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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader finds out size does matter…

My wife and I were watching TV, and a girl on the show said size didn’t matter. It’s how you use it. My wife just chuckled to herself and said, “Oh, it matters.”

I joked to her, “Oh, really, my little guy got you.”

Said, “The only people that say size doesn’t matter are the ones that haven’t been with a truly big dick yet. Because if they had, they’d never say that.”

“Look at all the dildos at the toy store. There’s one that’s 5″ and maybe three that are 6”. All the rest are at least 7″ or bigger. Why? Because clearly, size matters. They don’t even offer your size.

“Now, don’t get me wrong, technique is very important and can make a little dick feel much better than you’d expect. Like you, you’re the little engine that could, and you totally surprised me. But that same energy and technique with an actual man-sized cock… Mmmmm… Game over. Size wins.

“But I do love your little peepee because it’s yours. But if all women got to do a dick lineup and choose a new dick to be attached to her guy, no woman would ever choose yours. It’s cute, but it doesn’t exactly make me wet looking at it.”


Another reader fails the condom test…

My adult stepdaughter Lyn (19) is living at home. And she asked if I could buy her condoms because she’s broke. I said I didn’t want to do that and told her to steal one from my desk like a normal kid. Lyn said she didn’t want to because she didn’t think my condoms would fit her boyfriend. She’s seen me a few times changing, I didn’t think she would know just from that. But then she opened Amazon and picked out the condoms her boyfriend uses, and they’re Magnums for really huge cocks.

I couldn’t help it. I said, “Oh my god, Magnums?”

She made a creepy smile and nodded. Which was so uncomfortable I wanted to jump out the window. Then she saw how red I was and said, “It doesn’t matter if your dick is small. My mom seems to like it.”

I ordered her condoms and said we don’t need to talk about my size. And then, even though that day was a work-from-home day, I decided to go into the office and get away from how embarrassing/humiliating/cringe that all was. I think that’s the most hardcore, actually embarrassing, real-life SPH moment I’ve ever had.


Meanwhile, this reader had a jerk-off buddy…

So this happened when we were both 18. I was at a friend’s house playing video games. We got horny as you do and eventually decided we both needed to jerk off to satisfy our needs, lol. He had one room in his house with bunk beds, so we decided to go in there as we were home alone and took a bunk each.

I was on the bottom bunk, he the top, and we started jerking off watching some porn on each of our phones. After a few minutes, I noticed that I could see myself in the mirror on the wall to the left of the bed, and I also noticed that my mate could also see me. I couldn’t see anything of him, however, so I jokingly said, “How come you can see mine, but I can’t see yours? That seems unfair.”

He said, “I didn’t really want to show mine, hence why we started on bunks.”

I said, “Neither did I, but it looks like that didn’t last long. Get down here, and we’ll sit next to each other.

Eventually, he did, and we got the first proper look at what each of us was packing. I was about 5” hard and average girth, but my mate was no more than 3” and very thin.

He said, “We’re pretty close in size,” but I think that was him trying to make sure I didn’t say anything about his micro dick to anyone.

We restarted jerking and, not long after, were both getting close to cumming.

“I’m gonna go finish,” he said.

I said, “Just do it here. We can have a competition to see who cums more, seeing as it’s already 1-0 to me anyway.”

He was down for it, so he went first, and a couple of spurts of cum dribbled out his micro dick down his short shaft and onto his small balls. I followed, shooting a couple of decent ropes across my chest.

“Damn,” he said, “nice load man.”

I said, “Thanks, not bad yourself,” and we then cleaned ourselves up.

We jerked off quite a few more times after that, each time just as fun as the last. His poor little micro dick never got any bigger, but mine grew to a nice 7” hard by the time I was 22.


While this reader has had a nasty separation from his wife…

I need to get something off my chest. Just to lay it out straight: my wife and I are done—separated. This mess is about the explosive fights that blew up towards the end. Straight up, I’ve got a micropenis, or as they say here, I’m a gold member of the small dick club. But what tops that? Being an absolute dick to your wife in one of those final blowouts and then getting publicly destroyed for it. We were married for a decade, and in one of those last fights, I was a grade-A jerk to her.

She stormed out of our home onto the city’s (New Delhi) crowded streets, and I went after her, trying to drag the fight back inside, away from prying eyes.

But she lost it and did something she had never done before—screaming about my size in front of literally everyone—neighbors, our staff, random folks passing by. Just yelling “SMALL DICK…SMALL DICK…SMALL DICK…SMALL DICK…” over and over, drawing stares and laughs.

I stuck my fingers in my ears, trying to block it out as she kept going. I know I had it coming for how I acted. It got worse as we fought and moved closer toward the eventual separation. She blabbed to her friends about my small dick, how I’ve never given her a single orgasm even once in the ten years she’s known me, and even about my small penis humiliation fetish and cuckold fetish. This gossip spread like a virus, hitting mutual friends, which included my close friends, my cousins, and old-school pals.

She’s been laughing about my size with all her guy friends, guys who definitely have much bigger dicks than me. I’m not proud of this, but I snooped her messages and saw she was joking with some dude from a bar about how I’ve never managed to make her cum. They laughed about her being stuck with someone with a really tiny dick. Because of this, everyone knows about my fetishes now. My wife left because I couldn’t get her off, and now my micropenis and my fantasies about her being with guys who can are out in the open. Cousins, friends, close friends, school buddies, her friends—everyone’s in on it.

So here’s the deal. I’m cornered, with no way out but to own this entire clusterfuck. It’s like I’m branded with it, my shame turned public spectacle. There’s no corner of my life this scandal hasn’t touched; it’s like a shadow I can’t shake off. This brutal saga taught me one thing: being a colossal dick to my wife was the dumbest, most humiliating mistake of my life, one I’ll never, ever fucking repeat.


This reader was close with his female cousin…

I’ll preface this story by saying this isn’t really an incestuous story. At least, I never considered this to be an incestuous encounter. Maybe it is? When I was 16-20, my best friend was my cousin, Amanda. She and I were second cousins and didn’t really meet until that age. When we met, she and I hit it off. We hung out all the time and went to each other for advice about everything. When I had girl problems, I went to her, and when she had guy problems, she came to me.

We had no secrets. Well, one weekend, Amanda came to stay at my college apartment. It was a modest apartment, and she always slept in my bed when she visited. It wasn’t weird, and we even cuddled when we slept most of the time. Looking back, it was like we dated without the sex. On this particular weekend, we had a few drinks, and we were lying in bed watching Netflix. We started talking about our sex lives. She asked how the girl I was seeing was in bed. I told her she was great and she had a really tight pussy.

Amanda kind of rolled her eyes. “Why do all guys care about that? Is it because it makes your dick feel bigger?”

I kind of laughed. I wasn’t super experienced, and at this time, nobody had told me I had a small dick. “I dunno, Amanda. It just feels better. I mean, I’m sure you like big guys.” We both laughed. “How’s your new fella?” I asked.

She kind of blushed. “He’s great. And he doesn’t have to worry about how tight a girl is,” she grinned, holding her hands up, indicating he was quite big.

We both laughed. “Lucky you,” I said.

“Maybe your girlfriend isn’t super tight, and you’re just hung and don’t realize it?” she laughed.

I kind of chuckled. “Maybe so,” I said, trailing off.

We watched the movie some more and chatted and drank. Finally, Amanda looked at me and said, “You know I could tell you…like give you an honest opinion…”

I looked at her, confused.

“About your size. Girls you date are gonna lie. I’m your cousin, so it doesn’t matter to me. I could just tell you the truth,” she said.

We went back and forth about whether it was weird or not.

Finally, “Oh c’mon. Don’t be a buzzkill,” she said and laughed as she pulled the blanket down and grabbed my shorts.

She pulled them down slightly but stopped and looked at me for permission. “Go ahead…” I said, rolling my eyes.

She pulled my shorts down and revealed my small dick perched neatly on top of my balls like a turtle’s head. I was totally soft and was about the size of half my thumb.

“Oh…” she said in a surprised/disappointed tone.

I kind of panicked. “Well, it grows when I get hard!” I laughed. “I’m obviously not gonna be hard just lying here.”

She looked around curiously. “Would this help?” she said, pulled her shirt over her head and sat there topless.

Now, I’d always known she was hot. But she was my cousin, and I’d never wanted to hook up with her. She was 5’ even, blonde, had a toned stomach, DD tits (which I just learned were perky as hell with perfect little nipples), big blue eyes, and a round ass.

My jaw dropped. I couldn’t help but stare. “Amanda. What the fuck?” I said, unable to look away. My dick began to get hard just looking.

“Oh, come on. It’s just tits. You’re the one with your dick out.”

We both laughed, and I kept staring.

“You can touch them if you want,” she said.

I slowly reached up with both hands. I squeezed them, feeling how firm they were. They were perfect. To this day, they’re some of the best tits I’ve ever felt. Within seconds, I was fully hard. Standing straight up proudly at my silver member hard dick with no girth.

Amanda looked down at it. “So that’s fully hard?”

I nodded at her.

“Well…I’ve seen bigger…”

I looked down at it as she pushed my hands away and pulled her shirt back over her tits.

“Yeah, but I’m sure you’ve seen smaller,” I said.

She didn’t reply. She just sat there looking.

“Right?” I asked for reassurance.

“Ahhh…I mean, I haven’t personally seen one smaller…” Amanda mumbled.

I kind of already knew that would be the answer. Amanda had told me about all her hookups, and they’d all been pretty hung.

She reached down and pulled my shorts up. “We’ll just cover your little dicklette up,” she kind of giggled.

I wasn’t sure what to think, really. The conversation ended abruptly, and we said goodnight. We cuddled through the night, and we continued being pals for years to come, with only a couple more ‘unique’ encounters like that. Years later, we were chatting about it, and she disclosed that she was insanely horny that night and had considered hooking up with me. However, seeing how small my dick was changed her mind. Which I guess is a good thing. Right? RIGHT?


Another reader is just enough for his girl…

So the other night, I jumped in bed, no pants. She asked, “What are you doing?”

“We should have sex,” I said.

“OK, but do you think you can last a little longer than usual?” giggling, as her bottoms are coming off really quickly.

As she’s stroking me, getting me hard, she says, “I read an article that said most girls want it to be about 6” long because they can only feel about 4”. So, like only this much can be felt,” putting a finger approximately 4” down my now hard dick.

“That’s not 4 inches.”

“Yes, it is. See, here to here is an inch.”

Showing me between the knuckles on her finger. Then measured off 4 inches down my dick, leaving only a 1/2” left.

“See 4”. That’s why your size is good for me. I’m small, so your 4” is just enough.”

My response: “Four inches is pretty small, huh?”

“It is, but I’m small, so it works for me,” she said. She then grabbed one of her vibrators and some lube. Put some on each of us and the vibe on her clit and said, “OK, bring that four incher over here.”

I slid it in with ease. I lasted slightly longer than usual but still well under a minute. Even after I was done, my girlfriend kept going. Making herself cum three times. Putting her vibrator on the nightstand, she smiles and says, “See, your little guy is just enough for me.”

She’s not always that direct.


Meanwhile, this reader enjoyed his surgery prep a little too much…

I had to have an operation earlier this week. Part of the prep was needing a catheter inserted. Because I’m a twisted individual who enjoys urethral sounding, I was looking forward to the catheter insertion.

The nurse walks in, a striking lady in her mid-50s. She is pretty and has taken care of herself over the years. She’s polite and friendly and can hold an enjoyable conversation. She explains the procedure and that it requires a catheter. She explains the discomfort and everything involved with a catheter. Secretly, I was really looking forward to having the catheter in.

A while later she returns with a tray that has everything she needs for the catheter insertion procedure, all products individually sealed in their sterile plastic packaging. She catches me staring and gives a sort of smirk/smile.

She pulls back the covers and gasps at my 1/2” flaccid penis and throws the covers back down and looks at me. I’m sheepishly grinning at her reaction.

“He’s a little guy, isn’t he?” she says to me.

“Yes, ma’am, I have a tiny penis,” I say in submission.

I don’t know why, but I just completely submitted to this woman. Maybe it was the scenario; maybe it was that she was about to have her hands all over what little glory I had, or maybe my brain went somewhere it shouldn’t have. It could’ve been all of those, for all I know. What I do know is that at that moment, I submitted to her completely.

She continued to prep everything. Asking if I have kids, if I’m married, etc. Along the way, she makes little comments which is just getting me harder and harder. She peels the covers back again to reveal I have grown to my full gold member micro dick. She giggled slightly and began prepping my lil guy and started to slide the catheter in.

I can feel it stretch me, and it feels amazing. The nurse inserted it deeper and deeper. Eventually penetrated my bladder. She finished everything up, attached the hoses to the bag, covered me back up, and cleaned everything up.

She smiled at me as she turned to leave, notating that the team would be in shortly to take me into surgery.


While this reader is in a tight (pants) situation…

I was 19 years old, and I was on a bus. At that time, I didn’t pay attention to how clothes looked on me, even though I already knew very well that I had a small penis, because, at the age of 12, I discovered that I was the smallest in my class. When it’s soft, it’s an inch long, and only the head is visible. Even my balls are small.

Then, standing on the bus, I noticed a girl of oriental origin who was staring at my pants. In that position, my penis was right next to her shoulder. Then I looked down and realized: I was wearing stretchy, body-hugging gym pants, and all that was visible was the raised tip of the head of the penis. Not even the balls appeared. It looked like a girl’s body. I immediately turned around, but there was nothing I could do.

A woman on the other side saw me turning and instantly noticed my uncomfortable detail. Fortunately, I found a place to sit, and before getting up to go down, I arranged it to try to make it more discreet, if that was possible. If I could, I would have made him hard before getting up, but I couldn’t. If it were hard, it would look like a normal-sized flaccid dick.


This reader loves going to the nude beach…

I regularly go to a nudist beach with my little dick. I’m almost never disappointed. A laugh here. A comment was heard there. Regardless, two specific incidents stood out above the rest.

SPH Experience 1…

Busy weekend. Crowded beach. Two women arrived and took an empty spot less than 15 or 20 feet away. I was wearing my headphones, but they weren’t on. I could still hear. I pretended to read my book still. I could see they were both looking at me, but I tried to act like I didn’t notice. The first one’s name was Jenny, and the second one was Rachel. I heard the following.

Jenny: “Why the hell would he come here? He must know how small it is, right? You’d think he’d be embarrassed.”

Rachel: “Who knows? Guys can be clueless. I almost feel bad. He probably doesn’t even know that almost everyone here is making fun of him. Poor guy, he has a ridiculously small dick, the smallest I have ever seen. In my opinion, he is still a virgin. Impossible to satisfy a woman with such a tiny one.”

Jenny: “You’re right. I think he’d even be incapable of deflowering a virgin with a dick that small.”


SPH Experience 2…

Same beach. In fact, I met a woman I worked with a few years ago through Hazard. She was naked with her friend. Both had a superb body and a well-shaven pussy, and me there, standing in front of them, naked with my small erect gold member micropenis. She invited me to sit down, and we started catching up. Her friend, who I didn’t know, wasn’t really involved in the conversation because she hadn’t worked where we worked. While I was talking to my former colleague, I noticed that her friend sometimes looked closely at my erect dick.

Then she turned away with a huge smile as if she was thinking of something else. If it had only happened once, I might not have noticed it so clearly. She looked several times, then turned away with a huge smile. This is where it became humiliating for me. Based on how much her friend was staring and laughing, I’m guessing this was the first topic she brought up with my former coworker after I left. Let me wonder.

When my former colleague returned to work on Monday, I would like to know how many women in that office she told about what she saw. Or, to be more precise, how little she saw. How many women have I worked with in this office who showed up for work on Monday and found out from my friend what a small penis I had that was incapable of satisfying women? I guess that’s a lot. They were still chatting, and I’m sure my small size was a new topic of conversation for them.

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