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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader overhears a conversation about him…

My wife has been hounding me for weeks to hire a maid service to come clean our house. I told her I didn’t want to go through the hassle of hiring and interviewing people, so I suggested her college-aged cousin, who is going to school in town. After some back and forth wife agreed, and we texted her cousin. It’s a weird age gap issue where her older brother has a kid who is only fifteen or so years younger than us.

Her cousin Jessica agreed and asked if it would be cool if we threw in an extra hundred for her roommate. HELL YEAH! Two cute college girls in my house while I work from home. Yes, please! So the day, the girls showed up right before lunch and came in gleeful to make a buck. Jessica is 5’9″ and built like a gazelle. She is long and skinny with blonde hair and little to no curves. Her roommate Kristen is a half-Latina with tatted arms and big lips. She is stunning to look at and has a gorgeous mature set of tits and a round ass. Again, I am not complaining about who was going to clean my house.

All and all, it was a normal cleaning, and unfortunately, I had to work most of the time they were here. At one point, I decided to take a stretch break and see the progress the girls made on the house. At this point, they were both in our master bath scrubbing away. They had a speaker going pretty loud, so I could hear them talking loudly to each other. I made it to the door of the master bedroom before I heard…

Kristen: “Jessica…JESSICA…come here quick!”

Jessica: “What’s up?”

Kristen: “Look… is that… OMG…Look!”

Jessica: “Oh my God, REALLY? Where did you find these?”

Kristen: “Under his cabinet. Do you think it’s real? No way this is real?!”

Jessica: “I have no idea. That’s crazy. EW, I don’t think I want to know. Put it back.”

Kristen: “That is crazy to think it’s that small. Do they actually make condoms that small? I had no idea.”

Jessica: “I don’t know, and this is awkward. He’s upstairs. Put them back before he sees us.”

Kristen: “Okay, okay, but I need a picture to show Meg. She is going to crack up!”

Jessica: “Kristen! That’s fucked up! Megan babysits for them. It’ll be awkward for her to know what the dick is on the dad she babysits for. EW, stop talking about my cousin’s husband! It’s grossing me out!”

Kristen: “Yeah! Bet you didn’t know she has a crush on him!”

Jessica: “Shut the fuck up! EW, WHY!”

Kristen: “I doubt she will now! LOL”

Jessica: “You are bad!” Seriously Jess. Put them back! I don’t want him to catch us.”

Kristen: “Okay, okay, but I’m taking one.”

Jessica: “Why?”

Kristen: “Because I need to tell Javier. He won’t believe they actually sell these. Plus, I want to see how it won’t fit him.”

Jessica: “I guess…”

Kristen: “Oh my god, MEG texted me back!”

Jessica: “Oh my god… What did she say now?”

Kristen: “Look.”

Jessica: “EW, Meg! I don’t want to know that.”

Kristen: “She said, ‘That’s alright! Tell him I love sucking on tick tacks.’ She is wild.”

Jessica: “I know! Please put them back.”

Kristen: “Okay, okay. Do you need help with the shower?”

Jessica: “Yes, please.”


Another reader has an accident…

So, I used to wear basketball shorts and boxers to the gym exclusively. I was talking to a few guys about it, and they all were shocked.

“There’d be no support,” one said.

“Don’t you just flop around all over the place? That’s not cool,” another said.

And after a few other questions, I soon realized the issue. My dick is so small I don’t need athletic support. They soon realized this, too. After talking with a friend, she also explained she knew I wasn’t hung because ‘nothing ever moved down there and you’ve got no bulge.’ She looked up my leg hole and verified I had a tiny dick. There’s nothing like accidentally telling people you have a small dick like this.


Meanwhile, this reader is known by all for his shortcomings…

So it turns out a lot of people know about my secret. While giving me a handjob, my wife casually mentioned before she even knew about my SPH kink that she had already outed me to her friends by showing photos (of course, I already knew about this, but it gets me going every time). But to add to the humiliation, it turned out even my in-laws were aware as well! I can’t hide my excitement whenever she tells me how her friends laughed at my small dick. And how she got teased and embarrassed whenever they told her I had the smallest dick in the group. Of course, she tried to defend me, but to no avail.

My wife told me one of her friend’s boyfriend has a really big cock, and mine doesn’t even compare to half of it. And she told me she imagines being fucked by it. A friend of hers even asked, “Is that all the way hard? It’s really tiny. What matters is you’re happy, I suppose.”

I told her that her older sister told me she ‘knows my secret’ once when we were drinking at a bar as she raised her pinky finger. The same sister also mentioned how ‘most guys who go to the gym have a tiny penis’ as she directly stared at me and didn’t break eye contact. My wife told me I should’ve asked her what my secret was and made her tell me about my little dick to my face. I tell my wife I sometimes feel bad for her for not being pleasured by a big cock on a regular basis. She says she actually thinks of being fucked by big cocks. And sometimes, she thinks of her past sexual activities whenever she has her alone time.

Last night, a new event came to light. She told me my mother-in-law was once asking if I had a small penis? To which my wife replied, “No!”

I said out of embarrassment and delight, “I knew it! I knew she somehow had an idea about it because one time, in one of our conversations together, she mentioned I should put a pillow underneath your bum to raise your hips while we’re having sex to get better penetration.”

My wife then told me how my in-laws blamed my small dick for not having a kid after years of marriage. Obviously, a joke only intended to ridicule my tiny dick. After further teasing, my wife exclaimed I now had a bit of pre-cum. So she then quickly stroked my dick with her two fingers, and when I was about to cum, she let go and said goodnight. I didn’t attempt to make myself cum as punishment, but I hope she lets me cum soon.


While this reader’s new girlfriend is a keeper…

So we started about two years ago, and she was a virgin, but I was really in love with her, so I waited for her to be comfortable so we could have sex. The first time we did it, I came in literally 20 seconds because I was too excited cause of the waiting so long (7/8 months). When I finished, she laughed at me, and I was red because of embarrassment, and that made her laugh even more.

After that, our sex life was vanilla af for a few months cause I didn’t want to make a mistake or something that would turn her off. Still, after some time, I realized I never made her cum, and she was making me give her head more and more until eventually I was giving head for approx. Forty-five minutes and fucking her 10 minutes max. She started making literal comments about my dick being small and would always say something like: “You wish you could please me,” and: “You will never be big enough for me,” and: “I need something bigger.” This eventually turned into, “I need someone bigger.”

She realized that I would cum extra fast when she would say something like that and began to do it more and more. Every day, she had a new idea. I remember one time she made me rock hard and set a timer for 15 minutes and told me, “I will tease u for 15 minutes, and if you can last that long, not touching me while I tease you, you can try to fuck me.”

Spoiler alert: she told me the timer ended, which it hadn’t (only 13 minutes passed). She masturbated next to me while slapping my balls, and when she came, she just went home and texted me: ‘Don’t jerk off or cum. That babydick doesn’t deserve it.’ I obeyed.

A few months after we broke up, and a few days after the breakup, she called me saying she wanted to have sex one last time. This time, comments were something like: “He is so much bigger than you,” and: “I don’t even feel your little dick inside me,” and: “He stretched me too much for your tiny dick.”

I came very quickly. And now our relationship is just her fucking that one guy who is apparently much bigger than me (I still don’t know who he is), and I just sit at home completely pussyfree jerking off to her nudes (she only sends after being used/creampied.)


This reader ran into an old high school girlfriend in college…

So, I don’t know how to start this story. I will make two premises. The first is having a very small penis; moreover, when it is soft (1 inch soft and very thin). I always preferred to wear girl’s underwear because men’s underwear is so damn large in the front. The second thing is I’ve always been a loner and had practically no friends or girlfriend. I just had one girlfriend during high school called Samantha (not her real name), so we had no sex during that time, and then we broke up after five months, more or less.

After high school, I went to college in a different city. In my third year of college, my ex from high school said that from now on, she was studying there too and that she wanted to meet me. So I told her to come to my house the next afternoon. The problem is I had completely forgotten about her visit, so when she knocked on the door, I was half naked, wearing panties. I grabbed the first pair of pants at my disposal (big error), put them on, and opened the door.

We chatted a little about our lives and so on, you know, the usual things you talk about with a person you haven’t seen for a long time. After a while, I offered her a coffee, and while taking the coffee that was positioned very high on the shelf, my pants dropped. They dropped because I used a pair of large pants without a belt. She gasped, and I was terrified. The few seconds it took for me to turn around felt like an eternity.

When I turned around, I saw her shocked face, but then she started smiling and said, “Come here cutie.” I was starting to get harder while getting near to her. She then started caressing my almost non-existent bulge and said, “Wow, it’s so small. Also, your balls! These panties fit you perfectly. Turn around, I want to see more.”

So we stayed like 10 minutes with her, examining my panties and how they fit on me. I was incredibly hard, and she noticed.

“Ooh, are you excited?” She continued saying, “Now I understand why we didn’t have sex in the past. But now that I have seen this… (she giggled) Can I see more?”

She made the small penis gesture. I nodded, and she then pulled down my panties, revealing my thin gold member micropenis that was fully hard. She giggled a little, and then she started stroking me. She started using one hand, then she tried using two fingers and said, “Wow, I don’t need a hand to stroke you. Just two fingers.”

After a few seconds, I came, and I had a VERY small load. So my dick and my two tiny sprinkles are in her hand. She laughed and put my panties back on. She told me that panties fit me better when I’m soft and to stay undressed. So I made her another coffee, and then she left.


Another female reader is to be avoided at all costs…

My husband is not what I need sexually. He has a tiny penis and likes slow, boring sex. I put up with this early in the marriage, but it became tougher to do overtime. And so he reluctantly agreed to let me get with other guys occasionally. I usually like hot, muscular guys in their 20s with big cocks. Why would I want to be with another boring middle-aged man?

I’ve recently been hooking up with a very hot and very hung 21 y/o D-1 hockey player who goes to a nearby college. A few weeks ago, my husband was out of town, and he came over to our house to fuck. He lives in a frat house, so doing it at my place is much nicer and spacious. Plus, it feels naughty.

Unfortunately, we have a son still living with us. I’ve only hooked up with a guy a few times when he’s been home. It’s definitely not ideal, but frankly, he’s an adult and should be off living on his own. When it happened recently, my son being there actually excited the hockey player. He insisted we leave the door open so he would have to hear us fuck.

And then, after we fucked he bullied my son. The jock taunted him about everything he did and how his dad can’t please me. He wanted to fuck me again right there in front of my son, but I wouldn’t do that way too awkward. He still started groping and kissing me and pulled out his cock and waved it in my son’s face. My son tried to fight him off, but it didn’t work, and he just ran off.


Meanwhile, this reader shows off in a public shower…

This happened a long while back when Ballys Fitness was still around. I was a member and was traveling for work, and there was a location nearby, so I went to use it. The shower setup was weird. There were some stalls, but the walls didn’t go to the ground or all the way out. They were more like dividers and no curtains…practically open.

I was showering after working out. At first, there were a couple of other guys in there, but they left, and two younger Hispanic guys came in. They obviously knew each other and were both speaking Spanish (which I don’t speak). They took up two of the ‘stalls’ near the exit, but we were all on full display because of the lack of walls. They had good-sized cocks, not huge, but both were pretty meaty and floppy. Whereas mine is usually just a nub when I’m soft, just the head poking out.

Even though it didn’t last long, I got the impression that they were looking at me. They kept talking to each other, but I didn’t understand. Every time they’d laugh, I had to tell myself they weren’t laughing at me. It was just my imagination.

I finished up and dried off, then walked past them to the exit. Not even a second after walking out, I heard one of them say under his breath, “Pitito…” and the other one started cracking up.

Like I said, I don’t speak Spanish, but I didn’t really need to get the meaning. Afterward, I looked it up, and sure enough, it’s basically the Spanish equivalent of ‘peepee.’ What a little boy would call his penis. I’m just glad that hadn’t happened when I was younger because it would have devastated me. As it was, I really couldn’t blame them! I’m fucking tiny.


While this reader’s public shower experience leads to bullying…

I was at the gym and taking a shower after working out. It’s one of those communal showers with no dividers. Coincidentally, my sister’s boyfriend walks in. Obviously, considering I’m posting here, I have a small penis. Of course, he has an enormous cock that’s flopping around. I turned away, hoping he wouldn’t see it, but he already had. He was clearly smirking about it. Kept asking me why I was ‘hiding’ in the corner while he was trying to talk with me. Then started making fun of my size.

And ever since then, the taunting has continued even a few times in front of my family. He’s one of these jock/frat types who thinks he’s better than everyone. He was already a jerk to me before this, and this has only made things worse.


This reader was having a nice holiday in Greece…

This happened recently, and I need to get it out of my system and tell someone. I’m currently staying at a hotel resort in Greece. I was swimming in the pool when the wind started to pick up, and it began raining, so the lifeguard told everyone to get out of the water until the weather calmed down. As soon as I jumped out, the cold breeze hit me, and suddenly I needed to pee. I dry off just enough so that I’m not shivering and dripping and slip my sandals on to hurry off to the nearest toilets.

At this point, I need to explain the layout. There is a short corridor and then a door on either side, left for the ladies, right for the men. Both restrooms are small. The sinks are on the wall opposite the door for both the men’s and the ladies, and the urinals are at a right angle to the door, so you turn right to enter from the corridor and right again to where the urinals are. (I hope that makes sense enough to follow).

The doors to both the men’s and the ladies are propped open, so from the corridor, you can see the sinks in both rooms. As I pass, I can see into the lady’s room, where a young woman is doing her makeup in the mirror above one of the sinks. She has her back to me, but I can see her face in the mirror’s reflection. It’s one of the waitresses from the poolside bar. She looks to be around 18 to 20, very pretty, and thin but with nice boobs, long, straight dark hair, and olive skin.

So, as I enter the men’s room, I am conscious that the door is open, so I purposely go to the urinal that is literally behind the door that is propped open. So not only is the door blocking the view of me from the corridor and the lady’s room, I am tucked away in the corner, so even if the door were not there, you would need to enter the men’s room to see me. Even then, you would only see me from the back. I was confident that the only place my dick would be visible would be by other urinal users, of which there were none at this time.

I think I should explain as well that I’m not shy around other guys at urinals because, generally, my flaccid dick is not that much smaller than average. I could have easily used my left hand to block the view, including the view of any men that might have entered, but that just never crossed my mind. So I happily piss away, not even thinking about the fact that the cold has made me shrivel up to near-nothingness and that I only require one finger and my thumb to aim.

I finish off with the old wiggle and put it away and, at the same moment, turn towards the sink, and my heart feels like it just beats right out my chest when I see the face of the waitress. I hadn’t realized that the mirrors line up to give her a perfect view of me in profile. It seems so obvious now, but I didn’t consider it. She must have been there the whole time I was peeing with a perfect view of my dick at its tiniest. I must have only looked at her for a split second, but at that moment, I saw her eyes as they flick up from my crotch to meet my gaze, and she had the most evil smirk on her face.

I wash my hands and dry them off, trying like hell not to look at her in the mirror. I can feel my ears burning, and I’m pretty sure they actually turned redder as I stood there. As I exit the men’s room, my eyes are drawn to hers in the mirror reflection like a magnet. It’s hard to describe the face she made, but it was like a subtle smile that was both sympathetic and mocking at the same time. I made a hasty exit and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

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  • SphEnjoyer

    I wish some of this things happened to me

  • jufreyghost

    first story is amazing! I love those kind of settings where small-dicked-guys accidentally witness a humiliating girly-talk about their shortcomings. And damn, his condoms must have been ridiculously small!


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