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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is compared to Dr. Manhattan…

I’d been seeing a girl for about two months. We’d go out on dates in public places and end up in the kiss goodbye and holding hands stage. I’m usually not a fast-mover regarding sexual intimacy because of my small dick (I’m a silver member of the small dick club). This sometimes seemed to upset the women I dated. Because of that, I have a second sense of girls wanting to be intimate, which scares me. So when the girl I was dating said she didn’t want to go to the movies and watch a film in her apartment, I felt I was in trouble again.

I went hoping it would just be some kisses and cuddles, and I could gain more good favor before she saw my tiny member. We ended up watching Watchmen. We watched it cuddling, then she said, “Poor Doctor Manhattan,” at the end.

I replied, “Yeah, his story was kinda sad.”

She laughed and said, “No, I was talking about his small dick!”

I was visibly confused, and she picked up on this asking me if I thought it was big. I started to get defensive, making her more prone to tease me. She then rewound the film paused on Dr. Manhattan’s dick, saying, “There’s only one solution! It’s time to compare.”

My heart sank. ‘Please be joking,’ I prayed in my head.

Sensing my hesitation, she smirked. “There’s no way around this. Tonight we were going to have sex anyway. So let’s have a fun game to build up to it,” she finished with a wink.

I like this girl, but remembering how past relationships ended and not wanting to be considered a buzz kill, I stood next to the TV.

“This wouldn’t happen if we watched a Marvel movie,” I joked.

“Less talking, more dick out, please,” she said as she snapped her fingers.

Time to swallow my fear and go for it. I dropped my pants swiftly and stood confidently, hoping if I acted like I owned the situation, my confidence would win her over. What came next stripped away all my confidence, as it was unexpected. She glanced at my dick and then went straight to the light switch.

“I need more light for a good look.”

The room’s main light was then flipped on. Suddenly I felt so much more exposed and silly. She walked toward me and looked at me, then the screen. Then dropped to her knees for an intense look at both. This was my limit. Having a woman so close to my dick for the first time, I started to harden despite trying to resist. This was not good. I was met with a flick to the tip of my penis.

“Hey, no cheating you. He’s not hard, so it’s only fair you aren’t.”

This was said playful, but I don’t think she understood how painful that was. I felt like I was standing there for a humiliating eternity.

So I said, “Well?”

I heard the giggle from below my waist. “Sorry, I was genuinely waiting to see how long you’d let me stare.” She stood, kissed me slowly and gently, and wrapped her hand lightly around my member. Her eyes locked with mine, and she quietly asked, “Does it matter who wins when you both have small dicks?”

I honestly didn’t know how to react. On the one hand, it wasn’t exactly a surprise that I was small. I mean, it’s why I avoided sex for so long! But, on the other hand, having the girl I was falling in love with say it to my face felt like I should be shocked and worried that this relationship was over. While I didn’t know how to react, my body did. My dick twitched at those words and started to raise while I was resisting an urge to cry. As her hands were on my penis, this didn’t escape her notice. She looked down, smiling from ear to ear.

“Ohhhhhhh, I had a feeling that would happen! In that case….” She whispered in my ear, taking a firmer grip on my shaft. “You lose! You have the smaller dick, baby. No wonder you thought he was big flaccid while you’re this tiny getting hard.”

Betrayed by my body, I was fully hard but actively confused about what was happening. She took me by the hand and helped me out of my trousers.

“Sex time?” she asked brightly and walked me to the bedroom.

I just went with it. No sense in spoiling a good thing, it seemed. I lost my virginity and discovered I was into SPH the same night, so win-win!


Another reader is hazed by his wife and her friends…

During my stint in building maintenance, I would often pop home for a change of work clothes if I had gotten into a nasty job. My wife worked only one or two days per week, and every Monday afternoon was coffee time with her sister and some friends. The girls took turns at each other’s house, so I rarely ran into them. I got into a messy job one Monday morning involving asbestos pipe insulation. I went home at lunchtime for a change of clothes. No cars in the yard and no one home, so I assumed the coast was clear.

I stripped off in the mudroom and took my belt, keys, and wallet to the bathroom. Stepping out of the shower, I heard voices in the kitchen and knew the ladies were home. I opened the bathroom door and hollered for my wife to grab me a clean uniform. The girls laughed and jokingly said to come on out. A gave my wife a few minutes, but she didn’t show up with clothes for me. I had little choice but to wrap a towel around my waist and proceed to the bedroom.

My concern was that I had to go through the kitchen. I was toweled up, and they wouldn’t see anything private. However, it was still somewhat embarrassing, and I knew the girls would laugh and joke about my appearance. Another issue I had is that when I get nervous and uncomfortable, my body does an adrenaline rush that shrivels my already undersized penis into a wrinkled peanut shell. Let me tell you, I was seriously uncomfortable. I entered the kitchen with my hands filled with my belt, keys, and wallet and took the razing from the girls.

My wife, her sister, and two friends gave me the catcall whistles and jokingly told me to give them a show. My face felt blushed. As I passed by my wife, she flipped the back of my towel up, trying to have me moon the room. She tugged at the towel intentionally or accidentally, and it dropped to the floor. There was a second or two of pure shock where I didn’t move, and the room was deathly quiet. Then all hell broke loose.

The girls roared with laughter, my sister-in-law spraying out the mouthful of coffee she had been trying to swallow. I jammed a forearm between my legs and turned my back to them since my hands were full, but all that did was push my scrotum into view below my butt cheeks. My next mistake was bending over to pick up the towel, revealing everything else they may not have seen.

My wife was laughing so hard that her face was red. One sang, “Itsy bitsy teeny weenie shriveled little short dick man.”

And another said, “I think you lost something…your dick.”

I scrambled for the bedroom and dressed but hesitated to leave that haven. I didn’t want to face more shit from them. I had to return to work and eventually took the courage to face the curtain. I went cautiously into the kitchen, where the girls looked at me seriously.

One of my wife’s friends said, “Can I ask a question?”

“OK,” I said.

I heard a snicker and a half snort before she continued. “Do you sit down to pee?”

They burst laughing.

“Do you masturbate with two fingers?” someone asked.

I slammed the door on the way out.


Meanwhile, this reader experienced his first public shower…

Now it is nothing too exciting, just my first experience being naked in a crowd of other guys. Now I’m a straight guy, and being home-schooled growing up, I’ve never had to shower naked in front of anyone. Which I was always happy about. I am a bronze member of the small dick club hard, and I’ve always been self-conscious. When my dick is soft, it’s only about two inches, sometimes less, depending on the usual shrinkage factors.

After PT, we all had to hit the showers; this was the first day. Not wanting to shower with the others and being stressed about it, my dick shrunk to an inch. It looked like a little acorn. I was so nervous I went into the stall quickly while everyone else jumped into the shower. While everyone else was showering, I tried to wait it out and pull my dick back out to be at least a bit longer. It didn’t work. Having no other choice, I jumped in the shower and started washing.

I ignored everyone else as much as possible but heard someone say, “Oh my God, look.”

Someone else responded with, “Wow, that’s sad.”

I don’t know who said it, but I thought it was about me as I just got in. I finished so fast and jumped out. I was the last to get in but the first out of there. As I was changing, I heard one of the guys say, “Wow, did you see that tiny thing?”

Someone responded, “He must be part Asian.”

I’m not. Then they all laughed. I just got dressed and went to my bunk. As I was there getting stuff ready, to add to it all, a guy came up to me and asked, “Hey man, are you OK?”

“Yeah, man, I’m good,” I replied.

“You sure? I didn’t say anything, I swear.”

To which I said, “I’m good, man. What are you talking about?”

He quickly replied, “Never mind, man., As long as your good,” and walked away.

I knew what he was talking about. I’m sure he knew I knew. But that was the first time in front of other guys that let me know I’m fairly small. Later on, being curious, I made small glances and discovered I was probably the smallest guy there, which was even sadder as I was the oldest. As I said, nothing too exciting, just my first experience seeing how I measure up to other guys.


So I was a late bloomer as I was home-schooled, as I shared above. (So, only a little interaction with girls). This is the first time a girl ever pulled it out and saw it. I was 21 and was personal training a client, and this chick came up to me claiming she had a session with me while I was with a client.

“I’m training with you next,” she said.

“Really? Are you sure? I don’t have any sessions after this client,” I said.

“Yes, I set it up yesterday. You’re my trainer,” was her reply.

So I thought, ‘Well, OK. Might as well, as I have nothing to do after.’

I completed the session, which was only a half hour. La Fitness is weird, and later that night got a text from her asking me out. Now I’m not like the idea of mixing business with pleasure, but I wanted to figure out her story, and this was the first time a girl ever asked me out. So I said sure. She texted me her address, and we met up there.

She lived across from a bar, so we just walked over there, had a few drinks, and I walked her back. She invited me to watch a movie, and I went, not thinking of anything, not even sex, as it was the first date. I just thought, watch a movie, sober up and go home.

We ended up watching an old black-and-white movie about a guy that went to a whore house, fell in love, and worked tirelessly so she wouldn’t go with anyone else by paying her and taking up her whole nights dressed as another guy. Weird, I know.

After a while of spooning on her futon and a good way into the movie, she turns round to face me and says, “Why aren’t you more aggressive? I expected you to try and get with me.”

“Well, I just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable,” I replied.

“What’s wrong? Do you have a small penis?” she asks as she undoes my pants pulling down my underwear.

As I said, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. But soft, it only gets to two inches at best, often shorter due to the usual shrinkage factors.

She started undoing my pants, as this was a first for me. Once I was out and hard, she grabbed it sizing me up. I didn’t know that was what she was doing. I almost blew my load right there! It was everything to try and stop that from happening.

“Careful,” I say, scared I’d cum right then.

But as soon as she wrapped her hand around my shaft, she let go. “Oh, you do have a small dick,” she said.

Not knowing much about size, I ask, “Well, it’s not that small.”

“Are you a virgin?” she asks.

“Well, yeah. Is that a problem?”

“Well, yeah, a girl needs a while to be able to cum, and you’d probably just cum too fast. A girl needs something bigger to make her cum than your small dick, sorry,” she says.

She turns around, and we watch more of the movie, leaving me confused. But a bit later, she decided to bring me to the bedroom and try to have sex with me.

“Do you have any condoms?” she asked.

“No,” I admit. So she looks in her drawers for some. She seemed to overlook some, and I said, “Isn’t that some condoms?”

“No, those are too big for your dinky dick,” she answered.

I guess those were the BIG ones, and she hoped I had a dick that would fit those and not just my small penis. After a quick look, she gave up, got into bed, and asked me to finger her. After which, she fell asleep, leaving me blue-balled.

After that, I went out with her several times, but we never had sex. I helped her move, met her sister, and she made a couple of small dick jokes in my presence. I don’t remember them, though. After that, I never heard from her again.


While this reader got a cute nickname…

Years ago, in my first year in college, a pair of bratty Filipina Sisters I was messing around named Jess and Mika with pulled my pants down for the first time, saw my penis said something about me being a ‘Pututoy,’ and both laughed to themselves. I knew it must’ve been something about my size, or lack of size, but I got laid that night, so I didn’t care.

I didn’t know what this meant for about three months of the two years we were all together, but whenever we’d hang out, they’d called me ‘Pututoy.’ Whether it was lovingly or teasing, that’s what they called me.

That was until we were hanging out with our other friend (Nancy), who also spoke Tagalong and told me what it meant when they went to the restroom.

“Do you know what that means?”

I responded stupidly, “Is it something like sweetheart or baby? ”

Nancy laughed. “Dude, no.” She started to feel a little bad after laughing. “It means ‘baby dick.’”

They called me ‘baby dick’ in front of friends, coworkers, and even their families. Sometimes at their family parties, their aunties asked, “Does Putotoy over there want to take a shot with us?”

I guess I now know why they laughed when they asked. It was embarrassing but, at the same time, extremely hot. To them, I didn’t even have a name. I was just ‘baby dick.’ I couldn’t even complain because they were fucking me together practically every night. Jess was a perfect petite fuck doll, and Mika always wanted to sit her fat ass on my face. I was happily teased for having my tiny penis for those few years.


This reader gets the mankini experience…

I wore a mankini as a joke one night to a party with friends. Started with boxers underneath them, but as the night wore on, my buddy, who was also wearing one, convinced me to take my boxers off and wear the mankini as intended. I did, but I had yet to learn how restrictive it would be.

I had comments from my friends and their girls like:

“Aww, your bulge is so little.”

“Wanna put some socks down there?”

“At least you don’t need to worry about spilling out of it. That’s the advantage of having a tiny dick.”

There were even a few moments where I was poking out the side of it and didn’t realize it and had to be gently reminded of this by a red-faced girl. I loved it and kept it on all night even though my buddy was too big to stay in his, and it made for a very awkward comparison.


Another reader lets it all hang out…

I got high with my girlfriend and her best friend one night. We were all feeling pretty good, and her friend went to use the bathroom, and then she came back completely naked! We both laughed and said, “What’re you doing?”

She said, “I felt so free and happy I wanted to feel completely free. Come on, join me.”

So we both stripped down completely. I was sitting soft at about two inches, but I didn’t even care. I just felt good. They both looked, and my girlfriend’s friend giggled and said, “That’s the spirit!”

Then we got really hungry and ordered some food. So the delivery person arrived, and I answered the door, still naked but using my hat to cover up my soft penis. I said, “Sorry about the nudity. We’re just having fun.”

The delivery woman said, “No worries, live and let live.”

Then my girlfriend’s friend ripped the hat away as she cracked up, and the delivery driver looked down and smiled.

“That’s a cute ‘little’ thing,” the delivery woman said and left.

My girlfriend’s friend was laughing a lot.

I said, “It gets bigger.”

“Prove it,” she teased.

So I started massaging my soft penis between my two fingers, and it slowly started getting bigger until I was fully erect at my Bronze member size.

She looked down and said, “So, not much bigger then,” and laughed at me.


Meanwhile, this reader also gets a cute nickname…

My first girlfriend back in the day was named Sophia. We were our first for everything- first blowjob, first time seeing another girl naked, first sex, etc. Being teenagers who were just discovering stuff, we fucked (or messed around) like rabbits. One day just after fucking, she looks down at my post-sex dick, which has shriveled up to an acorn at this point (I’m a bronze member rock-hard and about two inches soft, but in the right position laying down, gravity doesn’t help it, so it was shrunken).

She said (paraphrasing here), “Penises are so fascinating. They can change shape and size so quickly. I had heard the terms grower and shower before and never knew what that was. Yours grows.” She then grabs my soft dick with her thumb and index finger and says, “It’s Little JJ” (my name is Joe).

From then on, she would always playfully refer to my dick as ‘Little JJ.’

When she wanted sex, it was things like, “Doe’s Little JJ wanna play?” or “Let’s see if we can get Little JJ to grow!” or “Little JJ’s excited today….”

I don’t think it was meant to be mean but playful at the time, but I look back at it and realize it was my first exposure to SPH.

One time, though, we were at a post-graduation HS party where she made her first good comment. Someone’s parents were out of town, so they had a party, and naturally, we used it as an excuse to get wasted. As things got wilder and wilder, as 18-year-olds with booze tend to do, a guy we went to school with named Justin, who at this point is a drink or two away from blacking out, takes off his shirt.

Next, he takes off his pants. Next thing you know, Justin is butt-ass naked. And he is just swinging his long, thick, limp-ass cock. I never knew Justin was hung like that, but the dude could have been a porn star. If I were to guess, it was at least eight inches but very thick-like, at least as thick as a can of Red Bull. And that was just his dick SOFT and piss drunk.

Everyone there said, “Holy Shit, dude, put on some fucking clothes.”

Sophia turns me to and says, “Oh my God, it’s Big JJ.”

Later that night, as we are hooking up in her car, she mentions it again. Again paraphrasing, she said, “I can’t believe that Katie (Justin’s girlfriend) can deal with that. That thing was fucking huge. I didn’t know penises got that big.”

I replied, “Well, haven’t you seen porn? They are all like that.”

Being a good Catholic school, she said, “No, I haven’t. That’s terrifying.”

Meanwhile (as I mentioned, we are hooking up), she starts blowing me.

She asks, “Remember how I said you were a grower… well, Justin is one of the showers, but how big do you think his cock grows? I mean, I can only just deepthroat you when you’re hard… I can’t imagine how Katie can give him head, let alone fuck him. I’m glad I have Little JJ and not Big JJ!”

This got me rock-hard, and I quickly blew my load, but I was ‘Little JJ’ for the rest of our relationship. I later discovered that a few years later, after we had long split up, Sophia fucked Big JJ, but that’s another story.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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