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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader just doesn’t fit the mold…

When I (28m) was 21, a friend of mine (20f – at the time) posted on Facebook that she was working at a place that made prosthetic penises for people who had been injured and needed a replacement. The business was offering $200 for anyone to come in and get a mold taken of theirs. And I could use the cash, so I messaged her asking for details, and she told me where to go.

When I got there, I told them what I was there for, and they put me in a semi-private booth. No one could see you, but they weren’t fully enclosed, so you could hear what was going on around you, and there were other men in the booths next to mine. They told me to strip down and that someone would be back in a few minutes.

This was all in the middle of summer, so they had AC blasting, and I’m sitting there completely naked and shriveled from the cold air, around 1.5in and very thin.

The mid-40s guy walks in to get the mold taken, but he is training a hot young chick mid-20s, and she immediately eyes my dick and gives a little smirk but doesn’t say anything. The guy says, “Oh, you’re a friend from Facebook’s friend, huh?” So they know who I am with my tiny little cock.

The guy puts on gloves and tells me that the procedure will be for a mold of both flaccid and hard. He comes over, grabs the head of my dick with his pointer finger and thumb, and moves it around to get a good look at it. Then he says it’s ‘too small for anyone else.’ Still, maybe they could take a mold of just my hard dick, ‘if it’s bigger.’ So he tells me to start jacking off or whatever will get me hard, so I start using my finger and thumb to get hard while they watch me. The girl has her hand over her mouth, I’m guessing to hide a smile.

Once I’m hard (upper Silver Member), the guy takes a closer look and says that it’s still too small, they don’t want to take any molds, and that I’m free to go whenever. They move on to the next booth, and I immediately hear him say, “Now that’s a cock,” and I hurry to get out of there before I’m more humiliated.


Another reader’s wife told him of a small dick hookup she’d had…

I do not have a small penis, but this is a story that my wife told me. My wife was quite a slut before I met her. Lots of random hookups with guys in bars. She was in her 20s and living her best life in a big city. She told me the story of a guy that she was flirting back in forth with in a bar. They were both pretty drunk and decided to go back to his apartment. They were making out, and he was getting handsy, and before long, my wife was pretty much naked, and she said the guy still had all his clothes on.

She took off his shirt and started to take off his pants and was surprised when she took his dick out of his boxers. She said it was super small, maybe a few inches, and she didn’t know if maybe he wasn’t hard. He was. She said that was as big as it got. So she told the guy that he could jerk off over her while she rubbed her clit on his bed. She was rubbing away and playing with her nipples while he used his fingers to stroke his little penis.

She could sense that he was getting close to cumming, but she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. She said that she was sprayed with stream after stream of cum. All over her tits, belly, legs, pussy, face etc. She said she had never seen a guy cum so much before. She told me that this was a HUGE turn-on for her, and when he was done, she sucked his little dick hard again and let him rub it on her clit to make her cum before he ended up cumming again.

She said she saw this guy a few more times because she was so turned on by how much he could cum. He ended up ghosting her not long after, but she saw him a few months later in another bar, but he was with another girl. She said that he more than compensated for his little dick with how much he could cum.


Meanwhile, this reader has no imagination…

I once had sex with a stranger, and I was ‘unlucky’ that she liked PIV. When she took off my boxers, I could see her expression twist, which excited me but also worried me about what was to come. When I started the action, after a minute, she pressed with her legs to try to squeeze and feel something. A few minutes later, she even changed her face, and she moaned. I just finished after five minutes, and she didn’t want to talk about anything. She only responded with monosyllables. I don’t consider it small, but I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club (a little smaller than the average). But it does have a humble thickness. What blows my mind is: If I, with a penis close to average, have these humiliating situations. What happens to those of you who are gold or silver members? I couldn’t even imagine being that small. It would suck,


While this reader’s wife questions his manhood…

So, nothing big (lol), but it was unprompted. My wife and I were lying in bed, and I was adjusting down there when my wife said: “What life with a penis. You wouldn’t know about that.” She laughs.

“Wait, what?” I asked, doing a double-take at her random comment.

“Life with a penis…adjusting it…but you wouldn’t know what that’s about”

She then laughs again. I’m like two inches soft, so it’s really small when relaxed.


This reader had a one-night stand that left an impression…

I was like 22 at the time, and I was getting with every girl I could. Most didn’t say anything about my size or even my speed, to be honest. Still, I was usually a generous lover, so maybe that’s why. Anyway, I hooked up with this girl who had a phat ass. My first PAWG, as a matter of fact. She was about 5’5, long curly red hair, blue eyes small pert boobs. We flirted and stuff, went on a date, and made out.

Then we went back to my place, and things got heavy, and while we were making out on the couch and she took out my cock and started playing with it. I felt her smile through the kiss and the stroking but didn’t think much of it. Then she took off her top, and I undid her pants to reveal matching bra and panties. This told me she knew it was on tonight, which is always a confidence boost.

Anyway, I get the bra and panties off and do my normal foreplay of sucking and then pussy eating. She goes to reciprocate the favor, and she swallows me whole. Now, I hadn’t actually measured myself at this point because I assumed I was small average based on my locker room experiences and just that I was a grower. But I now know I’m a Silver Member of the small dick club.

So she’s got my dick in her mouth, and I feel her smile again as she clearly doesn’t know what to do with her hands because there’s no more dick to jerk off. Then she used her tongue to lick my balls and came off saying she’d never done that before, and she was excited. My dumbass asks if she’s solved her gag reflex, which raises one of her eyebrows, but nothing is said. Then she asks if I have a condom after a few more minutes. I wasn’t sure, so I started looking. She says she has one from her ex, but it won’t fit me, she doesn’t think. I find one of mine and put it on, and we start trying missionary on the couch.

It wasn’t getting it for her because I kept slipping out. So she tries to bend over the arm and let me get it doggy but then realizes loudly that I’m too small for that position, too. We ended up with her riding me while I was sitting and me grabbing her ass. She rubs back and forth after bouncing, and I slip out a few times. And I cum in like two minutes but let her ride and grind it out until she gets off too. Then she kisses me and leaves. After that, she ghosted me for like two weeks, and finally, I texted her and asked her if she wasn’t into me and why we went as far as we had. And she said she did like me, but after having sex with my tiny penis, she realized how much she missed her ex. It wasn’t meant to be a mean thing, but it hurt me while also making me want to jack off.

Six months later, I met her boyfriend at a urinal during a local baseball game. (I was an alumnus at the high school and sometimes went and watched since my old coaches and I were still friends. His ex/current gf/my hookup had a little brother on the team) and he smiled at me. I said what’s up and he just cracked a smile. He was holding his cock for a few minutes, and naturally, I snuck a peek to realize that soft he was nearly twice my hard length. Or so it seemed I didn’t measure, obviously.


Another reader met a hot Latino babe…

So, some background: I’m a white dude, I work out, so I’m a pretty big dude in most ways, except my silver member dicklette. I was at this party and, with my liquid courage, went up to this stunning f19 5’0 Latina with massive titties, a huge ass, pretty face. We were flirting hard, and she said something dirty in Spanish, which I didn’t understand, so I started speaking Spanish back, and I said, “Me pene pequeno.” (I have a small penis).

Her eyes widened, and she was like, “Ohhhh, really?”

I played it off like my friend told me it meant something different, and I’ll prove it’s big. So we went into a free room, and she was like, “Okay, take it out then.”

So I whip out my 3.5-inch semi-hard dick. She busts out laughing and says, “I knew you had small dick energy.”

I was like, “Hey, let me get hard. You’ll be impressed.”

So I start beating it while she looks on disappointingly. I get fully hard and proudly show off my Bronze Member boner, and this is the dialogue that ensued.

She smirks and says, “You really think that’s big?”

And I say, “I’m hung.”

“Oh honey, that’s not hung. That’s a small penis.”

“No, it’s not. You know it’s big,” I said.

She laughed and said, “Well, I’ve seen black men, and they were three times bigger than your little thing.”

“No way, I have a big cock,” I insisted.

“No… You really don’t,” she said.

“Can I still hit it?”

“I would, but I doubt you could handle me.”

“Please?” I begged.

“No, I’m sorry… I know guys are insecure about size, but you have a small dick. Sorry.”

I probably stood there dumbfounded for 15 seconds while she looked with sympathy. She then broke the silence by saying she’d best get going, and that was that.


Meanwhile, this reader has some Chinese…

So, I was flirting with this Asian girl on Tinder. I was pretty direct; I just wanted a quick hookup, and she was game if I showed her what I was working with. I took a pic and edited it to make it look just that bit bigger. Her reply was, ‘Ehhh, I guess that’s big enough.’

I asked, ‘Do you think it’s small?’

She replied, ‘I can tell you in person.”

So the night arrives, and as soon as I’m through the door, we’re making out. We start undressing each other, and I whip out my rock-hard dick (Bronze Member). She giggled and said, “Small….”

I exclaimed, “Small?”

She nodded her head but said, “It’s okay, you can still try.”

As she said this, she bent over the bed and wiggled her big butt teasing me. I eagerly plunged in and lasted all of 10 quick, shallow thrusts. I was so embarrassed. It was only made worse by her comment, “Wow, I thought white guys would be bigger, but my Chinese boyfriend was twice your size.

I kept apologizing for my shortcomings, but she assured me it was okay and said most guys have small penises. I asked, “As small as mine?”

She giggled a little and said no. We became friends after that, and she sometimes told me about guys she was seeing. (that were much bigger than me).


While this reader has a weird relationship with his wife…

For anyone who doesn’t know, there’s a British dating game show that is now available on Max in the US. The show features full frontal nudity of both males and females.

I turned it on as a joke when we had guests in the house. I was expecting to turn it off quickly, but my wife stopped me. She announced that she was quite enjoying the six ‘man-sized’ cocks on the screen and, in so doing, implied not so subtly that they were more ‘man-sized’ and more worthy of her attention than my own.

My wife very much enjoys humiliating me both privately and publicly for my small penis, so I was expecting some more comments. Still, she managed to restrain herself this time. For example, when the host of the show mentioned that the average flaccid penis is 3.6 inches long, I was almost certain my wife would announce that my hard penis isn’t even that long, which is true.

It did come up later, in private, though, at which point she reiterated how nice it was for her to see so many real men and their cocks. And she also punished me for seeing naked female parts. I am pussy free and not allowed to see female nudity, but she allowed me to watch the show only to punch and kick my balls later. She also told me to smack my balls with a hairbrush several times.


This reader has a fun cousin…

I’m 22m, my cousin is 22f, and we’re both South Asian (i.e., Indian). So I used to play a lot of games with my cousin, and I would fantasize about playing stripping games with her and intentionally losing so that she could see my tiny dick and make fun of me. But obviously, that was too risky to bring up, so instead, I used to whisper, “Shame, shame, shame…” in her ear anytime I won in the hopes that she would whisper it back, but she never did.

She would say, “Shame on you, dude,” out loud whenever I would do it, which was pretty good. But I was always waiting for that ‘shame-shame-shame’ because I wanted to imagine her saying it after seeing my small dick. Anyway, one day, I’m in my room jacking off, and she barges in on me and sees me with my little penis in my hand. She runs out of the room and doesn’t say anything, but I swear I heard her giggling.

After that, for the next few weeks, anytime I saw her, she would give me this mocking smile and say, “Shame, shame, puppy shame,” which is like this Indian playground taunt used to mock naughty little boys gently.

Eventually, she brought her boyfriend over to meet me and made us strip and compare sizes. He was much, much bigger than me, so she laughed at me and sucked his cock while I stood there and watched like a shameful little fool.

I can still remember how hot she looked when she was on her knees, sucking her boyfriend’s cock. She was naked, and her back was sort of towards me, so I was staring at her ass. I remember every so often when she was sucking him off. She would turn back around to me and blow me a kiss to shame me more. And guess what? After she finished sucking her boyfriend’s cock, she kissed me on the lips to mock and shame me even more. She made it seem like she was going to kiss my small dick, but then she giggled and kissed me on the lips.

The next day she wanted to humiliate me a bit more, so she made me jack off for her while she teased me by shaking her ass. But she didn’t let me cum, and she made me follow her around naked all day with my little dick standing at attention.


Another reader meets a girl he can’t satisfy…

Okay, so let me paint the picture. At this point, I’m 26/27 (it bleeds over). I had told my FWB what I was into. A girl I was casually seeing they both were trying to deliver on it, but it goes against their ingrained nature of sex, so it was a work in progress. Then I met a girl at work (21F) who was way into me. It started casually; she asked me out as her boyfriend. I agreed and ended things with the other two.

So we have sex for the first time together. I can tell she’s a little disappointed in my size but says nothing rides me till I cum, then says it was great, and we kiss, yadda-yadda-yadda. Two months go by, and we have no sex, but we’re always talking lude and stuff. She mentions she’s into Kevin Love, the Basketball player, and I joke he might have a small dick, though wouldn’t that ruin the fantasy. She says with no hesitation that, obviously, dick size isn’t that important to her.

Then, she apologizes profusely. I tell her it’s okay and try to get her to open up, asking if it was really small (like I didn’t know) and if she had had smaller. We start making out after she tells me a story of her fucking a dude we both worked with that was apparently hung af. I get inside her and immediately cum. She laughs and says oh well, we kiss goodnight. An hour later, she sends me a picture of her with her magic wand and a pretty decent-sized dildo, saying she has to finish it off, lol, and that dude from work is roughly the same size (maybe 7.5 inches with 6 in circumference).

Another month goes by, and we break up. Then Two months go by, and she texts me again saying she’s sorry and she’s missed me because I’m a great listener and being with me is like one of the girls, lol. I ask if she’s serious and if she’s been seeing anyone else. She says one other guy, but they’re over because he wouldn’t commit.

We’re at my place now, a week later, laying naked, and she’s playing with my nubbin, and I ask what made her hook up with a dude that wouldn’t stop fucking other girls, and she said it was his cock, but she’s no one’s side piece. I laughed, and we went at it for nearly two minutes before I came and went down on her. She Said it was great, but she did need PIV sex to cum, and that wasn’t gonna happen tonight.

Fast forward another few weeks, and she’s telling me she can’t come over as planned for reasons. Then she sends me a text ‘on accident’ about another two-hour fuck session with your huge cock. I text back, saying wtf? And she says it’s a joke, obviously, and definitely nothing to worry about. Still, it was meant for another guy who wouldn’t stay loyal. Then, a week later, she broke up with me again after yet another two-pump performance. She told me that I’m a great listener, but she needs cock to cum, and I don’t have the stamina, and then she paused, deciding not to finish the thought, and ended things. She’s married to that guy now, and I got back with the casual girl who is now great at SPH. But that was our messy in-between time.


Meanwhile, this reader is strutting in the locker room naked and loving it…

Had a funny scene happen after yoga yesterday. I do hot yoga, and they only have two showers and just a curtain blocking the view. The locker rooms are nice but open. I shrink up a lot when doing yoga and often take a cold shower after. I got my towel, so I said, “Fuck it,” and walked out of the shower wet and naked.

I got a few looks, but nothing was said. I strutted to my towel and caught a glimpse of my shrunken head just bouncing about. I had to smile. Is there anything funnier than the naked strut of a tiny man?

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