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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got some feedback from a professional…

I lost my virginity to a female at 24 to a Chinese prostitute. It was a fun but uneventful affair, a little massage, a little 69, fucked for one minute, then filled up my condom with a moan. After, I asked her for a genuine assessment of my attractiveness. Now, I know hookers usually lie about this sort of thing, but she said, verbatim: “You have a cute face, but your dick is too small,” then gave me a little laugh and a smile.

I ended up having an even better orgasm, jerking to this later.


Another reader has a time and a half poolside…

I first knew I enjoyed having such a small little dick when I was swimming in my friend’s pool with him and his girlfriend. We were all close, but other than sexual jokes and hugging, we never had anything sexual happen until this day, when everything went from normal to humiliating (but also liberating).

We had been casually swimming and joking around for a while, and my friend and his girlfriend were kind of cuddled up at one end. I was about 10 feet away, on the steps, with my arms down and my legs out. Out of nowhere, she screams out, “Oh my God, is that your dick?” and starts laughing.

I look down, and sure enough, my super small penis is barely sticking through the opening of my shorts that failed to stay shut with the Velcro. I try to play it off and close the opening, but she keeps saying it had to be and asks if it’s really that small.

At first, I defensively said, “No, you must have seen something else.”

She continues laughing along with my friend, who I don’t know if he’s seen anything, saying that she knows a dick when she sees one. I told her she was wrong and was crazy embarrassed because she wouldn’t drop it. But then she asked my friend if he saw it, and he said he did see something, but wouldn’t confirm.

I start to notice they are now getting closer, laughing and can’t believe what they just saw. My friend’s girlfriend then grabs my arm and, holding back laughter, asks, “But really, I know that was your dick, but why is it so small?”

My friend steps in and mentions the cold pool water and the obvious reasons for that. I start to feel better for a second before she blurts out that he doesn’t get that small in the pool. My friend is 6’5, so I assumed his dick could be big. Still, I’m really embarrassed now and try to counter that she was far away and there’s no way she knew what she saw. Right after I say that, she pants me like we were in the guys’ locker room. It wasn’t as smooth as normal because of the water, but they went down, and my little dick was out, and they could definitely see it now.

To say I was mad and mortified would have been an understatement. I pull my pants up, and they are both laughing in shock but somehow also trying to tell me it’s OK. I’m about to get out and leave when she says, “Wait, I’m sorry. That was messed up. But I’ve never seen one so small, and it actually looks nice.”

My friend looks at her, and she reaffirms to him that he is bigger and better, but I can’t tell what’s going on. He then agrees that even in the pool, mine was small, and they laugh again. They see me not laughing and stop as best they can.

Then, my friend’s girlfriend suggests the craziest thing of all time. She asks if I want to see his. Of course, I say no, but she asks over and over, grabbing at the top of his pants. He’s kind of against it but not telling her no, either. Eventually, she pulls down his shorts anyway. I tried looking away (especially since it was my friend), but my curiosity got the best of me. I turn my head and see a much bigger, flaccid cock hanging there. I think. We were all in a state of shock, and she tried to break the silence by asking if we really hadn’t seen each other in the showers at football. The truth was we never did. I always went home to shower.

She hardly believes us, and out of nowhere, her hand that’s holding the front of his pants down reaches down and grabs his cock at the base. She then points out how my friend’s cock is still not as small as mine in the water. I shrug my shoulders and say that he is bigger for sure. She starts flopping his cock around a little bit to be funny when she asks if she could see mine again but won’t laugh. She just wants to see the difference. I look at my friend, and he’s clearly just happy to have his cock touched. He doesn’t say anything. I tell her I’m good, but she begs me while flopping his cock on the water.

At this point, I’m starting to think this is kind of a hit and wondering where it might go, even though she’s literally laughing at how small my dick is. I say fuck it and pull my pants down. She tells me to back up on a step so it’s out of the water, and I do. I’m feeling all kinds of things now, and she’s bent over looking a little closer. She again says it’s nice but just so small.

Then she goes, “Oh, wow!”

With her getting closer and her basically now stroking my friend, I started getting a little…less small. She asks if I am getting turned on by my friend’s big cock, and I say no, of course. She really starts jerking him off and asking if I like watching a real dick. My joke of a penis got harder, and she gasped and started laughing again. This whole time, my friend was just enjoying the whole thing, speechless. I covered myself up, saying it was warmer now and, if anything, like watching porn, so it wasn’t my fault. They laugh, and she continues playing.


Meanwhile, this reader shares his experiences…

The first time I had an opportunity to have sex with a girl, she was my long-time crush. She laughed hard at me when she saw my penis and told me she would make sure no girl would ever give me a chance again. She told absolutely everyone at school, sent nudes to every friend of ours with the instruction never to show me, and slept with a few of them.

Way later at college, I asked a petite Norwegian girl who was known to sleep with anyone who asked if she was interested, but when she saw my penis. She just laughed, gave me the 🤏and told me she would never have pity sex with me because she was afraid it would give me the confidence to try again with other girls and disappoint them. She didn’t tell everyone, just a few friends, but she would give me the pinkie or the SPH sign each time I saw her for the rest of the year.

The third and last time I had an opportunity was when a friend paid a prostitute for me. When she saw me, she deadfaced and told me I was the smallest client she ever had and hardly believed it was possible to have such a small dick. She was the most gorgeous woman I ever saw (it was a high-level establishment), but each time I got near her pussy, the fear of performance got me soft. She giggled and told me she expected it. We then talked a little bit. After half an hour she said it was probably time to leave but still made me (actually my friend’s money) paid the whole hour.


While this female reader likes dishing it out these days but rues the one that got away…

I can share my first experience with SPH and how my perspective on the little man-clitty has changed. It was high school, and he was tall, muscular, and handsome. He was a star football player, ruggedly athletic all around, and looked like he belonged on the cover of a men’s health magazine. Yet he had a shrinking (haha) demeanor and wasn’t cocky (haha) like the other jocks. I soon found out why.

Fast forward to a hot tub party, us two being the only ones left in the bubbling wet heat and my black lace panties floating on the surface of the water. Turns out this guy was a gold member of the small dick club rock-hard. It was the biggest sexual letdown and most disappointing, unsatisfying disappointment of my whole life then and ever since. I barely spoke to him after that, feeling like I had suffered a bait and switch!

Now, had I known what I know now, maybe we wouldn’t have missed an opportunity. Imagine if I could have opened him up to the idea that he deserved to be openly mocked and ridiculed for his tiny member. What if he could have found the twisted pleasure in the deep shame of being humiliated for his inadequacy?

I have found my turn-on by laughing at tiny peepees and verbally cutting tiny weewees down to size. I only hope he has also found a place to embrace his shortcomings and gets kinky pleasure from being told what a sad, sorry excuse for a man he is.


This reader had the honor of becoming one MILF’s smallest she’s ever seen…

My friend and I decided one night to head to a strip club. I don’t go very often, but I decided what the hell. We are both pretty attractive and tip a lot, so the girls loved us and gave us lots of dances in our seats. One of them was an older MILF type (my favorite), and she was really pushing to take me to dance, so I finally accepted after multiple beers.

She gave me a dance and then asked if I wanted to go to the private room where she would play with my dick. I was pretty drunk at this time and feeling confident, so I pulled her in and told her I had a really small dick. She laughed and told me that she had probably seen smaller—still trying to be friendly.

I was intrigued with how this could go so I agreed to go to the private room. When she pulled down my pants, I could visibly see her surprised expression. I said, “I told you!”

And she grabbed it with two fingers and said, “You sure did!”

I asked her to stroke it with the two fingers and she told me that she didn’t really have a choice to do otherwise. She didn’t even get a chance to take anything off before I was shooting my load. She started cracking up and told me I was welcome back any time because it was the easiest money she’s ever made. I haven’t gone back since, but I like to think she told all the other girls there, and hopefully, I’ll be recognized next time!


Another reader doesn’t satisfy a girl…

In high school, I was a senior and was pretty inexperienced when it came to everything. I focused on grades and athletics and didn’t have much experience outside of kissing my girlfriend from sophomore to junior who was a year older than me. So we broke up before graduation her senior year, never having done anything besides kiss.

I go into my senior year single, but there’s a girl who I’ve always been friends with. That kind of quiet girl who makes good grades but is cute enough that everyone acknowledges she exists, but that’s about it. Somehow, we ended up talking one night after a game at a party, and suddenly, we started texting. This goes on for a couple of weeks, and I’m not pushing it because I never have before, and my ex was always very conservative with everything, too, so I don’t know any different.

But one night, she asks why I haven’t asked to see her naked yet (we’re both 18 at this point). I told her I didn’t know that was something she was comfortable with, and I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, as I’d always liked just talking with her. Suddenly, she admits she always wanted to see me naked and has had a crush on me for years (we went to a small school, and I had about 230 kids in my senior class). So I asked her if I could send a picture of me naked if she would send one of her. She says yes, so I quickly take pictures and send them.

As I said, I was focused on athletics and grades, and I got a partial scholarship for track and field, so I was pretty proud of my body, even if I hadn’t done anything like this before. Plus, she was built pretty petite and always wore loose clothing, but the summer before, I’d seen her at a graduation party in a bikini, and she was very gifted, so I was excited to see her.

Shortly after sending the picture, I got two very quickly. The first was a picture of her lifting her shirt to cover her face in the mirror (holy crap, they were nice!). The second was a short message that changed my entire outlook. It said, ‘Is that a little Smokey?’

I’d never questioned the size of my dick before, but suddenly, all she wanted to do was make fun of me for having a small dick. We stopped talking about a week later and didn’t really speak to each other again until I ran into her in college.

Randomly, we hooked up in her dorm in college, where she commented, “That’s about what I expected that to feel like,” when I finished.

I haven’t spoken to her since.


Meanwhile, this reader lets it all hang out at a nude beach…

I frequent a local clothing-optional beach, which usually is pretty chill, no one’s commenting on other people’s bodies. But today it happened! A group of girls showed up, and one of them, it was clear, was there for the first time. As her friends undressed and ran off to the water, she stayed in a (extremely revealing) bikini. This girl was stunning. I kept side-eying her, waiting for her to disrobe, but she never did. I was sitting less than 6 feet away, so I decided to lie down so she might see me in all my (little) glory.

A few minutes later, she started video chatting with what I assume was her boyfriend. She was very careful to keep the camera down and not point at anyone. About a minute in, she raised it like she was taking a selfie. That’s when I saw her tilt the phone so the camera faced me, linger for a second; then she went back to her discrete position. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but she was giggling a lot, and then, boom, she flashed a 🤏 at the camera. I looked around, but there was no doubt who she could have meant.

So, for the rest of my time there, I made sure always to sit so my little guy was visible to her. I never noticed her pointing at it again, but sitting there bare before a semi-clothed girl who thought my dick was so funny that she had to sneak a shot of it to her boyfriend, made me feel both humiliated and turned on so much.


While this reader was ghosted after sending dick pics…

I met with a girl on a dating site. She lived like half a mile away. We instantly started sexting, and she gave me her number. She told me to send her a pic of my cock. So I did. She immediately unmatched me, I noticed, so I texted after a long silence and asked if it wasn’t what she was expecting. She responded with a laughing emoji and then proceeded to block me. My dick was harder than ever, though, knowing she ghosted me because of my silver member dick.


This reader had an unexpected visitor when he came out of the shower…

For a bit of background, I moved into a male-only dorm in college, but girls were allowed over during the day, and nobody really gave much of a shit if a girl stayed over at a friend/boyfriend’s room at night. It was basically like bringing food into a movie theater, don’t talk about it, and nobody will stop it. I shared my dorm room with a really nice ‘playa.’ Basically, a guy who would bring women in and sleep with them semi-consistently. But he was a really polite guy who, despite the description of ‘playa,’ would text me beforehand when he was bringing girls over, and we struck up a friendship.

Sorry for the lengthy backstory, but now I can tell the story. After a long day at work I set my phone down on my dresser and went to take a shower. Now, normally, my roommate tended to take a while to come back since he would be out girl hunting, but he actually got someone to sleep with him really early on so he sent me a text that he was coming back soon. With my phone on my dresser and me being in the bathroom, I couldn’t exactly see it, and with the shower running, I didn’t hear them enter the dorm.

Since I left my clothes in my room (and I enjoy being naked), I exit the bathroom, not expecting anyone, only to meet a smoking hot woman. A white tank top holding her c-cup boobs and a pair of skinny jeans covering an impressive ass along with her long straight black hair. Locking eyes, neither of us knows what to do until her eyes drift down onto my penis. Now most days, while flaccid, my penis is already small, but after a long day of work and a shower, my soft penis was less than an inch, much to her amusement.

Instantly, she burst out laughing and making wisecracks about its size, saying, “It’s so tiny. Where’s the rest of it? Wow, that’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen, and I used to babysit toddlers.”

I covered after a few seconds of shock, hiding the tiny boner I got from her comments. “There’s no point in hiding it now—I’ve already seen it,” she says, still giggling.

Against my common sense (and in favor of my growing arousal), I move my hands away for her to see my dick.

Bursting out laughing, she says, “Oh my God, you have a boner, and it’s so tiny. It’s like a little kid’s dickie.”

After she said this, my roommate came out of his room and saw this whole thing. Besides letting out a snicker immediately after seeing the whole situation, he quickly stopped this whole thing, apologizing to me and ushering his lady friend to his room. After around an hour and a half, he came into my room and apologized for the way his lady friend acted. I told him I was fine with it and actually kind of enjoyed it.


Another reader got the ‘special’ at a sleazy strip club…

So, I frequented a strip club near Seattle for a while. Kind of a dingy place with so-so dancers. Nothing great. I used to go when I was bored during slow times, avoid the crowd, and (rumor had it) maybe get extra for the dance fee. One day, I was there. It’s a boring Sunday afternoon, and the place is empty, other than the bouncer and a few dancers. One of the girls comes up, acts friendly as they do, and asks if I want a dance, which I accept.

We go back to the private area, and she shakes her ass for a song. “Do you want the extra special dance for money?” she asks.

Without question, I say yes. She sits on my lap, slides forward, and moves a hand to unbuckle my belt, then slides it down my waistband. I’m already hard at this point. She feels it, and I can practically feel her reaching for more.

“Oh,” I hear her say (strippers breaking character is always interesting). She leans back and asks, “Do you want the two-finger special big boy?”

I damn near came right then. I hear that place got hit with a few investigations for various violations, but hey, I had fun!


Meanwhile, this reader asked and got an honest answer…

So, it was back in high school when I learned I was on the smaller side. I was 17, dating this girl in my class. She was so hot. Super fit, toned body. Long brown hair. We were supposed to be studying but started fooling around instead. As most high schoolers do. We had been dating for a few months, and I had been wondering what she thought of my dick.

About a month earlier she had shared a story her older girlfriend told her. Her girlfriend had gone out on a date with a guy, and when they got back to her apartment, they started kissing on the couch. She reached into his pants and found a very small, stiff dick. She was so disappointed she made up some story about having to get up early and kicked him out.

So here we are, fooling around, and I’m thinking about the story. What her girlfriend did and what my girlfriend thinks of mine. I guess I was doing OK. She was still dating me and hadn’t kicked me out. She had her hand on my dick, slowly stroking it, and I asked her if it was big enough for her. All I got back was a blank stare. I pushed the question.

“Really, what do you think of it? I want to know,” I asked her.

After many similar types of questions, she finally came out with, “No, it’s not big. It’s kinda small, and if I’m being honest, I’d like it to be bigger. The guys I’ve dated before you were much bigger, and it just felt better.”

I wasn’t expecting that response, but I did ask. We didn’t date for more than a month after that.


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