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This reader’s girlfriend was a screamer until she met him…

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year at this point. We both met during the final semester of college. I’m a silver member of the small dick club and extremely skinny down there. Still, it never really impacted our relationship to any degree, and it was never brought up in any conversation. She always made me feel like a king in bed.

My girlfriend is a conventionally gorgeous woman and has been with her fair share of men, but she can name ten things she enjoys more than sex with me at the drop of a hat. So I didn’t think much about our short thrice-a-month vanilla missionary sex sessions since she has time and time again said that she loves our relationship for all of the other things, too. Still, she isn’t that sexual of a person.

Last month, she got in touch with her college roommates, and we hung out with them over drinks. After a few hours, the conversations took a raunchy turn, and they teased us by asking if she still got any noise from the neighbors. My girlfriend immediately blushed and tried to change the topic.

Confused, I inquired about what they were talking about. After some coaxing, one of them finally spilled the beans by saying that they know my girlfriend is highly expressive during sex and can’t help it, so her moaning at the top of her lungs every day got them a lot of noise complaints. Another friend interjected by saying that it wasn’t every day, but sometimes even multiple times a day, and they all giggled over it.

I don’t know what to do with that information, but I find it ridiculously hot and humiliating. We haven’t talked about it or had sex since, but it is a far cry from the little feminine gasps and coos I elicit from her during sex. I’m often the louder one during our sessions.


Another reader is examined by his sister…

This happened two years back. It’s a real experience that I’d like to share. I don’t usually type long ass stories like this, so I apologize in advance if my storytelling has a few faults.

I’m 20 now. Back when I was 18, my family (especially my parents) were really concerned about my height not growing. Now, I’m 5’8”, which is a decent height. Still, according to my family, I was considered short asf due to other members of my family being tall. We are three siblings: my elder sister(22yrs), who is 5’7”; my younger brother (17 yrs), who is 6’2”. My dad is 6’1”, and my mom is 5’7”.

So yeah, relatively, as a boy, I was short. I had a cousin and sister who was 24 back then and lived one block away from us. Since childhood, we all, as brothers and sisters, have been really close, like going on field trips, picnics, traveling, etc. Plus, she’s always been very lively and playful, talks lovingly with everyone, cracks a few jokes here and there, etc. Let’s call her Janet for now. She was very, very Hot, at least to me. She was slightly taller than me, extremely beautiful by face, with brown hair, a decent ass, but huge boobs. Her chest has always been an eye-catcher since she is very slim and athletic. Her huge chest really stood out for her athletic figure.

All my friends in my area and boys her age consider her really a hard one to pull, literally. She’s always been a very party-type girl who’s into fitness, a bit of hookup, etc. But she also was a medical student in practice. She worked at an endocrine clinic which a neighbor of ours ran. She wasn’t a nurse there. She had her cabin and stuff and would deal with easier patients, and the ones who had complex problems would see the main doctor.

Anyway, once my parents and I visited the clinic to inquire regarding my height and stuff. Since she was a “close relative” of ours, the doctor directed us to her cabin directly. She was pleased to meet us there in her cabin and knew what we were there for since this topic of mine was well talked about in the family. She took a few measurements of my height and proportion of my upper body and lower body, asked me about my diet, etc. She asked my mother about her experience and incidents during pregnancy and stuff, and everything was normal.

This questioning went on for about 25 minutes. Everything was pretty normal until Janet said this: “Well, everything is normal. Your height stands in the lower limit of your growth potential, and it is normal for a lot of people to have that. There are no abnormalities in your growth overall. You’re fit and healthy, and 5’8” isn’t very short anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about. Lastly, before I submit the report to the doctor, I need to examine your genitals. You’re ‘balls,’ to be precise.”

She humorously said this. I smiled nervously at looked at my parents.

Janet said, “Don’t worry or get scared. It’s normal and necessary. We doctors do this pretty often. It’s normal for us now.”

My parents also encouraged me a bit, and I agreed. I asked my parents to leave the room and wait outside until then, and they left. Janet wore a pair of plastic gloves and asked me to lay on the bed in the corner and tried to console and encourage me, saying it’s OK, don’t worry, etc.

At the time, I was really nervous about showing my penis to a girl. Although I’m not extremely tiny, and neither at the time did I have an SPH fetish of any sort, I was nervous and plainly insecure that day. Normally, I’m 2 inches soft and upper Bronze Member when erect. But that day, for some reason, my dick shrunk back to one inch (WTF). Maybe because I was nervous, and although she was my sister, she was hot, and if I was going to be showing my dick to her, it better be hard and big looking. She wouldn’t care either way, but I didn’t want to be revealing a shrunk baby dick to her or any girl in general.

Anyway, she asked me to lie down on the bed and take off my pants halfway down. And there I was with a super shrunken penis filled with nervousness. Eventually, I pulled my pants and underwear down, and even I peeked to see what I was packing. It was a soft one-inch penis with balls bigger than my dick. Almost as if the balls serve as a platform for the little one on top of them. I froze for a moment, and she straight up giggled a bit, locking her eyes at it.

I nervously smiled and said, “I know it is a bit small.”

She hilariously replied, “A bit? Really, A BIT? Literally, my lipstick is bigger than this!😂.”

I was horrified. I would have been fine if I had been humiliation back then. Probably, I would’ve even gotten hard and showed her, but thank god I didn’t get hard on that comment, or else it would become weird. She noticed the look on my pale face and calmed down.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “We can talk about this for a minute if you don’t mind.” And encouraged me to be a bit more open. I nodded nervously. She said, “It’s OK, I don’t mind. I just got a bit excited. You’re OK. Trust me, I’ve seen smaller here in this clinic. They’re all nervous, so they probably shrunk a bit.”

I felt a bit relieved and smiled a little. I knew she cared for me and wasn’t a total degenerate-minded person. Although since she was hot and has had a few hookups before, she’s definitely seen way bigger dongs. Later she told me something really nice.

She said, “You shouldn’t mind all these things like height and size, etc. God gave you this. Maybe you’re lucky in some other traits. I’m only lucky I’ve got these,” as she held her boobs for a sec.

I looked at her boobs passively. She shook my sight. She said I was good to go. Apparently, my ‘balls’ were OK, and there were no abnormalities. She’s a good woman, and she’s never shamed me regarding this, even as a joke. But I still think of that moment a lot to this day, especially now when I would actually enjoy an experience like this.


Meanwhile, this reader is too short to ride…

Today, I was trying to get my wife to tease me a bit. We are both tired from the weekend, so I figured nothing was going to happen anyway. She comes out of the shower and puts on her sweatpants. She laughed and said, “These are the, your not getting any tonight pants.”

I laughed and replied, ‘I would prefer if it were. You must be at least five inches to enjoy this ride pants.”

She laughed and said, “Yeah, I like that. That works, too!”

She later said I should make that into a GIF. I showed her some GIFs, and she just giggled and said, “Your little pee-pee definitely doesn’t cut, honey.”

Well, of course, I got instantly hard. I was denied, though, more out of exhaustion than anything else.


While this reader’s wife is blabbing to the neighbors…

My missus and our neighbor are very close and always have chats. Anyway, the missus and I were getting to it this weekend. She started to tell me about how she was talking to our female neighbor about how small my dick was. My wife called it ‘below average’ but the smallest she has ever had. My wife told her female neighbor friend burst out laughing and shouted, “No way! You’d think because he was a big lad, he would have a decent-sized cock, not an itty bitty babydick.”

I knew she’d been looking at me differently for a while, and now I know why. All I’ve thought about since is SPH.


This reader discovered small tits trump small dicks every time…

One summer during university, I lived in an apartment with a pool. My girlfriend at the time and her friends lived to come to swim on weekends and days off. My girlfriend at the time had a small group of smart ‘nerdy’ girls. Most of them were cute but flat and not conventionally attractive. The one girl always said she was the president of the itty bitty titty committee.

Well, Madam President liked to sunbathe with her straps untied and one day had forgotten. She sits up as my girlfriend, and I walk over, and her top flips down. We see her tiny tits and puffy nipples, and she is super embarrassed. Says things like, “Not like there was anything to see,” and, “I know they’re tiny, and my nipples are puffy.”

I just chuckled and said I enjoyed the show.

Later that night, my girlfriend and her roommates had a party. I have to go to the bathroom and don’t think much to go and not lock the door. Sure enough, mid-going, Madam President bursts in and gets a look. She goes, “I knew [girlfriend’s name] said it was small, but that’s fucking tiny, dude!” Then runs out.

I come down a bit embarrassed, but then Madam President loudly says to the crowd, “I can’t believe I was embarrassed about you seeing my little tits when all you’re packing is a babydick.”

I swear it was planned to make her feel better, and it certainly humiliated me.


Another reader explains how he got into SPH…

I’ve seen a few people posting about how they learned they were small and how they got started with SPH. I thought I would share mine. I think it happened in three steps for me.

First, before I knew anything about anything, I saw diagrams in sex education books in school. I knew that I did not have a penis that matched. Mine sits on top of my balls. There is no hang like what I saw in those books.

Second, I was like a lot of people as well, the locker room and communal showers during football and wrestling. I was always the tallest in my class (I am 6’6”), but from what I saw, I was also the smallest in the genital area. Nothing was ever said, but I knew, and so did everyone else.

However, at the time, I had a girlfriend (a tennis player and cross-country runner) who had a younger sister. The younger sister was also dating someone on the wrestling team. I wrestled at 215 lbs. Her boyfriend was wrestling at 126 lbs and was about a foot shorter than me in height. My penis is anywhere from 0 inches to 1.5 inches soft, but he was at least 5-6 inches soft. He was easily triple my size and much thicker. One day, I was talking to her, and she mentioned someone had been telling her about his dick size. She didn’t say anything about me, but I understood she also knew then that I had a small dick compared to other guys.

The last incident was with the girlfriend I mentioned above. We were both very inexperienced, having never done anything below the belt with anyone else. But one afternoon, I was over at her house. We progressed to her rubbing my hard-on through my pants to eventually her suggesting I take it out, but it was under the guise of wanting to see how things worked. Before this, she had regularly asked me questions about functions (this was the early 2000s before you could really Google).

She was kind of looking at my silver member erection, moving it around. At the same time, I was nervous and blushing uncontrollably, yet still obviously thrilled at what was happening. Rather than start stroking me, she starts asking me questions. She asked about pressure, which I tried to explain, then just told her to start slowly squeezing, and I would tell her when to stop. Once that was figured out, she asked about my balls. Having no experience either, I said something like, “They are there, but not a big deal.”

Feeling more confident now, she started to move her hand up and down a little, but with no pressure, and asked if she was doing it right. I told her it felt good, but she needed a squeeze a little more, and then, after that, it felt amazing. She was watching what she was doing very intently, which was awesome, but I could tell she wanted to see more, so she changed up her grip to just three fingers and her thumb. Then she asked her last question as she was stroking me. She asked me if it would get bigger the longer she went, and I got more excited. She did not ask to be mean. She was genuinely curious.

I blushed again and told her, “No, that was as big as it gets.”

She said, sounding a bit bored, “Oh, OK.”

After about 30 seconds, I asked her to go a little faster and began to cum as she stoked me with her fingers and thumb. I didn’t think to tell her or warn her. I shot cum that landed on her hand, she got startled and let go, and I finished cumming on my stomach, mostly to a ruined orgasm. I distinctly remember her looking at my cum in her hand, then back to me. At that, we both nervously laughed and took turns getting cleaned up.


Meanwhile, this reader loved being a simp…

One of my closest friends is a girl who loves big cocks. We have been friends since undergrad and feel more into a brother/sister relationship and stay platonic. That said, we shared everything and always our sexual stories. She came to know I was small and like eating pussy. I came to know she was a total size queen. This cemented our friends-only relationship.

Something crazy occurred, though. Anytime I met a guy she was ‘talking’ to or dating, my first thought was, ‘he is bigger than me.’ And I knew I was right. No way she talked to any guy with a cock under 7.5” hard, and that was small for her.

Any time we were hanging out, all I could think was how hung the guy was. Plus, we shared everything, and soon I would know. I was always a bit more submissive to these guys, and I think she knew and loved it.


While this reader was in a foursome…

My wife Cora and I have been friends with Jeff and Izzy for years since college. We knew they were swingers, and my wife has hooked up with Jeff a couple of times. Hence, I knew he was hung, so I was nervous and really excited when we all got hammered watching Sunday night football last week, and Izzy and Jeff proposed a foursome.

I thought they were fucking around until Izzy and my wife started making out aggressively and motioned for me and jeff to join. I am attracted to Izzy but wasn’t sure what to do, so I pulled my wife’s pants down and started eating her out while squatting in front of the couch for a couple of minutes. Jeff started massaging my wife’s tits while Izzy sat on my wife’s face with her 4’11”, 80 lbs self.

After a few minutes of my wife moaning like crazy, she squirts so hard it blasts me away from her pussy. Izzy is moaning too, and Jeff stands up on the couch and shoves his soft cock in Izzy’s mouth, and his softie is bigger than my erect cock ever dreamed of being. I watched him pull away while it was in Izzy’s mouth, and it looked like his cock wouldn’t end, but it finally did. Izzy got off of my wife’s face, and Jeff got off the couch and put his semi in my wife’s throat.

I’m sitting next to my wife, fingering her like crazy while she’s moaning and gagging on Jeff’s now huge erect cock. Izzy gets on top of my lap and starts grinding in a really hot way (she used to be a stripper) and starts making out with me, and little does she know, I’m hard as a damn rock while she’s on my lap. After making out with me for a minute, she gets on her knees in front of me and pulls my pants down. Izzy smirked and instantly put the whole thing in her mouth very aggressively for about 30 seconds.

She looked over at Jeff, who was throat fucking my wife. She pulls my dick out and laughs and says, “How are you three inches taller than Jeff, but his cock is three times longer and thicker?”

I kind of nervously nodded. Izzy compared my dick to her middle finger. The length was identical, and she had tiny hands. Then she wrapped her hand around it and made my silver member dick disappear and then adjusted to just using her thumb and index finger.

Izzy said, “Now, this is more appropriate for you,” and started slowly stroking me. She whispered in my ear, “I’ve seen over 100 cocks, and yours is by far the smallest I’ve ever seen. The only dicks I can compare it to is a pre-pubescent boy.”

I shot a little tiny ruined load in her fingers.

She cackled like a witch and said, “Well, at least you don’t waste time, hehe.”

Izzy started watching Jeff titfuck, my wife mentioning that she’s happy he found a pair of tits to match his giant cock since she is flat-chested and joked that her tits are as small as my dick.

Then Jeff bent my wife over and put it in her raw. Still, she was so fucking wet he put all nine thick inches balls deep very easily and started thrusting hard while Izzy and my wife were making out. Izzy stopped and asked her, “How much better does Jeff fuck you than Josh?”

My wife, in ecstasy, just nodded and moaned, and Izzy slapped her in the face hard.


My wife answered with words this time. Words that made me hard again instantly.


Jeff pulled out, and she squirted like a fire hydrant, and then he flipped her over and fucked her tits and mouth until he blew a huge load all over her face and tits and high-fived me, thanking me for letting him use my wife.


This reader figures his girlfriend’s suggestions are not as hot as he thought…

I dated a girl at university for over a year. During the second year, she lived with a close friend in an apartment close to me. I spent a lot of time over there and got to know her roommate well. It was a fun, sweet time in our lives.

My girlfriend would occasionally suggest things to me in the bedroom. All subtle and fun. “Maybe you should eat me out more,” or “Nipple play with clit stimulation is fun,” and other fun added foreplay. I loved it and never thought much of it.

One time, she suggested a vibrating cock ring! ‘Sounds fun,’ I thought, ‘I’m in.’ It was great, but I actually came faster. She was a bit bummed and said, “[roommate] said those help guys last longer.”

I was a little thrown by the comment but forgot about it. Now for why you’re here. I also only would let her see me hard. I would never be naked around her, even after quickly putting on my boxers. I did this, and she off-handedly said, “Why do you do that? I know you have a small dick, and [roommate’s boyfriend] is even smaller. [Roommate] says you can hardly see him soft.”

I’m a Bronze Member (hard), and apparently, her roommate’s beau is a Silver Member. At that moment, it all clicked. These two talked about everything and shared advice. It was a bit of a mind fuck knowing a girl I knew nothing about knew everything about me. Any time after that, I was a little flustered around her, and I think it showed.


Another reader has a night to remember…

I had been single for a few months and in a dry spell. I had been working out and feeling good about my body, but my size always made me weary of one-night stands. I head to the local dive bar to drown my sorrows, and a woman older than me with a bit extra padding sits down. She is super cute, and we have a fun chat. She is bold and flirty to my soft-spoken nature. Her friend wants to leave, but I give her my number. I head home and don’t think much of it. Then, 2 am rolls around, and the phone buzzes. It’s her. I invite her over.

We start passionately making out, and clothes come off. A chuckle is suppressed. I get on my knees and bury my head between her legs. After a long time pleasing her and she finally begs for my cock. I get on top of her, but my Bronze Member dick can barely fit passed her extra padding.

She hits me with the classic, “Is it in yet?”

Sadly all I could feel was the wet entrance of her slit. Desperate to go further, we adjusted, and I slid in, but after a few pumps, I slipped out. We tried again, the same result.

Finally, she says, “You can jerk off as I finish myself off.”

We both finish.

And as she heads out says, “Shame such a beautiful face has such a useless tiny dick.”

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