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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got pranked by his sister’s friends…

I passed out naked in bed, and my mom and sister, unfortunately, both saw me like that. A couple of days later, I got into an argument with my sister, and she insulted me for having a small dick. The worst fear I had about this whole thing was that they (my sister mainly) would tell other people about what they saw. Tonight, I found out the hard way I had a good reason to be afraid.

Earlier my sister had three of her friends over to meet up to go out somewhere. They were in the living room waiting on an Uber, and I went into the kitchen to get water out of the fridge. First of all, it got awkward the second I walked into the room. It was one of those things where they stopped talking as loud when they heard my door open, and I could tell they were staring at me but trying not to.

One of my sister’s friends said hi, I said hi back, and she asked me if I knew I was famous. The others started giggling a little bit. One swatted her on the arm like she was saying stop. I was obviously confused, so I just asked, “What? I’m famous now?”

She told me yeah, I’m famous because Taylor Swift wrote a song about me. I told her I wouldn’t know; I don’t listen to that trash. She told me, “It’s a good song. It would be best if you listened to it since it’s about you. Here it’s this one.”

She showed me her phone, and on the screen was a YouTube video for the lyrics version of a Taylor Swift song called “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived.”

All of them started cracking up like this was some joke they’d made before that I was just hearing for the first time. I obviously knew what was so funny, and I was pissed. I just kind of reflexively said something like, “Fuck you, fuck all you bitches,” and went back to my room.

I could hear them laughing for a couple more minutes before their Uber arrived, and the coast was clear. I don’t think I’ll be living this down any time soon.


Another reader bared all at a party…

My girlfriend threw me a little party with some of her friends and some of my friends, so we had a mix of guys and girls. We all got together at my place and were drinking and getting high. Plenty of us started taking pieces of clothing off so some of us were just in our underwear. I must’ve been very drunk and or high because I got up from the table in front of everybody and dropped my underwear, leaving me butt naked. I said I had to get into my birthday suit. Most of them laughed as I was pretty small from all the drinks and were pointing at it especially the women.

One of them said, “I didn’t realize he had a two-year-olds penis,” which really got them laughing.


Meanwhile, this reader has a job to do…

I (m27) live and work in India and have a small dick. I’m a silver member of the small dick club erect. Soft, I’d be half an inch. It’s just like a small stub on my balls when limp. Anyway, I have always been into SPH and have always enjoyed it, but I never told anyone I know. My office roof is always open for smokers to go (it has high railings to prevent anyone from falling or jumping). It is quite a common place for us nonsmokers to go as well as in the evening, it’s got quite a cool breeze.

One Friday, I had missed some work and decided to stay back after hours to finish it. It wasn’t exactly late, but it was getting dark, and my office was empty by 7:30-8 pm, and I was one of the only few remaining in the office. I completed my work and saw it was 8:40 pm. I grabbed a cold drink from the vending machine and took it to the roof just to enjoy the breeze. The roof was empty and dark except for the one light near the entrance.

I was watching Instagram and drinking my drink, standing by the wall when I came across an OnlyFans model on Instagram. I started scrolling her page and saw she was cute and sexy. I finished my drink and started browsing Reddit and found my fav type porn.

I got a boner in a second and thought I’d go down to the bathroom and rub one before heading out, but I realized I could do it here. It’s dark, I’m alone, and there are no cameras. I walked toward one corner and dropped my pants, put my back on the wall, my bare butt rubbing the wall. I slowly started jerking off, enjoying my porn (cuckolding captions).

I was so lost in my thoughts when I heard, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I turned toward the door and saw my colleague at the entrance. She had a cigarette in her hand (not lit). I was stunned. I was naked from the waist below, my small dick in my palm, with a gif of a girl sucking a big cock on my screen.

I quickly bent down to grab my pants, and she said, “No, don’t stop, you sick freak, finish it. Let me see what you were doing.” I stopped my pants up to my knees and was thinking what to do. She continued speaking, “Finish it in front of me, or I’ll tell security now and HR tomorrow.”

I dropped my pants, and she was able to see my dick.

“Is that your dick hard? Is that it?” She bent down to see it up close. “It’s so small!”

All I could say was yes. She grabbed my phone and saw my screen of cuckolding captions. She asked what cuckolding meant. I just told her the basics with my hands by my side and my throbbing small dick in full view.

She asked, “Basically, you want other men with big cocks to fuck your girlfriend?” I nodded. She then said, “What girl would even be your girlfriend with that small dick?” I just looked down, and she said, “Jerk off now. Let me see.” I reached my hand out to grab my phone, and she said, “Do it with your imagination.”

I grabbed my dick and started jerking it off. I knew I wouldn’t last long. She lit her cigarette and said if I didn’t finish before her smoke was over, she’d tell the HR tomorrow. I got nervous and started furiously jerking off, worried I might not cum soon under pressure.

What she didn’t know was I was into SPH. She started humiliating me by saying things between her puffs, “God, how are you so small?” and “In your fist, I can’t even see it,” and “Guys like you talk big but are small down there,” and “Seeing your dick, my cigarette looks bigger and thicker,” and “You’re sick for wanting men to fuck your girlfriend cause you can’t.”

Before I knew it, I came, jizz after jizz on the ground right in between us.

She said, “That was so quick. I’m only done with half my cigarette.”

I leaned back on the wall as this was my most intense orgasm. She finished her smoke, and I pulled my pants up. She handed my phone back and said, “Don’t worry for now. I won’t tell anyone, but you better not jerk off up here again. Anyone else might not be as curious as me and give you the leeway.”

She waved and left. I waited for a few minutes and then went down, grabbed my bag, left the office, and came home. I have to go to work and face her, but I do have a job to do after all.


While this reader had a very embarrassing medical exam…

I had to get a cystoscopy (when a camera is shoved up your penis to make sure everything is OK in your bladder). I went to the appointment, and there were four people in the room. I think it is too many people for the appointment, but I am generally shy and don’t like to say anything. There was the doctor, a 40-year-old man (quite unkempt and arguably unattractive), and there were three nurses—one older woman and two younger nurses, a man and a woman. I enter the appointment and sit down, and the doctor asks me questions. He was very rude and obviously unhappy.

After the questions, there was a screen, and behind it, there was a medical chair. The older nurse tells me to remove my pants and underwear and to sit on the chair. As I moved to do this, I heard the three nurses stand up and move to the chair to watch me. All three just stand there watching me as I turn around, covering my genitalia. I thought they would give me a sheet to cover myself—but they did not. They told me to sit down and put my legs up on metal leg holders (like for a woman who is pregnant). I sit down, still covering my genitalia, and the older nurse scolds me and says not to cover myself. I uncover myself revealing my shriveled penis (from being cold and scared). The older nurse pours a liquid on my penis and then tells me not to touch myself.

After that, ALL THREE nurses just stand there and look at me, and my penis with my legs spread far apart. They don’t talk. They don’t look away. They just look at my spread legs and my small pointed dick without saying a word. While I was sitting there shaking from embarrassment and being cold from the liquid, about 2 minutes passed by. All I could do was look at the clock and listen to the doctor type on the computer because I couldn’t bear looking at them looking at me. Finally, my hell ended, and the doctor came around the wall in his chair.

He said something to the nurses, still not looking at me. Then finally rolled his chair toward me, and I saw his eyes follow the ground and go straight to my penis. He chuckles softly and smiles for the first time during the whole appointment. Then says to the older nurse, “You never know what to expect.”

I don’t know if he was talking about my penis size or a previous conversation. But it certainly felt targeted toward my penis. But again, I couldn’t hear what he had said previously. So, maybe it wasn’t a direct comment.

They stick the camera in my penis and tell me to get dressed for the results. After that, I got dressed and sat back down on the other side of the screen. The doctor explained the results to me. He was suddenly very nice and smiling the entire time. A complete 180 from the beginning. The only thing that changed was that he saw me naked. I don’t know if that was what caused the change, but from my side of the story, it seemed like it.


This reader remembers a very humiliating night…

So I was 18 and had been dating my girlfriend for nearly two years, since my last year of high school. It was my 19th birthday, and she was visiting me at uni. So was my best mate. They were both staying in my room, so you can imagine that after a few drinks, we kind of started fooling around. My buddy made some comments about feeling like a third wheel, and my girlfriend said she’d never seen two cocks together before. I’d been friends with him for years, since we were maybe 10. So I just kind of shrugged, and we both stood in front of her. She undid my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down, and my dick sprang out fully erect (silver member).

Then she did the same to him, and he flopped out about the same size as mine but still soft. This was 21 years ago, and my hands are shaking as I try to type this. I remember standing there rock hard, watching her stare at his cock with her mouth slightly open. She kind of flopped it around a bit and it started to kind of pulse harder and harder. I know now he was only just above average at 6 inches hard, but he’s 2 inches longer and probably 2x thicker than me. At the time he seemed double my size.

At first, she didn’t say anything. She sucked and stroked us both. Initially, she only wanted me to fuck her, and she would suck him, but I came in the usual time (quickly…just didn’t realize I was a prejac back then), but he wasn’t ready to cum yet. So I was groping her tits and fingering her while she was sucking him off. Eventually, she stopped sucking him and, while stroking him, whispered to me if he could fuck her. I was so caught up in it all I just said yes and she lay back and spread her legs for him.

I was kneeling on the bed beside them, trying to rub my little semi-hard dick again, and I watched my best friend go to town. As he slid in, she let out a moan I hadn’t heard before. I started stroking myself, got hard again, and was ready to cum a second time before he had finished. I told her I was getting close again, and she reached over and pulled me to her mouth, and I came in her mouth almost straight away. He kept fucking her. She came twice. I remember the slap, slap, slap as he bottomed out in her with each thrust. Eventually, he came.

Afterward, we lay there naked with her between us, and I couldn’t stop looking at how much bigger his cock was compared to mine. She asked if I minded that he was bigger. I said it was a little embarrassing but was hot having a threesome. She assured me she liked mine and it was more than big enough but felt so different with him. Anyway, I rambled too long there. I’m now 40, married, still small, and still a prejac. Thankfully, my wife doesn’t mind.


Another reader shocked his daughter…

To start, I’ve got an innie microdick when soft. So it’s just a tiny ball sack and no dick—a mangina. I am a heavy smoker, and I usually like having a cigar with a drink at night before I go to bed. I have this habit of taking a shower and prefer being nude on the couch in my room while I have a cigar and a drink. I usually keep my bedroom door locked.

About a year ago, I was going about my normal routine, but I didn’t bother locking the door because my daughter said she was going out before I got in the shower. I assumed she had left. About 10 minutes in, she came barging in to the room asking for my credit card. I was startled but just kept calm. She, on the other hand just had eyes go wide with her hand on her mouth. She had a look of shock and disbelief and apologized. She then looked at my innie and went, “Seriously, Dad, what the actual hell? Please lock the damn door and cover that little thing. I’ve been scarred for life.”

She had a look of superiority and genuine degradation when she saw I had a little innie micro. She’s dated before, so she definitely knows what a cock looks like. Based on her expression she had a look as if she was looking at something pathetic. I never indulged in incest before nor after the incident. But the pure SPH aspect of my daughter knowing I have a pathic little innie dick is a turn-on.


Meanwhile, this reader has been made redundant by a sex toy…

My wife was a virgin when we met. After we were married several years, I decided to go out and buy a dildo that was about three inches longer than me. The first time I used it on her, I could immediately tell how much harder she came. Took her about a minute to recover. She kind of sheepishly told me it was good. It took me a while to finally get it out of her that she liked how the longer dildo felt, and she admitted she wished I was longer. Now, her favorite dildo is nine inches (twice my size). So now this woman who I married thinks my Bronze Member dick is too small.


While this reader went tubing…

I went to the lake with my girlfriend and her group of friends. One of them has a family lake house and a boat so it made for a great time. We were all in our bathing suits pretty much the entire time and these girls were looking sexy as hell. We decided to go tubing and took the boat out. I let the girls go first, and it looked like they were having a lot of fun. One of them took a pretty bad fall and actually lost her top. It was very hot. So it was my turn, and I was holding on to the tube pretty well. I saw a big wave coming, and I was getting tired, so as the tube hit the wave and went up in the air, I let go and dove into the water.

I got some pretty good air. They brought the boat back around to get me and I climbed on from the back as they told me I did a great job. But then they all got silent right as I got on the boat, and then it turned to laughter. I didn’t realize in all the excitement until it was too late, but I looked down, and my shorts were gone, and I was completely naked. The water was pretty cold, too, which didn’t do me any favors down there.

I quickly covered up with my hands as someone passed me a towel. We couldn’t find my bathing suit, so I stayed naked under the towel until we got back. They kept making jokes like, “Looks like there’s shrimp in this lake.”

They even went as far as to yank the towel off me when we got back on shore. I had to run back to the house butt naked with all of them laughing. It was mortifying, but I loved it all.


This reader’s girlfriend has seen plenty of cocks…

I am in a cuckold relationship. I was in the living room when they were finishing up. He came out still nude and sat down by me, still naked. His soft cock rested on the couch between his legs. My girlfriend comes out and dies laughing. “Look, his soft cock is big enough to hit the couch. Yours just rests on top of your balls like a little turtle.”

They got a good laugh. Wish I had the confidence to take it out and show them that, but I just sat there like a wimp. Once, when we were watching sex/life. A man exposed his cock in the shower in one scene. My girlfriend’s jaw dropped.

I said, “That’s not real.”

She goes. “You’re just jealous he’s 10x your size.”

I go, “Uh-huh, sure,” trying to play it cool.

She goes, “Trust me. I’ve seen plenty of cocks to know those big ones exist. Just like guys with tiny ones like you exist.”

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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