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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader remembers the first time his wife cuckolded him…

So let me start with a little history. I’ve always known my penis was small. I’ve always been very comfy being naked and always realized I was the smallest dick in any group. I was teased in elementary school locker rooms but never had a problem being nude still.

I always managed to get with very hot girls. I am a Bronze Member of the small dick club. It seemed to satisfy most girls, even some calling it perfect but soft it’s only my head poking out like an acorn or sometimes an ‘innie’ with shrinkage.

Cut to many years later. I married an amazingly beautiful girl. She loves my dick but never seems to play with it when it’s small. Turns out she likes soft cocks that are bigger and hang. One night we met a couple in a bar and invited them over to go swimming the following day. They came over in the afternoon, and we went outside to tan and swam while having drinks. The girl looked amazing in her bikini, as did my wife. Both were stunning. I could already tell the guy was very hung, as you could see his cock through his bathing suit.

Pretty soon, the topic of tanning topless came up with the girls. I think they were talking about being annoyed about tan lines. They agreed to take off their tops. The sight of them was so amazing, both having beautiful breasts. I could see the guy’s cock getting slightly fatter. All of us being a little drunk, the boyfriend and I told them they should go nude to avoid all tan lines, to which they responded, only if you two do as well. I was already in the pool and immediately removed my trunks, tossing them out. The two girls also slid their bottoms off, standing out of the pool. It was an amazing sight. Then the boyfriend slid his shorts off.

I heard my wife audibly gasp. His cock was so thick and veiny and about seven inches long, hanging down below his balls and looking so heavy. She said, “Oh my god.”

The friend said, “I know, right?”

He looked down at his cock and swung it back and forth, slapping against his thighs, saying, “Not bad, huh?”

My wife said, “It’s so much bigger than [my name]’s hard.”

He looked at me and asked how big I was. They still couldn’t see it since I was in the water. I walked out of the water, and his girlfriend giggled immediately. I was just an acorn poking out from my balls. My dick shrinks badly when I get nervous. My wife told me to stand beside him and couldn’t believe the difference.

My wife couldn’t stop staring, and the girlfriend noticed, eventually asking if she wanted to touch it and asking her boyfriend if it was ok. Of course, he didn’t mind. My wife didn’t bother asking me and just went to sit beside him. Standing with his cock almost face level, she started to stroke it. Her hand barely fit around it, and he grew hard and thicker. She eventually used two hands on him, which she couldn’t do with me. His cock grew to what he said was nine and a half inches and looked to be more than seven inches in girth. She turned to the girlfriend and asked if she could try sucking it, to which she said yes, of course. Seeing her suck that huge cock was so sexy, but for some reason, I wasn’t getting hard, just dripping pre-cum.

My wife was on all fours on a lounge chair getting face fucked by this huge cock, and you could see her pussy dripping wet. The girlfriend came up behind her and rubbed her hand on it telling her boyfriend how incredibly wet she was. He pulled his cock out of her and came behind her, telling her how delicious her soaking pussy looked.

My wife said, “You should see how your cock feels in it.”

He looked at me and told me to sit down and watch as he grabbed her by the hips and, with two strokes, had his cock balls deep in my wife’s pussy. She came almost immediately. His girlfriend went before her and made out, feeling her tits. I watched this go on for about an hour. He put her in various positions while the girlfriend played with her. Eventually, he said he had to cum, and my wife told him to cum in her with an explosive orgasm from both of them.

Not once was I invited to join in or paid any attention to. They all three went into the bedroom and showered. I sat on the bed and watched them all playing with themselves, the girls making him hard again and him fingering them, playing with their clits making them both cum again. They both have him a blow job in the shower, making him cum again but more quickly this time. When it was all done, he asked me what I thought about all that, and I could only say it was so hot. My wife eventually let me fuck her, but not until they were gone and not until I ate her out till she came again.

Cut to now, fifteen years later. She’s had many hung guys. We have many stories, and I have many humiliating experiences that I’ve grown quite fond of. I’ve embraced being embarrassed and humiliated as one of my kinks. These days she gets off on embarrassing me as well. At bars, she will show people pictures of my dick. It seems that when people see it, other men will say how big theirs is in comparison and show her pics, and girls will laugh and say how big their boyfriend or husband is and offer to share. Either way, she finds guys with huge cocks to fuck that way. Often I’m made to drop my shorts and show them in person as they don’t believe it’s that small, and I do willingly. Sometimes if the bartender allows, I’ll get completely naked for any humiliation. It’s a turn-on even though I never get hard in that situation.


Another reader gets outed for his micro but then owns it…

This story is a few years from when I was still in college. Back then, I often worked out during late evenings at our college gym (it was just a few weight racks and a single treadmill). The entire building was always pretty empty at this hour, just a few people sitting around here and there.

After a workout, I always took a shower at the communal showers because no one was ever there at this hour. This became a habit where I assumed no one was there, so using the open showers didn’t bother me.

One day I went to the shower and heard the door open while I was washing my hair. My heart sank at this moment. I had no idea what to do. I had no towels, and walking backward to my locker would be weird.

I hear multiple people talking. I recognize one of the voices and call out. “Hey, is that you, Henry?” he asked instantly, knowing it was me.

I asked what they were doing at this hour, and he said they just returned from playing basketball. At this moment, I knew they were not there to leave their stuff. This was them coming back and most likely taking a shower. I feel like this is a good moment to mention my size. While soft my penis is inside my body, you can only see the loose skin poking out. While hard, I’m a gold member of the small dick club.

I decided that acting like everything was right was the best way to handle this. As they walked in individually, I just made some small talk. It was obvious that many of them glanced down and saw my size. Seeing the glances somehow made me get hard. I’m not sure if any of them even noticed that, however. I also obviously saw their sizes, and every single one was at least double my hard size while soft.

After washing a bit, I dried up and put on my clothes. I could hear some faint snickering soon as I exited the shower. Henry called out for me to wait. He decided to walk with me to the bus station. On the way, it was quiet until he said, “Damn, you got a tiny dick.”

I burst out laughing. After that, we just chatted about random things.

The next day I kept getting really weird looks. I didn’t think much of it until I argued about our group project with a girl. There were four of us at the table, and when I tried to argue that we should do a section differently, she just started showing the size 🤏 with her fingers. The other two girls started giggling. At that moment, it hit me that the guys that saw me must have told SO MANY people.

I kept getting so many small dick jokes in the coming weeks that it helped my insecurity. Since everyone already knew there was nothing to hide anymore, it fixed a lot of my social anxiety in a really weird way. I sort of just started to own it. I never avoided crowded showers after that. When people made jokes, I often replied, “It might be small, but it tries hard,” or some joke.

Also, when I had a hookup with a girl from the college, she already knew the size. It was nice because she didn’t seem disappointed (unlike almost everyone else that saw it in a bedroom).


Meanwhile, this reader gets a sleeve…

I’m a silver member of the small dick club, and my dick is barely an inch when soft. Recently I’ve been trying to get my wife to indulge in some SPH, but she has mostly refused. I convinced her to let me get a penis sleeve to try. For the most part, she’s been fairly unimpressed with the sleeve except for the other night.

I was going down on her, and she said, “I’m ready for cock.” So naturally, I get up and get ready to slide my little guy in when she pushes me back and sternly says, “Not your little dick. The big one, the real man’s cock.”

I knew she wanted the sleeve, so I put it on and slowly slid in the full eight inches. The rest of the time, she told me I wasn’t big enough, and she needed much bigger than me, and I couldn’t fill her up. I came fairly quickly inside the sleeve but kept going with the sleeve until she was satisfied.

I’ve never been able to make her cum from my penis. But the sleeve had no issue making her cum three times! Best sex we’ve had in a while.


While this reader had a little whoopsie in the communal shower…

It feels like ever since I came home from the end of my first year at uni. I’ve constantly been reminded and humiliated about the size of my dick by just coincidence. I’ve taken the gym pretty seriously over the last two years. Hence, I decided to upgrade to a proper leisure center. It was more expensive monthly but had significantly better facilities and a pool.

Last week I went to the pool for the first time without knowing what to expect. I went to the pool for around an hour before returning to the showers. I stripped naked in the empty locker room and expected to head into a stool to shower. To my surprise, the showers were communal and open to everyone. I was surprised and nervous due to my dick being so small; however, I thought I’d give it a go because it was empty. Everything was good for the first minute until three guys walked in together.

I immediately notice the first guy’s massive penis, again crazy big it’s like six or seven inches flaccid, the type you usually see in porn. His two friends are not as big but still massive compared to me. These other two are probably four to five inches flaccid and quite thick. I couldn’t help but stare when they began to wash. I’ve never shown any attraction to men before in my life. Bear in mind that I’m nineteen. However, I look down to see my little bronze member dick hard and pointing up in the air.

Embarrassed, I pretended to wash it and start touching it with the sponge, even though the three men had noticed as they stared at me. I was red in the face and embarrassed. However, I thought, ‘Just get on with it and finish up quickly.’ To my surprise, after about thirty seconds more of brushing my sponge past my dick to hide my little boner, I came, and two big loads landed on the shower floor while the rest drizzled down my leg.

A glance up, and then I turn and leave. I put my clothes on while still wet and with cum all over me and leave for my car. By far the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me. What do I do now? Surely I must cancel my membership and never return.


This reader also is showing off in the showers…

Today, I went to the open showers and took the locker furthest from the shower. I only had a small acorn head poking out of my body as I walked the full length of the shower, my arms trembling, knowing that every other man was much bigger than me. Three other men were facing me as I walked past and got a full view of my one-inch head, small balls, and no pubes.

There was another guy in the open shower, but thankfully he wasn’t much bigger than me, probably two inches soft. But, the area towel off outside the open shower is in full view of a big wall mirror and four to five sinks. As I toweled off with my dick head wiggling, a man washing his hands did an obvious double take to get a good look at how small my micropenis was. There was nowhere to hide, so I let him look at my one-inch nub.

I returned to the locker, and no one else saw me before I could cover up.


Another reader’s phone flashes a female work colleague…

About five years ago, I used to work at this factory. All men in the factory and two women in the front office part of the building. One of the women just answered the phone and managed the deliveries. The other was a short, very attractive slim thick build girl about three to five years older than me. She was in charge of ensuring certain products got done at certain times and would always be in the back with all the guys giving us our order slips and checking the progress of orders. She was very hot and flirty with us, but I felt she was more flirty with me than anyone else.

I’m six foot two, fit, and pretty good-looking. On Monday, after a very bad storm came through our area, we talked, and she asked me if the storm had hit my house, which it did. It knocked down a giant tree and took out my fence. I handed her my phone showing her pictures of the tree. She slid through the three or four pics of the tree and slid one to a picture of my hard silver member dick. We both froze like deer in headlights for what felt like an eternity, but it was probably only a second or two. Her eyes were locked on the picture of my small dick.

I grabbed the phone from her as she turned bright red and laughed as she walked away. The rest of that week was pretty awkward, and we never spoke of it again. Afterward, I noticed she had become less flirty with me. A month or so went by, and we were talking about an order, and she was twitching her pen in her fingers when it flung out of her hand and headed straight for my groin area.

She said, “Damn, I must have a good aim. That’s such a tiny target.”

After she said that, I immediately became aroused and rock-hard, and so began my enjoyment of SPH.


Meanwhile, this reader gets off on his wife cheating on him…

My wife and I met in our late teens, and we were both virgins. We were the weird couple waiting to have sex until we got married. When we married, she was nineteen, and I was twenty. I knew my penis was smaller (a sliver member hard and one inch soft) since I had been through high school locker rooms. I was self-conscious about it, but I did my best not to let it bother me. Never had an issue with other students. My wife always mentioned that she had never seen a penis before and didn’t know what was considered normal, big, or small. After we got married, we had sex all the time with no issues or complaints from my new bride.

A few years after we married, sex slowed, which is normal from my understanding, and I didn’t think much of it. One day, I sat down at her computer to look up something and stumbled upon her email, and I found out she was having an online affair with someone. I didn’t look much further but asked her if she could explain. She felt like she married too young and hadn’t gotten to explore her sexuality and had been having sexting and video sexting with this guy.

We agreed to seek help and try to rebuild the relationship with therapy. After we got home from one of our sessions, we argued when my wife said, “Well, you can only do so much when you’re this big,” and made ‘the small dick gesture’ with her thumb and pointer finger.

I didn’t even know what to say at the moment, and so the argument ended. I felt like I wasn’t being given the whole truth of what had happened, so I decided to look through all my wife’s communication with this guy (shitty of me, I know). I found she loved his big, thick cock and had told this guy that I had a pathetic babydick.

So feeling down and out about the whole thing, I masturbated A LOT. To the point where I could not climax. As I was masturbating one night, the thought of her telling me we could only do so much when I was this small came into my head. I instantly felt my four inches get much harder and orgasmed quickly after thinking about her comment. Then I started thinking about her with her online bull and his big cock pleasuring her while she mocked me during and after.

For many years I masturbated to these thoughts and kept them to myself. We repaired our relationship, and my wife told me she loves my penis, and we have been in a great spot since. I recently opened up to her about this kink that we are exploring. And gradually being harsher with her words. It’s been a great ride.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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