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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets his heart broken…

I did not have any girlfriends in high school, but I met an amazing girl called Mia, who was way out of my league in my freshman year of college. Her body, from top to bottom, was a legitimate 10/10. To this day, I have no idea how it happened. Our sex life was great (or so I thought). We were both down for anything. I’m a silver member of the small dick club, but I never thought about it.

After a while, I took a part-time job after classes and worked maybe 3-4 nights a week. Mia would never text me at work. This went on for weeks. One night, I met up with my best friend after work and asked her if she had spoken to my girlfriend. She said she had and was convinced Mia was cheating on me with a mutual friend. She specifically said girls are known to hook up with him because word got around that he had a horse cock.

I went home with this information, and while she was in the bathroom a few minutes after sex, I peeked at her phone and saw Mia had sent him a text saying she couldn’t believe how much bigger he was than me. I was devastated, but she was so goddamn attractive for a dude like me that I kept it up.

I met my friend a few days later and told her what I had found. We had been drinking a lot, and she said, “Well, I’ve seen his. Let me see yours.”

I pulled down my pants, and she quickly laughed at all my small dick before realizing it was her best friend’s cock she was looking at and not some random dude. To my surprise, she grabbed me, threw me on the bed, put her ass in my face, and gave me the best blowjob I’ve ever had.

The next morning, she admitted I was the smallest guy she’d ever been with.

I was with Mia a few weeks later and had reached my breaking point. I asked why she had not responded to texts while I was at work. She broke down and said she’d been fucking that horse cock guy.

“Why?” I asked.

Mia said, “Because I was faking it with you, and he makes me cum.”

Alcohol is involved again. We’re in a hotel out of town, so we can’t just leave. Mia takes out her vibrator, tells me to watch, squirts everywhere, and says, That’s what his big cock does to me. I can barely even feel your small dick.”

We slept on opposite ends of the bed that night, woke up the next day, and broke up.


Another reader shows his gym buddies what he’s packing…

I wear a Glan ring which has some weight to it, and it does prevent my lil guy from turtling. I wear it almost all the time, even at the gym. I notice a lot of guys looking, and some have even asked about it. Well, there was one short skinny guy who had a girthy six-inch flaccid cock and big swinging balls. He had always watched me when I went into the steam room or showers but had never really had much of an expression of anything but intrigue and a look of approval after he looked at my flaccid dick with the ring on.

The other day, I decided not to wear the ring and had my normal small flaccid dick on display. As I passed that same guy on my way to the steam room, he looked down at my little soft dick and then right into my eyes and gave me a smirk and slight chuckle. He and a few others there now know my little secret. What they don’t know is I enjoyed it.


Meanwhile, this reader was also dumped…

So this is about this girlfriend I had in college. To sum it up, I was crazy about her, but she told me I was too small to fuck and that her ex was a ‘fucker for real.’ I became obsessed with this. I had to know how much bigger this guy was than me. I brought it up several times, and she just laughed it off and told me he was big.

Then one day, we were hanging out and smoking some weed. I had gotten a one-liter plastic bottle of Mountain Dew, and we shared it. At one point, she started laughing while holding the bottle and gave me a sly side-eye glance.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“Nothing,” she giggled but kept giving me this glance.

“You’re up to something. What is it?”

“Do you want to know how big my Ex was?” she asked.

“Yeah, you know I do,” I said.

“Well, he was like this,” she said, waving the bottle around. (I later measured the bottle, which was ten inches long.)

It was crazy seeing the bottle in her hand and thinking she had been with a guy whose cock was the same size. It just seemed so big. Hearing the number is one thing, but seeing an object that size made it seem so much bigger. She added that he was as girthy as a soda can, and of course, the whole time she talked about him, her face was lit up, and she had the widest smile. I don’t think I said anything back. I was just stunned that a cock could be that big.

She asked, “Do you want to see how you compare to him?”

I got instantly hard at the idea and took off my pants. My girlfriend held the bottle next to me and started laughing. It easily dwarfed me. And for the first time, it hit home how small I was.

She tapped the bottle and said, “This is a real man.” Then she tapped my silver member dick and said, “This is not.” She tapped the bottle again and said, “I can bounce on this and cum like mad.” Then she tapped my small dick and said, “I can barely feel this tiny thing, and it has never made me cum.”

She then blew me until I was about to cum before she stopped and pulled my pants back on. She then whispered in my ear, “Fucking my ex was amazing. I would ride him like crazy, and I could feel his big cock all through my body while he fucked me.”

I exploded all over my pants, and she laughed at me. We broke up not long after.


While this reader and his girl see how small he can get…

The other day I came right out of the shower and went back nude to the bedroom to get dressed. My girlfriend was still lying in the bed and looked at my nude body. Her stare stopped right at my dick.

Curiously she asked me, “I know it’s always small, but how small does it get?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused by the random question.

“What is the smallest your dick can shrink to.”

I shrugged. “When it’s cold, it gets pretty small, I guess.”

“Alright,” she said. “Then go back and take a really cold shower.” I hesitated, so she said, “Please, I want to know. I’m curious.”

Thus I went back and took a cold shower. After that, my dick shrunk from two inches soft to an inch and a quarter, sitting pathetically on my balls like a turtle. Then my girlfriend came up with an idea to get an even smaller result. She returned to the kitchen with a glass of ice cubes.

“Hold ice against your dick and balls until it gets too cold to endure,” she ordered.

I did. I managed to do it for quite some time. As it got too cold, I removed the melting ice and saw that my dick and balls had shrunk to the smallest I’d ever seen. My dick was easily under an inch, and my balls looked like little boy testes.

My girlfriend couldn’t hold her laughter and said, “Oh God, where has it gone? Now lay down. I want to measure it!”

My shriveled dick was now three-quarters of an inch, and my pubes made it look smaller. She grabbed her phone and quickly took a picture of my minimalized manhood.

“Sorry,” she said. “But I have to have a picture of it. I want to remember how ridiculously small it can get. After your cold shower, I thought it couldn’t get any worse. But you proved me wrong! No one would ever believe me if I only told them. I need visual proof.”

Now and then, when I’m teasing her or making fun of her in front of some friends, she takes her phone and sends me the picture she took to remind me that she can always take revenge and reveal my small secret.


This reader went from friendzone to lover and then straight back to friendzone…

I wanted to share some stories about what it has been like to be a member of the small dick club and have no one to talk to about it. I met this female friend of mine in college about fifteen years ago. I never had experiences with girls in high school. She, on the other hand, was very experienced with guys. Short, huge tits, a little thick, but nothing wild.

We never dated because we were close, but I always felt a sexual tension. I wanted to rip her clothes off but was afraid of what would happen if she saw how small I was, especially since she was one of those girls that would always brag about the size of whatever guy she was dating.

Fast forward a few years, her boyfriend cheats on her, and she now needs a date for a weekend festival out of town that she had already bought tickets to. I said yes. We get to the hotel, and immediately she tells the concierge that she needs to upgrade the room to two beds, looks at me, laughs, and says, “Sorry.”

I laughed it off, and we went on about our day. The weekend was amazing. We reconnected, laughed a ton, and drank a ton.

On the last day, I got out of the shower. I got dressed in the bathroom and came out quicker than she anticipated. When I got out, there she was, white unicorn panties on, where I could see she keeps things natural down there, and she was topless but quickly putting her bra on. It didn’t matter. I had seen what I had been trying to see for years; it was everything I had imagined. She was mad at me for coming out too quickly, but then quickly realized it was dumb of her to get upset over something so silly.

We went about our day. We had fun. We get back to the hotel late and start drinking. I took another very quick shower since we were both sweaty from walking all day. She says she’s going to the vending machine. I get out of the shower, but this time just come out in my briefs, thinking she wouldn’t be back yet. She was staring at my lack of a bulge when I came out. I am mortified.

I put on my gym shorts and t-shirt, and we continue drinking and watching TV in separate beds. We had a playful moment where she started a pillow fight, innocent enough. Then she took the pillow, threw it aside, and started straddling me. We had this instance where we looked into each other’s eyes and thought, ‘Are we gonna do this?’ And she went for it. Keep in mind we’ve been friends for fifteen years.

It was hot. Very hot. I’m in only my briefs now, and she is only in her panties. We’re biting, scratching, moving from bed to bed, and I’m delaying taking my briefs off. Finally, both of us are fully naked after getting wild as fuck for what felt like forever. She’s completely wet. She doesn’t see my small dick before I enter her. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, and there’s nothing. She’s not making any moaning noises, I have no sense of her having any pleasure, and she almost has an annoyed look. I maybe last two minutes before I pull out and tell her I will cum.

She looks at me, completely annoyed, and says, “Really?” And told me to cum on her chest, which I did.

I cleaned her up, went to the bathroom, and fucking cried for maybe five minutes. I wanted to die. Thankfully, we did sleep in the same bed and laughed it off the next morning, but we never did anything after that. She did tell me further down the line that I was the smallest she’d had sex with. We still text each other every single day.


Another female reader likes to tease a tiny dick lover…

This happened with a regular partner who loved being teased about his tiny penis. He was a gold member of the small dick club and very thin. It was a real micropenis. We only had ‘sex’ once because it did nothing for me.

We had played before, but he had never entered me. After an extensive warm-up and some truly phenomenal oral for me, I told him that he could fuck me. He was thrilled, obviously, and I handed him a condom. It was impossible to keep from smiling as I watched him struggle with the Magnum XXL I’d given him.

“Oh, does it not fit? Are you too small for the condom?” I asked him.

I made him admit it before handing him a smaller one. I positioned myself so he would enter me from behind and told him to fuck me. I wouldn’t have realized he had if he hadn’t groaned when he entered me.

“Are you having problems with the condom again? Come on, fuck me.”

I wish I could have seen the embarrassed look on his face when he admitted that he was as already inside me. “I can’t feel anything. But hump away all you want.”

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed my phone. I opened a well know social media site, and my favorite cocks I might enjoy. While he continued to hump, I put the phone down so he could see exactly what I was looking at. I liked and commented on some photos. Occasionally I’d turn and show him a particularly large one and tell him how I wished he was big enough to fill me up. When he ejaculated, I didn’t move, just kept scrolling. It wasn’t until he rolled over, exhausted, that I acknowledged he’d stopped.

“Was that fun for you? Because it wasn’t for me. I’m never letting that little thing inside me again.”

I showed him the best picture I’d found while scrolling and made him order me a strap-on dildo in that size for next time.


Meanwhile, this reader feels he’s the butt of the joke…

At my work, people tend to often make jokes about small dicks a lot, and I always pretend to laugh with them, but I wonder if they know that I’m forcing myself to go along with it. Or if they say these jokes around me because they know I have a small dick (silver member hard). It does my head in. The worst is when I’m with my wife at meals or evenings with friends.

For example, we ate at my twenty-year-old sister-in-law’s apartment recently. She’s in a relationship with a good-looking guy. Eventually, my wife and sister-in-law speak of a colleague they have in common at work. You can see that he has a small dick in the locker room. They laughed for five minutes, joking about the poor guy and his tiny dinky dick.

Whenever we are in public, and people talk about this subject, I see my wife looking at me with a smile on the corner of her lips. And at this dinner, I thought my sister-in-law understood why I was a little embarrassed. To make matters worse, my wife likes to talk about our sexual problems while laughing. She explains that I exaggerate my size, and our sex life has become nonexistent. Even some friends who know I have a small dick find a way to joke about it in front of me.


While this reader thought he was alone when he wasn’t…

I had this reaction from a girlfriend’s friend Josephine a few years ago. I stayed at her house and got up at about five am to pee. Given the short walk to the bathroom, I chanced it and did it naked. My girl was asleep, so she wasn’t going to protest. On the way back, I stopped to admire the sun streaming through a window and subtly looked at some of her housemate’s panties drying on the landing. I stood there naked for a few moments before going back to bed.

I had no idea I’d been spotted until a few years later when I bumped into Josephine in a bar one night. We recognized one another and got chatting. Josephine told me she’d seen me stand there naked those years prior and texted her housemate, my girlfriend, at that time. She told me they’d texted about this encounter, and my then-girlfriend had said, ‘He’s gorgeous. Just a shame he’s got a tiny dick.’

I laughed playfully and said, “Hey, it was cold, OK.”

I don’t recall too much of the interaction save for the fact my girlfriend back then told Josephine and her other female housemates how I compensated by eating pussy a lot. I love that I got spotted, and they all talked about my tiny dick.


This reader plays with a friend…

One of my best friends is this girl, let’s call her Bridget, and she’s a lesbian. She’s a very beautiful girl, fun, and easy to get along with. One night we were hanging out at my dorm and drinking. We got on the topic of sex, and Bridget told me she’s never done anything sexual (with a man or woman) and has never been naked in front of anyone. She’s a bit nervous about if she’s attractive and if her body is attractive to people. Being tipsy, I suggested that Bridget strip down so I could help ease her nerves. I didn’t expect her to go for it, but she said she was comfortable with me, so it made sense.

So Bridget stood and removed her clothes until she was butt-naked before me. She had a nice body. It wasn’t crazy, as Bridget was a small girl, but her body was petite, and had a cute butt and boobs. Then she asked me if I could get naked as she was curious to see a man naked. So I got up and stripped down and stood naked before each other. I was sitting about two inches soft as it was cold in my room.

Bridget said, “Huh, it’s a little smaller than I’d expect.”

I laughed and said, “He does get bigger when excited.”

She said, “It’s a cute little thing!”

And put her finger toward it, motioning that it was small, which turned me on a bit. I let her touch it and play with it, and she kept saying how cute it was, and eventually, I got hard, which caught her off guard.

“I thought you said it got bigger?” she said with a smirk.

I looked down at my Bronze Member boner and said, “That’s bigger.”

“Not by much. I’ve seen guys online, and yours is way smaller than theirs.”

We ended up messing around more and having sex as she was interested in how it felt. We still do this together, as she enjoyed the SPH stuff and being naked with me.


Another reader gives us a rundown of his life…

I have a small dick. Some have a smaller dick than mine, but it has remained small since I was born. I was born with a micropenis and injected with testosterone to develop. Thanks to that, I no longer have a micropenis, but as an adult, I’m a silver member of the small dick club. Sometimes I tell myself I would have preferred not to have these injections. My mother was quickly worried about the small size of my penis. She took me to see doctors quite early.

Around the age of ten, I happened to masturbate with friends. They all had penises bigger than mine, some of them making fun of my cock. But at that time, I was not yet excited by it.

Then came school. I was 13, on MSN, talking to two girls in my class on cam, playing a game, and I lost. I pledged to masturbate on cam in front of her. When I did, they laughed, and I instantly squirted three poor little jets. It was on that day that I started to get excited. There have been all those times at the pool where the girls have commented on my bathing suit being weirdly flat like I don’t have a dick. My classmates in the locker room said the same thing when I was in my underwear.

Then I had my first girlfriend. Three years after our separation, she met my wife. They have a friend in common. One evening the three of them were talking. My ex-girlfriend and my wife said I was the shortest dick they knew. My wife often made allusions to my small dick in front of our friends. We are in an open relationship. She can see other men when she wants. In addition to my small dick, I’m a premature ejaculator and not very good in bed, so I let her have fun with others.

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