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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader needs to lose weight…

When my wife and I met, she was 21, and I was 29. We’re both 5’7”. She was 42DDD-24-49 and weighed about 165, I was 180, and my hard dick was only a silver member rock hard. I was the smallest guy she’d had. She nicknamed my dick ‘the baby penis.’

We had a lot of fun for years, giving each other orally. She loved her toys. That’s how she orgasmed. She even let me give her anal because I was so small. Her favorite thing, though, was titty fucking when I came on her chest. She loved it, got very vocal, and her huge boobs were a fantasy come true!

Fast forward about 15 years, a couple of kids, a couple of pounds, she gained weight from the kids, got up to 220 lbs, still DDD and 49-inch hips, but a 32-inch waistline, I ballooned up to 265. We had sex infrequently, maybe once every month or so for a while, dwindling to every six months. I didn’t even masturbate anymore! It got to the point we were having trouble getting missionary or doggy style to work. All I could do was put the head of my penis in her vagina! Couldn’t even stroke! I noticed my dick was smaller than my hand now, so I measured it, and thanks to the weight gain, I’m now a gold member of the small dick club. My cock is so small I can’t even penetrate my wife anymore!


Another reader is window shopping for whores…

A couple of months ago, I went to Amsterdam with my girlfriend. One of our days involved a trip to the red light district; for those unaware, it’s an area where prostitutes will stand at windows wearing barely any clothing, trying to lure men in, along with other sexually orientated businesses (sex shops, strip clubs, etc.)

We’d had a few drinks by the time we started to walk around the district. It was a new experience for us as there’s nothing similar in our country. It’s a very cool and different experience to walk around and see all these women trying to sell themselves to anyone and everyone. The women will wave to you, dance, shout to you, and gesture for you to come in; they do this to everyone, and I was no exception. My girlfriend was quick to point it out.

She said, “I don’t think they’d be so eager for you to come inside if they knew how small your dick was.” She started laughing hysterically at her joke before blurting out, “And it’s caged too,” between laughs.


Meanwhile, this reader enjoys the gym in an unhealthy way…

One time, to squeeze in a workout before work, I try to get to the gym right when they open. This morning, that meant getting there at 5:30 a.m. This gym is super popular, and even by that time, there must have been 10 to 15 people working out.

I did my workout and went to the locker room to take a shower. I grabbed my bag and laid it out on the bench, taking my time to get naked and wrap myself in a towel while I let the water get hot. Well, I had just taken off my towel and hung it on a hook when in walks a late teen, early twenty-something-year-old dude. He’s about six foot with a modern mullet cut. I caught from the corner of my eye him taking a peek at what I was packing. He saw it all. I was post-workout, so I honestly must have been an inch soft at best.

I take my shower and come back out, naked, of course, to dry off by my locker. I got dressed, and this guy hopped in the shower after me. I, too, took a peak, and yep, sure enough, the dude was packing a decent-sized soft cock. Nothing to write home about but a good four inches. Still very much bigger than mine. Anyway, he got out and dressed by the time I was done blow-drying my hair. (Curly hair that I have to maintain)

As I grabbed my bag to leave, he was already out of the locker room area. I then see that he and his girlfriend. A gorgeous fit girl who is about 5′ 2″ and wearing a sweaty oversized shirt that barely covered her short shorts.

This is when I heard him whisper, “That’s him,” as he nudged her shoulder.

The girl turned to me and immediately turned away to hide her laughing. “Really?” she said behind a giggle.

“Yeah! Like seriously,” he responded to her, turning away himself.

At that point, both were giggling and looking away from me. I didn’t make full eye contact, but we did meet eyes for a split second. I knew instantly what he must have told her. He must have told his hot girlfriend how little I was and how proudly naked I showed it off. Well, I couldn’t wait to come back for more. 😊


While this reader got a surprise during sex…

This girl I’ve been recently dating told me last night when we were having sex, “You know your dick is small, but you fuck like a dude with a big cock.”

I was rather embarrassed because I never had someone call it small on the spot. I mean, I have been called small, but not during sex, so it just took me by surprise.


This reader’s exposure affects his reputation with the girls…

So back in June during summer, on a Friday night, I had a party at my house. Nothing too crazy, just some friends and other people. There were about 15 of us in total. My three guy friends and some random girls that I met that night. We were all drinking and swimming in my backyard. I have a pretty high vodka tolerance, but we were mixing all different kinds of alcohol. Big mistake. Fast forward a few hours, and I’m blackout drunk. The last thing I remember was playing drinking games under my back patio.

I woke up the next morning on my bed, completely naked. I’m above average when I’m fully hard, but when I’m soft, I’m two inches. Probably less that night, given all the alcohol I had consumed. I’m a grower, for sure. My shorts and underwear were in the corner of the room. I don’t remember taking them off. I talked to my friend about what happened, and he said two of the girls had to help me walk to my room. I was so fucked up. He also said they were gone for a while and didn’t come right back out to the backyard. I also had scratch marks on my stomach, back and chest.

So I think the two girls that helped me to my room took off my underwear and saw my soft two-inch dick. My other friend said he was trying to throw up in the bathroom, and he heard girls laughing super loud. I didn’t know these two girls before the party. They got invited by mutual friends. So yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. But then why the scratches on my body? Did they try to fuck me? No idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took pictures of me when they saw it. I don’t remember a thing.

The next week in the gym, I was talking to one of the girls that was there (my friend that I’ve known for years). I could see she was trying not to laugh because she kept smiling, and she was super flirty with me even though we’d never done anything. So now I think all the girls in our friend group think I have a small dick because they saw my shrunken soft penis that night when I was passed out.


Another reader is feeling a bit freaky at home…

I’m a 38M just now discovering his SPH fetish. A few years ago, I met an amazingly hot single mom who I made my wife. We’ll call her Sarah. Sarah is a beautiful 32F who has brown hair and blue eyes. She’s a slightly bigger girl, but she’s always had a big butt, which is now shelf-like due to some cosmetic surgeries. Now she has a slim stomach with pounds and pounds of fat in her ass.

I didn’t mind her having a young son. He’s a handsome and nice kid. But now he’s going through a lot of obvious changes that he’s nice shy about. When I tell you, this guy has a solid foot of cock on him without being erect. It’s absolutely wild.

His mom basically lets him walk around in just boxers, but his cock is so big it hangs out the bottom. Any time I protest, my wife makes comments like, “What? He’s not hurting anybody,” or “He can help how he’s made,” and my favorite, “If it’s too big for you, that’s your problem.”

It’s been a lot to take in. Especially seeing the two of them grow closer. My wife has definitely been dressing a little bit more risqué. Shorts with her huge ass hanging out with a t-shirt with no bra. And he’s coming up and hugging her from behind. It’s making me uncomfortable, but also it turns me on so much. I don’t care if I’m a freak.


Meanwhile, this reader needs to stop sending dick pics…

So I want to preface this by saying I never send dick pics unless they want or give permission. This was an unfortunate accident that led to one of the most bizarre humiliations of my micropenis career.

Currently, I’m a pitiful gold member of the small dick club erect. Fully soft, I’m retracted, one of those flaccid innies you see pictures of here at the SDC. So, I’m borderline happy about being micro. I’ve had a lot of SPH situations, both planned and accidental. I had permission from a girl I had been out with to send a pic or two because she was curious about my size.

Her name and profile pic is nearly identifiable to another woman on my friend’s list. Without checking more than name and pic, I sent pics of my dick soft and hard and me at my biggest.

She answered back, ‘Wow, that’s the first grown-up baby peepee I’ve ever seen. It’s just like my baby cousin when mom makes me change him.’

Instant confusion hits my boner, and it shrinks to nothing as I try to process this. I had sent those dick pics to the wrong woman. The woman the pics were meant for was a single mom, so she’d seen several small peens.

I immediately apologized because I realized that she was not only the wrong person, but she was the mental handicap girl from school. I do not even care about being roasted by the special education girl. I’m concerned I’ve broken some law or something. Apologizing profusely, I asked if she was even allowed to see adult pictures like that.

She responded, ‘I’ve seen porn. I’m not a child, unlike you.’

I said, ‘I’m an adult.’

She countered, ‘But your baby peepee isn’t. My cousin is almost 5, and his dick is longer than yours.’

I was astounded and begged her not to tell anyone about it because I didn’t want to be known as the perv with the tiny dick which sends dick pics to disabled people. She agreed but did ask me questions, and as much as I would like to forget, that was my biggest failure and shame. I did eventually send the pics to the right girl a week later, and she said that a second date wasn’t going to happen.

Her comment was brutal.

She told me, “I don’t do play dates, and judging by your baby dick, that’s what it would be.”


While this female reader enjoyed teasing her small dick friend…

The other day, I was walking back to my car with my friend after our cross-country practice. We’ve been best friends since we were 10, and I give him a ride home every day. We walked by the gym and saw the cheerleaders practicing, and I jokingly said, “No balls, you won’t run through their practice naked,” but my friend actually said that he would do it. This surprised me because he was pretty shy, but I kept telling him that he should do it.

Eventually, he said that he wouldn’t want to do it at school because he’d get in trouble, so I suggested that we go to these tunnels under the freeway on the way home. The tunnels are probably 100 feet long, and sometimes, we hide in there during practice so we don’t have to do our full runs.

He agreed, and we drove over there in my car. I was teasing him on the way, saying that I was going to see his little wiener and tighty whities. He said the tighty whities part isn’t true, but the little wiener part is. I fully thought he was joking. We walked down to the tunnel, and I told him to start stripping. He got down to his boxers, and we both started laughing.

He said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” and pulled down his boxers.

He kept his hand over his dick, but to be honest, he looked great. He handed me his boxers and started running down the tunnel. He disappeared for a couple of minutes but came back sprinting, still covering with his hand. He stopped in front of me and asked for his clothes back, but I told him that if he wanted them back, he had to stand on the road with his hands in the air for 10 seconds.

We walked up to the road, and he lifted his hands. His penis was maybe an inch, and I could tell he was embarrassed. I counted the 10 seconds slowly out loud while he laughed. No cars came by, and I gave him his clothes back.

On the way to his house, I teased him about his small dick, saying I could barely see it. Honestly, I thought it was really cute. He told me that I was the first girl ever to see him naked. It’s been kind of awkward between us the past couple of days, but I would love to see him naked again.


This reader is aroused by his wife’s and her friends’ reactions to a huge cock…

Let me start by saying that my wife and her friends are generally very conservative about anything involving sex. They have a long-standing group message on a video messenger called Marco Polo, and the convos are always very vanilla.

On a recent chat, one of the friends relayed a story about her sister-in-law going to see the actor Jesse Williams in a play that featured full-frontal nudity. She said that when he walked on stage, the entire audience gasped about how huge his cock was. This alone was out of character for them to be talking about, but the responses really caught me off guard.

“I want to see that package,” (they were using code in case any of our kids were around)- one of her other friends.

“Where is the play showing?” one of her other friends asked.

“We should organize a road trip to go see it,” said my WIFE.

Now I’m a bronze member of the small dick club erect but two inches soft, but I’ve definitely never gotten a gasp from anyone when they saw my dick. It turned me on so much to hear my usually reserved wife and her friends drooling over a big cock like that. So I looked it up and found images from the show, and I showed them to my wife.

“Holy shit, that IS huge,” she said.

She censored the pic and sent it in the group chat, to which every friend reacted with a heart or exclamation point. That turned me on so much, knowing just how much smaller I was than that massive man meat.


Another reader gets a handy from his wife…

One Saturday, I was getting ready to watch some football. I was sitting on the couch in athletic shorts (free balling) and a T-shirt. The weather turned cooler this last weekend, and since my clothes didn’t provide much warmth, my balls were very high and tight. I had more of a ribbed section of skin than a sack between my legs.

Earlier, my wife and I had talked about having some fun later in the evening. Still, she decided she wanted to start early. She sat next to me on the couch and started rubbing my groin. Being small, the seated position doesn’t work as there just isn’t enough to work within that position, so I leaned back, and she pulled down my shorts and began giving me a handjob.

She saw and felt my 1.5-inch soft penis get hard and grow to its fullest, straining to reach its barely Bronze Member hardness. She was stroking me like normal, using two fingers and her thumb when I said it was cold and my balls were taking cover. She laughed and said she agreed. She could not see them at all.

Continuing to stroke my dick, she changed it up a little. She began to use just her index finger and thumb to squeeze and stroke me while moving the rest of her hand lower to rub my balls. She was pressing in where they should be, providing some extra pressure in a great spot, and was also able to make contact with my balls. It felt amazing.

She was able to use one hand to fully stimulate my small hard penis and my balls at the same time. After a minute or two of this, I was ready to cum. At the exact right time, she said to me, “It’s a good thing you are this small, or I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

I lost control when she said that and cum right then, shooting my load onto her hand and my stomach. It was a great way to start a Saturday.


Meanwhile, this reader lets his guard down when drunk and regrets it…

I’m 6ft, 210 lbs, so many people expect me to be packing a decent bulge. I unfortunately don’t and have a very modestly sized penis (an upper sliver member hard) and tight balls. Additionally, I’m always shaved neck down, so I can look pre-pubescent at times. Once, I was in a private room with some friends at a karaoke TV lounge in Asia. The hostesses there were from Vietnam and very aggressive/touchy-feely in order to maximize their tips.

As usual, my friends and I would get smashed on whiskey to lower our inhibitions and sing. One of the hostesses came into the room and headed straight for me. She was gorgeous: tanned skin, long, straight black hair, tight gym bunny body and fake DD tits. Without hesitation, she straddled me and rubbed her titties in my face. Normally, I’d have a raging hard-on, but because I was ten shots of whiskey in, my dick didn’t/couldn’t react.

The hostess started to unzip my pants after grinding me for a few mins and letting me suck on her titties. I pushed her hands away, but she was relentless (they get tips for hand jobs) and managed to undo my belt and unzip me. Out popped my totally hairless, totally soft 1.5-inch penis.

When she saw this, she said, “You have a baby dick,” in front of my friends.

Of course, everyone burst out laughing. Part of me was super pissed and embarrassed, but part of me was turned on because I wanted to get hard and prove the bitch wrong. After a minute or two, I realized my erection had deserted me, so I told the hostess to fuck off and went back to drinking.

The moral of the story is don’t get smashed if you’re expecting a hand job because your friends will call you “baby dick” for the rest of your life!


While this female reader is turned off because it was smaller than she expected…

In college, I started talking to a guy in one of my classes. He seemed sweet, and we hit it off, but he never made a move, so I assumed he wasn’t interested. The semester ended, and I ran into him a few months later at a party, and we were both drinking. It seems like the beer really brought out the interest in me that he was hiding. We flirted. I let him walk me back to my dorm before inviting him upstairs to ‘watch a movie.’ We made out for a bit, and he seemed nervous, but I assumed that was just because his dreams were finally coming true. He did a spectacular job fingering me, and when I had finished, I moved a hand to his waistband.

“I’m not that big down there,” he murmured.

I hadn’t planned on fucking him, so I didn’t care. I shrugged and ran my finger where his bulge should have been, but I didn’t feel anything. When I unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers, the smallest erection I’d ever seen was staring back at me. It wasn’t even intentional, but I reached up with my pointer finger to compare the size. He was smaller. He shivered, and a drop of pre-cum leaked out as soon as I touched him. I could see his tense muscles as he tried to control his breathing and hold it all in.

I ran the finger over the length of him again before taking my thumb and resting it at the base of his penis, next to his balls. My thumb was longer and barely thicker. I looked up from my thumb to him, and we both saw it. We both knew.

In the coldest, snarky voice I could muster, I told him, “Just finish yourself off. That thing is too small for me to feel comfortable touching.”

He came as soon as he gripped his little dicklette.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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