Our Readers SPH Experiences 232

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s bulge is judged…

This happened a few years ago, but it still sticks with me. I work in an office and wear grey dress pants occasionally. One day when I was wearing them, this coworker I used to flirt with was going back and forth about our clothes. She was sitting next to me when she looked down at my bulge and said, “I’ve seen better.”

Turned me on so much at the time and still does.


Another reader had a ruined orgasm…

Tonight my wife and I were fooling around standing position. She was facing me and jerking me. It was a non-fetish vanilla beginning. Out of nowhere, she started teasing the head, pulled me down into her breasts, and held me while jerking me off. She says things like, “Ohhh yeah? Does that feel good?” in a soft, calm, dominant tone. And out of nowhere, she said, “Yeah, your gonna do what I tell you, aren’t you? Be my little dick cum slut?”

At the same time, she held me, stroking me, and as I came, she dropped down to a finger, and her thumb wrapped around the head, not moving, just holding it there. Watching it hit the floor. No motion at all. It was completely her doing, as I’ve never mentioned interest in ruined orgasms or sissy play, but now I do.


Meanwhile, this reader got outgunned by the pool…

Arrived at an Airbnb for a group holiday a bit earlier than planned with a mate and his girl. The cleaners were still tidying up from the last guests and refused to let us in, not even to drop our bags off. She said she wasn’t allowed to let us into our rooms and that all we could do was go to the pool at the back of the property or come back in two hours when we could check-in.

We decided on the pool option, but she wouldn’t let us go into the property to change. She suggested we change outside by the pool itself, which filled me with dread. We wheeled our cases around the back to the pool, opened our cases, and started to strip off. I can’t lie, seeing his girl strip off and get changed was very arousing, but the real highlight was me fumbling around naked to get my shorts on to hide my lack of a sizeable penis while my friend stood there without a care in the world.

I’ll leave you to guess why he wasn’t bothered about being naked but suffice to say that thing was huge. I’ve seen a lot of soft dicks online, but this thing was enormous. He bent over naked to get his shorts out, and you could see everything swing between his legs and generally make a mockery of my acorn dick.

I rushed the profess but could still sense a stare or two from his girlfriend, but he took five minutes to change and soak up being the larger guy. He stood there loosely holding his shorts in front of him as his girl tried to put her bikini top on, and my penis sat on top of my balls, probably telling you he loved this. The fact that this was a combination of maybe taboo and humiliating but also hot made for a bizarre combination, and I’d guess I was an inch soft. I dived into the pool to hide my red face as his girl slowly walked in from the shallow end, and he cannon-balled in.

I wonder to this day what they all thought.


While this reader is avoiding anyone, he knows…

I married my first wife young. I was 21, and she was 19 (we’re divorced now). She was my second (third if you include oral), and my wife had sex with six before me. Once, my ex had a sleepover at her friend’s house and forgot some stuff after she left, so she asked me to pick it up on my way from work.

Her friend had flirted with me in the past and started hitting on me when I was there. She walked out in nothing but a towel, offered to cook something, and started talking about sex. She then told me that my ex (wife then) told her I was small. I was shocked that my ex told her that. Of course, I became defensive and told her I was average. Nothing more happened, but I always wondered how many others she told. We grew up with a lot of the same friends. After that, I made a rule to never have sex with someone who was a mutual acquaintance or friend of someone I knew.


This reader enjoys an impromptu swim…

When I was about 21, I went swimming in a river with my friend, his girlfriend, and the girl I was dating. It was fairly impromptu, and none of us had swimming suits, so we swam in our underwear. I usually wear tight, Polyester boxer briefs. At some point, while we were swimming, I stood up to go to shore, and my friend’s girlfriend laughed and said, in front of everyone, “Wow! You have a really small dick! I can hardly see it.”

Of course, I laughed and said I was a grower, not a shower. But I felt embarrassed, and she was not wrong. I am a member of the small dick club. I often look back on that moment, and it turns me on.


Another reader is summed up by his wife…

Yesterday morning, as usual, I am bringing my wife a cup of coffee in our bedroom. I walk in she is sitting in bed reading her emails topless. Great boobs. I walk over to her side of the bed and ask her where she wants her coffee cup. She looks up, points to her bedside table, and says kiss my breast. I lean down, starting to kiss her right side, and she grabs my penis and looks me in the eye, “Useless,” she said, and let’s go. “I will call you when I need a second cup.”

I relived that moment the whole day, hoping she would repeat it. She doesn’t lie. My penis is useless. She summed it up in one word.


Meanwhile, this reader didn’t bloom enough…

When I was a teen and had not yet watched porn, I didn’t worry that something was wrong with my penis. But on an ordinary day at school, one of the teachers left our class unattended (there were only boys in the group) outside because he had to do something. One of my classmates went to pee in the bushes, me and the rest of the boys thought it would be funny to see his penis. It was a moment of shock because his penis was fucking huge (it was normal size but more on that later). At the time, my penis was a tiny piece of skin. It measured maybe half an inch when soft and about two inches erect.

I thought it was a normal size among other teenagers. His soft penis was three times the size of my erection. This accident made me realize that my penis is abnormally tiny. Later on the internet, I saw the first porn and found penises much bigger than my friend’s penis, which made me even more aware that there was something wrong with my penis. Fortunately, I was a late bloomer, now I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, so it’s now just below average, but it’s much better than the fucking two inches when erect and half an inch when soft.


While this reader has settled into a cuckold marriage…

My wife has made several comments about my lack of size. She was initially nervous when I asked about my size compared to others, afraid to hurt me. But it didn’t take long for her to open up and be honest with me. She even recently admitted wanting to cheat on me because she has craved more. She didn’t fall in love with me due to my dick.

It makes more sense now. My wife never thoroughly enjoyed giving me a blowjob or seemed to be doing it to make me happy. One time she even started to give me head, then just randomly stopped and said she wasn’t feeling it (this was before I admitted my cuck fetish).

Later, she admitted that she had never just wanted to suck my dick or fuck me when she would see it, unlike some of her ex-boyfriends. She would often just grab their cock and start sucking on it because it would make her horny just seeing it or thinking about it, even while they would just watch TV, drive, or do other normal activities. One ex broke his arm, and she helped bath him. Seeing his big cock made her horny, and she fucked him in the tub. She has commented that she loves sucking on a large cock that can’t fit entirely in her mouth.

I have to do more work, like helping her around the house, giving her massages, eating her out, etc. Even then, she often feels obligated to let me fuck her because she feels bad if I go a long time without sex or if I make her cum by eating her out.

She recently said there were a couple of ex-boyfriends she broke up with because they were assholes. However, she would still hook up with them for months because they had amazing cocks and were great in bed (i.e., going for a long time, multiple times per day). I told her I never hooked up with an ex after we broke up.

She looked at me and said, “That’s sad. But it makes sense. What woman would want to fuck that babydick?”


This reader discovered that Gay men are the biggest size queens going around…

I went to an all-men kink event in a park last night. Dudes would walk around and stare at each other. Some brave, hung men were fully naked, which initially inspired me. I stripped down to my underwear (tighty whities) and began walking around. Tighty whities are still considered weird because I kept getting looks, but many people seemed down to hook up. I arrived at the main rock, where everyone was naked and fucking, and I saw an old friend there. We made a goal that we both wanted to get laid.

Fast forward, and he’s already fucking his second dude (he’s very hung), and I’m still looking. I see an older man spot me and walk up. He has a great dick. He looks at my underwear, pulls out my rock-hard dick, puts it back, and walks away. I was confused but saw him start sucking off someone double my size. This was a blow to my ego, but when I saw my friend starting to fuck his third dude, I realized I had to get the ball moving.

I took off my undies and went looking for ass, and holy fuck was it embarrassing. It felt like every single guy there dwarfed me and knew it too. I was getting looks and smirks from people, rejected by old dudes, and comments from short twink guys saying I should be bottom. A bunch of 20-year-old frat-looking guys was getting in groups and whispering about me (I know because I saw them looking and talking, and as I walked to them, the whispering died down, but most of them held their disrespectful stares and looked like they were holding in a laugh.)

I wasn’t getting any luck getting laid with my pants off, and it felt like every three minutes, there was a new side eye or snicker, so I put my underwear back on. I heard someone mumble something, then a group laugh, but I don’t know what they said. I spent hours trying to fuck at that event with no luck, then met some smaller guys, and we all compared. I was pretty discouraged at their guesses for mine, but still happy I met them.

Eventually, I sucked one of them and came from that, but I wish I could’ve had real sex there. I was shocked at how there were real bullies and jokes at something that was supposed to be a judgment-free event.


Another reader gets a dose of reality he can’t handle…

Here’s my true small penis story starring myself. I’m a gold member of the small dick club. Yes, I have a micropenis. So my girlfriend used to say I was only a few inches below average and that it was normal. She always told me it was a good size because she knew my insecurity. We were together for two years, and eventually, I believed her until I was taking a piss in my local bar.

I go into the stall to piss every time because I don’t want any1 to see my dick, but I was drunk and used the urinal because the bathroom was empty. Then two other guys came in and went to piss next to me. I pulled up my pants extremely fast while still pissing and quickly went into the stall to continue pissing. My stomach sank, and my heart was racing, fearing they had seen my dick.

I was praying they didn’t, but they must have because when I returned to the bar, I could overhear everything the two were saying about me at their table. I was paralyzed with embarrassment and tried to play it cool. Then I heard the taller one call me a tiny dick freak to his table. I ended up walking home by myself, crying. Two years of my girlfriend building up my confidence were destroyed by these two assholes.

The moral of the story is don’t use the urinal.


Meanwhile, this reader sends his dick pics to an old crush…

So first things first. We are in our early 30s. We recently reconnected, and I have been attracted to her since tenth grade. I’ve always been small. Late bloomer and prepubescent until senior year, my penis, or pee-pee, as a few friends called it, finally grew. I went from a 2.5 erect dick in tenth grade to a thin Bronze Member adult dick. It’s a real pin dick. Being overweight made it look smaller. I’ve been lucky enough to have sex more than I deserved, and everyone mentioned my penis size.

We’ll skip several years of dealing with many SPH situations, most accidental or only partially initiated. And I have a complex.

I get on some party drugs that have an unfortunate side effect of shrinking your penis. As did the weight loss meds I took for two years. I knew my pecker had shrunk and started to atrophy during that time, but my therapist told me I was imagining it. Turns out I wasn’t. My penis is completely retracted (a flaccid Inny) like a second navel when soft. Erect, I am now a gold member of the small dick club and still very thin. Since penetration has been almost impossible without much effort, I have recently decided that as long as it works, I don’t mind the shrinkage and sometimes experiment with shrinking it more. My record is 1.25 inches erect.

Moving forward. My crush was talking, and I asked a very leading question. “Is my micropenis too small for a sex partner?”

She said, “Yes, but I would make it work if he was a cool guy.”

Joking, I said, “Cool, I was just asking. I’m not saying have a micropenis, though.”

We keep up the banter, and she admits to being curious to see if I have a micropenis.

Being rock-hard and wanting to know if we could be sexually compatible, I asked if she wanted a pic.

She said yes, and I took one. God, it looked so small. I decided that might be too much, so I sent her one I had taken a few years before. To me, it looked close to average. She saw it and texted, ‘OMG, is that real?’

‘Yes, it’s real,’ I sent back.

She didn’t say anything else. Later I brought up the penis size issue again and said, “Yeah, I’ll be blunt. You can probably tell in the pic I sent that I have a micropenis, but there is no shame in my game. My mouth does enough to compensate.”

Her response was, “God, how could I not tell? My 10-year-old has a bigger boner than you.”

Instead of defending my size as okay. I told her that was an old pic. I’m smaller than that now. She said, “I’m impressed.”

“Why?” I asked.

Her response both hurt my pride and got me hard. She said, “I’m impressed because I didn’t think it could get smaller than that.”

I took an immediate picture of my rock-hard pee-pee and sent it with a double A battery beside it for comparison (the battery is a touch longer, but my peepee is a bit thicker).

She said, “I can’t believe you did that. Holy shit, what a babydick.”

Then she ghosted me. I never heard from her again. I am waiting for the fallout. Will she tell everyone I’m hung like a baby? Will she ignore it or ignore me?


While this reader got stage fright…

When I divorced, I was set up on several dates but didn’t connect with any of them, but I met this girl, and we connected. I bring her back to my house, and we make out for a bit and then head upstairs to my bedroom. We start taking off our clothes. I’ve got her naked and have done oral and fingered her, and she then tells me to take my pants off. (I usually delay this as long as possible because I have a small dick). I’m a silver member of the small dick club hard, and it’s also thin. I take my pants off, and she’s like you have a condom.

I did and got up to get it, and she saw my dick for the first time. She sort of smirks but says nothing. I tear the condom wrapper and immediately feel my hard-on start to fade. I try and put the condom on real quick and pump it, but it’s too late. I get stage fright and shrink up to nothing. It retracts into me, and there I am, condom in one hand, trying to get my dick out with the other.

She says, “Well, it looks like we are done here!”

I said, “No, give me a sec. It will return.”

“Nah, I’m good anyway. Just take me home.”

Most awkward drive ever. I was red, and she couldn’t even look at me without a smirk. To make it worse, I’m pretty sure she told several of the women at the party later. All kidding aside, however. When I got home, I stroked one off, and it took about ten seconds to blow so fucking hard.


This reader enjoys bullying a small dick friend…

So I’m Adrian(19m), and I have a friend (also 19m, let’s call him B.), and I like to crush his ego by humiliating him for his tiny silver member dick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gay, but it turns me on knowing he is jealous of me and most girls will prefer me over him or that I’m more man than him.

My friend group (5 people) and I are horny 24/7, and we call some escorts almost daily, but they want to leave out B. of the group when we do the gangbangs or team tags. I always defend him and encourage him to go and destroy the escort with his cock while we watch and learn from him. The idiot always believes me and goes for it, only to get laughed at by the whore and the group.

And then I ask, “Do you need help, buddy?”

He doesn’t say anything, but I still get into the bed and fuck the shit out of the escort while he tries to fuck her mouth. I said ‘tries’ because she doesn’t gag on it, even though he thrusts hard and balls deep. One escort has even said she fucked younger boys that are bigger and better. And then I pushed him off the bed and put my cock inside her throat, shutting her up, and asked her if she wanted some real man’s cocks.

When she said yes, I nodded, and the rest of the team came to the rescue. We fucked four orgasms out of her while B watched and jerked off to the IRL porn he watched. I was kind of sorry for what happened and told the escort to clean his abs from his cum. He ejaculated in five minutes, watching us. I couldn’t last more than 25 mins of that moaning and came second to B. on her boobs.

The next day We were at the gym, and B. saw some girls and invited them over and started talking about his routine and diet because the girls asked how he was that muscular at this age. He said that it’s genetics and most guys can’t make it happen and pointed at me (I’m not that jacked, but still, I have abs and legs and triceps/biceps). The girls and I looked at each other. I was embarrassed.

I got pissed and invited him for a talk, and I said, “So much ego for a man with a boy’s dick, or sorry, more like a babydick.”

After that, he apologized and started to talk highly about me to the girls, and we got their numbers.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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