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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader insists on knowing about his wife’s ex…

My wife and I started dating 18 years ago in college. I knew her ex a little from a couple of parties while they were together. I had a different girlfriend from a few parties after we were dating since they had all the same friend group. He was maybe 2″ taller than me at 6’3″ with a slim build compared to my slim athletic build. He was a decent-looking guy, nothing special, and always came off as a quiet stoner dork to me.

Over the first few years, I was able to get her to open up more about their relationship. Keep in mind that this was early in our relationship, and I did not realize that I had a small penis yet. I thought I was average and was very good at sexually pleasing women. I also did not even know SPH existed.

They dated since their senior year of high school, and he was usually a good guy but was unstable at times. She elaborated more that he could go into fits of rage and break things, had jealousy issues, and was also very mentally abusive. She tried to break up with him multiple times over the years but kept deciding to forgive him and stay with him.

My natural reaction was, why the fuck would you stay with someone like that. She would say he wasn’t always like that, and she did really like being with him. It just didn’t make sense to me. In my experience, no woman would have ever put up with that behavior. Why would she continuously go back? He’s not THAT good-looking.

Fast forward to a few years ago when I discovered SPH and started actually realizing I had a small penis. It took a while to convince my wife that I wanted her to be open and truthful about my dick size and performance, as most women are programmed never to make a guy feel inadequate to spare their feelings.

She then eventually told the truth about her ex; he was hung and remarkably thick. She never measured him but would guess he was around nine inches long and said, “as thick as a coke can.”

I was in shock. I was only rocking a bronze member’s hard penis. I also called B.S. on the thickness. I grabbed a can and had her hold it, saying, “Really, that thick?”

She calculated for around 5 seconds and finally said, “Okay, well, maybe not exactly that thick, but pretty close, only slightly smaller. I was able to get my fingers a little closer together when I gripped him, but they were still pretty far apart. He had to get the biggest condoms he could, and they were still pretty tight on him.”

I then asked what I suspected, if that was why she stayed with him for so long. She was embarrassed to answer because she should have left for her mental health many times, and she knew it. She eventually admitted that she loved his big cock too much and sheepishly said, “You know, big dick privilege, I guess.”

I didn’t know, and she said that girls will put up with way more shit from guys if they have big cocks. They know that there’s no guarantee that the next guy will also be packing, and once you have that (satisfaction) in the bedroom, you don’t want to lose it. She loved riding his cock so much that she decided to endure the chaotic relationship and hope that it would get better. She then looked down at my crotch and said, “You just wouldn’t understand. And see, there really is no guarantee that the next guy will be packing, but I sure do love that little guy.”

I was thinking about writing this, and this morning while getting ready for work, I asked her if Little Dick Privilege existed and if I had it. She gave a devious smirk and said, “Yes, yes, you do, but you’re not going to like what those privileges are…”

Then she kissed me goodbye and left for work.


Another reader has to share a bed with his hung cousin…

My elder cousin is two years older than me. His family visited ours when I was 20 y/o. My mother said, “Your cousin will be sharing a bed with you for another couple of days.”

At night he unknowingly (or knowingly) touched my dick. “What? Do you have a hard-on? You might be thinking of your girlfriend.”

I said, “No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t know why I’m hard.”

He: “Shall we get naked? What have you got inside your knickers? Please show me how big it is. Have you seen dicks of others?”

Me: “No offense in getting naked, as I often sleep nude.”

He laughed, lowered his boxers, and kicked it away. His big 8 inches uncut erect cock came into light. It looks like a BWC. I was stunned by seeing that, of course, it was way bigger than mine. Never seen real meat, something big other than one on screen. Double size than me.

He: “What are you thinking? Do you feel shy?”

Me: “Oh, sorry! I’ve never seen something big like that.”

He: “No, bro. Don’t feel embarrassed. Mine is average. My friends got bigger packages than me.”

By this time, I had lowered my boxers. There comes my little silver member, weenie dicklette. The smile on his face confirmed that I’ve got nothing compared to him.

He: “Hey, little brother, is that all you got? That’s so small. Don’t worry, you can feel mine. How do you want it, with hand or mouth?”

Me: “Never tried with a man. Can I touch it?”

I placed my hand on that big cock. It felt nice against my palm. Two hands need to cover that length. I need a tape to measure its circumference, I thought. My cousin was enjoying the touching. He then grabbed my hard little dick. Nothing was visible outside of his clenched fist. He asked me to stroke his penis. He made me taste it, also. We slept naked together for the rest of his stay, and I played with his big cock every night.


Meanwhile, this reader goes dildo shopping…

When I was with my ex, we went into a sex shop, and we were looking around. And she was fascinated with the Dildos, so we were looking at them, (we had a fair few). One of the shop workers came over asking if we needed any help. I went quiet, but my ex spoke up. “We are just looking at the bigger, thicker ones. Which ones are more life-like?” she asked.

The worker pointed at some, saying, “They have the best natural feel and are the highest rated.”

My ex said, “Yeah, I like the look of these 9 inches. That’s what I prefer, something that has weight to it, too.”

I felt the worker look at me with curious eyes.

“Yeah, he’s got a small dick, so I can’t just go without something to fill me,” my ex added.

I went red and felt my face burn as I got hard. “She does like them huge,” I added to try and act cool, I suppose.

The shop worker sighed to herself, “Yeah, these are highly rated. I must say I have one myself. No woman likes small dicks.”

Both my ex and the worker burst out laughing as I laughed to join in, but I felt awkward. Later that night, while using this 9-inch dildo on my ex, she said, “See, I told you. No woman wants a small dick to fuck her, just like that woman at the shop said.”


While this reader got the brush off at a party…

Back in college, I was at a house party with some friends. We were all drinking and partying and having a good time. I started hitting it off with the host and we were flirting back and forth. This was before I came to grips with my lack of size, so I was feeling confident and was sure we were going to hook up.

As the party was winding down, she was turned on and ready to go, so she pulled me into her room. I pushed her back on the bed, took her pants off, and started eating her out. Using my tongue and fingers, I brought her to orgasm pretty quickly. I then stood up, unbuttoned my pants, and slid them off with my boxers.

She looked down at my (what I now know is a )silver member boner, then looked back up and said, “I’m good. We better get back to the party.”

She put her pants back on and walked out. I was left there incredibly confused and horny. It wasn’t until later that I realized it was my small dick that likely caused her to end the night early.


This reader is undone at the pool with a hot date…

My first experience came when I was 19, in my first year of college. I went to school in South Florida, where there was no shortage of sexy women. One of my classmates, in particular, had caught my eye. She was Afro-Latina and a former volleyball player. Perhaps what caught my eye the most was her ass. I could only think about how much I wanted to fuck it.

Over the months in the semester, I would actually get to know her. We got along very well, and I could tell she liked me. I decided to ask if she wanted to hang out after class one day, and she ended up inviting me to the house she was renting for the semester. She had told me there was a pool that we could hang out at.

I was, of course, so excited I would finally get to see her wearing just a bikini. I ended up going after class. I brought my trunks and changed into them before pulling up. When I arrived, and she had answered the door, I was instantly excited to see her in just a bikini, which was starting to ride up on her ass already.

We hung around the pool, talking and having a good time. The conversation was definitely getting more flirtatious. Finally, she brought up the topic of skinny dipping. She basically told me if I were willing to take off my shorts, she would strip off her bikini. I got so excited I agreed and instantly began stripping off my shorts.

That’s where things went wrong. I pulled down my shorts, and her reaction completely changed. She went from being excited to stunned silence. After a few seconds, she burst into laughter. I started to feel embarrassed, but I tried to go along with it. She began asking me if I was fully hard, to which I confirmed I was. She then asked if I was a virgin, which I also confirmed embarrassingly I was.

“Well, no wonder you’re a virgin. Most guys wouldn’t want anyone to see a dick that small,” she said.

She couldn’t hold her laughter and told me that I should probably pull up my trunks so she could stop laughing. I asked her if she still wanted to skinny dip, and she told me no and that I should probably leave. After that, she would still talk to me in class, but it pretty much killed any chance I had. It was also the first SPH experience I had, something I still think about over a decade later.


Another reader gets crushed by his crush…

Back in my school days I used to have a huge crush on a girl in my class. A group of friends decided to go camping for a weekend. In this group of friends was my crush. It was a really fun time with swimming, hiking, and stuff, and I saw the chance to get closer to her. And at the start, that was the case. We spent some time together and had a few little talks. That changed on our last morning. Before we made our way home, I wanted to take a quick shower to feel cleaner. The thing was that they had public showers, which only worked if you put in a coin.

Unfortunately, the sign of the male showers was old, and you couldn’t really read it. My time went up, and I had to spend another coin because I still had shampoo in my hair and wanted to wash it off. There was nobody else in the shower, and I felt safe to quickly leave the shower to put in another coin and then head back. Right as I left the shower, the main door opened, and my crush just came in (she must have mistaken the showers.). She went around the corner the moment I wanted to go back, but it was too late.

I just froze, and she could get a good view of my nude body. Unfortunately, there was only cold water in the shower which made my already small dick shrink even more. As she looked down, she just said: “Oh no, I’m sorry!” But right after that she couldn’t hold back her laughter and asked: “Where is it? I can barely see it in those pubes!”

She was right. My pubes didn’t favor my dick that shriveled down to less than two inches.

“I think this will be our ‘little’ secret,” she giggled and wiggled her pinky finger at me.

I then quickly covered up and ended my shower.

On our way back home together, we talked in the group about the trip, how much fun we had, and that we know each other better now.

My crush only added while looking at me: “Yeah, it was really revealing. Sad that it was way too short!”

Ouch. I don’t have to tell you that I hadn’t any chances with her after that trip. Sometimes, she just smiled at me and gave me the 🤏 when nobody was watching.


Meanwhile, this female reader hatches a plan to see her friend’s boyfriend’s small dick…

So basically, I have a friend that is complaining about her boyfriend’s dick cause it’s abnormally small, and she can barely feel anything. Still, I thought she was overreacting until I actually saw it. Just a few days ago, I picked up another friend and then went to her house, we usually like to chill in the reception, watch TV, eat together, and talk about life. While we were talking, I told them about some old challenge that was on the internet a long time ago called the airplane challenge, where you put a pole through your shirt and put your hands over (search up airplane challenge prank if u still don’t get it) so I suggested try it for fun.

I asked if we could have her boyfriend do it cause that was my plan all along. We placed in his shirt while his arms were over the pole, and then I yanked his pants and underwear down very quickly, and all three of us couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, his girlfriend was even laughing, and I’m not even kidding when I say this, his penis was basically shaftless. I even said, “Well, you weren’t wrong. Looks like it’s still the same size as when he was a baby,” and I laughed.

Also, right after I yanked his underwear down, he was so in shock that he jumped and fell backward. I bet he’s hoping we don’t come by her house again cause he knows we are going to tease the hell out of him when we do. LOL.


While this reader gets some bathroom attention…

I was at a restaurant, and the stall was out of commission, so I reluctantly used one of the urinals. Everything is good until I hear the door open. My god, will I be exposed? Then I hear a man say, “Damn, son, you got a little baby dick. Post that shit online so we can all laugh at it.” He laughed and signed the tiny dick gesture and flopped out his massive soft cock beside me, and started pissing. “See that…” he said, showing off his big cock. “That’s a real dick. Yours is just a clit on steroids, son.”

I shrugged it off and got out of there as quickly as possible, but it’s been resonating with me. It’s been turning me on!


This reader drops his towel in front of the girls and regrets it…

This happened about five years ago. I was living with my girlfriend at the time. We had been dating for a few years. She knew I had a small penis (silver member) and would occasionally joke about it. She had made comments before in public places about my lack of size. I never told her I enjoyed it, but I think she knew on some level.

The situation that was the most embarrassing occured when my girlfriend was going to hang out with her friends. She told me she was going to leave shortly. I told her that was fine and that I was going to take a shower. I was in the shower for about 10 minutes before I got out. At this point, I assumed my girlfriend had already left.

I walked out of the bathroom, only a towel wrapped around my waist. I walked out to the living room before I noticed my girlfriend and two of her friends were there. I was already embarrassed, but the towel I had wrapped around my waist came loose and dropped. I was now standing in front of 3 women, completely nude.

Just for context, my flaccid size is maybe one inch. Considering I just got out of the hot shower, I could not blame shrinkage. This was me in all my small dick club glory. My girlfriend and her friends all immediately started laughing at me. One of her friends very bluntly said, “His penis is so small.”

My girlfriend said to them, “Trust me, it’s not much bigger hard, too.”

They all laughed. Finally gathering my senses, I ran back to the bathroom, feeling highly embarrassed, but they had already seen everything. Everything. I ended up staying in the bathroom until they left feeling so ashamed. I was too embarrassed to go back out there and face them. My girlfriend texted me, letting me know she and her friends had left the house, and she thanked me for the entertaining show.

When my girlfriend got back, she told me that her friends couldn’t stop mentioning how small I was and would ask her questions relating to sex since they didn’t know how it was possible. Without a doubt, this was the most embarrassing situation I had. Still, it also is the situation I look back on the most fondly. The one I replay in my mind when I jerk off.


Another reader puts the pieces together on a past girlfriend…

This was back in college before I met my wife. Also, long before I realized I was small (Bronze Member hard). We met at a mixer when her sorority was partying at my fraternity. We hit it off, got drunk, and ended up hooking up. I found out after the fact that I took her virginity.

She was a sexy PAWG blonde with C-cup tits. She was pretty hot, and I know a lot of guys wanted to get with her. We had a pretty great relationship. Never had any problems having sex, maybe not quite as often as I’d like, but often enough, I guess. She did have an eight-inch dildo that we played with sometimes, and I always found that so hot and kinky of her.

A year into our dating, she went away with her sorority sisters to Panama City for spring break. I stayed at school in the Midwest. We texted and spoke every few days. All was good, so I thought. When she got back from spring break, she was distant, and I could tell something was off. She wanted to take a break that first week back. I was devastated. I thought she was going to be a long-term girlfriend.

A month later, at a party I ran into one of her sorority sisters that I was good friends with. She told me that she met another guy on the first day in Panama City and didn’t spend one night in their room. She was with him the entire week.

I couldn’t believe it, but I still loved her. I was a 6’1″, skinny, athletic cute guy. I know her HS ex was the star of the football team and a very handsome and muscular 6’3″. All I could think about was her hooking up with a tall, muscular stud all week. His dick size never even popped into my head. I thought I was average and laying down the pipe.

We got back together two months later. Never talked about what happened, but I know she hooked up with a few guys in other fraternities and also finally hooked up with her high school ex. We were great again, so I let it go.

Fast forward to the next spring break. Again, she went to Panama City with her sorority sisters. And again, she broke up with me the week after she got back. This time was for good.

A month later, I bumped into a guy she was seeing from another fraternity at a bar. He was drunk and said, “Man, she is a freak. She wants it all the time.”

I couldn’t help but think that I’d never seen that side of her before, and it just made me more upset. Not long after that, I met and hooked up with my smoking-hot wife-to-be and definitely felt like I upgraded, so I kind of just put my ex out of my mind.

A few months later, my ex messaged me out of the blue and wanted to catch up. We grabbed a bite to eat, and she asked me about my new girlfriend and everything else that had gone on. I was definitely picking up the vibe that she was seeing if there was a chance we could get back together. But I squashed that as I was super happy with my new girlfriend.

Now I know I’m a member of the small dick club; I’m piecing my past love life together and suspecting that she finally got a taste of a much bigger cock and got hooked. I imagine that lasted until she missed my caring and loving boyfriend aspects. Then the following spring break hit, and she turned into freak mode again, hungry for a big cock.

A lot of this is speculation. I know I have a small penis, I know I took her virginity, and I’m fairly certain she was faithful until spring break. So connecting the dots, I think she dumped me for a bigger cock, twice.

In hindsight, I suppose that had the potential to be a great cucking relationship. LOL.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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