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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader called his ‘The Starter Kit.’…

When I was in college, I worked at a local pizza place. Two thirds of the employees were young women ages 18-25. I was pretty shy at that time as I was a gold member of the small dick club. Two of the girls I had crushes on, Michelle and Nicole, were talking about their boyfriends naming their cocks! As I finished washing the dishes, they asked me my cocks nickname. I didn’t know what to say and blurted out, “The starter kit.” They both started laughing hysterically. Nicole even asked what exactly that was supposed to mean, and I quietly said that I didn’t know.

Fast forward six months to June, Michelle’s roommate Tasha told me I should come over to their apartment complex and go swimming with some of her friends. Sounded great to me, girls in bikinis. I sure hoped Tasha’s friend Heather would be there. I thought she was hot.

I went over about mid-afternoon on a Thursday, and it was 90 degrees. I just wore my trunks and a T-shirt. I got buzzed in by Tasha, and sure enough, Heather was there in a beautiful pink bikini. Unfortunately, Becky was there too. I didn’t care for her. The feeling was mutual. We talked for 15 minutes or so, and a baseball game was on the TV. Becky blurted out, “Let’s see the starter kit!”

I just stood there dumbfounded. Becky said it again, more forcefully, like an order! Tasha and Heather stared at me. I finally just dropped my trunks and Tasha and Becky started laughing. You see, I have a flaccid innie. You can barely make out the tip of the head on top of my balls. Looks like a giant clit. Heather just stared. Tasha asked if it gets hard, red-faced-faced. I said, “It sure does!”

Heather reached out and cupped my balls, then touched her finger to my pee hole and looked at her friends. Becky asked if it had a shaft. Red-faced, I said nothing. My cock twitched and started to grow. Tasha said she was going to get a ruler. Heather started to stroke my growing shaft with her thumb and finger. Tasha returned with the ruler in hand and looked, “ I want to suck it.”

Becky said, “You would!”

Tasha knelt and started to lick and suck the head of my two-inch cock. Heather took a turn, too; I was rock hard. Becky came over and measured, “Two and a quarter inches long and one inch wide. LOSER. See, I told you, Heather!”

I couldn’t believe what was happening, three hot girls in bikinis staring at my rock-hard cock, but it wasn’t a dream, it was a nightmare! I pulled up my trunks, and we went down to the pool. Becky and Tasha continued to tease me about my “phallic dwarfism” for the rest of that day and for years to come, as I was only a freshman and they were sophomores. Heather and I never got together.


Another reader has public shower trauma…

This happened over the summer while I was away from uni and on holiday in America. I was enjoying swimming, particularly after spending the year playing rugby non-stop. I gained some muscle to get approving looks by the pool. I attracted the attention of some other guys, though, obsessed with my accent and who thought something wasn’t adding up.

Later, in the locker rooms, I was showering and made the mistake of removing my swim shorts so that I was totally naked. I’m 20, and the guys were all around my age, from (I’d say) 23 to 18, but all of them (less than 10 of them) decided it was their duty to see what I was hiding. They walked into the showers, and hearing them was enough for me to turn to them in shock and cover my privates, sadly by instinct, with just one hand. The American lads saw and chuckled, and because I knew where this was going, I covered with my other hand after just a few seconds, but it was too late.

“Why don’t you show us what you’re packing,” said a younger one.

“Or not packing,” said the oldest.

I’d already seen the older guy by the pool, fit and cocky and judging by his tight shorts packing to back it up. I was reluctant to remove my hands, but they approached, surrounded, and stripped themselves before coercing my hand. Not a single lad there was smaller than myself, and I couldn’t help but harden. Even at half-mast, I was struggling to establish myself as a man, only slightly bigger than some of the younger guys, fully soft, and certainly not as thick.

They were really feeling cocky now and started swinging theirs around, remarking that mine was too small ever to manage that before I reached full size(Bronze Member). The lads laughed, “Mate, that’s tragic.”

With the younger guy delivering the final blow: “We’re still growing…and we’re still bigger than you.”

Anytime we were at the pool after that, they’d give me a knowing look, and they’d always make sure I showered after them.


Meanwhile, this reader is pranked at the beach when a young lad…

I (12) went to the beach with a school friend (14) and her sister’s sorority friends, and after being in the water for a while, we went to change beside the car. My friend held the towel and closed her eyes while I pulled my swim trucks off. Her older sister (20) and friend (23) went to the other side of the car and grabbed something. As I was shaking my hair and wringing out my shorts, I turned around and made eye contact with both of them, who immediately looked down at my barely 1/2-inch pre-pubescent dick.

They both laughed then quickly grabbed their things and also took my bag with my new clean clothes and ran towards the beach. I chased, leaving my wet shorts on the concrete. I ran towards the beach and lost them until I found the other girls I came with when I stopped and asked where they went. They were pretty silent, looking at each other and holding in laughter until someone snorted and said, “Oh my God, look at how tiny his dick is!”

Which made me look down to see my dick in full display in front of the crowded spring break beach. Heads turned, I could hear the girls laughing, other groups nudging their friends to look at me, and another girl my age saying, “Ew, it’s like a little worm!”

I quickly covered myself using my hands while the group of sorority sisters debated over giving me something to cover up. “Don’t be mean. Give him a towel!”

“Do we have one that small? Look at it, literally smaller than a baby carrot!”

“I think I still have a gum wrapper! That should be more than cover him.”

I was so embarrassed having so many eyes on me that with just my hands covering me, I ran into the water. I waited in there for 15 mins until a few of the girls came up to me and handed me a bikini bottom.

“We’ll give you a towel if you come back out with this on! It’s extra small, so don’t worry about it not fitting!”

At that point, I got mad and just walked back to the car, my micro me just hanging out. While they and other beachgoers laughed, made gestures and, the sorority girls called me by a new nickname. “We’re gonna call you ‘Baby Carrot!’ Baby for short, ha short, like your little dick!” one of them joked.

“The little Baby dick!” another followed up.

As I got back to the car, I covered myself by putting my wet shorts back on. My friend, her sister, and her sister’s friend were laughing over what happened.

“They told me it was small! Like a little baby’s!” my friend said excitedly as I got very red. “Can I see it?” she asked.

“No, of course, you can’t see it!” I snapped right back.

Her sister had snuck up behind me and pulled my pants right back down, exposing it to the final person of that day.

“It is! It is like a little baby’s!” my friend said, laughing and pointing at it.

Her sister couldn’t stop laughing, “Dude, we literally circled right back to the car. Why’d you go all the way to the beach?”

I put my new clothes back on and just went inside the car. I started to like it because sometimes, on the weekends, I still hung out with them. I was still called ‘Baby Carrot.’ They’d often tease me, asking if Baby was a real boy yet. To which I responded, “No, I’m not a boy; I’m a man now!”

“Oh yeah, baby?” They’d tease me even more, showing off their body or fondling themselves slightly. “Show me how much of a real man you are then?”

In which I’d always chicken out, knowing even my pubes hadn’t started growing.

“Awww, looks like it’s still the same little baby carrot 🤏🏻.”


While this reader gets checked out by his sister-in-law…

My sister-in-law is a nurse at a local sports medicine clinic. She’s the older sister of my wife and about 10 years both of our seniors. Up until last weekend, we always had a cordial, if not flirty, relationship, that is, until she found out what I was packing and got up and personal with my tiny cock.

Long story short, I was playing flag football last weekend when I felt a sharp pain in my groin. I’m pretty sure it was a hernia, but I didn’t want to spend 10 hours in the ER waiting for confirmation. So I went home and limped around and complained enough that my wife called her sister up and sent me over to her sister and brother-in-law’s place for a quick look.

When I got there, it was just her at home, and she ushered me into her home office to offer a diagnosis. I was wearing basketball shorts, but she insisted that they had to come off for her to make a proper diagnosis. She said that I should be fully naked so that she could also see my stomach in case it was a sports hernia.

I was super hesitant, but she knew her shit and gave me the old standard “I’ve been a nurse for 20 years and seen it all/you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before” line, so I complied, turned away and stripped down to nothing and turned and faced her.

Big mistake.

It was the audible gasp followed by a loud cackle that got me. The room felt cold and unwelcoming as she stared at my cocklette. It was maybe 30 seconds, but it felt like hours.

She resumed her exam but had to stifle her laughter throughout. “Is this a joke? Oh, baby, I’m sorry I laughed. I’ve just never seen anything so small in my life!” she managed to get out between laughs while staring at my flaccid 1-inch. “You must be a grower because there’s no way you fuck or satisfy my sister with that little nub!”

She grabbed a baby wipe for the ‘baby cock’ to give it a clean (she actually said that) and didn’t even put on rubber examination gloves before flicking my soft head with her thumb and long pointy fake nail on her forefinger. Pre-cum immediately started leaking from my stiffening cock as a result of my arousal and the sharp pain from the flicking. After reaching my full silver member erection.

She pointed her nail into my piss slit and said, “Is that it? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. James (her husband) is at least 7 inches soft. He’s like two of your cocks if you could even reach max size!”

I started to explain that I was playing the cards that I was dealt. There was nothing I could do about having an inferior cock. Still, the pressure of her nail in my tiny slit and her humiliating words was enough to trigger my premature tendencies, and my button erupted. Well, more like a slow pathetic dribble of cum onto my feet and her cold tile floor. She shrieked and started howling with laughter. I couldn’t have been naked for more than 3 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. That set her off, and she essentially kicked me out of her home, although she did confirm the sports hernia diagnosis. I scrambled to put my clothes on as she gave it one last laugh.

“A fucking premie ejaculator and a shaved tiny baby cock. Good grief. I’ve seen it all today,” as she closed the door behind me.

And here I was thinking shaving it would make it look bigger. So much for that.

When I got home, my wife was giving me the silent treatment. I did sneak onto her phone when she was asleep to see what her sister had told her, and it was brutal but fair. The text message read, ‘I didn’t know if I should have continued the exam or tied a little pink bow around it.’ Another said, ‘You should make him wear your panties if he’s going to show people that jumbo clit.’

Well, fair until the cock pic that she texted my wife. It was a big hairy, thick, uncut grade A example of what manhood should be, with the foreskin hanging down off the head by another inch like a snout. Her lengthy text said, ‘This is Jamie’s buddy Rob. He’s played with us in the past and is a little bigger than Jamie. Great fuck. At least 10 inches when he’s got a full hard-on. If you want a real cock to please you and think you can handle him, let me know. But I’m warning you, he doesn’t wear condoms, and he cums a lot and is good for at least three loads a night. More than that dribble, I had to clean up today. Thank God your husband doesn’t have a big load, LOL.’

Rob was probably at least 8 inches in the picture flaccid. But it was my wife’s response that sunk me. She texted back, ‘Sounds good. It’s been a good long while since I’ve been stretched out by a big man’s cock. I don’t care if he cums in all my holes, one after the other. I want that big dick in me, LOL. See if he can meet up next Saturday night. I’ll tell hubby that you and I are going to the movies.’

Her sister replied, ‘Just looking out for my little sis!


This reader shares his dick pic with a female coworker…

I (m18) and a work friend(f19) were joking around after a long day of talking about our coworker. She was fucking and looking at dick pics online for fun after a day of mucking about and talking about our sex lives. We talked about my photography, and she asked if I took pics.

She asked to see them a couple of times, and I relented and showed her an actual picture of my dick. The first thing she said was, “I knew it.”

I asked her about it, and she said she didn’t want to be mean, but our coworker (m23), who she fucks, his cock was over double my size. And smaller than her ex-boyfriends. And two other guys we work with, as well as rumors about others.

She laughed and said, “I had gotten small dick vibes from you since we met a couple of weeks ago, and I was right. Your dick is tiny.” Then, with a smirk, she said, “I’ll keep your baby dick secret if you don’t tell anyone at work about me and (coworker) cos if the manager finds out we’re fucking he’d fire us both.”


Another reader is outed on social media…

I followed this girl on X.com (Twitter) a year ago. She was hot as fuck. She had some big tits, a nice ass, esp for an Asian girl. One day she posts that she’s doing free dick ratings, and I think, sweet, I’ll send mine; hopefully, she gives it a nice rating. I’ve got a nice dick. I was wrong. She responds almost immediately.

“Holy fuck HAHAHA.”

I think, oh, she laughed. Whoops guess it’s not nice. Then she posts it to her 150 thousand followers: ‘Look at this baby dick!’ she wrote with a screenshot of my ‘baby dick in all its pathetic glory.

There were dozens of comments agreeing, mocking my penis, a lot of pity, and several women reacting to it on their pages, saying it was the smallest they’d ever seen. Then I see a bunch of notifications, msgs, and hashtags coming from one comment under the post with a hundred likes. ‘LOL. You didn’t hide his username.’

It was one if not the most embarrassing things that’s ever happened to me.


Meanwhile, this reader has been cucked by a sex toy…

So a few years ago, my now wife and I were a little drunk, and I convinced her to buy a dildo on Adam and Eve called the Adam. It was something like 7 inches insertable length and a good girth close to 6. We had already done some SPH, but it wasn’t as genuine because she was still learning what made me tick and was getting things to say from the internet, which eight years ago was not good for SPH yet.

So we get the dildo, and we do our routine of kissing and me going down, then I grab it and use her soaking pussy as lube for insertion. Immediately, there’s a difference. With me, it was whimpers and soft moans. With the dildo (we named it Oliver), it was a guttural, deep, loud moan of ecstasy and panting. Her whole body tensed within minutes of just dildo fucking. She starts giving me commands faster and harder, and I move to suck her tit. As I begin, she stiffens and lets out a scream of pleasure, having a huge orgasm. Then she asks if she can have it from the back. I grab the small finger vibe and put it on her clit while using Oliver from the back.

Within a few minutes, she’s rocking back and forth on him and throws her face into her pillow to scream into him. Then I, of course, had to taste her ass, and that brought her over the top as she had her second powerful orgasm in like 15 minutes. Then she asks if I want a turn, and I’m rock-hard leaking precum. Of course, I want a turn, I say. I climb in from the back, and I can’t even feel her. She’s so loose after that. I pound away, and she asks if I’m in. I say of course, can’t you tell? And she lets out a soft laugh. Boom I cum.

The next day, she told me how great that was, but she felt bad because she couldn’t feel me at all. I tell her it’s fine, it was great, and her SPH is going to be better since it’s genuine now. She’s over the moon excited that she gets to keep using her favorite toy. She says, “Really, I can have both?!” Like a kid on Xmas morning, lol.

After that, when we had sex, I tried to mount her before using the dildo, and she pushed me off, saying, “What are you doing? I want to cum. You know you need Oliver for that.”


While this reader gets some SPH at a strip club…

I’m partying with friends all night, and the night is coming to a close, and people are heading home. I asked if anyone wanted to go to the strip club, to which they all said no. So we went our separate ways. I decided to go to the strip club on my own.

As soon as I walked in, 3 Latinas with big fake butts gave me a warm welcome. I spent the next couple of hours watching the stage, throwing singles. I was patiently waiting for one of the girls who greeted me to get on stage, but they never did. They had all the biggest booties in the club, and I guess they were only available for private dances (which I told myself I wouldn’t do). I’m starting to yawn, and right when I’m thinking about leaving, a beautiful Latina with a bolted-on booty asks if I’d like a private dance. I was hesitant, but she said she’d blow me because I tipped so well. So I agreed, and she walked me to the VIP room.

I gave her all my money and cash apped her for the dance. I unbuckle my jeans and pull my weiner out. She gets a look at it and gasps.

“You gotta baby dick!”

I smile, and she starts to put her breasts on my stiff dick and blow me. She’s in my lap, arching her back and twerking. I asked her how much for doggy, and she said cash app another hundred. I sent her the money and bent her big fake butt over the couch for doggy. She’s throwing that big ass back, and I end up blowing my load in 30 seconds.

There was something nice about seeing her honest disappointment in my cock. Would do it again.


This reader is complimented on his smallness…

When my ex and I got together, we didn’t become physical for about a month. But we would cuddle at night, and she usually slept naked. She has such a fine body and a banger of a pussy.

The first time we got naked, we were drunk, and I was completely shaved. She smiled, put my entire package in her mouth, and rolled her tongue around in big circles. It was so good that I couldn’t catch my breath.

“Wow, you have a super cute baby dick, man,” she said.


Another female reader sees her friend’s date’s little dick…

A few years ago, my best friend met this man on Tinder, and since it was her first time meeting him, I grabbed a drink at the bar with the two of them. When it seemed that they wanted alone time, I left for a walk, and they went upstairs to have fun. Not even five minutes later, I get a call from my friend, and she is hysterically laughing and begs me to come upstairs. I’m a bit worried because I thought maybe they were going to ask me to have a threesome.

Still, to my surprise, I walked in, and this man had his pants on his ankles and was red as a tomato while she was laughing on the bed. I was already familiar with SPH but was utterly confused because she was my most innocent friend. There was no way she knew what it was. He permitted her to show me because she told him there was no way I’d believe it.

This guy had the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. His tiny boner was a gold member for sure. After I saw it, my friend told him to pull his pants up and ‘Get the fuck out and take that loser baby dick with you.’ He then thanked her and left. She was happy about the free drinks and told this story many times to anyone who would listen.


Meanwhile, this reader got a nice present at the hotel…

I was away on a work trip. After check-in at the front desk, I went up to my room to fresh up. I’m walking around my room naked when there’s a knock at my door. So I grab a towel to cover my soft one-inch and small balls. I answer the door, and standing there is the hot receptionist who checked me in.

She says, “Sorry, I forgot, your company wanted you to have this welcome present.”

As I take the box from her, my towel drops, exposing my little boy’s winkie. In shock, she shouts out, “Your dick is fucking tiny.”

I’m 6’5”, so my tiny dick looks pathetic. I have the body of a man but the penis of a toddler and the balls of a schoolboy. As soon as she said it she covered her mouth in shock of what she said and quickly turned and walked away. I went down to the hotel bar that evening, and I watched her tell other female members of staff about what she’d seen. Showing them with her fingers how small I am, while they laughed. She was also on the deck when I left. She couldn’t even look at me without laughing.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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