Our Readers SPH Experiences 246

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader went in for a snip…

This was back when I was in the army and had a vasectomy done at the base hospital. I come in and am instructed to disrobe and put on the paper gown. I do so, then walk into the room where there are to do it. To my surprise, there was a female nurse and a young, trainee female army medic. Now being even more nervous, my penis looks like a little accordion. Normally, I’m about 2” soft and skinny and a Bronze Member hard with only a 4” girth. But now it looks shriveled, probably like one inch. She tells me to lie on the table, and I do.

She then flips up my gown to prep me, and I hear her say, “Oh?! Well, um, thank you for shaving.”

I’m sure to this Amazonian woman, my shaved, shriveled little penis looks like a babydick. She then grabs the tip of my dick with her index and thumb and pulls my penis up and tight to apply the yellow stuff. She grips it quite hard, so I look up to see what she’s doing, and I see my penis look even worse, being stretched and skinny as hell! I look at her real quick, and she looks not pleased as she has to touch my pathetic little dick, but then I notice the army med girl looking at my dick, resisting to laugh.

Now I’m thinking, ‘God, this is embarrassing! Especially in front of this younger girl in training.’ I was expecting them to tape my dick, as I’ve heard that being done, but they never did. I guess they thought there was no point, considering how small it was. The doctor comes in after all is prepped, and there’s nothing but my balls sticking out, to which she then goes to work. After a while, I can feel her probing with the blade of her hand, feeling for my dick. Once she felt it, she rolled it around a bit, and I then looked up to see her lock eyes with the nurse as if to say, ‘Really?! Is that it?’

Then, both the nurse and the trainee start laughing. Now nothing was ever said, so I’m sure they didn’t think I’d know it was about me, but why was she feeling around for my dick, and what was there to laugh at? Had to be that once she felt it, she wanted to confirm that I was indeed tiny. After that, I wanted out of there. Once all was done, the nurse came over, took off the stuff, and put stuff on the incisions. With the help of the trainee, I got up, and she instructed me that I was good to get dressed.

She said, “OK, you’re good to go. I did put some cotton on your, um, testicles.”

She was obviously embarrassed for me. She didn’t want to look me in the eye. I then looked at the trainee real quick, and she was smiling, holding back a laugh. I left the room, got dressed, and left. I’m sure they were going to talk and laugh about it later on. I mean, when she stretched my dick out, it looked horrible! Even I thought so. I know they thought so, too! They probably thought this guy didn’t need a vasectomy. He needs to get neutered!


Another reader lost in beer pong and life…

So, back in undergrad, my best friend and I loved to party and play beer pong. We were both fit, tall guys and met while playing sports. He was more muscular than I was, and a few locker room visits verified that he was much bigger than I was. I’m about 2” soft and thin and only grow to about an upper Bronze Member and still really thin. We both took notice that his balls hung lower than my dick, and his cock was clearly bigger soft than I am hard. There was some light teasing, but nothing crazy. He didn’t bring it up again. He did get naked a lot and liked to show off.

I got caught in this mess one night when we were playing beer pong. He bet the team we were playing a naked lap, and then we soon lost. There were a hundred-plus people at the party, but all were distracted, so no problem. We stripped and ran, but by the time we got back, everyone had heard two naked guys were streaking. Worse, it was a winter day and cold. My friend still hung proud, but I had hardly anything to show. The party burst into laughter at my small dick. I tried to grab my clothes, but they were moved. Comments came from all over. It was a disaster.


Meanwhile, this reader is an exhibitionist…

Shared a hotel room with my friend on holiday once. He’s a good friend, and we’ve been mates for years and been relatively comfy walking around in boxers and occasionally naked if we share a room. It’s no surprise that he’s comfy with this, as despite being a skinny white boy, he’s got an absolute monster in his pants. I’ve only seen it soft, but size queen or not, gay or straight, his is the sort of penis you can’t fail to look at. One day, I decided to test the boundaries of what was acceptable and walk out naked after a cold shower to change as I’d ‘forgotten my towel.’ I was perhaps one inch soft, and it sat on my balls, not really swinging as I walked. He saw me walk out and proceeded to choke on his drink as he was changing nearly.

“Mate, what’s up with your dick? Why’s it so small, ha? Isn’t it usually bigger?’ he said as I laughed and slapped it around in front of him to wake up another inch.

I spent the next few minutes naked as he stripped off to change and made sure he got a good look. I hope he thought about telling his girl and how unfair it was I had pulled my ex-girlfriend, a busty petite blonde, despite my lack of size. Since then, any chance I get, that towel comes off in a hotel room.


While this reader’s wife is the house wrestling champion…

So it has been a while now, and my wife wins most of our wrestling matches. Usually, the loser is stuck with house chores. Or she will force me (although I’m very willing) to lick her till she explodes. When she does win, she usually teases me and lets me know I lack stamina in all parts of my body. It was about a month or two ago were I think she really turned it up and pinned me down that she laughed at me. Letting me know I can’t even keep up with her in play fighting or sex. We were naked at the time, and she saw I was a bit turned on. She just laughed and said, “Not tonight, little man.”


This reader is reluctant to get in the hot tub with the girls…

All my friends like to snowboard or ski (I do not, but why not go to hang out). We went up to Vermont and got an Airbnb. It was 15 of us: eight girls (4 hot, two average, two heavy and not my type), seven guys, with three sets of couples. So when they went on the hill, just two girls and I sat back to drink and chill around. So, on the 3rd day, three more girls stayed back because they were tired from skiing. So we all started drinking at 10 am. At one point, we decided to go to the hot tub. So I was going to get my bathing suit when one girl said let’s skinny dip this one.

Some started stripping, and some were hesitant. But by peer pressure, all the girls are nude, waiting on me. They all had comments on my size, saying that I must be hung (I am 6’6” Latino). I took my shirt off slowly. Even drunk, I knew this wasn’t good. So I try not to do it. Then, they all grab me down. Trying to get me nude. I stopped them and said I would do it so we could get in the hot tub. So I dropped my pants, and some of the girls kind of knew at that point. Then I drop my boxers, and my one-inch soft dick is out (Bronze Member when hard).

The jokes started. One of the girls had a boyfriend on the trip and was trying to show me where he measures compared to me. They all wanted to touch it. I said fuck it and kept drinking and got in the hot tub. They all got to touch it. I was hard like a rock at one point. One of the hot girls was touching me. She whispered in my ear, “Get up, and I’ll blow you.” So I did. She put it all in her mouth and said, “I knew I could do it. It’s easy to deepthroat.”

So the other girls tried, but by the 4th and final girl, I blow my load in her mouth (they all can fit in their mouth, even one girl that’s 4’11”). So they started to make fun of my stamina. I just kept on drinking. We all stayed nude, and the other friends came back to the house, and the jokes really started to pour, and I had whiskey dick. Now all my friends know. To this day, they have comments about it. The only good part is that I do not care to get nude in front of them. I kind of wish I was not that drunk after all, but that was the only way I could live through that embarrassing time.


Meanwhile, this reader had a shit girlfriend who scarred him deeply…

I want to tell you about the only time I have ever been intimate with a woman. The only girlfriend I ever had was always complaining that her ex was too small and stuff. Fast forward to when we finally got naked to have sex. She saw my dick and told me on my bed face to face while she was giving me a handjob instead.

“Your dick is so small,” she said matter of fact.

We didn’t fuck. She gave me a handjob and repeated the same thing, saying, “I’m really disappointed in this situation. Your dick is so tiny. It disgusts me.”

In the end, she broke up with me because she was cheating on me with another guy. I haven’t had any girlfriend since then, some seven years ago or so, and I don’t even flirt with females because I know they will just be disappointed. I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club, close to average. But that experience made me feel so insecure. I hate having a small dick. And that experience definitely left a mark on me. Women are really cruel about men’s penis sizes.


While this reader is getting off on his wife giving him SPH…

I’ve developed an SPH kink fairly recently, which I think is linked to my Hotpast fantasy and imagining my wife with her bigger exes. Anyway, me (40) and my wife (37) were getting into bed. I’d just got out of the shower and was drying off when I caught her staring at my soft cock (two inches soft, upper Bronze Member fully hard). Sensing an opportunity, I climbed into bed and asked her what she was thinking as she was looking at my dick. She started rubbing me as I became semi-hard and came straight out with, “I was trying to think if I’ve ever been with anyone who had a smaller dick than yours when it’s soft.”

That line alone had me fully hard. My wife couldn’t remember anyone who was smaller than me and could only think of one who was maybe smaller than me when hard.


This reader breaks up but is burned knowing his ex is fucking a big cock…

This one hurt a lot, but it was years ago now and has become hot to me. In university, I dated a tall brunette. She was very attractive and known to like athletes before she and I started dating. She was a party girl before me but really settled down and enjoyed our time together. To my knowledge, she never cheated, but due to her looks and her past, guys always hit on her.

One guy, who was taller and bigger than me, always did. He would even send pics of his cock to her. It was huge, three times thicker than me, and twice as long (I’m a lower Bronze Member of the small dick club). He didn’t like me or my friends and told everyone. He said soon he would get my girlfriend.

Fast forward, and she and I break up. I decided people grow apart. She called me that next Friday and asked if it was really over. I said yeah, she said then you can get mad at me for anything I do this weekend. Sure enough, she had a sex-fueled weekend with Mr. Hung and told everyone how badly she needed it after dating me.


Another reader’s wife can’t handle the sausage…

A quick little moment that made my wife laugh. We were eating knockwurst sausage, and they had a very penis-like look. As far as sausages go, they just looked like dicks. My wife and I joke about my dick being small every so often and when she cut one in half instead of having a full sausage.

I said, “Can’t handle the big ones, huh? A little more than you’re used to?”

And she started laughing and almost had to spit out what she was chewing. It’s not quite as humiliating as her making a joke. However, her laughter at the idea of needing just a small sausage was still pretty embarrassing for me.


Meanwhile, this reader was out shopping for condoms…

I stopped at an adult sex toy store to buy lifestyle snugger condoms. I’ve only been able to ever find snug or small condoms on the shelf at that kind of place, but not all have them. Two early 20s, very cute girls working. One was in the back, and the other asked for help the second I walked in. I was looking for single-use lube packets and small condoms.

Started with lube, and she quickly pointed out the individual ones. Then I asked where the condoms were. Of course, they were on the wall behind the register, so you can’t really read the boxes or get them yourself. I was like, well, shit. But also, yessssssss. LOL.

They had individual condoms in small jars on the side of the counter. I started looking at the boxes, trying to see if any said ‘snug.’ Of course, none did. Then looked at each of the individual ones. After about a minute and a half of looking, she chimes in if I was looking for something specific. Enter SPH goldmine. I asked if they had any ‘snug-fit’ condoms or the ‘Lifestyles Snugger’ ones.

She definitely knew what they were saying, “I don’t think so, but let me check.” She went through and looked at all of them and then said, “I’m really sorry, but. We don’t have those.”

At that time, the other cute girl walked up from the back room, trying to be helpful, asking, “What are you looking for?”

I said, “Snug-fit condoms.”

Her reaction was priceless. With a confused look on her face, she said, “Huh?”

She had clearly never even heard of those before. I said, ‘They’re tighter and smaller than normal condoms. You know, for the man who’s a little short down there.”

Trying to piece it together, she said, “Oh… Um, let me see…” and started looking at the wall.

The first girl said to her, “I don’t think we do.”

I asked the first girl. “I know you don’t have the Lifestyles, but are any of the other ones you have snug or smaller?”

Before she could answer, the second girl chimed in, saying, “How about these thin ones? That’s like snug, right?”

The first girl responded, “No, that’s not the same thing. The thickness of the latex is just thinner. You can feel more. It’s not actually tighter or smaller.”

The first girl checks the labels one last time, and they both say sorry, but it doesn’t look like they have any.

I say in a low voice, “Well, shit.”

Then I look over at the individual condoms and ask if there’s any chance that there could be any in those. They said, eh… probably not. I see a bowl of ‘One’ brand and say, “I know ‘One’ makes some snug ones. Could there be any mixed in there?”

She quickly said, “No, those were just flavored ones.”

I hummed and hawed for a few more seconds before just grabbing two normal condoms and said, “I guess I just have to try to make these work.”

Ringing me up, she said, “Really sorry about that.”

A very humiliating experience. I loved it. But still bummed the store didn’t have my small-sized condoms.


While this reader comes up short on a weekend away…

Some friends and I had a weekend at a beach cottage. There were two couples, two single guys and two single girls. We’d been drinking, and I’d spilled something on myself and had to shower. I came back with a towel around me, and they were playing Rock Band. If you don’t know, it’s a game like Guitar Hero, with one person playing guitar, one on drums, and one singing into a mic. They grabbed me and told me to sing before getting dressed.

There I was, singing in a towel and getting into it when somebody pulled the towel off, leaving me naked. The girls were all behind me, so they only saw my butt and all cheered, so I felt encouraged.

I finished the song and covered my 2-inch soft penis as I asked for my towel back. Somehow, instead, they convinced us that all the guys should be naked and do a song together. I wasn’t thrilled, but everyone else was stripping, and there was nothing I could do to get dressed. I turned around and got ready to sing.

We did the song, and the guys grabbed me, and all put arms around our shoulders, leaving everyone’s penis out in the open for the girls to see. The girls loved it and laughed and took pictures of all of us.

I was easily the smallest dick in the room. The two with girlfriends had average sizes, one a little bigger than the other. But the other single guy was hung. Six inches and some change soft, and he was getting a little stiff from the attention the girls were already giving him. Of course, I’m right next to him, with both of my 2 inches of glory.

One of the single girls there, I had a bit of a crush on, and she’d been flirting back all day, so I felt pretty good about having a chance coming into the evening. But I saw her whispering to her friends and pointing at the big dick, obviously turned on.

The guys decided to stay naked the rest of the night, and I did, too, but I spent the rest of the night sitting down, trying not to ‘show off’ too much. The girls tried to be nice to me, but everything they said sounded like they felt sorry for me.

“Thanks for starting this. You’re so funny.”

“You’re such a good friend for this.”

“Don’t let anybody laughing at you get you down. We love you.”

No one mentioned my dick, but it felt like they were purposely not mentioning it and apologizing for it anyway. And it felt like every time I heard someone giggling, they were looking at me. At the end of the evening, the couples slid off to their rooms. Both the single girls were flirting with the hung guy, who was much closer to hard now. I went to get a drink, and all three went into the bedroom, leaving me naked and alone. All night, I heard the three of them laughing, moaning, and giggling.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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