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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets excited watching an old sex tape involving his wife…

Stumbled upon old videos of my wife with her ex on her college laptop after years of not being able to find anything. We watched the videos together, and it was humiliating how much bigger he was than me but so hot.

Me and Cora are 27 and have been together four years, married for 1.5, and have an amazing sex life where we are both switches, and she’s extremely open about her past. The night I found the videos, I brought them to her attention, and she said we’d watch them on a special occasion. Well, my birthday was a month ago, so we got a sitter and spent all day at home making a killer red velvet cheesecake. I cooked us steaks and shrimp and had some red wine on the ready for the big moment. We cuddle up on the couch and airplay her laptop to the 85-inch TV in the living room, and there are two videos.

One 6-minute video and one 40-minute video we start with the 6-minute video, but it’s just them talking and her stripping. So we talk through the video, and my wife asks me, “Are you sure you’ll be OK watching me get fucked? I know you fantasize about it, but a lot of people don’t handle their fantasies coming true well.”

Fucking psychologists. I assure her that I’m OK with it, and she gulps her glass of wine and grabs my dick, and she notices how stiff and springy I am, and she makes a very cheeky expression.

We start the 40-minute video, and she pulls my shorts off, so I’m lying in just boxers. She put her hand underneath and started squeezing my balls while lightly tracing her finger down my dick length. I’m already buzzed off of 2 glasses of wine, so my dick is very sensitive. She leans over and starts making out with me, and out of the corner of my eye, I see her ex pull down his pants on the video, and I froze. And she asked what was up, and I just pointed at the TV.

She seemed confused and just looked at my dick and back to the TV and said, “Oh yeah, babe. I wasn’t lying when I said his soft dick was bigger than your erect one. Hehe,” and my jaw dropped and my dick throbbed and shot a little precum when she said that.

Watching her deepthroat all eight thick inches repeatedly was absolutely mind-blowing, and thank god I told her to stop playing with my dick so I could watch the video 😅. After like 8 minutes of her giving the best-looking head I’ve ever seen, he flips her over the bed, and just one thrust balls deep bottoms out. She lets out a huge moan, and you see her pussy contract, and as he pulls out, you see his thick cock covered in her discharge and pussy juice. In the video, she’s begging him to fuck her as hard as he can, and he pins her wrists to her back and thrusts insanely hard and fast, and the sounds she’s making are unreal.

My cheeky wife is in full domme mode at this point as she grabs my dick with just two fingers and grips it hard. Slowly strokes while looking at the video and back to me. In the video, he’s fucking her relentlessly in doggy. She yells, “Don’t stop. I’m cumming,” and he takes a few more thrusts and thrusts really hard and keeps it there for a second while she’s screaming and pulls out.

You see a river of squirts come out of her pussy as the gap his cock leaves slowly closes. My wife whispered in my ear, “I bet you didn’t know I could do that, did you, babe.”

I blew the biggest load I’ve ever blown in her hand. I saw fucking stars.


Another reader had testicle pain, so he had to show his little dick…

When I was in my early 20s, I woke up with a dull ache on my right testicle. I didn’t think much of it, but as the day progressed, the pain got gradually worse. I also noticed swelling in my scrotum. The pain and swelling got so bad that I decided it was time to visit the ER, as I could hardly move at this point. Hard, I’m a silver member of the small dick club, but when it’s soft, it’s maybe an inch on a good day. The swelling of my scrotum made this even more noticeable. Not only that, but the swelling was making the penis get sucked up inside me.

I was taken back to a private room where a nurse took some vital signs, and I told her what was going on. She asked if she could take a look, and at this point, I really didn’t care how small I looked because of my pain level. At this point, my penis was completely gone. I opened my eyes and noticed her gaze was fixed and wide-eyed, no doubt wondering where the hell my penis was or if I even had one attached to my swollen scrotum.

The doctor came in to examine me and had a similar reaction. He wanted to make sure all was well with my penis and was able to coax it out of its hidey hole, not that it would have made much of an impression. When this was all happening, I noticed the nurse fighting back a smirk on her face as the realization dawned on her that it really was just tiny. I was sent for an ultrasound on my scrotum, which an older Eastern European woman was doing. But while she was doing the ultrasound and maneuvering her wand, my penis made a reappearance, and she cheerfully exclaimed, “Ah, there’s the little guy!”

In the end, nothing needed to be done to solve the issue but rest and time, but I had never felt so humiliated in my life regarding my penis size.


Meanwhile, this reader has to get drinks for everyone while sporting a tiny boner…

My wife and I are in an FLR and a PFM. In addition, she keeps me denied of orgasms 99% of the time. Basically, I get to cum about once a year. Being orgasm-denied and incredibly horny all the time leads to many embarrassing situations, such as…

Last fall, we spent a Sunday afternoon hanging out with our lake friends on a beach. The water was still warm enough to hang out in, so we’d taken our mission mat with us and had it anchored in about 4 feet of water with everyone hanging out leaning on the mat, like a swim-up bar sort of thing. An hour or so after we’d been there, the youngest couple in our friend’s group showed up. They are mid-late 30s, whereas the rest of us are 40s-50s. Also, Laney, the wife, is positively gorgeous!! She is about 5’5″ tall, has amazing legs, a perfect ass, smallish but incredibly perky breasts, a beautiful face with shocking amber-colored eyes, and a mane of curly dark hair. I’ve been smitten since first meeting her. Plus, she wears really small bikinis!

After helping them beach up their boat, we all head back to the mat. The gods were smiling at me, and she picked a spot right beside me at one corner of the mat. After the usual small talk, we tripped onto the topic of ‘big dick energy.’ It seems t-shirts were being sold to celebrate a new football coach for our local college team that played on his name Dick with the term ‘big dick energy.’ Classy fans!

She asked me if I’d seen the shirts, which I hadn’t. So, she explained the concept to me, and I decided to play dumb about the whole thing. So for the next 30 minutes, she explains to me what ‘big dick energy’ is, why she likes it in a guy, and how it’s different that just being arrogant. And, best of all, I got her to tell me what she considers big, too big, small, and too small. I made no confessions but was rather excited to discover I fall in the ‘too small’ category.

I was delighted with the conversation and was thrilled that the water totally hid the fact that I had a raging hard-on the whole time! It was pretty cool standing there with a boner, talking to the hottest woman on the beach while surrounded by other people, with no one the wiser!

I’m sure I probably had a really contented look on my face, and then…

My lovely wife, who was at the opposite corner of the mat, told me to go get her a beer.

This wasn’t good. Being in an FLR, I am my wife’s servant. I can’t simply refuse to go back to the boat and get her a beer. On the other hand, I’ve always worn swim trunks with mesh liners built into them, and even a tiny little boner is going to be blatantly obvious to anyone looking! As bad as that was, it got worse as my dream girl then said, “I need one too, so I’ll go with you,” then asked who else wanted a drink.

Turns out nearly everyone wants one! That’s like five boats I’ll need to crawl up on, leaving me elevated and in plain sight of every single person on the beach, with the lovely Laney being right smack dab in the front row. That’s kind of the problem with an SPH fetish. Even though you crave the humiliation, it’s still a bit overwhelming when it is suddenly going to be very public. But that fear is also a huge turn-on, so the erection you really want to go away gets harder! For someone who is denied PIV sex, I am now truly fucked!

Being trapped, I did the only thing I could think of. I mumbled something about how hot it was. I dunked myself underwater and adjusted my trunks to hopefully use the waste band to hold my penis upright so it wouldn’t make a little tent in the front. Then started thinking about every grandmother I’ve ever met in my life.

Walking and climbing on the boats very carefully, I thought I’d done a pretty good job of getting away with it until, after delivering everyone’s drinks, I took my wife’s beer to her last. As I step away to return to the corner of the mat, she steps with me and whispers in my ear, “That’s a pretty pathetic little boner you got there!” Then she lightly backhands me in the balls. Not sure if anyone else figured it out, but it was a total mind fuck thinking about it!


While this reader has embraced his new reality…

My girlfriend and I met this couple about a year ago. We go out and every once in a while and go dancing, karaoke, dinner, etc. He (Dave) and I went to happy hour at a local bar one Friday, and we both ended up going to the bathroom to take a piss. He whipped out his big cock (7″ soft and THICK), and I whipped out my skinny 2-inch softy. We both looked at each other’s dicks, and I said, “Well, we now know who’s the bigger man around here.” He laughed.

Later that night, I was having sex with my girlfriend, and I told her about Dave, and she was very intrigued. She asked how big he was, and I said his soft penis looked 7″ long and 6″ in girth. So he could have a 9-inch cock hard (which he later confirmed), more than twice the size of mine. I told Dave that I told my girlfriend, and he loved it. He asked me if he could tell his wife, and I said yes; he asked for my measurements because his wife was curious, so I told him I was a silver member of the small dick club.

We all went out this last weekend, and I could tell things were different with everyone knowing. Dave was more dominant, and my girlfriend engaged more with him in conversation. It was clear where I was in the hierarchy of respect. At the end of the night, when the bill came, my girlfriend told me to pay for all of us, which had never happened before.

It made me realize that women subconsciously respect hung men more than small-dick males. Later that night, my girlfriend and I had sex, and I couldn’t get hard enough to fuck because I felt so inadequate. She had to tickle my ass while I jerked off, and we talked dirty about how dominant Dave was and how she fantasized about his big cock now. I exploded. This is my new reality, and I have embraced it.


This reader has some severe shrinkage on a nude beach that doesn’t go unnoticed…

One day, I was at a nude beach tanning and enjoying being naked on a spring day. The beach was fairly sparse, with not that many people out. Even though the water was freezing, I decided to do some body surfing. Generally, at decent room temperature, my flaccid size is about 2.5”, but after body surfing for 20 minutes in cold water, I was experiencing pretty intense shrinkage. I was pretty cold, so I decided to get out and go back to my towel in the sun.

As I got out, I realized a group of 4 clothed women were walking the beach past where I was about to get out. They were all mid-forties, and all weighed more than me. Not fat, just a well-built women, unlike my even smaller frame at the time. I only weighed 140 lbs while standing at 5’9”. It was too late for me to turn around and go back out to the water, so I just kept going toward my towel.

Our paths crossed. They looked at my shriveled-up foreskin and small package, and all started giggling out loud. I was mortified. They kept walking down the beach as I went to my towel. They were all happy and were laughing at my embarrassment. I’ll never forget the humiliation and the smiles on their faces as they gazed upon my shriveled genitals. Now I enjoy the memory. Weird, right?


Another experience I had at this beach happened some years ago. I got to know this older, fit woman at my gym because we were both regulars. I came to find out she goes to a local nude beach. I had gone there too for SPH reasons and because I love laying in the sun naked.

Anyhow, I finally ended up seeing her in the parking lot one day, and she said hi. We both start climbing down the cliff and eventually get to the beach. She asks if we should lay out together, so I say yes because how could I say no? We strip down, and of course, I’m tiny down there because of the embarrassment. I can see her smile, and we lay there for a bit. Some seagulls come by, and she says, “They may be after your peanut,” and chuckled.

At the gym afterward, she mentioned a couple of times about the birds after my peanut. Ever since then, I felt like she told all her friends at the gym about how small my dick was because they would smile at me randomly. Now everyone knows I have a tiny dick.


Another reader is caught in the act of gooning…

My roommate is out of town this weekend for a conference in Atlanta for his work. So I had the house all to myself since Friday. So naturally, I spent all my time naked and jerking off. I even Naired my pubes, so I was smooth. So, there I was, already eagle-edging my little gold member dicklette watching porn with headphones on. Then I saw someone in my doorway. When I focused my eyes, I immediately recognized her as my roommate’s sister from college. She was staring at me, her jaw open to the floor, gawking at me. Staring at my dick.

I ripped my headphones off, slammed my laptop closed, and threw a pillow over my crotch for modesty. I just started sputtering and stuttering, “Oh my G-God, I’m so s-sorry, excuse me, t-this is so embarrassing.”

Then, from around the corner, her mom came to the door and started to say, “Oh, you’re here, James. Do you know—” Then her voice cut off when she noticed my nakedness and her daughter’s deer-in-the-headlights moment. Her mom said, “Oh, sorry, excuse us,” and closed the door. Then she said, “Tuesday is Tom’s birthday, and we had just baked a cake and brought it over. Do you know where his?”

I hollered through my door, “He’s away this weekend at a conference.”


Meanwhile, this reader picked up…

Some years ago, I picked up a woman from a bar. She was pretty hot. Not a typical beauty but very sexy. There was a lot of flirting, and she whispered all kinds of dirty stuff in my ear, so I said let’s go! She followed me to my place. When we got in the door, she was all over me. We were making out and dressing at the same time. I was already hard. We both got our clothes off at the same time. She had a nice body, 34C breasts, a little thick but shapely.

As soon as she sees my dick, there is a look of disappointment on her face. She walks over to me, grabs my dick, squeezes it, and says, “This isn’t happening.”

She starts to stroke my dick with two fingers and her thumb slowly. Just the fingertips. I said, “Why? What’s wrong?”

She says, “You should have told me at the bar that you had a tiny dick, you naughty man. It’s just too small for sex.” At this point, she lets go of my dick and says, “Go ahead and jerk off.” So, I started stroking myself. While I was doing it, she said, “If you had told me about your babydick, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.”

I came right then. She smirked, got dressed, and left without saying another word. I still get hard when I think about it.


While this reader gives an unexpected visitor an eyeful…

It’s Just my normal way to hang out in the backyard during Summer Weekends. Do a few odd chores, dip in and out of the Hot Tub to keep cool, and watch some TV in the Outside Area. Spent the majority of Saturday that way, as I normally do. My wife didn’t finish work till 2:30 pm and was making a quick grocery run on the way home. I hear the side gate open; I just missed hearing her car arrive.

“Can you put some clothes on, damn it?” I hear from behind.

Turning, I see not my wife but my late 40s cousin. Standing 20 feet away, eyes covered with her hand. It’s 3 or 4 steps toward her to move behind the Hot Tub and grab shorts from the chair beside it. Slip them on and then carry on from there. That was close. She hangs out for a bit with some small talk, picks up some stuff she was after, and then leaves. Could have been caught out full-on frontal but seemed to have fluked not being seen.

Then, I take a look back over the 3 Security cams set in that area. Her eyes were fully covered once she saw me naked from behind. Her hand held steady a few inches from her face when I turned. As I break eye contact and look toward the chair, it drops slightly, then falls. The eyes visibly widen, her mouth drops, and her head cranes slightly forward. Briefly raises her hand again and then drops it again for a second harder look.

Only 1.5 Seconds in real-time, but 45 frames on each camera in slow-mo step-by-step playback. Covered by three cameras in total.

Stepping through them, her expression was apparent as she took those really hard looks. It was quite a hot day, but I’d had a cool-down dip only minutes earlier. The hot, dry wind and ceiling fan had dried me out, but the breeze chill had me at my shrinking best, bald, inch-long nub. Ah, Well, that’s to be expected when you ignore the ‘Beware of Nudity’ sign at the gate.


This reader’s wife has set the rules…

My wife engage in a femdom and SPH marriage, and the more we’ve gone down this path, the more she’s grown to love SPH. It’s at the point now where she loves to do SPH regardless if it’s what I want. And luckily, I still love it. I always loved to rub my hard dick against her in the kitchen or wherever and would say something like, “Mmmmm, I bet you want this big hard cock in you right about now.”

Her response is always along the lines of rolling her eyes and saying over-the-top sarcastically, “Oh my God, yes, just what every girl dreams, a babydick to leave me disappointed.’

I’d reply, ‘Hey, it’s just a bit below average…”

She then finishes with, “Ummm, you standing straight up, thrusting your hips out as far as you can, and pushing the tape measure as deep as possible into your groin doesn’t count. When you’re lying on your back for cowgirl, it looks like a thumb. And doggy, forget about it.”

Then, a few weeks ago, she threw a curveball at me out of the blue. We went through the normal song and dance, and then she closed with, “I don’t like that. You’re not allowed to say that anymore. If your dick size starts with a ‘4’ you absolutely cannot call it a ‘cock’. Or even a ‘dick,’ for that matter. And I think I’m gonna throw in ‘big,’ too. Those words are banned for you, and you are not allowed to use them when describing your little pee-pee.”

I was taken aback at her assertiveness and was so turned on. She said I’m allowed to call it a little pee-pee, penis, clitty, little guy, babydick, and that’s about it. She’s also added more to the banned list as I’ve tried to bend the rules—pipe, dong, schlong, wang, and hog.

I also asked if these rules are full time including in public. Her response was, “What kind of stupid question is that? Of course, this rule is full-time no matter who is around.”

The worst has been when I rub her from behind while talking dirty to her around the house, and I start to say, “God, I just want to slide my big cock inside of you.” But I catch myself and say, “God, I just want to slide my, ummm, little baby pee-pee into you.”

At that time, I whine a little and complain that it sounds so unappealing if I have to call it a little pee-pee when I’m trying to turn her on.

She laughs her ass off and says, “Exactly, that’s the point. Now you’re finally calling it what it actually is, and you are correct. It’s not super appealing for a woman to have a little pee-pee fuck her. So now it’s the truth in advertising. I love this.”

Fuck she’s amazing how far she’s come.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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