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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s mother-in-law (MIL) was not impressed…

So this happened many years ago while my wife and I were still dating. We were at her parents’ house for the holidays, and I think we thought everyone was out shopping. The details are a little fuzzy. Anyway, her mother accidentally walked in on us fooling around. I’m sure she got a good view of my small package fully hard but she just quickly apologized and shut the door. She apologized once more at dinner, and that was the last I heard of it…until

Fast forward to a few years ago, and when my MIL passed away(RIP), my wife decided to tell me about a conversation they had together about that particular night. My wife couldn’t remember verbatim what she said. Still, the gist of it was that she noticed how small I was and wanted to offer her advice and experience she had learned from her first husband. She mentioned her ex-husband was pretty small (but apparently not as small as me), and it eventually caused problems in their marriage. It wasn’t the sole factor in the divorce. Still, she said it was a major component, as it kind of exacerbated everything. She also mentioned not IF but WHEN it will eventually become a problem for my wife.

My wife said she basically told her to break up with me without actually saying it. My wife didn’t tell me about this originally because she didn’t want to cause any tension between her mom and me (understandable).

I think back on this now every once in a while, and it turns me on knowing that my MIL actually said and thought these things. Anyway, I thought you guys would enjoy this story. Thanks for reading!


Another reader’s wife is getting dick pics on the side…

About a month ago, my wife outed me for having a small penis and being a prejac to her girlfriend during a night of drinking. SPH very turns me on, but only between me and my wife when it happens organically. My wife does not know I have the fetish. Her girlfriend told her that she was going to send her dick pics that she got from a guy at their work because he has a huge dick, and maybe she needs to see what one looks like. I asked her not to because I don’t want my wife looking at other men’s dicks. The next morning, my wife told me she would tell her girlfriend that she was just kidding after I told her that I did not want other people to know my shortcomings.

I decided to go through my wife’s phone when she was in the shower. I know I shouldn’t, but I wanted to make sure that her girlfriend did not send her dick pics of the guy they work with. A guy I know flirts with her, I might add. I started scrolling, and sure enough, there they were. Dick pics of the guy they work with from her girlfriend. My gut sank. He was so big. It was like two Red Bull cans. Text after text of my wife telling her girlfriend how amazing their co-worker’s dick is and how small mine is. I got instantly hard and almost came in my pants.

I heard the shower stop and my wife getting out. I threw the phone down. She came into the bedroom completely naked while I was sitting on the bed, trying to hide my erection. I wanted to confront her, but instead, I threw her down on the bed. I kicked my pants off and stuck my dick in her. I got about three pumps and blew my load all over her. She was so mad. She said now she has to take another shower because her minuteman husband can’t control his tiny dick. She got up, picked up her phone, and went back into the shower to clean the disappointment off of her.


Meanwhile, this reader is embarrassed during an ultrasound…

I have been lurking here for a long time and haven’t worked up the courage to share any of my embarrassment regarding my small genitals. I am less than an inch soft. I’m a gold member of the small dick club when hard. Yes, I have a micropenis. And I have very underdeveloped testicles, too, which is what my doctor wanted checked. I delayed for a long time before scheduling the ultrasound I needed. Even after calling, I worried about it for weeks. I wanted to cancel this appointment so badly.

I got to my appointment on time and filled out the paperwork. It wasn’t long before a young man came and got me. His name was Jeff. I was so embarrassed when I walked into the dark little exam room. He explained what he was going to do and that I needed to take my pants and underwear off. He also told me he was still learning this job and that his supervisor, Jana, would be present as well. He asked if I was OK with this and I said yes. I was almost in a panic. I was going to be seen by a man and a woman and had no idea how many more would see me.

He left me to undress and did give me a hand towel to cover my penis with. When he left, I quickly undressed. I was humiliated, staring between my legs. I have such a baby dick it’s not fair. I pulled my little penis up and laid the towel over it, and waited for him to come back in. When he did, Jana was with him. She was very nice looking. Probably mid-40s. I found her very attractive and was beyond humiliated to have my tiny baby balls exposed to her. He sat in the chair facing me and his computer screen, and she stood behind him, watching what he did on the screen and how he used the paddle on my little balls.

They made comments to each other about what parts they were looking at, and she was kind of quizzing him on what he was seeing. At one point, she took the paddle from him and said, “With some patients, you need to kind of….” and she moved the paddle really low under my little balls.

I don’t know why she did it like that, and I don’t know what she was trying to say to him, but in my mind, I took it as ‘some very small patients.’ During their small talk with me, I admitted that my doctor sent me because he thought my testicles were underdeveloped. Jana quickly sided with my doctor and said she noticed that immediately! I wanted to cry and run away!

My lip was trembling when I asked her if I was the smallest she had examined. She first assured me there was no reason to be alarmed and that there was probably nothing wrong with me. Still, she then said that she would have to say that I was the smallest adult male she had done a testicle ultrasound on. All I could say out loud without breaking down and crying was, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

I apologized to them for having tiny sissy bumps! I have never felt so stupid! I am going to hear myself saying that for a long, long time in my head. Twice during the exam, my fear about my little penis came true. I am simply too small to stay under the towel easily. As he moved the prob around, my little pee pee just rolled out from under. Both times, I noticed it happening and wanted to scream. I apologized both times and pushed it back under.

The second time, my eyes welled up, and I was truly worried that I might start crying. When they were done, they both thanked me for being a good patient and for allowing them both to be present. I thanked them both and she told me I could use the towel to wipe the gel off and I could get dressed. She told me from what they could see, there was nothing abnormal. The lab would print the pictures they took with the probe, and a technician would look at them, and the results would be sent to my doctor. She explained all of this to me as I sat there with the towel now covering my genitals.

I felt like a toddler in front of them. I didn’t want to get up and expose myself even further from them, maybe seeing my nub from the side. It was an embarrassing few moments. I wiped myself clean, got dressed, and left. I am mortified that more people have seen how tiny I am.


While this reader is embarrassed for art…

My girlfriend is an artist, and while she was a student, one of their projects was life drawing, which, most of the time, is typically nude. They did this in class weekly, and she’d often tell me about the people who came in to be drawn; the one I remember most vividly is of an older gentleman who came in and was hard the full time, regularly making eye contact with my girlfriend and some of the other girls. He actually began dripping pre-cum on the floor (kind of creepy, but I also know there’s no way I’d be able to remain flaccid in a room full of women).

They were given a home project to do some life drawings in their own time; it wasn’t specified that they had to be nude, but as previously mentioned, typically, they are. My girlfriend asked if I’d be willing to pose nude, and I was on board until she explained that these were going to be showcased for everyone to see; as much as I enjoy the humiliation, I wasn’t sure that I was willing to be put on display for that many people. I then decided that I’d still be willing to pose for her but only fully clothed, which I did.

She ended up with five drawings to display; one of herself (petite, 5’1”, lots of tattoos, C cup tits, a fat ass, and a well-kept jet black bush), her ex-boyfriend based on a picture he sent her with his permission (fully hard in the picture, he’s around 9”), one of her friends (similar appearance and style to my girlfriend but even more petite, smaller tits and less ass), one of the gay guys on her course (flaccid but looked at least 5”) and then me. I was the only fully clothed drawing in the entire show.

At the event, I stood with my girlfriend and a load of her college friends. I had met most of them previously at parties and other college events. Her lecturer then comes over to speak to everyone and introduces herself to me (quite eccentric looking, dyed red hair, large glasses, the early 50s. She’s exactly what I’d imagine an art teacher to look like). Eventually, she gets on to the discussion of my girlfriend’s drawings, and she asks why I was clothed for it. Before I can respond, my girlfriend says, “He didn’t want everyone to see how little his dick is.”

I didn’t know what to say and immediately went beet red as they all laughed. It was very unexpected and out of character for my girlfriend, as she’s usually very embarrassed about people knowing my size. Still, I guess the free drinks had loosened her lips.


This reader has fun at a strip club…

For some background, I’m a gold member erect and less than an inch soft. I’m a 24-year-old virgin, and I love being degraded and humiliated. A few months ago, I started wearing a nub chastity cage and bright pink panties pretty much everywhere I went.

On New Year’s Eve, a few friends of mine were drinking and hanging out since we didn’t have much to do. After we watched the ball drop and drank too much, we decided to take an Uber to a strip club. Once we got there, we paid the cover, and they let us all in. I had been to a few strip clubs before but never in a cage, so I knew things were going to get really tight really soon. We bought a table with Champagne like a bunch of idiots and watched the girls dance.

In the next hour, all of my other friends left to get private dances and came back several times. A few girls sat on my lap and asked for a dance, but I didn’t really want to out of fear I’d get hard. My friends were giving me a hard time, so I caved and said I’d walk around and find someone. I walked to the bar, and while standing there, this super hot stripper with black hair came up to me and started making flirtatious small talk. We chatted for a few and she put her hand on the inside of my thigh and asked if I wanted a dance.

She looked like a hot, goth woman, which was really attractive to me, so I said yes. She walked me back into the rooms and took off her top immediately, revealing her perky tits. She danced for a little and then started to grind on my crotch with her tight ass. She asked if that was my phone poking at her, and I laughed and said no. She looked at me a bit confused, so I told her I was into some kinky stuff like being caged. Her face turned from confusion to realization that she could probably get even more dances out of me if she indulged my fantasies. Plus, my penis was literally in a cage, so I’m sure that made her feel a bit more comfortable.

She continued grinding and asked what else I was into. I told her I love being cuckolded and being told how small I am. She giggled a bit and said, “Pretty small cage, huh?”

As she grinded. I said yeah, and she laughed again. By this time, the song was ending, and she asked if I wanted another dance. I said yes, definitely, and then she really got into it. For the next 15 minutes or so, she was just diving right into it. She started telling me that she never gets guys who are smaller than 7 inches. I told her my micro hard size, and she gave me a real, genuine laugh. She said if she ever got with a guy and he pulled out anything smaller than 5 inches, she would tell them to fuck off.

I started feeling my cage get tighter as she kept going. She said she’s been seeing this guy who’s 8 inches and she still wishes it was bigger. She told me that he’s more than double my size and he’s more of a real man than I’ll ever be. Then I told her that I was a virgin, and she laughed again, saying that I always will be a virgin because I’m so tiny.

This went on for 15 minutes until I was getting so constrained in my cage that I felt like I was going to explode. She asked if I had the key with me, and even though I had it in my pocket, I told her no. She said that’s a shame because for $200, she would have let me fuck her, but it looks like I’ll stay a virgin forever.

I get off when people just see my little dick, so I asked her if I could show it to her. She said sorry, not in here, little man. I was so horny I told her I’d give her $100 just to open my jeans and look at it, no touching. She looked behind her, closed the curtains covering the room all the way, and said OK, just because I’m curious. I paid her for the dances and 100, and when I did, she double-checked the curtains and undid my belt.

As soon as she undid the belt, she saw my panties and just stared at the bright pink fabric with her mouth wide open. She started to giggle and said, “Wow, that’s seriously pathetic.”

She said it I’m such a way that wasn’t flirtatious like she had been, like she did away with the stripper act just to let me know that it was truly pathetic. Once she got over the shock of it, she pulled the panties to the side to see my little nub cage latched on tight, covering my desperately small penis. My balls were so swollen, and there was a little stain on my panties where some precum leaked out.

She said, “That’s even smaller than I thought,” and despite what she said, she took two fingers and squeezed one of my balls kind of hard. I jolted, and she laughed. She then stood up straight and said, “OK, put your panties back on, loser.”

I did, and then I thanked her and said that it was a lot of fun. She agreed and asked if it was a thong while trying to look behind me. I turned around and said, “Yeah,” and she laughed again. I walked back out and sat with my friends for a while. A few more went out to get dances, but I knew that nothing would top mine, so I just sat there and thought about how much I wanted to take my cage off.

I went to the bathroom after a little bit, and since the urinals were all the way to the ground and the stall was occupied, I stood there and tried to pee while caged, which is always pretty hard. As I was peeing, some other guy came in and stood at the urinal next to me. He leaned back about a foot away, so my peripherals caught a glimpse of one of the biggest soft cocks I have ever seen. Just the idea of a much larger guy right next to me started to get me horny again, and I couldn’t help but steal a few more glances.

Between the humiliation by the stripper and seeing a real man right next to me, I was about to burst.

As we were gearing up to leave an hour after that, the black-haired stripper came back up to me and said, “Aww, leaving already?”

I said, “Yeah.”

Then she put her hand around my back and said loudly, “Do your friends know you wear panties?”

I got a cold chill and said, “Ugh, what?”

She said, “I’m just kidding,” then reached her hand down the back of my pants and gave me a really hard wedgie.

I looked at her with horror, and she just smiled and put her hand on my chest. None of my friends heard her, but I looked behind me, and I saw a couple laughing really hard. They weren’t looking at me, but I can only assume they saw.


Another reader gets a new doctor…

I had not had a physical in a long time. Then, a medical issue came up, and everyone gave me a hard time for not having a primary physician. So I made an appointment with a doctor accepting new patients, a nurse practitioner. She turned out to be slightly younger than me and fairly attractive, from what I could see, as it was COVID-19, and she was wearing a mask.

We went through all the standard stuff before she asked if I examined my testicles regularly. I told her I did not, so she showed me a pamphlet on how to do it, and I thought that was the end of it. Then, she asked if it was OK for her to examine them. Being well under average size, I paused for just a second before saying it was fine.

With me standing and her on her wheeled stool, she asked me to pull my shorts down, which I did. She looked at my exposed small size for a moment before proceeding. She felt each testicle and described what she was doing and looking for so I knew what to do on my own.

Once done but not backing away, she asked if I had any issues with skin irritation or inflammation on my penis. I was pretty surprised at this, but I said I didn’t, except one time I could recall a while ago (caused by a rough hand job…a long time ago…which I didn’t share). At that, she took my penis between her finger and thumb and pulled back my skin, fully exposing my head to her, and then let it go.

She said it seemed OK, but there was some whiter-colored skin, which could have been cause for concern. Not skipping a beat, she said, “With very small penises, it’s easier for the skin to bunch up and get irritated. If it becomes an issue, I can prescribe something to help.”

It’s never been a problem.


Meanwhile, this reader has a conversation with a sizequeen…

I was talking to a friend, and we were talking about relationships and her relationships with guys. Somehow, she started saying, “It’s alright as long as it’s not a micropenis.”

And she started talking about this guy she was intimate with who had a legitimate micro dick. She was talking about how his dick didn’t go past his balls and how his ginger hair covered it. Then she started talking about how she could tell he had a microdick because of his energy.

Then she said, “You don’t have micropenis energy, but I feel like you have small dick energy. Are you small?”

I kind of dodged the question a little bit, but she could tell I was (Silver Member).

A little later, she said, “It’s OK if a guy has a small dick as long as it works, and sometimes, it’s even better if he’s small.”

She only said that because she knew I had a small penis. She didn’t mean it at all!

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