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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader describes some of his experiences…

When I was in high school, a number of people moved in and out of the house next to ours. I was a sophomore, and Ron and Diane moved in next door. They had a blended family, and each had a freshman daughter, Angie and Megan. Occasionally they had their other kids stay on the weekend.

Shortly after they moved in that summer, Angie and Shannon (Megan’s half-sister) came outside on a 90-degree day to sunbathe. I stared from our kitchen window at their beautiful bodies. Megan joined them, wearing a tankinie. She was full-figured, figured, to say the least, but still beautiful. I’m a gold member of the small dick club, and my Gold Member erection was rock hard. Thankfully, I was wearing jeans. My dad caught me staring and told me to go over and introduce myself and offer them a Coke or some tea.

I went over, still rock hard, and hoped they wouldn’t notice as the sun was so bright. Megan and Shannon had a Coke, but Angie wanted a tea. She wasn’t pleased when she found out it wasn’t sweetened, so I got her a coke, too. As I handed it to her, Megan snuck up behind me and tried to ‘pants’ me! Thankfully, my jeans hung up on my Gold Member erection, and nothing was seen. They all laughed and thanked me for the drinks.

About a month later, I had built up a talking relationship with all the girls and stopped over frequently. I was standing in their kitchen talking to Megan and her mom, Diane, when Shannon snuck up behind and ‘pantsed’ me. Unfortunately, this time, I was wearing shorts with no underwear! She got me good, and both Megan and Diane got an eye full of my flaccid innie. Both smiled, and Megan started to laugh. I pulled up my shorts as quickly as possible. I looked at Shannon, and she said at least I had a cute ass, they all laughed, and I said it was time for me to go.

Three weeks later, I stopped over, and Megan was home alone watching TV in the afternoon. I sat down, and after a few minutes, she said, “ I want to see it get hard!”

I knew right away what she meant. I was half hard already, and being a teen, it only took me a few strokes to make my little dick stiff. She watched me the whole time, about 30 seconds, and blurted out, “ I’ve got to measure it.”

She got a ruler, measured, and said, “I can’t wait to tell Liz how big you are!”

Her friend Liz had a crush on me. Well, on Monday at school, I found out Liz knew about my small dick. She said she didn’t care that I was small. She still wanted me. We never got together.

That winter, it was about two in the morning. I went out to have a cigarette, and I could see that someone was watching TV in the neighbor’s living room. I walked over a bit, and it was Angie. I really liked Angie, and we had become good friends. I stepped into their house after my smoke and went in and sat next to Angie. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and asked if I wanted a quickie! Boy, did I! She asked if I had a condom, and I told her I did. It was in my wallet. We started to undress. I was hurriedly trying to remember how they taught us how to open and put on a condom in health class. You see, I was still a virgin. Well, I tried rolling the condom over my Gold Member erection, and it just fell off.

Angie said, “Don’t you have a condom that fits?”

I said, “Apparently not,” and we agreed that I could have a rain check until I found a fitting condom.

The next day, I went to a drug store in a neighboring town and found Japanese condoms. I bought some, took them home, tried one on, and they fit! I went right over and told Angie, “I’m ready now.”

She smiled, put her hand on my cheek, kissed me on the lips, and told me that the moment had passed. I was devastated. We stayed friends for many years but never got together.


Another reader was bullied by his older sister…

My sister is three years older than me (slim, south European, dark hair) and has a lot of friends. Since I can remember, she always made fun of me because of my underdeveloped penis. When I was 4, she overpowered me and pulled down my trousers by force, held my small member, and laughed. Nine years later, she asked me if I got erections with my tiny penis. Once, she had a barbecue party in our garden with her friends (around 20 girls her age). Fourteen-year-old antisocial me joined, only to grab some food and retreat to my room immediately after that. When her friends asked me why I didn’t stay, I just ignored them. Then my sister spouted, “He’s insecure because of his underdeveloped dick,” and all of her friends started to laugh and looked at me with pitiful and grinning faces.


Meanwhile, this reader has been relegated to the oral bitch…

My girlfriend and I had been talking about doing a three-way for some time. She kept asking if I wanted a guy or a girl as the third. I figured she’d find the other as she’s attractive, talkative, outgoing, etc. She ends up finding a couple she knows that wants to swap partners. She used to work with the lady. We meet, and everything seems good. Her friend is attractive, and they’re into it all.

We rented an Airbnb with a hot tub. To break the ice, we all get naked in the hot tub. The other guy was huge, like nine inches and thick. I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club, and to make matters worse, my hard dick is very thing like a pencil. My girlfriend tells me not to worry, but then later, he stands up, and the ladies are admiring it, and my girlfriend just reaches out and grabs hold of it. She tells me to stand up, and I do, with a boner, and I’m still tiny compared to the other guy who isn’t even hard. With her free hand, my girlfriend grabs my dick and tugs me over to compare them closer to each other.

We end up in the bedroom, and wasting no time, he mounts my girlfriend from behind. Then the other lady said, “Your girlfriend says you’re good at oral,” so I went down on her for a while and then mounted her in missionary.

She was kind enough, but she wasn’t into my smaller dick and kept watching her husband humping while I humped her. My girlfriend wants to do it again soon. Apparently, he never goes down on her, so the other lady is up for doing it again.


While this reader is a cuckold in the making…

In my junior year of college, I lived in a house with five other friends. I had a room on the 3rd floor, and my friend Jake had the room directly below mine, and we often heard through the floors.

I had known for some time that Jake was hung like a horse. At every opportunity, he would walk around in a towel and drop it or just pull down his pants and whip out his cock. And I would have if I were him, too. It was about 6-7in soft, girthy, uncut, and swayed like a pendulum weighed down by a heavy tip. I, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. I was circumcised, and I’m a bronze member of the small dick club when erect, and while flaccid, you could only see my mushroom-like tip poking out from my small balls.

On Halloween night, I met Brielle at my fraternity’s party. We talked for a while, got a drink and danced. That night we only ended up kissing but had a nice time. The following Friday, Brielle came back to my fraternity for a party, and we spent the whole time together. We got drinks and found a place to talk. After a while, we went to my house and started kissing and grabbing.

Eventually, we both undressed and had sex. We mostly stuck to doggy, and I remember Brielle’s distinct and sexy soft moans. It almost sounded like she was receiving a massage, quivering and moaning with each thrust. I enjoyed it, and she seemed to have a good time, too. I walked her home and got her number to end the night.

The following Saturday, my fraternity had another party and I asked Brielle if she was doing anything later and to come to the party. She said she would be busy but text me later.

I check my phone consistently until one am and decide to go home. As I am going up the stairs I hear some soft moans, almost recognizable soft moans. I think nothing of it and continue to my room. Within a few minutes, the soft moans became carnal screams of pleasure. I heard shouts of, “Give me that fucking monster cock, Jake,” and “I want you to shove that fat cock down my throat.”

As soon as I thought I was recognizing Brielle’s voice, I became harder than she had ever made me. I hid in the stairway, looking down at Jake’s door to see who would come out. After about 30 minutes of edging on the staircase, I heard the knob creak open. I poked my head above the railing, and to my surprise and pleasure, I saw Brielle partially limping to the bathroom.

The rest of the night, I edged to the thought of Brielle in ecstasy with Jake’s horse cock. I masturbated to him, inevitably defeating me as a man and outperforming me in the most important department—our endowments.

For the next 2 or 3 weeks, it felt like Brielle was in Jake’s room nearly every night. I heard the same screams and orgasms each time. I would edge while I heard Jake and Brielle going at it and intensify as I heard them do so. I always tried to time my cum shot to Brielle’s classic “You’re gonna make me cum,” scream that I got to know so well.

That was until Jake got bored of Brielle and blessed his next sneaky link. What a lucky guy.


This reader also got set up by his sister…

I had never gotten on very well with my sister Sue. We had always been nasty to each other until one day, I was taking a shower and believing the house was empty. I came out of the bathroom naked. I noticed my sister looking straight at my genitals and smiling as I rushed passed her into my room. I was really embarrassed and had a stirring feeling, getting hard, realizing it turned me on her being the first person to see me naked. After that, we started to get along quite well, and the incident was never mentioned. I thought how lucky I had been as she could’ve outed me to everyone, me having a small dick (Erect, I’m a silver member of the small dick club) and 1 inch soft when Sue got to see it that day.

Sue was a couple of years younger than me and didn’t drive, so I began giving her lifts, and it became a regular thing. One of the lifts was to her yoga class, and she’d always try to get me to join it. When I went to collect her, I would see one or two guys leave. They were wearing leggings, and when Sue came out, she was chatting with them for a while and pointing over to me. When she got into the car, she said, “Look, you could look fit like them if you joined.”

I said I’d think about it.

A few days later, she gave me a present, it was a pair of leggings, and she told me to try them on, and see if they fit OK. “You’ll have no excuse not to come to yoga,” she said.

I felt I had to at the back of my mind if I disappointed her—she could reveal my secret. I went into my room to try them, and as I started to undress, she followed me in. I tried to say I wasn’t ready, but she said, “It’s OK. I’ve seen it all before, and leggings are to be worn without underwear, so hurry up,” as she sat on the bed watching me.

I eventually got them on and looked in the mirror. All I noticed was a little bulge in the front. I said, “I can’t wear these.”

Sue said, “Yes, you can. I think they look good, and the other guys have a bulge, too, and no one takes any notice anyway. I understand how you feel, but you must try to get over it.”

On the day of the class I was feeling nervous all day. Sue was insisting I go and didn’t give me a choice. We eventually entered the yoga room. There were about 12 people there, all female, and Sue took me over to the instructor, Jane, and introduced me. In turn, asked me to follow her to the front of the room under a spotlight and called the others over. Jane said, “As you can see, this is Ray. Sue’s ‘little’ brother.”

I hadn’t realized the spotlight had made my leggings see-through. They all saw my little soft dick. Sue set me up.


Another reader is cuckolded by his crush…

Lori worked at a rival pizza restaurant. I worked with her brother and became friends with him. She had long brown hair and blue eyes and stood 5’2”, weighing about 120lbs with generous C-cup breasts and a little bubble butt. Let’s just say Lori got around. About six months after I met her, I took her out on a date to a hockey game. We had a nice time and went out on a few more dates. We always were running into guys she knew, and I started to wonder if I was getting into another cuckold relationship. She told me about her high school boyfriend, Ryan, who she still slept with occasionally, and his 8-inch penis. And she told me about her supervisor, Chad, who she often slept with at work, and his 8-inch penis. But I was intimidated because I am a gold member of the small dick club hard.

I went to Lori’s apartment after class, and she was getting high with her high school boyfriend, Ryan. I got high, too. Lori and Ryan started to kiss. Ryan took his stiffening penis out and moved toward me, I had told Lori about my previous cuckoldry experience, and Ryan put his 8 inches right in my face. I started to suck his penis. He was hard already. I tasted something. I guess it was his pre-cum. Lori sat and watched, pawing at her pussy. He came in my mouth after a few minutes, and I gagged. His cock started to soften, and Ryan put it in Lori’s mouth. She was very good at oral, apparently, as he got hard again. I watched as they fucked for about an hour. They both had orgasms. Ryan and Lori talked for another hour, and I just sat there silently. He left, then I left and went to work. Lori had never slept with me, only giving me the occasional hand job.

Chad was a real jerk, as I found out. He came over after work as Lori, and I had been having a few beers. He had a beer and said, “This is the guy?”

I had no idea what he was talking about. Lori said, “Yes, this is him.”

Lori was sitting by me and Chad was now standing. She reached up my shorts and started playing with my flaccid innie and ballsac. As I got about one inch hard, she pulled down my shorts and started to suck me. Chad laughed, telling me his cock was that big when he was seven years old. I was totally hard now. Lori unzipped Chad’s pants, unleashing his penis. He was as long as Ryan but even thicker. She laid him down and got on him reverse cowgirl. She couldn’t even take his whole cock.

She motioned for me to come over and then started to suck me again. She pulled my shorts off and then got off of Chad, who was now in full glory. She told me to bend over on the couch. I quickly regretted having told her about my previous cuckold experience with another woman as Chad impaled my ass, dry, with what felt like his whole cock. It was painful and uncomfortable. I think I started to bleed. I was bloody when he was done, that was for sure.

He rammed me for what felt like an eternity as Lori watched. Apparently, Chad preferred anal, and Lori wouldn’t do it. He came with a loud groan deep in my ass. I could feel it. He asked me if I liked it as he pulled out, and I said no. He laughed. Lori washed him up with a washcloth and some soap.

She got some strawberry jelly from the fridge and put it all over his semi-hard cock, and started to suck him hard again. She laid back, and he fucked her missionary as I just watched. They fucked for almost an hour, and Lori had multiple orgasms. When they were finished, Chad told me to get him a beer. There weren’t any left. He said, “Well, go buy more then!”

I left for the store, but when I returned, the lights were off, and no one was home. Lori never even gave me a handjob after that experience, we still talked, but she stayed with Chad for almost ten years, having a kid with him.


Meanwhile, this reader doesn’t get to ride the town bike…

So this story goes way back. I still remember when I first got SPH. It was an ex of mine who was pretty well known for being the hot girl at the time, and if anybody had to take a guess, she was experienced. She was the second girl I had ever been with. So the story goes, we go to my friend’s house whose parents were out of town one night. So I brought the girl over to his place, we started off drinking a shot or two before we went to the room. Once we did, though, things got heated right away.

We kissed, and I got her naked. I was only in my boxers so she could take it off for me, so she kept grabbing my dick from outside of my underwear before she asked me to take it out for her. I was semi-hard, but once I pulled it out, I saw her facial expression I’ll never forget. Her jaw dropped, then a smirk, then a lil giggling, and she covered her mouth with her hand. It was the first time I got hard for something like that.

She cupped it and said, “Aww, it’s a lil’ babydick.”

We didn’t end up doing anything. But just made out the whole night, a lil fingering here and there. But the following week, she told her friends I had a small dick. I jacked off to the thought of them all laughing at me. I am a silver member of the small dick club.


While this reader’s morning erection doesn’t impress the girls…

For my 21st birthday, I and my two best friends and three girls got a hotel room and went to a concert in Virginia. The next morning I had to piss and had a raging morning wood. When I finished in the bathroom, I was coming back to bed, and I heard Amber and Erin giggling. Finally, I asked them what was so funny, and Amber piped up, “Well, we saw you before you woke up and went to the bathroom, and your morning wood was poking out of your boxers.”

Then Erin added, “Yeah, and when Amber told me, and I looked, it wasn’t morning wood but more like morning ‘twig.’”

They cracked up, and my friends started waking up. And one by one, they asked what was so funny and were laughing, and Amber and Erin told my two best friends and Rachel how they saw my ‘morning twig’ while doing the small dick sign with their fingers. I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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