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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got skunked…

There’s not any sex in this story, but about 100 people have seen how tiny my cock is. So there’s that. One fall, while I was still in college, I was at a party. I’d started playing beer pong with three strangers. All three were cute girls. Coincidentally, my partner looked at me halfway through our first game and told me we’d matched on Tinder but never talked. We laughed about it and were really hitting it off.

She and I managed to win the first game by a slim margin. So we agreed best 2/3. The second game didn’t go as well. My partner, Jennifer, and I hadn’t gotten a single cup. Meanwhile, our opponents had gotten all but two of our cups.

“Y’all are about to get skunked, and we all know the house rules for that!”

All the girls started laughing, and some of the guys said some random frat bro stuff. I just looked confused. Jennifer leaned over and said, “If we get skunked, we have to strip and play the next game naked.”

“What? No! I’m not doing that!” I told her.

It was my friend’s house, so I was certain I wouldn’t have to follow that rule. We spent the next few tosses arguing about the rule. Then finally the other team sank the last cup.

“Rules are rules,” everyone said as Jennifer and I stood there.

She was hot and had a great body, so she had zero hesitation. She even showed off a little as she stripped. She was 5’10-6’ tall and had a skinny yet toned build. And she had the perkiest tits I’d ever seen. We were in the basement, so it was quite chilly, and her nipples were nice and pronounced. Now, it was my turn. I tried to get out of it. I stripped to my boxers. The guys and girls made some jokes.

“What’s the matter? Got a micropenis?”

“Too small for us to see it?”

I rolled my eyes and tried to work up the courage. Finally, Jennifer just grabbed my boxers and yanked them down. Then, all the laughs stopped. It was like when someone tells a ‘Yo momma’ joke and the person no longer has a mother. Just awkward foot-in-mouth silence. I was flaccid, and with it as cold as it was, my cock was barely an inch. It looked like the tip of my thumb perched up on my balls. I just looked around. Jennifer broke the silence and started another game.

After everyone got a look, they all went about their business. We played that next game, and our opponents would tease my small dick the whole time to throw me off. They called me “baby dick,” “shrimp dick,” and generally just anything they could think of to throw me off. Along with that, we were right by the door that led out to the patio of the open-air basement.

People (mostly girls) that hadn’t seen me strip would walk in. They’d see us naked, and like clockwork, I could see their eyes go down to my cock. And none of them could hide their reaction. Lots of whispers and giggles happened as they entered. Oddly enough, Jennifer and I won the last game. We talked the rest of the night and ended up passing out together in the bed I stayed in at my friend’s house. I ended up having a wet dream and waking up to see she was gone in the morning.

I messaged her on Tinder and asked her out, but her response was, ‘You’re not exactly what I’m looking for…’ and that was that.


Another reader lets it slip at a bar…

When I was in college, I was once at a bar with a group of friends. When I looked down at a female friend’s phone, I saw a picture of a huge cock. She said, “Oh my god, I didn’t know that’s what my boyfriend sent me.”

I just kind of half-drunkenly said, “Holy shit, that’s so much bigger than mine,” a little too loud.

She laughed and was like, “Oh, okay.”

After when we went back to our dorms, she texted me and apologized again, and I was like, ‘No, don’t worry, I can’t believe I told you that. I was kind of in shock.’

And she texted me back with, ‘OMG, I thought you were just being funny.’

I ended up showing her a pic, and she confirmed it was much, much smaller than her boyfriend’s. Later on, she told me she told her close friends, too, one night when she was drunk.


Meanwhile, this reader’s girlfriend realizes he’s small after some dick-size discussions with the girls…

This was about ten years ago, and it’s escalated into much more now. I’ve been with my extremely attractive wife since we were teenagers, and we were both our firsts. For a long time, she was very innocent sexually. But that started to change when my wife went to a bachelorette party with some close friends. One of the nights, the conversation turned sexual, and they were all talking about their partner’s size. My wife (girlfriend back then) didn’t know my size or really had a real perception of how big the measurements they were mentioning really were.

When she got back, she was extremely shy about the topic but finally asked my size while explaining their conversation. I was a bit embarrassed and exasperated and said six inches, assuming that would be the end of it. She pushed for me to show her, which I finally did, and she then knew I was a bronze Member of the small dick club. When she saw the truth, she seemed puzzled and made fun of me a bit for lying. For whatever reason, I found it a bit of a turn-on and asked what the other girls said. She explained they ranged from 6-8”.

I called bullshit on that despite her obviously believing them. Since she brought up the topic and we hadn’t ever talked about stuff like that before, I decided to show her some big cock porn. To my knowledge, she had never seen anything like that. She was so intrigued by it, and it totally changed her perception of my small penis.


While this reader got a card with a cryptic message…

Takes a few weeks after the fact to open cards at times. One was from my Office Assistant, handed over at the Weekend Drinks Party a while ago. It read on the front: ‘Men Don’t Grow Up… They Just Get Bigger and Hairier.’

Inside it simply had: ‘Happy Birthday, From T & J.’

I thought it had a slight innuendo about it and banked that thought till the next time she was in. That was a few days later and I asked her how hard she searched for the card.

She said, “It’s more the message than the card,” leaving me a little confused.

I read inside again, but I still didn’t get it.

She was on the verge of smirking and said, “You need to read it all.”

“But it’s just those few words,” I said.

Then I look on the back to see ‘OR NOT!’ with a squiggled little dick cartoon with three hairs. Now, I get it.


This reader got caught naked by some friends…

I live on a pretty secluded farm in the country. The nearest neighbors are about a mile away. So I’ve never been shy to walk around naked outside since you can hear vehicles coming long before they get into the yard, or so I thought.

This particular Saturday afternoon, my then girlfriend, now ex, decided she was going to go shopping with her mom. So when I got home from work, I had the house to myself. I went upstairs to take a shower and decided since no one was home, I was going to jam out to some music while I showered. I stripped naked, walked to the bathroom, and remembered my Bluetooth speaker was in my shop.

I wasn’t going to put clothes back on to walk the 300 feet to the shop. I poked my head outside, and the coast was clear. I slipped my Crocs on, grabbed my phone, and made my way to the shop. (Side note, my erect penis isn’t anything special, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, but my flaccid penis is really small, maybe 1.5 inches on a normal day) It was a pretty brisk day for the time of year, and I had to laugh to myself when I looked down and saw my balls had retracted, and my penis was just a tiny nub, less than an inch at this point, pointing straight out. Combined with the fact I had shaved a couple of days before, it looked hilariously tiny. But no one was there to see it anyway.

I grabbed the speaker and connected it to my phone and started playing some music before I left the shop. I was about 100 feet into the walk back when I looked up from my phone to see a Dodge Durango pulling into the yard and was almost to the house. I panicked and froze for a second. My music blocked out the sound of the vehicle, so I didn’t hear them driving down my driveway. I took a step back to the shop but realized the only option was to run to the back door of the house. This meant I had to run towards the vehicle!

I bolted for the house, and the person driving the car started honking at me. I got almost all the way to the house when I realized I never even tried to cover my junk. I had just given them an unobstructed view of my shriveled-up dick, which was probably even smaller with the adrenaline pumping.

I made it to the backdoor and remembered I kept the backdoor locked since we never use it. The only option now was the front door. I stayed hidden behind the house and peeked through a window to see who it was. It was a group of my girlfriend’s friends. There were four people in total. We’ll call them Tina and her boyfriend Trevor, who was driving, and two other friends, Sarah and Kayla. They were all laughing hysterically and sounded pretty drunk. The girls also started making comments.

“I’ve never seen one that small. It didn’t even bounce when he ran!” Sarah said.

“I’m glad yours isn’t like that,” Tina told Trevor.

And just lots of laughter. They must’ve thought I made it inside to get dressed because they walked into the house and sat in the living room. The only problem is the living room is the only place to go when you walk through the front door.

I stayed behind the house for several minutes, building the courage to walk inside and run upstairs to get dressed. I tried fluffing my dick up a little, but I was too nervous and cold that, if anything, it just got smaller. Finally, I put the speaker in front of my dick and opened the door. Immediately, Sarah and Kayla jumped up and stood in the doorway. They all started clamping and laughing.

“Hey, little guy, is it a little cold outside?” Kayla asked. She immediately tried to grab the speaker from my hands. “We wanna see it! Please?”

I told her no, but she said they wouldn’t move until they got a peak. So reluctantly, I put the speaker down and raised my hands. They dropped to the floor laughing, and Trevor told them just to let me go. I took my opportunity and ran upstairs. I got dressed, and about the time I was going to go downstairs to face the music, my girlfriend got back home. She talked with them for a couple of minutes, then they left, and she came upstairs. I told her what happened, and even though I was still embarrassed, we got a little laugh out of it.

“I’ll make sure they don’t tell anyone else. And don’t worry, I like your little guy,” she said as she kissed me.

Her friends didn’t know this, but we had been doing some light SPH for a while. And it got me rock hard hearing her say that.

The next day, her friends called and apologized. Apparently, they were all super drunk and had decided to stop by to see if we wanted to drink with them. They all felt pretty bad, but I told them it was honestly pretty funny in hindsight. I don’t see them much since my girlfriend and I broke up, but when I run into them they still get a smirk out of it.


Another reader gets his eyes opened in the communal showers…

Looking back, I feel naive, but I genuinely always thought I was average during high school. My high school girlfriend was the first girl I ever did anything sexual with, and she never seemed to have complaints or said anything about my size. So, I guess I never really thought about it. That was until going to college.

I was a freshman in a co-ed dorm, and there were 33 people in my hall. Seventeen boys and sixteen girls. The boy’s bathroom has communal showers where all the boys have to shower as there were no showers in our rooms. I had never really been around other boys fully naked before or showered in communal showers before, so I never had anything to compare my size to. The first time I went shower in the showers, I was pretty nervous and felt awkward about other people seeing me naked. I’ll never forget the feeling of walking in there for the first time, and five other boys were showering and talking to each other as there were.

They were fully exposed and didn’t seem to care that they were on full display. But the first thing I noticed was how much bigger they all were than me. It sounds dumb now, but I didn’t realize most guys hang down when soft because I don’t. I kind of poke straight out. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even shower that first time. I didn’t even take my towel off and acted like I forgot my shampoo and just went back to my room and waited to shower until they were all gone. It was such an eye-opening experience.

A few days later, I decided to measure myself because I couldn’t believe I was that much smaller than everyone else, and I thought maybe I was making it up in my head. I measured my soft size at 1.25 inches, and I was a silver member of the small dick club when hard. It was such a gut punch when I googled average penis size and discovered I was so much smaller than those numbers.


Meanwhile, this reader’s marriage was saved by SPH…

Once, I thought I had an average dick and also thought I was a goddamn cock-smith with it. Turns out my wife and most of the girls I hooked up with in college are just really good at faking it. That, coupled with my distorted view of my manhood, only further fueled my cockiness in and out of the bedroom.

My sex life with my wife started good, but after a few years and a few kids, all she ever wanted was cowgirl. Now, I love cowgirl. Seeing her work and grind her hips on me while I played with her huge tits was awesome. But EVERY SINGLE TIME started to get really boring and stale. I began to push her to try other positions more often: doggy, mating press, scissor, even missionary. Sometimes, she’d try one of those for a few minutes, then switch back to cowgirl. Most of the time, she’d only allow cowgirl.

As the years went on, sex also became less and less. Eventually, we were only having sex once every few weeks, cowgirl, then bedtime. This led to resentment towards her on my part. How could she become so boring in the bedroom?

Then, about nine years into our marriage in 2018, I stumbled across SPH. That rabbit hole also led me to chastity. In all of this, I started seeing that all these guys had dicks the size of mine. Turns out my bronze member boner is below average. I eventually worked to get my wife into SPH. That wasn’t easy and took a few months. Women are programmed never to tell a man that he is small or inadequate and that faking an orgasm is easier than dealing with his broken ego.

Eventually, I was able to get her fully on board with SPH, and she opened up for the first time that I was indeed the smallest dick she’d ever had. She also eventually shared that the only way she has ever cum from me was ‘cowgirl.’ Every other position we tried was either just for fun or for my benefit only. I learned that if we did other positions, she always wanted to switch back to cowgirl quickly because otherwise, I would cum too fast, and then she’d never get a chance to cum at all. She would fake an orgasm, say that I was amazing and how much she loved it, then go to sleep, still horny, extremely frustrated, and unsatisfied.

It was quite a revelation for me. For years, I had ever-growing resentment toward how boring she was in the bedroom. Turns out she was trying to make sure she got an orgasm and didn’t go to sleep miserable. I felt like such a completely selfish asshole. After four years of dating and ten years of marriage, I thought I was laying down the pipe. I kept pressuring and making her feel bad for what it turned out, just trying to make sure that she got to cum too.

This really fueled our kinks moving forward; SPH, femdom, chastity, tease, and denial. I begged her to be selfish in the bedroom as payback for basically fourteen years of bad sex and faking it. From there, we started working bigger and bigger dildos into our routine until, eventually, her 9×7.5” BBC was exclusively all she wanted. Her orgasms were more intense than she ever knew possible with the dildos.

We’d still have PIV sex here and there, but our intimacy increased very quickly. We were having sex 3 or 4 times a week. It was better than I ever could have imagined. She’s usually let me jerk off on her tits or have sloppy seconds into her gaping pussy. Either way, she was having 1 to 3 earth-shattering orgasms every time. Now, she got to cum every time, and it was me that sometimes had to go to bed horny and frustrated.

She’s said she’s a new woman now and can never go back to sex the way it was before. Now, I’m locked in chastity and denied orgasms, but our sex life has never been better, and we both have SPH to thank for it.


This female reader got her husband some help…

My husband is 29 and he is kinda short and skinny around 5ft4 and so is his dick short and skinny and he’s a bronze member of the small dick club when he’s hard, and has a problem keeping it up longer than a few seconds. So I got him a dick sleeve it was so much better for us.

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