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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got caught with his pants down…

This just happened one day at my work, and I can’t stop thinking about it. For context, I work at a place where the staff Bathrooms are coed. For another context, I’ve been struggling to find a pair of pants that actually fit me, so the only pair I can reliably use for work I have to tie very tight. They take some effort to pull up. Normally, I work alone in my section, but this new girl has been working at our job, and today, she was up in my section with me. I went to do my business, and normally I never even lock the door because nobody works there with me.

So I do my business, and I stand up, and while I’m struggling to pull my pants up, the door flings open, and she walks right in. She gasps and quickly exits fast but I know she saw everything. I have a flaccid inny when I’m soft, and I’m a gold member when hard. On top of that, I haven’t shaved in months because I get no action, so why bother? So it’s almost completely covered by my bush. The whole rest of the day was awkward. I knew that she knew my little secret and probably was going to tell everyone else I work with.


Another reader gets a buzz he didn’t expect…

Once, I came home from football to the neighbor Joan gossiping with my wife. They were talking about a friend who’s been seeing a guy for three months and has only given her a peck on the cheek. Out of nowhere, Joan says, “Do you think he has a small dick,” looking directly at me with a smirk. “Maybe that’s why because he’s embarrassed. He’s trying to make her like him before he whips that little dicklette out.”

She then proceeds to tell us about a guy she bought home one night, and he whipped it out, and she was like no thank you then showed us how small it was while grinning and looking at me and my missus. My missus was just awkwardly laughing, looking back and forth. Honestly, I was buzzing off that SPH moment.


Meanwhile, this reader gets the best of both worlds…

I’m a lead member of the small dick club. My length isn’t bad (a bit above average hard), but my girth is very, very thin. My previous partner would mock me and compare me all the time. I even have saved messages from some of our sexting where she’d say my cock was so skinny she could barely feel it.

“Poor excuse for a cock. I mean, you can’t even make me cum without making me touch myself.”

“Poor baby, such a skinny cock. Can’t please me. It can’t fill me. You can’t even fuck me half as good as Steven can when he’s not even trying.”

I guess it’s the best of both worlds. It seems big enough and usually good enough due to the length. But at the same time, compared to average thickness or even an actual big cock it’s pretty small and thin. Guess I realized it was the skinny first girl I had sex with. She had a normal-sized condom slip off inside her during sex. Wasn’t the last girl that’s happened with.

In a previous long-term relationship, she faked orgasms for six months. But told me her ex-husband had a massive cock. She said sex with him wasn’t as good and exciting, but she was able to orgasm during sex with him.

My current girlfriend makes comments, jokingly, not outright, which is all right. It would be more fun if she were more direct. One thing she does is make me do foreplay for a long time, and she’ll get on top and grind her pussy/clit on my cock until she’s close. Then she’ll slip my cock in and orgasm immediately, typically. So essentially doesn’t even use my cock to get off.

Overall I love my cock. It’s nice looking, long enough, but small enough to get my SPH side going easily.


While this reader had a night with a girl she never forgot…

An ex-sexual partner went semi-viral on social media for a sex confession, and I’ll call this person Petra.

We had been at a festival, and we were both quite merry. One night, we were both a bit inebriated and staggered back to my tent, where I performed oral, and we both fell asleep. Thankfully my dick hadn’t been involved, so she didn’t yet know about my size issue. I knew I was small but probably hadn’t internalized how bad my situation was.

Anyway, night two comes around, and we are less drunk and more willing. Petra comes back to my tent and tells me she wants to get fucked by my fat cock again. At this point, I realized she had been confused about what had happened and assumed we had fucked the night before.

She starts fondling my bulge, which is getting excited, and she asks if I’ve been drinking a lot. I’m a bit confused, but I start undressing and bring out my organ. Now, I am not a large guy. When I’m erect, I’m a gold member. A certified micropenis. Though, as a twenty-something-year-old, I saw myself as merely a small guy.

She is watching as I stroke my nuts and watch her undress. She asks if anything is wrong or if I’m not into her. I’m a bit confused, but I reassure her she looks amazing. I can’t wait to have sex. She carries on, and we start to kiss, but after a few minutes of heavy petting she looks upset.

“You’re soft. Is something bothering you?” Petra asks.

“I’m not soft,” I said.

“But it’s…”

And she takes my cock and realizes, to her horror, that it’s rock solid. I’m in her hands, totally erect, and I see these real-time waves of confusion, shock, disappointment, and bemusement crossing over her face.

“So you are hard,” Petra said wide-eyed.

We go at it, but it’s clearly half-hearted. Eventually, Petra says she’d like to try sucking it. I enter her mouth and start thrusting, moaning, trying to get into it when she has what seems like a coughing fit, pulls away, says she needs to try again later, makes excuses, and leaves.

Well, about a year later there is a post on a social media site. I’m not linking to it because there are some real names and details if you dig into her profile, and I’m paranoid. But it’s asking about the worst sexual experiences. There she is, saying that she thought I was going to bang her brains out but ended up bringing out a ‘two-inch’ organ. When I was inside her mouth, she burst out laughing because I was acting like we were in porn or something, yet she could feel I wasn’t even hitting the back of her throat.

So that’s my worst sex story. I became someone else’s worst sex story. And it got hundreds of likes and jokes about my dick, jokes about gag reflex, jokes about deep throating, all of it really at my expense. It still plays on me, and as much as I now enjoy SPH, I’ve never really gotten over it.


This reader enjoys exposing himself in public…

I went to an event this past year that was basically a marathon. The event allowed people to wear all kinds of wacky costumes while running, including nude, so I did that, and the experience was unforgettable.

I started by writing ‘Tiny’ on me with an arrow pointing to my junk right before the run. Then, when I was there, I took off my shirt and got someone to write the words ‘WRITE ON ME’ on my chest and back. And finally, right when the run started, I pulled off my shorts, exposing myself and my small penis to the dozens of people immediately surrounding me.

Right when I stripped, people on the sidelines took a pic of me. There were going to be many pictures from total strangers, which already is crazy thinking about. Then, not 20 feet after I stripped, a woman eyed me up and down, laughed, and wanted a selfie.

Continuing my walk, I got plenty of laughs and comments about my little guy. Plenty of women wanted some selfies with me, a few throwing their pinkies up. There was one guy who yelled out, “You make me feel comfortable about my size,” so that was pretty funny!

One memorable moment was me finding the Mystery Inc. gang in drag and Velma commenting that she’d need a magnifying glass for me. But the most memorable moment for me was with two girls at the end of the run. They wrote some words onto my penis, all while rapid-firing questions. One question they asked was, “How big are you?”

I told them my hard size (Silver Member of the small dick club), and they cackled over that. Then they took a selfie with me while holding my soft dick in their hand. Altogether, that was an amazing experience. I’m totally going again!


Another reader describes some experiences he’s had with women…

Figured I’d share a few stories of exchanges I’ve had with women/exes in the past. For reference, I am Caucasian, 6’1” tall, and I’m a bronze member of the small dick club when erect.

Woman #1: This girl was white and maybe 5’ 3” tall, skinny, but in good shape. I’d known her since high school but didn’t experience any SPH with her until after 18+ years. One time, around 21 years of age, she was at my apartment, and I recalled a time I wore a shirt that said, ‘7 inches soft’ (in the style of the 7/11 logo) to school and got in trouble.

She laughed and said, “We both know that isn’t true.” At this point, she hadn’t seen me naked before. Before I could respond, she followed with, “I bet you’re not even that size hard.” And quickly, she followed with, “Just joking.” For background, she definitely had experience with men, which made SPH comments hit harder.

We texted quite a bit, and I eventually told her that I liked SPH, but she wasn’t really into doing that, so I had to ask ‘guiding’ questions. I even texted her at some point what my size really was. A month later, I invited her to a company trip where they rented out a resort for us, and she stayed the night with me when we first attempted to do it. I jerked off beforehand that day because it was actually my first time, and I wanted to last long.

Bad mistake. When we got to do things that night, I had a hard time getting hard, so it was chubby, more like a silver member dick. It turned me on thinking that her impression of my size was based on that. She never orgasmed that night. Later on, I texted questions about her experience and got this gold nugget response.

“I think you lied about your size because I could definitely fit it all in my mouth. If it were as big as you claimed, it wouldn’t fit in my mouth. When it comes to sex, if I was on top of you, your size could probably get me there! Even though it’s so small.”

We never did it again. A few months later, I was curious how she remembered my size over time, and she texted me, ‘How could I forget your babydick?’

Lastly, a few months later, I posted on IG that I wanted to buy a truck. She’s outdoorsy, so she responded to the post saying that she wants to get an off-road car, too. I told her, ‘I’ll probably need to get a custom license plate of Compns8 (compensate) so that I’m in before the comments. It’s probably true, too… you tell me.’

To which she replied, ‘Yeah, that’d be true!’

Woman #2 (ex): This girl was Filipina American, maybe 5’ 1” tall, petite. She had been with four guys before me. We dated around my mid-20s. When I eventually told her about liking SPH, her initial response was, “Wouldn’t that hurt your ego?”

After doing it, I asked her what she thought about my size, and she said, “It’s small but thick.” I asked her what her initial impression was when she saw it, and she replied, “When it’s big, you’re like… ‘Oh damn!’ But with yours, it was more like, ‘well, let’s see what happens.’”

It was pretty hot knowing that although I was a foot taller than her and very much so bigger, a petite Asian girl still thought I was small where it counts. I texted her later asking about previous partners, and she said this about her prior boyfriend (verbatim): ‘LOL uhhhhh, I don’t really remember, to be honest. Probably 2 inches more? Three the most, but probably closer to 2 more.’ I asked her if I’d be big enough for her, and she replied, ‘I feel like that’s something I can’t answer until after a few more times?’

Lastly, a few months later, I texted her a meme of the game Pokemon that says, ‘When she tells you to go deeper,’ but shows a picture of when you try to use a move beyond the allowed limit and says, ‘There’s no PP left for this move.’ I texted right below, ‘Might be relevant.’

She replied: ‘Very relevant!’

Woman #3: I didn’t know this girl, but we chatted on a dating app. She looked Middle Eastern. This was around when I was in my early to mid-20s. I asked her if size matters. She replied, ‘That depends. Size of what?’

I then said, ‘Why architecture, of course! If I were designing a building, what would be the smallest size the support beams could be?’

She replied, ‘Hmmm, I think the smallest would be six inches if we’re talking beams, of course.’

I replied with, ‘The build I’m currently working on is much less. What do you think?’

To which she replied, ‘Well yeah, then size matters,’ and then she stopped replying.

Anyway, that’s all. Hopefully, some of those you found entertaining!


Meanwhile, this reader tells us his first SPH experience…

I have to be honest. When this happened, I didn’t even know what SPH was and wouldn’t for many years afterward. However, my first SPH experience was in college. There was a girl I was friendly with, I’ll call Jill. I was 18. She was 20. She was a little on the thick side, but I thought she was very attractive. She was very curvy, and she dressed with enough cleavage to have my attention. I never made a move on her. I was too shy. Often still am. But one night, I got really drunk. She went with me back to my dorm room, probably just to make sure I actually got there.

Now, because I was as drunk as I was, my shyness went out the window. I asked Jill if she wanted to spend the night with me. She said no. I asked her if I could see her tits. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to see my dick. Jill kind of shrugged and said, “OK.”

I was excited and pulled my pants and underwear all the way down. She looked for a few seconds and then said, “Where’s the rest of it?” and started to laugh a little bit. Then she said, “Come on. Pull those up. You have to go to bed.”

She made sure I got into bed, and then she left. I was so embarrassed and yet turned on by what had happened that I masturbated furiously as soon as she left. The fact that she stared at it for a few seconds. The fact that she laughed. Turned me on for reasons I couldn’t/still can’t explain. She never brought it up after that, and I was too embarrassed to bring it up again, so that’s all that ever happened between us. But that was my first SPH experience.


While this reader doesn’t compare well to his girlfriend’s gay friend…

So my girl and I were each other’s first. We went to the same high school and were in the same friend group, but we were just friends until we got to college. There, we bonded over being at such a large university from a small town, and surprisingly (we were both considered popular and hot in high school but both religious), we were both virgins.

For context, she was only 5’3” and I am 5’9”. Both ran track, so we were both lean and athletic.

She lived in an off-campus apartment with her gay best friend, and he was cool, so we all hung out a lot. One night, after hanging out and drinking, me and my girl went all the way, and it was amazing. Once we each got a taste, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Early mornings, late nights, and in between classes, we were making up for lost time.

She loved sucking me, and I loved going down on her and having sex anywhere we found time alone. Now I knew I wasn’t big, but I always assumed I was average just based on the soft cocks I had seen and been around. Unfortunately, very little growth when hard, so I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. She didn’t seem to mind, though, because she was always playing with it.

One night we’re hanging out watching Netflix with her roommate and GBF. He was in a chair, and we were under a blanket together on the loveseat. He said, “Thanks for taking a break from your wild sex lives to join my sad and lonely ass. LOL.”

She replied, “Awww, you’re so funny! You can join us anytime.” Quickly realizing how that sounded, “To hang and watch Netflix, I mean!”

We all started laughing. He said, “Yeah, Netflix, I can handle that, but judging from the sounds coming out of your room, I don’t think I could handle your man.”

My girl replied, “Haha, he’s the perfect size for a short queen like me,” as she smiled at me.

The wine kept flowing, and we were halfway through a series when my girl started rubbing my crotch. I was in pajama pants, so she slid her hand down them and started playing with my now rock-hard cock. Hidden by the blanket, I was in heaven. Beautiful girl by my side, playing with my dick while drinking and chilling. Life was good.

Her friend said, “The wine is out! Time for a new bottle. Your turn to get it!” My girl said, “ I’m on it,” while she got up, taking the blanket with her. It happened so fast, and I was in a drunken bliss. I totally forgot my boner was sticking out of my pajama pants as the blanket slid to the floor. Her friend was facing me, and I saw his eyes light up!

“OMG, it’s so cute! I want to play!” he said.

Red and embarrassed, I tucked my boner back into my pants and put a pillow over my lap.

“WOW. Thanks, babe,” I said.

“So sorry!” she replied.

“Short queen loves her short cock!” her GBF said.

“Be nice!” she replied.

“Yeah, you’re a bottom! Like your dick is any bigger,” I said.

Then he stood up (he was only 5’5” and a slim hairy little guy) and removed his pajama pants, displaying a hanging thick-looking cock that was hanging longer than my boner. “Actually, it is,” he said.

My girl was shocked and practically drooling over it. She even went over to him and grabbed it in disbelief. He asked if he could play with mine, and she said yes when I said no. I then suggested we all head to bed since we clearly were very drunk.

While she and I were in bed, I asked, “You really would’ve let him play with my dick?”

She said, “Yeah, if I got to play with his!”

And I was shocked! “But he’s gay!” I said.

“Well, he still has a nice big cock,” she replied, laughing.

So I said, “Well, I hope mine will suffice for now.”

And then she reached down my pants and grabbed me before kissing me. She said, “It does just fine.”

Then I attempted to fuck her as good as I could, knowing she was extra wet thinking about her GBFs fat cock she got to hold onto earlier. Our sex drive was still very high after that, but now she referred to my penis as ‘little guy’ whenever she wanted to play with him.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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