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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader shows off to the girl next door…

I have an SPH kink, and my wife loves it too. I’m a Gold Member of the small dick club hard (yes, I have a micropenis), and when soft, it shrivels to less than an inch with a tiny head sticking out, with tiny balls. She likes to humiliate me and be more dominating. But usually, this is behind closed doors. Around others, we keep it as a typical Muslim married relationship where the husband is considered the man of the house.

However, she recently said she felt we needed to express the SPH kink more outwardly by flashing it to spice things up, and I also liked this idea.

She devised this idea to flash our neighbor’s daughter, about 19 or 20. She was a hijabi but one of those liberal Muslim girls on Instagram type. My wife invited her over for dinner, which was the perfect timing since her family had to visit her sick grandma, which she couldn’t do because of exams. The plan was to tell them the kitchen sink doesn’t work and to use the one in the washroom in our bedroom due to some plumbing issue.

Now the bathroom is on the immediate right as you enter the bedroom with a Cheval mirror (one of those full-length mirrors). So practically, if the room door is open and the bathroom door is half open, it’s more than enough to see a person nude if they are standing in front of the mirror, right from the room entrance. I planned to pretend I was shaving in front of the mirror while she got a glimpse of my tiny shriveled microdick and got her reaction.

She came over that night for dinner, and my wife let her in, and they spoke for about fifteen minutes before my wife directed her to wash her hands in the room. I quickly readied my position and began shaving, and the thought of her seeing my lack of manhood and my tiny baby dick and balls made my dick shrink. I sensed a silhouette at the entrance and proceeded to pretend to shave. My wife pretended to set the food but said she’d look at her from afar to see her reaction.

I occasionally peered at her slowly, trying not to make eye contact. At first, she had a nervous face, but I got glimpses of her looking at my tiny dick, and she had broken into a smile. She stood there smiling from the corner of her mouth, looking at my microdick and tiny balls. This turned me on. I then pretend to rub my tiny balls while combing my hair with my left hand, stretching my micro dick with two fingers. I saw her trying to cover a smile/laugh with her hand.

My dick was stretched, basically, still semi-erect. I then proceeded to go next to the sink, open the tap, and take my wife’s eight-inch strap-on and wash it. I got a glimpse of her eyes widening in shock. The idea of her knowing I have a tiny babydick and not a real man just pretending to act masculine in the community and having to use a strap-on to satisfy my wife turned me on due to the humiliation.

I wrapped my towel, put on my T-shirt, and walked out. Then, she acknowledged her presence by greeting say Salam (Muslim greeting). She had a funny smile when replying, and I told her I didn’t realize she was there and that I was sorry for the delay. She could wash her hands.

The rest of the dinner went as usual. Still, when my wife occasionally commanded me to wash or pick something, I immediately did it. The thought of her knowing I’m not a real man, just trying to appear masculine in the community or in front of her, is an act. I’m built like a tiny mouse and need a strap-on to please my wife and feel like a man turned me on. My wife got turned on by her knowing I have a babydick, and her commands turned her on.

We had our usual dinner and then spoke for a bit, and then she thanked us and left. That night my wife gave me some good SPH while I Jerked off, and she pegged me.


Another reader finds himself the butt of the joke…

I’ve recently noticed an uptake in my friends joking about small dicks, specifically toward me. Maybe now that I’m more into it, I’m noticing it more. But I thought I’d list some examples and see if anyone else gets the same.

For Christmas this year, our friend group got each other gifts. Now one of my friends got me and the other coffee mugs. The weird thing is, though, his one was something cool like: ‘big bosses mug,’ and mine was engraved with: ‘size does matter.’ It was a joke as the coffee mug was big, but the double meaning felt personal.

One of my female friends of a long time was recently visiting, and we got quite drunk and were heading back to mine (a couple of people staying around wasn’t weird). On the way back, she kept trying to compare hand sizes. Hers were bigger (I have quite small hands), and she kept laughing and smirking. Then after comparing them a couple more times, she finally said it.

“You know what they say about small hands?”

The sentence didn’t need finishing, and I brushed it off. On the same trip, a couple of friends also discussed inches versus centimeters. I just happened to know what the conversion was, and the female friend said with a smirk I wonder why you know exactly how big an inch is.

Just been having a lot more coincidences lately. Maybe now I’m more into it, giving off ‘small dick energy.’ I’m not sure, but I do find it hot.


Meanwhile, this reader gets some attention from a GILF…

My wife likes to expose my small penis whenever the chance arises. She invited her eighty-year-old father and his eighty-something girlfriend over for a barbeque. It was a hot summer afternoon, and I was dipping in and out of the pool with our children. I talked to my wife’s father in my dripping wet swimsuit, and he laughed and said, “One tug and it’ll be down.”

Probably referring to my too-small swim trunks and my budding beer belly. Of course, this gave my wife a wicked idea as a while later, while I was standing beside the patio table conversing with people, she yanked my swim trunks down. My junk was basically in my father-in-law’s girlfriend’s face. She laughed, and her face blushed red. She appeared quite excited and giddy. She happens to go to the same church as my mother, and they know each other quite well.

A few weeks later, my mother laughingly told me I had a penis and scrotum that looked like a small chicken drumstick, all plucked and ready for the oven. I have noticed that since the BBQ, my father in laws girlfriend is quite friendly with me when we meet, touchy and feely, and constantly places her hand on my shoulder or thigh when we talk. I’ve helped her with her house several times over the past few years by filling her water softener salt tank, snow shoveling, and storm windows.

In the autumn, after the BBQ, I was helping her flip her bed mattress, and I noticed she was not wearing a bra. Her large breasts were saggy but very noticeable. A week later, I was on a ladder cleaning the leaves from her eave troughs, and I saw her walk naked from the bathroom through the window. For an old girl, she wasn’t bad looking if you don’t mind cellulite and a belly hang, you’d have to lift to see her pussy, but her tits are amazing.

She could still make money with those. She walked back from her bedroom to the bathroom and was looking I’m the mirror styling her hair. She had to have known I was there. I was tempted to get off the ladder and go up there and see if she’d drip a bunch of her Dippity Doo hair goo on my dick and handjob me.


While this reader has an awesome wife…

After weeks of not having sex, the wife finally decided it was time for a release. She was not interested in sex, however. While we were in bed about to sleep, her fingers slowly crept toward my dick.

“Awww, it’s so small,” she said as she was toying with it.

I did not mind her because I knew she could be such a tease. So I just said, “Yes.”

“You know everyone knows you have a tiny pee-pee. My sister and all my friends,” she said as she stroked my dick with only two fingers.

Now she has my full attention.

“Yeah, all of them laughed when they found out,” I mumbled.

My dick was now fully hard. I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

“Is this it? This tiny boner?” she asked rhetorically. “It’s sad. My sister was only trying to make fun of you when she said men who bulk up at the gym usually have small dicklettes.”

“She’s right,” I remarked.

I find it hot that she thinks it makes me horny knowing her closest confidants know about my small secret.

“One of my friends showed a photo of her man’s cock. It was so huge! I was quite jealous. I bet that’s why she’s so happy these days,” my wife wistfully says. “I used to jerk off guys bigger than that way back in college,” as she pretended to stroke my dick as if it was nine inches long.

When we first got together, I remembered she stroked my dick by grabbing it whole. Nowadays, she figured I cum quicker whenever she uses only her fingers.

“Then I showed her a photo of your tiny dick, and she was appalled. She screamed, ‘Oh my God, it’s so tiny.’ But don’t worry, dear. These days my happiness is different. These days I’m happy making fun and exposing your small dick.”

She stroked and squeezed my dick quicker and harder. I came so hard, but it did not look a lot since she only cupped her palm over the tip of my dick, which could cover it all up.


This reader had a night he can’t remember…

Something that both haunts me and turns me on is that a few years back, I ended up blackout drunk with no pants on with at least fifty people standing around a bonfire. About ten were good friends, and the rest were people I barely knew. Not even sure who was there at that point.

I was only told bits and pieces of what happened. No one mentioned my size while informing me what happened the next day (though one friend said something later about knowing his dick was bigger than mine), but Im 100% sure that everyone noticed my babydick. Apparently, I was a complete mess, and my friends were trying to pick me up, and somehow the jeans with no belt I had on slid down and ended up completely off.

I sometimes wonder if maybe mob mentality set in once they caught a peek of what I was packing, so they just pulled them off to please the crowd because it seems like they would’ve just pulled them back up, but Imagine the laughter of a bunch of drunk twenty-somethings seeing this guy with a little button dick.

What haunts me is not knowing who was there or how much people talked about it, whom all in my town knows me as the tiny dick guy from the bonfire. I have surely met people in the gas station that saw me lose all my dignity that night, and I don’t even know.


Another reader got waxed…

I’m a bronze member of the small dick club hard, and when it’s flaccid, it’s barely two inches (smaller sometimes due to shrinkage). I got curious and wanted to try intimacy waxing for the first time. When I got there, I was very nervous, and after I pulled down my pants, I got semi-hard. It was like a micropenis pointing upward.

The waxing lady told me, “Don’t worry. Such a little thing won’t stop me from working.”

I was very embarrassed, but after she started, she had to touch my penis multiple times, and every time the waxing lady touched it, my whole body twitched.

She laughed, said, “I’m sorry,” and continued. When it was over, she said, “OK, today we finished very fast because it takes more time with bigger penises.”


Meanwhile, this reader gets a massage…

So lately I’ve been stressed at work. Mentioned to someone that I could use a massage. An older woman recommended a small spa right down the street. Said she goes there occasionally, and it’s a very nice experience and reasonably priced. I had an afternoon free, so I decided to try. Check out their website; they had a link to book an appointment. All it did was pop up one of those form email boxes where you send a request. So I asked for a ninety-minute massage the following day at 1:30 pm. Got an email back within a few minutes asking if one would be OK. I confirmed and was all set.

When I got there, I got a weird vibe and wondered if this sixty-something woman had sent me to my first rub and tug. I went to check in, and the woman at the front said something about my email and led me down a hallway to a room. At every other massage I’ve had, they would send me to a locker room. Encourage a shower or take the time for steam to relax. They brought me to the room, and she told me to lie face down under the sheet.

The massage was OK. Seemed like she was quite unsure about herself. Also spent way more time on my ass than any other massage I’ve had. Also thought it was weird that, at one point, she had a knee up on the table next to me and was putting her whole body weight into my back through her forearm. But it was enjoyable, so I let it go.

After the massage, she grabbed a water bottle from the counter and handed it to me. While she asked how everything was, I realized I was pretty well covered in oil and asked if there was a shower I could rinse off. She went into a cabinet, took out a towel, and moved to the doorway (there was a second door to the room in addition to the one I came in, so she wasn’t leading me back to the entrance hallway).

I don’t know if it was on purpose or if she was acting without thinking, but with most massage therapists, I’ve had to err on modesty. She held the towel out but was far enough away that I had to get up from under the sheet. I’m not shy, so I got up and walked over. She had a very brief but clear look of shock when she saw my Gold Member soft penis in all its glory. Remember that I was face down for most of the ninety-minute massage, so my little dick had been smushed into the table and was probably smaller than normal.

I put the towel on, and she led me to another room with an open shower. No stall, just a little bench and a detachable handheld showerhead. She turned the water on and told me to hang the towel on the door. I complied, and when I looked down, I realized I was fully hard, poking straight out with a little drop of pre-cum leaking off.

She handed me the shower head, and I started rinsing myself. She went to leave but stopped in the doorway, turned around, and asked if the water was too cold.

I’m immediately assuming that was a comment on my size, but in hindsight, I think she was genuinely asking. I said it was a little cold, and she returned to adjust the temperature. The knob was toward ground level, so she had to squat down a little, which put her more or less at eye level with my baby-sized hard-on.

She turned around and saw it, then let out the tiniest giggle and said in broken English, “Little guy so hard,” and just gave me a little pinch.

Then got up and left the room. The whole thing had me ready to explode. I showered and returned to my massage room. The door to the main hallway was ajar, just enough that I could see across the hall. My masseuse was talking to the woman who worked the front desk. They were probably discussing the weather or what their weekend plans were. Still, in my head, she was telling her coworker how small my dick was, and between that and the whole shower thing, I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk out without taking care of myself. I saw tissues on the counter next to the massage table, so I gave myself a few quick tugs, and that was all it took.

I paid on the way out, and the masseuse told me her name and asked for her again next time.


This reader discovered that the small dick gene skipped his younger brother…

So I’m nineteen, and I moved out to go college last year since I just came home for the summer and my sister moved into my old room, meaning I had to share with my younger brother, who is fifteen. He’s pretty small and skinny, but that’s natural for a boy his age. However, he’s recently been going out to a few parties that have been going on pretty late.

He comes back one night completely drunk and just walked into the room butt naked I look down and notice his junk. It’s massive and catches me completely off guard, as I just assumed the small dick gene ran in my family. For perspective, fully hard, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and my younger brother’s soft penis was bigger than mine hard. I only glanced, but it seemed six or seven inches soft. I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s so embarrassing.


Another reader got invited to a party…

Back when I was nineteen, I was in college. I wasn’t even popular, but this didn’t bother me. Still, my micropenis was a well-known fact around the school. I’m a Gold Member of the small dick club, but none of the girls have seen it, only the boys in the changing rooms. But one day, these hot girls invited my friend Olivia and me to a party, and because I had few friends, I agreed. Still, when we got to the party, it was only the cheerleaders of the college football team. At this point, I was confused, but after a few hours and drinks, one of the girls suggested a game—Strip Jack Poker.

I was very good at card games then, so I thought I would be fully clothed the whole time or only have to take a few things off. All the girls had cheated, and what would you know, I was down to my boxers. In contrast, the girls still had maybe five or six bits of clothing on. Then I had a few good rounds where I got a few girls down to their underwear, and one girl took her bra off, giving me a boner.

I thought I was going to make a comeback. Unfortunately, I lost, my boxers came off, and I tried to cup my tiny boner. Still, the girls said that it was cheating and that if I tried to cover up again. They were throwing my clothes out of the window. So slowly, I revealed my micro boner and the dorm erupted in sound. Phones came out, and the girls were taking pictures. I tried to cover myself for the photos, but my clothes had disappeared. So after forty-five seconds of teasing, flicking, and seeing a sexy woman, my penis erupted.

I jizzed on one of the girls. After a minute, when I got soft, it became a flaccid inny, and everyone was laughing, including Olivia. Then others from the school entered, and I had to show them my micropenis. It was the sexiest but most embarrassing day of my life.

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