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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets a medical opinion…

I went in for a physical one day and was told my doctor was out, so I’d see a different one. I thought nothing of it, so I went in, stripped down, and put the smock on. I hear a knock, and the doctor comes in, and it’s this beautiful woman, and my heart sinks as I’m completely naked with just this gown covering my tiny peanut. She was very nice, could tell I was nervous, and told me not to worry. So she asked me to stand up so she could get my weight.

At this point, she could see my butt as the back was open. I took a seat while she wrote something down. Still, she asked me to stand up again, only this time, my smock got caught in the seat and ripped and came right off me, so I was standing butt naked right in front of this beautiful woman. She was sitting in the seat, so my tiny penis was practically in her face. I was embarrassed and covered up with one hand and used the other to try and get my smock, and she got up and told me not to worry and that I could lay down as she had to inspect my penis anyway.

So I laid down butt naked and noticed my penis was pointing straight up as it was still very small. I could see her give a half smile, and I asked if anything was wrong with it after the exam, and she said, “It’s a little on the small side, but nothing wrong functionally.”

I could tell she wanted to laugh.


Another reader had a shrinkage problem…

Recently, I’ve had some major shrinkage at the pool. I have a small flaccid dick that barely hangs, but I was swimming in an outdoor pool, and the water was so cold that my dick shrank to an inch or below. My balls retracted almost completely.

When it shrinks down like this, it tends to get pretty ‘stiff,’ so I had this tiny speedo bump. Everybody looked when I returned to the changing room, and most women couldn’t hide a smirk. A group of younger women even giggled. There was a mirror in the changing room. I looked ridiculous. That was a real walk of shame since I’m a decent-looking guy. I even got a bit red in the face.


Meanwhile, this reader got caught sleeping naked…

So this happened one weekend. I passed out hard (drunk) and must have moved the bed covers off me since it had been hot recently. My roommates (coworkers) and my boss came home drunk and came upstairs to get me to join in the party. There I was, lying naked with my tiny hard dick on full display (silver member). I woke up just as they left and heard roaring drunk laughter.

When I saw my boss at work for the first time after this incident, he couldn’t stop smiling and chuckling at me. I know they know I’m a member of the small dick club. They know I know they know, and I don’t know what to do. Will they keep it quiet or tell everyone? I’ve never felt more humiliated and turned on before.


While this female reader discovered her cousin’s little secret…

A while ago, I was visiting my relatives for a vacation. In the evening, I sat in my chair by the pool, watching my cousin Nathan swim circles. I was wearing my swimsuit, and I had already caught Nathan staring at my ass as we walked out. Then my cousin swam up to me, and I couldn’t help but notice how strong his frame looked. He commented on how good I looked for supposedly being an old hag. I wanted to play along with him, so I teased about his pecker being small.

When he said it was bigger now, I was shocked by his audacity for a moment. Then challenged him to show me. He came over, so I hooked my fingers into his waistband and asked if he was ready before quickly tugging down his swimming trunks. He hastily bent over and pulled up his trunks, but by then, it was already too late because I had seen everything. That was when I got to lay eyes on him for the first time since puberty hit, and let me tell you, not much had changed! I couldn’t contain my laughter and told him his penis had not grown much. His dick seemed incredibly small compared to the average man his age, still looked the same as it had when we were kids. It was fully shaved and looked pretty funny.

He glared at me and cursed under his breath before diving into the pool in rage. I teased him, “Look like all that rage didn’t do anything to perk it up now, did it?”

I laughed it off for a while, and that was it. Every time I see Nathan, I can practically undress him with my eyes. I always think, ‘There’s that tiny dick beneath his pants.’ Whenever I see him walking, sitting a certain way, or standing around, I wonder how his little penis might sit in his underwear.


This reader got some honest feedback…

Recently, a family friend, let’s call her Sarah, had a lot to drink, and so did I. I went back to her place with her because she “needed to get fucked.” When we returned to her place and started to undress, she had my dick out and was about to start sucking but laughed first.

“What?” I asked involuntarily.

She said, “It’s just not what I was expecting.”

For context, she had been with my older brother a few years ago and his best friend.

“Your brother is like here,” she said, holding her hand far from where my dick was.

I didn’t know what to say and was rock hard. “So?” I said.

“Well, uhh…” she continued, putting her hand another two inches further out. “Charlie (my Bros best friend) is this big, but he was a lot thicker.”

My mind was flustered, and I had been drinking, so I asked, “What do you mean thicker?”

And she wrapped her fingers in a circle around my dick without touching it. “Like thicker, you know what I mean,” and she laughed again. “It’s fine; it’s just not what I’m used to.”

So I asked bluntly, “Are you saying I’m small?”

“Yeah, kinda. You’re probably the smallest I’ve ever been with.”

She was jerking my dick this time, and I just exploded as she said it. And she broke out laughing. I felt so humiliated but was cumming so much.

She said, “Wow, already? I’m kinda not surprised. Guys like you are always prejacs,” and got up for a tissue. She opened a drawer and came back up with a huge dildo. She said, “This is what I use when I don’t have a real man here. Could you help me with it?”

“Uhh, sure,” I said.

I held it over my dick. It was more than twice the size of my boner. I learned that night that I was a silver member of the small dick club.


Another reader played strip poker…

When I was eighteen, three guy friends and three girlfriends and I were having a small party at my buddy’s house. Someone suggested strip poker, and there were only three chairs, so it ended up being two of my friends and me sitting down and the three girls on our laps. I’m good at poker, which helped me keep some clothes on, but it came down to me in my boxers and the two guys, and the girl on my lap was the first to get completely naked. Obviously, I was hard at this point, and she could feel my tiny dick and was making comments already.

My guy friends had to take the boxers off at some point. One had a pretty big cock. Soft was way bigger than me. He just left it flopping around for everyone to see. I almost avoided removing my boxers, but the girl on my lap said it wasn’t fair. Everyone else was naked, not me, so I was pressured into it. I remember pulling my boxers down, and everyone laughed. I was rock hard, and the guy beside me was still soft probably twice my size.

My guy friends already knew I was a silver member of the small dick club, but I don’t think everyone realized how small until then. One of the girls gave a blowjob to the bigger guy in front of everyone, and I almost came sitting there. I think the girl on my lap reached down and tugged at me a few times out of pity. The funny thing was that she was pretty unattractive and someone I would never date, but after that, the tables turned, and she was the one who didn’t want anything to do with me.


Meanwhile, this reader is caught in the bath…

I decided to take a bath one evening. My girlfriend and I also had her friend Jane staying with us for the weekend. So I was in the bath, and everything was quiet and peaceful. I heard someone in the next room but figured it was my girlfriend, and then Jane entered the bathroom. We have a curtain around our tub, so I was still hidden. I figured my girlfriend was coming in to surprise me when the curtain got pulled back. But to my actual surprise, it was Jane completely naked!

She thought no one was in the bathroom because it was so quiet, and she would shower. She was completely horrified while I was very much enjoying the sight of her naked body. I instinctively got up without realizing I had also just exposed myself, and my soft penis was about two inches after sitting in the water all that time. She looked down immediately and started laughing as I realized my mistake and covered up. My girlfriend walked in and saw the two of us naked and realized she hadn’t told Jane I was in there and laughed about the whole thing as her friend laughed because of my tiny penis.


While this reader is caught in only a towel…

My girlfriend had a few friends over for her birthday, and we were all hanging out in the pool. We sat by the fire pit for a while when we got out. Then I got up and went to the side of the house to take my bathing suit off to let it dry outside (and kept my towel around my waist) because I thought we were going in. I went back over, and they said they wanted to play cornhole, which made me nervous because of the constant movement, so I ensured my towel was wrapped tight.

Things were going just fine, but then my girlfriend said she needed to use my towel to dry something off (she didn’t have one). Without hesitation, I felt her yank my towel right off, leaving me butt naked in the middle of our yard with all eyes on my bald little dick. All of her friends started laughing, and so did my girlfriend as I covered up with one hand. I tried blaming it on being in the pool and shrinkage.

One of her friends said, “Yeah, but why’s it look like a little acorn?”

This caused even more laughter. My girlfriend told them I love SPH as she came and grabbed my tiny penis with two fingers and started rubbing it. They joined in making fun of it, calling it a ‘shrimp dick’ and saying I probably can’t cum with it. I proved them wrong when I got hard (bronze member) and came everywhere. Then my penis went flaccid again, leading to more laughter.


This reader has a wife that loves to tease…

My wife is into SPH and likes to out me any way she can. She has often yanked my shorts or swimsuit down to get a laugh at my expense. She will do it verbally if she can’t pull it off physically. We were at a hotel for a short getaway. One evening we were working out in the exercise room. My wife went to one of the spin bikes, and I was on a weight machine working my arms and legs. A woman came in and settled beside my wife on the other spin bike. They started some idle chitchat as they spun, my wife acting like she didn’t know me. My wife nodded toward me and told the woman she didn’t mind working out while looking at a hunk.

The woman smiled and said she had noticed. My wife smirked and said I had nice muscles but didn’t look built between the legs. “No bulge at all,” she added.

I could hear them plainly, and they had to know I could. I couldn’t look at them. I was so embarrassed. I heard the woman give a small laugh and say, “Muscle guys usually have a small dick, all balls, and no shaft.”

I was humiliated but had to sit there and let my wife play it out. Later, she said she wanted to try that stunt again with me not wearing underwear.


Another reader is exposed by his partner…

My girlfriend has been getting more into SPH lately. She had three of her friends over, and they were all drinking, and then I heard a bunch of laughing (I was in the other room). I went in, and one of her friends looked at me and said, “She said you have an average penis when you’re hard, but it looks like an acorn when it’s soft!”

They all kept laughing. Then my girlfriend looked at me and said, “Why don’t you show them your little peanut?”

I was thinking, but before I knew it, she came up and pantsed me, exposing me to her friends. I hadn’t shaved in a bit, so my little guy looked even smaller, and they all howled in laughter.

“Look at the little acorn in the bush!” one said.

My girlfriend grabbed it with two fingers and said, “I can’t even use my full hand right here!”

They laughed even more.


Meanwhile, this reader had a pantsing backfire on him…

First, I’m very fit, have an almost average-sized four-inch penis, and have a beautiful girlfriend. Still, my life turned upside down in just a day, and I like to share with someone (to strangers, of course).

A bit of a backstory:

Everything has been good with my girlfriend. She’s happy, but once, one of her girlfriends made a small dick joke while we were all chatting in a bar. My girlfriend laughed, then felt uncomfortable, and being a bit drunk, told me that size doesn’t matter, thinking her friend wouldn’t hear her.

Well, she did, and it was very humiliating because her friend laughed so hard when she heard that. By the way, said friend is very attractive, plus she’s had a crush on me. I admit I’ve tried to make her my side chick, but nothing happened. It turned out she’s too loyal to my girlfriend (she said we have to be just friends while I’m in a relationship). And I was too happy with my girlfriend anyway, she is 10/10, and has many suitors.

So, my girlfriend, her friends, and I (including the girl mentioned above, my best friend, and even my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend from the same company) decided to have a three-night mountain trip at a hotel with SPA. My girlfriend’s ex is annoying because he has tried to get back with my girlfriend several times, including in front of me once (such a dick move). I made fun of him, telling him he was a clown, which my girlfriend didn’t like.

So we’re at the sports center, and after a game of football, I was about to go under the showers with the boys when my girlfriend stopped me, telling me not to go there. I asked her why, and she was hesitant, but she told me it would be weird and gross if I showered naked with her ex-boyfriend and the other boys.

I said, “That’s OK. I’ll shower in our room.”

Then, the same evening is when everything went south. At the SPA, the boys decided to pull a prank on me. There’s a hall with a pool where the whole group of our friends was, and just next to it, several small rooms (sauna, etc.) and one with a barrel full of ice. I went in with my best friend, one other guy, and my girlfriend’s ex, and then while the first two were holding me, my girlfriend’s ex poured ice in my pants. Then they pushed me out of the room, into the hall with the pool, and pulled my pants down in front of everyone.

The ice was stinging me very hard, but it was nothing compared to seeing the group laughing and pointing at my penis, which was so shrunk that it was barely visible. However, I was fully shaved down there. It all happened in two-three seconds, but it felt like an eternity. The only person that didn’t laugh was my girlfriend.

Then I made the biggest mistake. Without thinking, while my pants were still down around my ankles, I wanted revenge and pulled her ex-boyfriend’s pants down too. To my shock, his flaccid penis length was the same as mine when hard. It was huge. And since I was pulling his pants down, my face was one foot away, so I had the horror of seeing it in detail. It was veiny. It was thick.

He quickly pushed me and pulled his pants back up, I slipped and fell on the ground, and I saw that some of our friends were even taking photos with their phones while my girlfriend’s face was red from shame. My best friend helped me get up and told me to go to the room to get dressed. I thought my girlfriend would come after me, but she didn’t. My best friend told me my girlfriend didn’t want to speak with me.

The next morning my girlfriend still hadn’t returned to our room. I’m trying to call her, but she doesn’t answer. I even tried to call the other girl who had a crush on me, but she didn’t answer. I was ghosted for having a tiny dick.


While this reader learned that a small soft-size doesn’t make you a member of the small dick club…

About six months ago, I met a twenty-year-old guy on Grindr who was also mixed, and he told me to pick him up to suck his dick. When I met him, he was shorter and skinnier than me and had no visible bulge. I pulled down his pants to reveal a tiny soft dick smaller than mine. ‘Aww, that’s cute,’ I thought and started sucking, relishing that this young guy was smaller and that I wasn’t the only guy with black in me that wasn’t hung.

Slowly his dick expanded and looked hard, but it was still small. I was enjoying this. But then I noticed my mouth was feeling fuller. OK, did not expect that he was about my size now when I’m hard (Silver Member). Suddenly, though, as I bob my head, I begin to notice his cock his touching the back of my throat. I pull it out to breathe and notice it’s a bit bigger than mine now. Wow. Didn’t think a cock could grow that much. I get back to work, and so does his blood flow because his cock keeps growing.

At this point, I had to admit in shock that it wasn’t just a bit bigger than mine; it was quite a bit bigger. I couldn’t believe it. I struggled to get it in my mouth as it was getting thicker. But just when I thought it couldn’t grow anymore, I took a break from using my mouth and started to jerk it with my hand. Well, hands. I was double-fisting this guy’s cock, and it still stuck out far beyond. I was stunned. This little guy, probably half a foot shorter than me, scrawny, and half my age, was packing a cock twice my size. It was so humiliating. Outsized AGAIN. Meanwhile, he stared at his phone while I tried to pleasure that huge rod.

I was so jealous, but I also felt hypnotized. After probably forty-five minutes, I was exhausted and desperate for him to finally cum, which he finally did, my mouth filling with his warm, young seed. I eagerly licked off any that I missed. On the way home, he told me to drop him off somewhere and wait for him, and I obeyed. How could I not, knowing who the real man was in my car? Before leaving, he told me he would be down to fuck me some time too. I honestly don’t know if I could even take him with my tight hole, but I know I would if he told me to.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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  • Anonymous

    During my senior year of high school, I had gym class for the period just before lunch time. With my school’s layout the locker room for the boys was on one side of the gym, the girls’ was all the away across the gym in a separate corridor. So there wasn’t anything untoward between the girls and boys, however the boy’s locker room was on the same corridor where the science wing of the school was, and the teacher’s lounge was basically, next door, with just a supply closet and a utility room between the boy’s locker room and the teacher’s lounge. Well, all of the science teachers at my school were female. And one day, a fight broke out in the locker room. I didn’t start it, and I don’t remember who did, but it spread through the whole room and stuff got knocked around. I had just finished my shower and only had a towel on when I got roped into the fight. Someone shouted “Fight!” Really loudly, and I wasn’t paying too much attention to what was happening, but my towel had come off and was kicked across the room by the pile of guys going at it. I was trying to make my way through the group to get to where my towel was, but it looked like I was reaching in to be part of the fight I guess, and that’s when I heard the door open and the distinct clack of high heels on tile rushing over to the pile of guys. So I desperately was trying to push through for my towel. There were 4 female teachers that had rushed in, one of them was the gym coach Mrs. Ritter, but the other 3 were science teachers that had a free period, and had been in the lounge!
    While I had both of my arms outstretched trying to shove two guys out of the way so I could dive for my towel, I suddenly felt a pair of hands latch on to each of my shoulders and spin me around yanking me across the room and pushing me up against a set of lockers! It was my AP Chemistry Teacher! I had her 2nd period every day, and apparently she had a free period after that, when I would have gym class! She couldn’t have been older than 30, with a fit slender body, brown hair and blue eyes, with a cute face! As soon as I could see who it was I immediately tried to jerk my arms forward to cover my penis with my hands, but she was holding me by the arms firmly against my locker, thinking I had been part of the fight. “STOP!” “CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW!” Mrs. Harrington was looking right in my face and basically shouted at me. It was obvious she thought the jerking motion of me trying to cover up my exposed penis, was me trying to throw swings or get back into the fight, but I was really just desperate to cover up. I have a pretty small penis, and that’s at a good time. Our school’s showers were not warm, not freezing but basically tap water temperature, so they didn’t do any favors, and the locker room itself was generally cold. On top of that my adrenaline was pumping from the situation, I was horrified she would look down and see it, and I didn’t want to look down and check what it looked like, because she and I were making eye contact and I didn’t want to make her look too. I stammered out “My towel…”
    I think she realized then that I might be embarrassed but she didn’t look down from my face, she just barked at me “Where is it?!?!” While she scanned the locker bench that was behind her.
    Unfortunately I knew where my towel was, and it was on the other side of the dogpile that was currently being broken up by the other teachers, so there would be no way to get to it, and my locker was on that side too, with my clothes. “Its over there!” I motioned my head towards the fight when she turned around to look at me again, and that was the moment I think for a brief second I saw her glance down briefly, before looking over the fight where I had motioned.
    When she was looking towards the fight where my towel had been, I saw her face from the side, and I swear the side of her mouth looked like a smirk for a second. While she looked that direction, I took a quick glance down to see what was up…
    My penis looked like a baby’s at that moment. Soft as it could get, and shriveled to the max, right up close. Like I had been in Antarctica. I swear it looked like maybe an inch long at best, and less than half an inch wide, and poking straight out from how much adrenaline I had pumping. It nearly looked like it was erect, and just tiny.
    I didn’t mean to get enthralled with how tiny it looked, but suddenly I heard Mrs. Harrington’s voice again only this time it sounded like she was holding in laughter. “I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait a minute until they get cleared out.” And it sounded like she was trying not to giggle. Because as soon as she said “I’m sorry” my head jerked up from looking at my tiny penis and I realized, so did hers. And we made eye contact as she spoke the rest, and her eyes were huge and she had a giant grin on her face as she said the rest of her statement.
    As I felt self conscious, I tried to jerk my arms forward to cover my penis again. “NO SIR! Stay right here! The fight is over!” Mrs. Harrington bluntly barked at me when I tried to cover my penis again. She was basically holding my by my biceps and elbows against the locker, to the point that I couldn’t bend my arms to cover my penis. I don’t know if she was doing that on purpose, or if she was really just misinterpreting the situation. “Sandra, I’ve got Daniel!” She said to one of the other teachers. I realized she was talking to Sandra Payne… Mrs. Payne was my physics teacher in junior year, and she had been handing towels back out to cover boys up so they could go get changed and be escorted out to the principal by Coach Ritter. I couldn’t believe it, Mrs. Harrington wasn’t really going to hold me like that until Mrs. Payne walked up and saw my tiny penis too?!?! But that’s exactly what she did. I saw Mrs. Payne’s gaze as it dropped straight at my penis, and I saw as her face contorted into a grin and she had to purse her lips together as her eyes squinted from smiling, while staring directly at my penis. I looked straight down out of embarrassment, and I remember seeing Mrs. Harrington’s navy blue heels, on the locker room floor, her pinstripe pencil skirt, and my tiny penis poking straight toward them… When suddenly a hand reached straight into my line of vision, holding a towel. “Daniel!?” Mrs. Payne had to put the towel right up to right side of my abdomen with her left hand, and call my name to get my attention because I was looking away from her and was so embarrassed I zoned out for a second, but before I looked up, I realized that with the way Mrs. Payne was holding the towel, and where her hand was positioned, her pinky finger from her left hand was extended straight out, directly next to my penis. And I would have grabbed the towel immediately to move Mrs. Payne’s hand away, before they noticed… Her pinky finger, at that moment, was more than twice the length of my dick, and nearly as wide. But Mrs. Harrington was still holding my elbows!!! I looked up to ask her to let go, so I could grab the towel, and when I did, I saw both my CURRENT AP Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Harrington, AND my physics teacher from last year, Mrs. Payne, both looking right at my penis, and it was obvious they could tell Mrs. Payne’s pinky was longer than my dick, because I heard both of them kind of snort, and both of their eyebrows raised at nearly the same moment that I literally felt Mrs. Payne’s pinky nail dig into the top of my thigh, just to the right of my penis. “Mr. Rascoe? Take your towel!” Mrs. Payne addressed me again, with a high pitch in her voice like a squeal of delight, as she was literally holding it so her pinky finger could be positioned directly next to my penis. I hastily stammered out “Mrs. Harrington! Please!” As I jerked my arms again, and Mrs. Harrington snapped out of her daze and began to apologize as she loosened her arms so I could snatch the towel and cover myself up! “I’m sorry! I just didn’t want anything dangerous to happen!” It was a weird apology, but ok… I ended up getting suspended for being part of the fight too for 5 days. And I don’t know if Mrs. Payne did it to mess with me, but when I walked by her in the teacher’s lounge one day she was holding a ruler and explicitly held it up next to her pinky for a moment while she and I saw each other, and she glanced at it while smiling. Mrs. Harrington had a smile glued to her face anytime she saw me for the whole rest of the year…


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