Our Readers SPH Experiences 227

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets some room service…

My girlfriend and I went on vacation and stayed at this nice hotel. She went out to get some drinks for us and left her room key, so she said she’d knock when she got back. We planned to have a sexy night drinking and messing around, so I figured I’d surprise her by being naked when I opened the door. I heard the door knock, so I got up, walked naked over to the door, and opened it. Someone from room service came by because my girlfriend had ordered some wine for us.

So I was standing with my tiny peanut on display for this poor woman, and to make matters worse, a group of three young women in bikinis passed by right at that moment and started cracking up. I quickly covered up and told the room service lady to come in. So she came in with a smile, placed the bottle down, and asked, “Getting ready for a little fun tonight, are you?”

I said, “Sorry. I was expecting my girlfriend at the door.”

To which the room service lady said, “You may want to prepare your ‘little’ friend a bit before she comes in then,” and she laughed as she left.


Another reader gets pantsed in front of his crush…

In school, when I was eighteen, we had a two-week holiday away from our parents, where we got to live with a random family, which went on for years before I even went to school. But one day, when we were at our house, we decided to go to the girls’ house to hang out with them, so we walked down. I told my friend, Sam, that I liked this girl called Grace. She was this beautiful girl with big boobs, a big ass, and beautiful long brunette hair.

When we got down to the house, I was talking to Grace’s friend Mary, and after about five minutes, she had to go inside to get her phone. While I was talking to Mary, Sam and the rest of my house planned to humiliate me. So what they did was they got everybody to sit down and watch the front. I was confused because I didn’t know what was going on. Then, all of a sudden, Mary came back to record, which I was again confused about.

I was about to ask what was happening when my other friends, Conor and Joseph, grabbed my arms. Sam pulled my shorts and boxers down, exposing my two-inch-shaven dick to Grace and all the other hot girls. He wouldn’t let me go until everyone got a picture. But the worst hasn’t happened yet.

They splashed me with cold water and shrunk it to under an inch, leading to even more humiliation. Finally, when they let me go, I pulled everything back up and went to talk to Grace. She told me she doesn’t talk to ‘little boys’ with ‘baby dicks.’ and walked away laughing.


Meanwhile, this reader dared his cousin to pants him…

In the summer, we visited my aunt and uncle. They had a daughter named Anjali, with whom I was good friends. She is really pretty and has a wild side to her. Even today, she loves to tease me and get a reaction out of me. I used to wear my pants a little below my waist because they were fashionable then. But my mom wasn’t a big fan of it and often scolded me to pull up my pants. She often told my father that I wanted to be naked.

This happened in the garden of my aunt’s house. Anjali was sitting in the garden when I arrived there in a pair of shorts. My shorts were, as always, a little too below my waist. Upon seeing me, Anjali gestured at my shorts and said, “Either pull these up or take them off. Or bring them to me, and I’ll take them off for you.”

Without thinking, I told her, “You wouldn’t dare.”

When I looked at Anjali more closely, I realized that she was wearing a sexy pair of leggings, her cleavage was visible, and her pretty feet were laid out in front of her. Seeing her, my dick started to get hard.

But she replied, “You didn’t just dare me, did you? Do you think I won’t pull down your trunks? Bring your pretty little ass over here!”

I seriously didn’t think she’d pull my trunks down. I didn’t want her to think she could still bully me, so I walked over and stood before her. As I got close, she leaned forward from the chair and pulled me right up to her. I was constantly getting harder, standing between her thighs, looking down at her cleavage. My dick was getting even harder now. But, honestly, I thought she’d laugh and push me away.

As Anjali pulled me close, she looked up and said, “Do you dare me? Because I’ll do it. Dare me one more time.”

I looked at her and said, “I dare you.”

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, Anjali grabbed both sides of my waistband and pulled my shorts down with one swift motion. My nightmare was coming true. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed as I looked down and saw that my entire package was now fully exposed to these women. My dick stood straight up as she pulled the trunks down to my calves.

Anjali laughed a lot initially but then leaned back into her chair and smiled with a wickedly sexy smile on her face. It was even more humiliating than I ever imagined. I stood there momentarily, not knowing what to do. Each second seemed like an eternity. I knew I should cover myself, but I was paralyzed. I couldn’t even look the woman in the eye anymore. I just stood there momentarily, looking down at my hard dick.

Anjali said, pointing at my dick, “What is this?” Then she started laughing.

I couldn’t say anything in response and remained silent.

Anjali further asked, “Say something now. You’re fond of getting naked, huh?”

Instead of answering her, I leaned over to pull my shorts back up. I didn’t want to appear too embarrassed to the women and hoped I could play this off without making it seem like a big deal.

Just as I started to pull my shorts up, Anjali stopped me and said, “Oh, hell, no. You wanted me to see you naked. I want to see that cute little ass.”

She then took me by the hips and turned me around. She was treating me like I was a kid. I felt a little relief as my dick wasn’t still on full display, but it was embarrassing just standing there with my ass exposed to both. Thank goodness there was no longer any eye contact going on.

There had been no touching, but Anjali was now grabbing my ass with both hands. Anjali said, “You have a really big ass. Shall I tap it?”

She then proceeded to spank my ass a couple of times. Later she let go of my ass and sat there quietly. She held me by my hips and turned me around again. That’s when I discovered she had her phone in her hand. She was probably taking photos of me when she went quiet. I got scared. Knowing her, I knew she could expose me through those pictures. But before I could respond, she also clicked a picture of my small penis.

I tried to snatch the phone away, but she pulled her hand away. I pleaded with her to delete the pictures and let go of this, but she said, “No way.”

I realized trying to convince at this point was pointless and admitted my defeat. Anjali kept her phone aside, reached behind me, and pulled up my shorts. But she left my dick out.

Anjali said, “Now, tuck in your baby dick and run along, little boy.”

Utterly stunned and humiliated, I ran into the shower, where I masturbated furiously and came in moments. I leaned against the shower wall and wondered what Anjali would tell my family. What if my parents saw those pictures? How would they react?


While this reader drops the towel…

I was recently invited to a mixed golf day that required a change of clothing for the evening meal. The golf was fine, the weather quite warm, but cooling into the evening. With golf finished, I dropped off my gear, picked up my bag, and headed to the visitors changing room with that foreboding dread.

Sure enough, the dressing room was fairly busy, as I was one of the last teams to tee off. There was already a mixture of those almost changed, partially dressed, toweling down, and exiting the shower. I headed to the corner and quickly grabbed a towel. The chat was nonstop banter and stories of the day’s golf. I undressed slowly, waiting for the group to start to filter off, but there were still quite a few there, and I have to say some impressive packages were being toweled down.

I checked, and there were no cubicles, and I was down to the boxer shorts. I could already feel myself shrinking, and a few noted my delay in heading to the showers, especially as there were now just a few minutes before we were due to eat. I turned to face the wall, dropped the boxers, wrapped my towel around me as I was pathetically small, and held the towel in place. I knew that a hot shower would improve things.

Just twenty steps to the shower room, and then, inexplicably, my name was shouted, asking if I wanted shower gel, and a plastic shower gel bottle was thrown towards me. My instincts took over, and my hands released my towel and caught the bottle. The silence echoed for what seemed like minutes but truly lasted seconds before a multitude and mixture of cheers, sniggers, and general comments filled my ears. A flushed red, picked up my towel, and made my way to the showers.

I stayed for a while, making sure as much hot water was applied to my body, stretching and pulling my manhood to as best it could look. It had thinned out in the changing room with a few stragglers left. I dreaded heading toward the bar and dinner now, as I was sure the ‘inside knowledge’ of my small dick might not only be talked about but shared with some of the lady golfers.


This reader describes his first online date…

So I’m going back twenty years to my first online date. I can’t recall the platform, but I remember we chatted online and exchanged phone numbers and a quick picture to give each other an idea of what we were both working with. I remember thinking about how I lucked out. She was fit, attractive, and seemed really into me. So we planned to meet for dinner and a movie. She decided it was best to meet in the main square of a nearby mall for safety’s sake.

I noticed her sitting at a table, and I walked up with a smile. She gave a sly smile and walked toward me, hugging me. The first words she said to me were, “Wow, you have big hands, big feet. I’ll bet your cock is HUGE!”

I was completely caught off guard. I had no idea how to answer as I hadn’t had but one girlfriend prior, and I was a virgin. I thought I was average or on the smaller side. So I answered, “Um, well, I’ve never had any complaints,” while giving off a subtle laugh to hide my nervous feelings of inadequacy.

The date went well, and we continued to see each other. On about the third date, she wanted to see what I was working with and, at the end of the night, brought me inside her place and grabbed a handful downstairs. She said, “Hmm, feels like someone’s excited.”

And proceeded to kneel while disrobing and unzipping my zipper. She pulled me out while I was rock hard and throbbing and began to tease me with her lips and tongue. The only thing she said was, “You better not cum in my fucking mouth!”

I warned her when I was getting close, and she backed up and continued to jerk me off to orgasm. I thought I was clear as she was outspoken and didn’t hide her feelings thus far.

She wanted to go to the bookstore on the next date and came across this polished stone rune. It had the words ‘growth’ imprinted upon it. She said, “Hey, why don’t you put this in your pocket and see if it works? You could use it!”

Completely shocked and embarrassed, I could only utter, “Ugh, wait, what?”

She laughed out loud and said, “Oh, I’m just teasing you!”

I was embarrassed and red then, but it acted like a slow smoldering burn. At the time, I was shy and embarrassed, but the more time passed, the more it turned me on. That was when I grew a kink for playful SPH and size queens.


Another reader serves drinks at his wife’s gathering…

I have a wife who loves my small penis and loves to embarrass me. It’s less than an inch soft. Hard—I’m a bronze member. The other week she hosted a large group of girlfriends over for drinks. When they were all over, and I was in my office, I heard her call me to the room, and she asked me if I could serve them all drinks. I said of course, and then she said, “Naked.”

All the girls giggled, and I asked if she was serious. She and several others said, “Yeah. Come on. We need entertainment.”

Never one to back down from a dare or request, I took my shirt off and slid my shorts off, much to the amusement of all the girls, most covering their mouths and giggling. I went to the kitchen and made a large group of drinks. My dick had shrunk, barely showing my head, so the embarrassment was pretty bad. I made a few trips back and forth from the kitchen, and my wife told me to stand in the corner and wait for the next round. I did, and my dick leaked like crazy seeing all the girls looking at it. They were giggling at me and doing the small dick sign. I did one more round of drinks a bit later, then retreated to my office, glowing from the experience.


Meanwhile, this reader got measured by the doctor…

I have been self-conscious about my size for as long as I can remember. I am now nineteen and decided to ask my pediatrician about my size. To give you some background, I am still a virgin, but I have received some oral sex before, but the girls never really mentioned my size (at least as much as I can remember). My dick has not grown since I was thirteen, and I’m two inches soft and a bronze member hard).

My mom took me and my brother (age sixteen) to the doctor’s office for our annual checkup. We got our height, weight, vision, and everything checked out together. Then our pediatrician took us in one at a time to talk and look at more private stuff. My brother went in first and came out about twenty minutes later. Then it was my turn.

I took a deep breath before entering, knowing the questions I wanted to ask her. We started with the basic stuff, and then she asked me if I had anything I wanted to discuss. I immediately said I wanted to talk about my penis size. As I said this, a smile slowly crept across her face. She is a fairly attractive middle-aged Asian woman, so to see this was already embarrassing. She remained professional, though, and asked me what was the issue.

I said that I wanted to know if I was small.

She said, “OK, that’s a perfectly normal thing to be worried about,” and asked me to strip down so she could see.

I could feel myself getting a little bit hard as I started to strip, and by the time I was done, I was at about a three-inch semi. She noticed I was half erect but said nothing about it. She said it appeared undersized for my age but nothing unusual.

I then asked her to measure it because I told her I was unsure how to measure it properly. This was a lie. I just wanted to see if there was any more potential humiliation left. She went and got a measuring tape and measured me. By this time, I was fully erect, to which she asked me if I was, and I confirmed. The doctor measured me and said again it was a bit below average but still considered normal.

I then followed this up by asking why I was so small.

She said the main factor is genetics, but other health-related things also play a role.

Just trying to squeeze everything out of this, I asked her, “Doesn’t that mean my brother has a similar size to me?”

After hearing this question, she smiled so broadly and couldn’t hide it anymore. She responded by saying, “Not necessarily. I’m pretty sure you just got very unlucky.”

This was so humiliating to hear, as she had just checked up on my brother, including looking at his penis, and just basically told me that his cock was much bigger than mine. I had never seen my brother’s dick before this, so I had no idea about his size.

I was still rock hard as I returned to the waiting room where my brother and mom were. We drove home, and I sat quietly the whole time, replaying the humiliation from the doctor repeatedly in my mind, preparing to jerk off to it as soon as we got home.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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