Then I realized that her panties were soaked with my cum…so I hid it in the bottom of her laundry hamper. After that first time I jerked off in a number of women’s panties. From my aunts to the panties of my friends girlfriends. My girlfriend was so intrigued because she noticed that over the years she had “lost” many of her sexiest panties. She had suspected that guys were stealing them. A few days later while we were fooling around my girlfriend said she wanted to tie me up and play with me.

I agreed and soon found myself tied up tight. she began to stroke my cock, and suddenly said, “Baby, you said that when you were thirteen your cock was 3 1/2′” long.”

I said, “uh huh”.

She took out a tape measure, and said, “Let’s see how big it is now when you are 45 years old.”

She started to stroke me and suck on my cock until I was as hard as I could get. She took the tape measure and grabbed my hard cock and measured it. I asked her how big my cock was now and she began to laugh. She said, “Big? There’s nothing big around here. Your little dick is exactly 4 inches long. OMG Babe, I have something for you.” She went into our bedroom and came out with one of her satin red thongs. In the front of the thong there was a hole as part of its’ design. She said to me, “You’re gonna let me put this on you or I will never let you fuck me ever again.”

I agreed, secretly excited to feel her thong on my little dick. She untied my feet and had me lift my butt off the ground and she slid her thong up and over my now soft dick, It had shrunk down to about an inch. She saw that it fit right in the front pouch of the thong and got her cell phone out and snapped a few pics saying that a small cock like mine belonged in panties. This got me all excited and precum began dripping out the tip of my dick causing a wet stain to appear. She saw this and started to laugh. She reached into the front of the thong and grabbed my slowly swelling cock and pulled it through the hole. It was smaller in circumference than my cock and soon my 4 inch dick was raging hard and being constricted at the base where the thong was it made my dick even harder. My girlfriend started to slowly jerk me off. She would swallow the entire length of my dick and then spit on it. With all the precum dripping my dick was completely wet.

She took a few more pics and sent them to her best friend. Afterward, she jerked me off until I came all over her hand and panties/ During the entire time she kept telling me I had a baby dick and that she needed a real mans cock. A few months later, she cheated on me and left with black dude. However, since that time, I have been wearing panties that I have stolen from various friends, girlfriends, or wives, and a few of my lady friends. Those panties feel so good on my tiny cock. And added thrill would be when I’d be wearing the panties of a girl while she’s visiting me at my place or I’d go to visit her. The entire time I am aware of the feel of the sheer material as it rubs on my tiny cock head. More than often, I’d be dripping precum and her panties would be soaking wet against my dick. I fantasize about what the girl would say if she knew I had on her panties. Would it turn her on or piss her off? I wonder.


Another story from our panty thief…

First of all, let me say that I have a tiny dick. At 4 inches long and 5.5 inches girth, all of my girlfriends have cheated on me. I am 40 years old and considered good looking. I have never had a problem attracting women. But once we begin having sex things change in the relationship. One serious problem that I have is premature ejaculation. It is almost a guarantee that once I put my dick in my girls pussy…any movement will make me cum. My dick is just too sensitive and it’ll be a good day if I last more than 2 minutes. My last girlfriend was a really hot blonde. She says my dick is so tiny that I couldn’t satisfy any woman. She also says I can’t fuck. She says my dick is a clit. One day she went out shopping and came home with pink panties and said it was for my sissy clit. She made me put it on and she began to laugh and said she couldn’t believe how it looked like I had a twat.

I began to get hard and begged her to let me fuck her. Instead, she jerked me off saying I’ll never fuck her again. Last May, she left me for men with bigger cocks. Since that time I have had some hot, young, college-aged girls come over and stay for a few days. As soon as they’d leave to go somewhere I’d be searching their overnight bags. I found some of the sexiest lace things and panties. Of course, I’d steal one or two and jack off with them. But the greatest thrill is wearing them while they are hanging out with me. The entire time that we are talking and hanging out, my little dick is oozing precum. One weekend, a very hot girl named Annie came to stay after having problems with her sisters at home. She was very sexy and very open when talking about sex.

She said that only big cocks turn her on and she’d never have sex with a guy with a small cock. I asked her what she considered small and she said 5 inches. I thought to myself, OMG she’d laugh at my 4 inches. Later in the evening, when she went out with her friends I found the sexiest lace thongs in her bag. It was a beige color and very sheer. I had to have them! I put them on and just as I did, she came home. I quickly scrambled for some walking shorts to put on. When she came inside, she was smiling and said she met a black guy and had sex with him. She said, “OMG, John, his cock was almost ten inches long and thick! He made me cum over and over”.

Listening to her I was beginning to get hard in her panties. Precum was soaking the panties and I then realized the front of the shorts had a huge wet spot. I also saw that Annie, while sitting across from and telling her story, had also noticed the wet spot and kept glancing down towards my crotch. I tried to change my seated position and so I turned my chair in a direction away from her line of sight. When I did that, I found myself facing a full length dressing mirror that’s in my living room. What I saw left me in a state of shock. The shorts I had so quickly put on was torn in the middle and through that large hole, for anyone to see was my little cock oozing precum all over Annie’s sexy panties. I know she saw them…though she never said a thing to me…except for one time later on, she said something like, “Do you wear panties, John?”

I stammered out a reply saying, “Of course not.”

And she said, “Really?”and giggled.

Since then I have found out she has been telling all of the hot babes in my neighborhood that I wear panties. It’s been such a turn on and embarrassment. I have noticed that when women come over to visit me, they are always looking at my crotch and smirking. O f course, I have begun to wear their panties that I take and they have noticed this, but have been staying quiet.


This reader got bullied by a so-called female friend…

So I had this big crush on this girl, she was so cute, she was an artist, this was back when I was living in the dorms. One day I went over to her house and she wanted to camp out in her back yard and I went along with it because I liked her and also, why not? It seemed like a fun idea. So we hung out all day and everything was going great, until late that night when she went inside to grab some drinks for us. I decided to use the brief privacy to change into my PJ’s, but I remember as I was naked I glanced over at the door and saw she was standing there, smirking at me with two beers in her hands. I brushed it off and thanked her for the drinks, but I was screaming inside since I knew she had seen how small I am. When flaccid, I’m tiny, and judging by the grin on her face she had seen everything.

The next few months when we hung out, she would make these small little comments about my size, it was always in front of other girls and I’m pretty sure they knew exactly what she was hinting at. About six months after that, we were drinking at a bar downtown and she came right out and said in front of her roommates that she had seen me naked and then she made the small penis sign at me with her finger and thumb..

I argued that she was full of crap, that she’d never seen my naked, but she referenced this memory and I’m pretty sure everyone believed her. I was so humiliated. I still see her all the time. And I do still have a huge crush on her. She always makes little comments about me being small. There was one day when she needed a bottle opener for her beer, and she declined to use my Swiss army knife because it was “too pathetically small.” She said this in front of a girl I had a crush on, and I’m pretty sure she went on to tell her that I had a small dick ruining any chance I had of hooking up with her. Does anyone else have to deal with anything like this, or have any advice for dealing with a girl like her? I really don’t want her spreading this rumor any further, but how do you deal with rumors like that? It’s especially brutal because it’s true!


Another reader can’t resist the lure of feminization…

I’m a silver member, and while I was dating my college girlfriend after high school, she supported me being a fem sissy boy. During her time at work I would go to a park in my city where there was hidden trails and an old men’s restroom. Many men would go there to meet sissy boys. I began to go there in a mini dress with sheer brown pantyhose flat t-strap sandals with red lip gloss, full fem make up long wig the works well. Men began to touch and grab at my ass while I stood by the trails edge. I decided I would be a blowjob queen for them, so I spent from Friday to Sunday morning till evening on my tippy toed, panty hosed feet, squatted low sucking dicks all day long. Men would circle me and play load dump, I would open wide and say, ‘ahhhhhh,’ while they jacked off creamy sloppy loads of cum for me to taste and eat. I would be told how to suck their dicks they would often sit me on there laps and pantyhose fuck me up and down my puffy little butthole left swollen and gaping daily many times they would bend me over and take turns buttfucking me in nylons with a little hole ripped. I spent my summer in pantyhose getting used like a good girl and loved it.


A reader discovers that when you eavesdrop you can hear things that might hurt your feelings…

This happened a long time ago, but I just got pissed about it again because I saw some fantasy story online about SPH that used the phrase “girls’ night”.

In college, I had a large group of female friends who were split up between two apartments on the floor of my building. We usually hung out in a large group of guys and girls, but they sometimes had girls’ nights that involved just the 10 or so girls from those apartments and maybe a few additions from other circles.

We had all been friends for pretty much all of college, and some of us had hooked up at one time or another. So of course there would be dick talk at the girls’ nights. Well, I had a huge crush on one of the girls. One time, during girls’ night, she was texting me and flirting a bit. Some of the girls were posting suggestive pictures on Facebook and Snapchat – not anything too pornographic, but kind of half-clothed, pretending to kiss, etc.

I got curious what they were talking about so I went down the hall to listen outside the door. I almost immediately heard them talking about one of the other guys in our group, saying the girl I had a crush on, “I just got his dick pic.”

From the sounds of it, it was enormous. They were saying a lot of things like “huge” and “holy shit” and someone made elephant noises. Someone said he’s like the size of her arm, and she sounded excited about it. They also mentioned me and another guy in the group as “more like a thumb” than an arm. They all laughed at that. Then as far as I know, they moved on. (I don’t know because I moved on…went back home and just stared at the ceiling wishing I didn’t do that.)

That’s how I knew how they perceived me. I hated it. Never told anyone about it until now, like 5 years later. Feels good to get it out, but doesn’t change how much I fucking rage at the thought.


This reader laments his cheating girlfriend won’t give him more head…

I am an “open” relationship with my girlfriend. More like, she fucks lots of men and I stay at home jerking off thinking about it. She has admitted to me that my cock isn’t big enough for her, length and width (I’m a silver member). She routinely falls asleep while I’m fucking her, not just pretending, she’s snoring and her cunt eventually dries while I’m in her. When we first got together she told me that she’s incredibly good at giving head, and loves doing it too. She did it once for me in the very beginning. Now I get only my head licked for maybe 5 minutes about every 6 months. Quoting her, “You know that’s only for special occasions, and you know I won’t actually fully go down on you, that’s not for you.”

She likes telling me, “Other guys get it and they don’t even have to beg for it like you do,” and that for previous partners she would do it every single day.

I get myself off often thinking of those beautiful lips wrapped around a cock, experiencing things I never will. We were getting drunk with a few friends a while back and she told them that she loves playing with cum after a blowjob, and how much it turns them on. These friends think we are monogamous, so they thought she was referring to me! I was shocked. I’ve never had that experience, not even with previous partners. I have always really wanted to experience that. I’m still so turned on by that. I’m really surprised I haven’t come across more stories of women that don’t like going down on their boyfriend because he’s so small. It’s boring for her.


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