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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is off-the-charts small…

So my best friend (a Korean guy) came over with his wife and stayed with us for a few days. Somehow, the story of us in college was told when I was drunk and was naked in front of him, asking him to help me get dressed. Later, my wife and I were lying in bed, and she asked if I was embarrassed by what happened. I said, “No, because he’s Asian, and I bet he’s my size or smaller.”

She said, “Yeah, maybe, but some Asian countries have big penises.”

I was curious, so I Googled it. I put my phone down, and my wife asked what was wrong. I said, “I’m bigger than most Asian countries.”

She looked at me and said, “Let me see.” I showed her the chart, and she started laughing. “No, you’re not. Your (Silver Member hard dick) is smaller than all except Cambodia!”

“I’m (a Bronze member hard), thank you very much!”

“Yeah, on a good day. So you’re smaller than all but six countries. Wow. I didn’t realize you were that small.” She giggled.

“You married me, so you knew what you were getting.” I retorted.

“Yeah, I know. I never realized how small you were compared to everyone else.”

“So wanna get an arm workout? I’m already hard,” I asked, seeing if there was a chance.

“I can’t tell, but I don’t need a wrist workout, and my fingers are good, so no handjob for your little shrimp tonight. Now go to bed.”

I was disappointed but didn’t push it and went to bed. Waiting to see if my wife brings it up again. No offense to Asian guys, by the way.


Another reader got some honest feedback from his wife…

My wife is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met, so I love the SPH angle but haven’t confessed to her yet. Like probably a good amount of people here; I’m not small, honestly, but I like the humiliation fetish. Well, while I’m soft, my shit is tiny. My wife knows how big it gets (which is about average, more than enough to get things done) while also still giggling about my soft pecker (she grew up with two sisters, and I’m a grower, not a shower, so she’s been learning quickly how small flaccid dicks get lol)

We had no kids this weekend, so we decided to chill naked. 10/10 highly recommended. When I got up at about 7:30 a.m., she was rocking our youngest baby, and I was wearing a black shirt and nothing else. I walked up in front of her and asked, “If I got pantsed in front of like this, would you have dated me?”

The joking comment (while indulging in my secret SPH) got a much better response than I expected. What I got was a genuine answer.

She engagingly looked down at my soft dick. She said, “Awwww, yeah, if I saw that as a prank and didn’t know you, I would’ve thought you were tiny and joked with my friends about how you were perfect except for the tiny dick. Thank god I know what you’re packing when it wakes up!”

This is a 100% true conversation, so take with it what you will. What it tells me is that women are very concerned about penis size, And they also don’t understand how soft dicks work, especially say after a pool, for example, with shrinkage. If you’ve ever been exposed to a non-erect penis, know that all the women that saw it will fully believe that you have a small dick and are not a man. My shit was even fluffed a little bit when I showed her and asked if I got pantsed, and even still, she said she would not have been interested anymore.

Long story short, if my wife had not seen my average erect penis before she saw my soft penis, she would not have wanted to be with me. This is a very sweet and honest woman who was direct with me, which I loved. Luckily my penis is fairly thick, and I can satisfy her, but if you’ve ever had your soft penis exposed, know that any woman who saw it assumed it was small. I got firsthand knowledge of that from my wife. If you’re vain like me, she’ll appreciate the large dick more when it grows and call you a grower, but regardless women have no idea what soft dicks look like.

If you want to be humiliated by your wife, let her play with your soft wiener. If you’re into SPH but don’t have a small dick, just come out of the shower and ask her if she’d still be with you. You got exposed like that(pantsed during the first date, whatever). Women do not understand soft dicks because, usually, they’re hard before the pants come off. It worked for me and was a fun experience, so I wanted to share the advice.

Show your girl the softie. She knows it grows, so enjoy the jokes about if she saw you soft before knowing what you’re packing. They’ll usually always go for that because they know they’re not hurting your feelings since it’s sleeping right now and will use the excuse it gets bigger when it’s hard. It’s the best way to ease your girl into SPH.


Meanwhile, this reader can’t get it up…

I tried to have sex with my wife again last night. Things had been hot and heavy all day. She kept teasing me around the house by flashing me her huge, milky breasts or rubbing my balls from the outside of my pants. My wife wanted me so bad, and I could tell.

We finally were able to shower and head to bed. I didn’t waste time. I shoved my face between her thick thigh and ate pussy like no tomorrow. I wanted all of her warm juices on. I even broke out her toy and rubbed it up and down her lips until I had her quivering.

She told me it was time. My wife, no matter how small, wants me fuck her. She’s a Saint. I rub my little dick on the outside of clit. Making sure to stimulate her and help me get hard. I got it up. I fucked the shit out of my wife for a solid eight minutes. Then it happened…

My tiny dick went soft. And not just soft. But full flaccid retreating into the body. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed. My wife was furious. She forced me to get off her and jerk off while she watched. I still couldn’t get it back up.

While I struggled to get an erection, she pulled her phone out and changed my name from ‘husband’ to ‘”limp🍆’ in her contacts. She told me she doesn’t care who sees it or knows about my problems. She told me I would not be allowed to touch her for the next four days. All I can do is wait…


While this reader’s wife plays a little prank on him…

I’ve recently begun to accept that I’m small and haven’t discussed it with my wife of 16 years (both 43). Still, she has recently made some comments when I’ve provided an opening.

Three bits on holiday now, right now, stand out. First, saying when naked, “I’ll do the helicopter.”

My wife just laughed and said, “Yeah, you wish.”

Second, when she gave me a helping hand in the shower, she jerked me off with one hand, and I asked her to use two hands. She just grinned and said, “That’s impossible.”

And latest today on the beach (in the UK, so cold 😂), I had been in the sea and was getting changed on the beach from my swim shorts under a towel. She offered to help me as I was struggling. Several others were around us on the beach, including two couples in their twenties by us, two families with two fit mums, and a family with two late teen girls. Plus, of course, plenty of lads also.

I’d pulled my swim shorts off and tried to get my boxers on with her holding the towel. Still, before they were up fully, she suddenly and ‘accidentally’ let go of the towel. Here was me with an exceptionally shriveled, cold dick fully exposed (if an inch, I’d be lucky).

What didn’t help was her sudden and loud exclamation of: “Oops,” which caused six pairs of eyes belonging to fit women to turn round and stare at me, plus some of the guys.

It seemed to take ages to cover myself. Still, I’m sure I saw snickering and giggling from most of them, with my wife just saying, “Sorry, but don’t worry, there wasn’t much to see,” and grinned widely.

I’m sure she’s starting to openly admit I’m a member of the small dick club.


This reader admits to a crush he’s not big enough…

I was spending New Year’s Eve with a friend from work at her place. She had a kid who was asleep for the night in their room, and we were hanging out in the living room watching TV. We are friends, but nothing romantic. I was friendzoning myself, but I liked her kid and hanging was chill, so whatever, she was in the spank bank. We are watching TV, and she looks at me after a while and asks, “So, uh, how many inches do you have?”

Ouch. I knew right then it was over. So I sheepishly said, “If you care how big it is, it is not big enough.”

I started to get bummed, and she said, “Don’t be sad.”

That was a rough one. She would have fucked me if I had a longer, thicker cock. I could have played that into some fun, but it just took the wind out of me.


Another reader wallows in his failure as a husband…

I’ve been married to my wife for a few years. It’s been over ten years now. Unfortunately, our sex life flattened out very quickly at the beginning of our relationship. We are in our late 30s. After a year of dating, we only slept together every few months. Meanwhile, we only have sex with each other 2-3x a year (I mean penis-in-vagina sex), or this year, I had sexual intercourse with her for the first time yesterday.

I have a relatively small penis, a bronze member of the small dick club, and I usually ejaculate early (between 30-50 seconds). For almost two years, I have also had difficulties getting or maintaining an erection. That means it usually gets semi-hard, which has made it almost impossible for me to penetrate my wife’s pussy (she’s a BBW) since then, and trying to have sex often doesn’t work.

Anyway, yesterday, my wife said we haven’t had sex this year and that we should have sex if I manage to penetrate her. Even if I didn’t get very hard again, it worked. I could penetrate my wife’s pussy in the missionary position. I then penetrated her. It was very intense for me, but she didn’t feel anything again (she feels her larger dildos, but not me). I ejaculated again after almost 30 seconds.

Now, it’s nothing new that my wife knows that I am sexually the way I am. However, yesterday she reacted strangely disappointed because it was the first sex this year (masturbating on her feet or handjobs she gives me many times a year).

She usually jokes around because she knows that it turns me on now when I fail sexually in bed again, to put it bluntly. This time, she not only looked bored during the sex but also didn’t smile/laugh and make a flippant comment.

In a normal tone and with a look that I can’t quite interpret, she meant that she wanted to be completely honest. Again, she didn’t feel anything except that there was something at her pussy entrance. She said she feels poking around, which makes it uncomfortable for her. But she also said, and I don’t know why she mentioned it, that she wants to stay with me forever. We always say that to each other after arguments or not-so-nice events as a token of love, but I found it very strange yesterday.

I’m wondering now, even if she always says that her penis in vagina sex isn’t that important, and she has her dildos. We always talk openly and honestly, and I think she would tell me, especially since she knows that she can have sex with other men without it being a problem for me. However, she doesn’t want to do that at the moment and doesn’t want to rule it out forever, but she does not need it and can’t (yet) separate love and sex.

I’m curious how things will continue sexually after yesterday’s experience with us.


Meanwhile, this reader likes being a cuck…

My wife officially became a hotwife when she met a guy at a hotel a few weeks ago. He was bigger than me (about 7.5″), but afterward, she still wanted bigger. We figured she was a size queen, but I didn’t realize how much until we opened this door. She started being brutally honest with me and remembering a couple of ex-boyfriends.

She met another guy who was even bigger than the first one. He’s around 8.5″ and decently thicker. So far, she’s met him twice in his truck, but she wants them to play around in a more comfortable space. The first time she met up with him, she came home, and I ate her out while she told me about their rendezvous. It was so hot!

She told me that the second time they met, she was so horny that she kept telling him to fuck her harder and harder, to be more rough. She was sore for two days afterward! The day after their escapade, she wanted to meet up with him again because she wanted him to fuck her while she was still sore. She told me her pussy ached for him and was wet just thinking about him fucking her. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to meet.

She told me that she never felt that way about my small dick. She said she has never been turned on by thinking about my small silver member dick, never ached for me to be inside her, never craved to put my dick in her mouth. I asked her when the last time she was that sore from fucking, and she told me that it had been years. Maybe once within the last couple of years when we used a dildo.

This is the second guy she’s played with within the last month. It has been a wild ride, and I can’t wait to see where it leads. She is fervently embracing this cuckold lifestyle. It is more difficult now than it would’ve been when we were younger (we’re in our early 30s) since we have a baby. But we’re more mature, and our relationship is stronger than in our 20s.


While this reader proves his inadequacy to a crush…

Jen and I were in the same friend group. She bartended at our local spot, and she was always the life of the party. Jen and I would flirt at times, sometimes even text a bit. She was cute, but her attitude made her sexy. It was almost intimidating. Jen was friends with a girl I slept with. One night, it was obvious they did some talking, and she must have told Jen I wasn’t bringing much to the bedroom. The flirting with Jen died immediately. Jen was a size queen.

That year, I hosted a Halloween party. It was late; I was drunk, and I cornered her. “Why don’t we text anymore?” I asked.

She was equally drunk and willing to engage with me. “Why do you think?”

“I think Denise told you stories.”

“Oh,” as she raised an eyebrow. “Maybe she did.”

I pushed closer to her: “And what did she tell you?”

Jen squinted and smirked. “I think you know.” I looked at her funny until she replied: “Not exactly packing, right?”

I pretended to be shocked. “You guys talk like that? How would you even know if she was telling the truth?”

“You think she would lie to me?”

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I blurted out: “Seems unfair to call me small unless you saw it yourself.”

“OK.” Her eyes got wide. “Take it out.”

“Fine, but then you gotta show me your tits.”

She agreed right away. We rushed to the bathroom and locked the door.

“OK, I’m only half hard. Maybe you need to flash me first.”

“No more talking. Let’s see it.”

I convinced myself that if I showed her soft, she would assume there was room to grow. But I’m not a show-er; I presented a skinny, soft, borderline child-like penis. She looked down and gritted her teeth. I put it away and told her it was her turn. She squinted, politely smiled, shook her head no, opened the bathroom door, and walked out. It was like a punch to the chest.

Later, I saw her flirting with a guy known to have a huge cock. I jerked off 3 or 4 times that night, reimagining her disappointed face, her half smile. Thinking of him pushing inside of her. I have thought about it constantly ever since.


This reader accidentally flashes his girlfriend’s mom…

My girl’s mom is a bit of a gorgeous woman, to start with. One day, she walked in on me after a cold shower after I’d been on a run in the middle of summer. She didn’t knock as she didn’t know I was in there, and by the time she walked in, I was standing there naked with my small soft penis proudly sticking out above my balls. I gasped and tried to reach for my towel, but doing this took a few seconds.

She went bright red, as did I, and clambered the word, “Sorry… I… Oh, I, um…,’ as she closed the door.

Later on downstairs, she saw me and said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t see much,’ she went bright red again, as did I.

The very hot part of this story was that just 48 hours later, my girl yelled out to her mom that her friends knew the guys’ penis sizes and one of the guys she’s met was ‘hung like a horse.’ I bet her mom thought that ruled me out.


Another reader gets an “Is it in yet?” moment…

My girlfriend is not really into SPH, but we tried the ‘flat doggy’ position the other day. It came to a small SPH situation. At first, I had trouble getting my little penis into her vagina. After I was inside and did a few thrusts, I slipped out of her again, but I didn’t notice. I kept going, and my girlfriend turned her head to me and said, “But you already know that you have long since slipped out again?”

I did not notice because my penis was so little in her vagina that everything felt the same. So I put it back in and came after a few seconds. She told me afterward that we didn’t have to try this again because it was the worst sex of her life. She said she almost didn’t feel it because my dick was too small, and my tip only slightly penetrated her. I could now act out that we will try again with a sleeve.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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