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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This read came to the party late…

Did anyone else seem to find out late that you had a small penis? Like even into your 20s? I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club when fully erect. It’s not tiny, but definitely below average. Growing up, I watched porn—like any teenager—but I always thought those guys were unnaturally hung. I always thought, “Of course, they’d choose the biggest guys for porn, but most guys aren’t that big.”

I heard that the average was six inches, but I always thought the median was around my size, and the few guys over six just threw the average off. I thought I might be slightly below the median, but I never considered myself small. That was until I went to college and saw other guys in my fraternity walk around in the shower. When non-erect, my penis shrinks to about 1 inch, and sometimes even turtles into the excess skin around my balls. It was a shock to see some of my friends walk around non-erect with their cocks and balls swinging around. I had never seen or experienced that in real life.

At that moment, I started questioning the size of my dick. Was I that much smaller than most guys? Since I was 19, I had already had an active sex life with several girls. None had mentioned anything to me during our hookups.

I wasn’t sure how to ask my current girlfriend her opinion, so one day I awkwardly asked her if she wished I had a bigger dick. She said, “I’m pretty petite TOO, so you’d probably hurt me if you were much bigger. I’m not dating you just for your dick. I love you for your personality too. You’re plenty large for me.”

I could tell it was a cop-out, so I pressed further, asking her if she thought I had a small penis.

She responded, “I mean… Yeah… But again, I have no complaints. I’m not dating you for your penis.” She could tell I looked dejected, then asked, “Wait, did you not know?” I shook my head and was silent. She then got closer to me and said, “Babe, it’s OK. As I said, you’re enough for me. I still get off most times we have sex.”

I asked her what she meant by ‘most times,’ She deflected again by reaching down my pants and playing with me. She could tell I was a little upset. She gave me a blowjob to make me feel better, and we never spoke about it again. I was so humiliated. Partly because I had just learned I had a small penis, and my girlfriend knew I had a small penis, and partly because I was ashamed that it took me this long to figure it out.


Another reader gets caught naked…

This is from my first year of graduate life at a university in Michigan. I was a TA then, and this incident is with one of my assistant TAs (Undergrad Lab Assistant), a junior. We’re very friendly, living in the same off-campus apartment housing. But this particular incident happened in the gym. We used to work out there. I tried to lose weight as I am quite chubby. While she was very fit, I often took her advice and guidance.

One day after a heavy workout, I went to my locker, put a towel on, and took a cold shower. After returning to the locker room, I threw off the towel and looked for water before getting dressed. While drinking water being naked, the door popped open suddenly, and my junior colleague entered the locker. She waved at me and then looked at my tiny penis. From her expression, it’s evident that she was amazed by how tiny my pennis was. I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club when hard, but it gets around one inch in a flaccid state. It was even more shrunk after the cold shower. Maybe it was 0.5 inches at that time. I was also so embarrassed that I spilled water and had water going through my nose due to shock.

She broke the ice between us and said, “Hey, Sorry, I was looking for you. You forgot your earbuds in the gym. I came to give that to you.”

I was not in the state to reply to her. I was coughing and sneezing as the water went into my nostrils. She came to me and tried to help me by slowly tossing my back and head. It took around 30 seconds to be normal. I realized what was going on. I looked at her and said, “Sorry, I just took my shower.”

She said, “I know, it’s OK.”

Then she couldn’t help seeing my tiny pennis and giggled. I felt very embarrassed and looked for the towel quite far from me. At the same time, I felt horny. I can’t help; she is very hot and standing just before me, at less than a foot distance. She is around 5’9″, 2 inches taller than me, and has a nice body (skipping the details for brevity). She’s wearing leggings with a sports bra. And she looked sexy after a workout as sweat dripped down her face and neck. Honestly, I can’t resist an instant boner. I have a very sensitive pennis. It usually gets hard on in seconds. So, within a few seconds, my pennis got fully erected from 0.5 inches to my bronze member pride.

She couldn’t believe this and couldn’t help but say, “How cute! That boner popped up very fast. I thought it was such a tiny… never mind.” She laughed.

After this, I got more horny, and my super-sensitive penis started throbbing. I repeatedly said ” Sorry ” and tried to hide it with my hands.

She was amazed by the instant throbbing and said, “It’s OK you. Don’t need to be embarrassed at all. It’s natural.”

I said, “No, it’s not natural, mine is quite sensitive, and I can’t control it. I apologize for that.”

I took the towel and put it on immediately. She tried to console me and said, “It’s OK. Please don’t be embarrassed.”

I couldn’t reply to her then and left the gym. Later, I felt very shy to be in front of her. Living in the same building and taking the same class with her has been hard for me. Though she was very nice to me, she realized why I was upset.


Meanwhile, this reader left his cage out…

My Office Assistant was in on Wednesday for the first time in 3 Weeks. Easter, School Holidays, Anzac Weekend, etc., in between. Over those weeks, I got scattered on her desk and briefly tidied a few toys that came out for a sort. (Home Office). She arrives fully charged with her usual wit and tidies and shuffles what’s left on her desk. There are a few 3D-printed Nude Statues and a handful of different-sized dicks. Most are scale size, the biggest being a thin three inches.

She makes her usual references to them and then makes an unexpected statement. “What’s this one? You didn’t model this off you?”

I turn in my chair to see her holding a clear cock cage in the air. Shit missed it in my rushed tidy-up.

“Nah, can’t be yours,” she adds, making a small ‘O’ with her fingers near the end. “Must be His.” She grips it loosely with her hand and notions with her head to her screens. Jason Momoa wallpaper. Gestures a quick tug and says, “Definitely his.”

She then sits it with the other things in front of her main screen. Well, at least she thinks it’s a Dildo or something. Not something you lock your cock in. So Bills get sorted to be paid, stuff to be filed gets done, and then the Outlook Calendar updates with upcoming payments.

An hour has passed, and she’s made no more mention, but every time I look over to talk, I can’t notice the clear cock cage standing four inches tall in front of her screen.

“It’s got a keyhole and a key,” are the first words hitting my ears, and as I turn to meet her eyes,
“It’s a dick-locking thing, right?”

I meet her eyes. The cock cage is now in two pieces, one in each hand.

“Baahhh. This won’t work. You’d fall straight through the gaps,” she laughs.

Sits both bits back center desk, gives me a huge smirk, and returns to work. She’s been very aware of my small penis for years. It’s a popular joke topic. Guess she may now be thinking about how to add her latest discovery.


While this reader’s girlfriend is not happy…

I’m (24M, white) a horrible premature ejaculator when my nipples are played with. I have no control, and it last maybe 30 seconds. In the past, my girlfriend (23F, Chinese) and I have just avoided that stimulation until the end, and everything would work out fine. For the past few weeks, every time we have sex, she has immediately started playing with my nipples while ruthlessly insulting me. Some examples:

Her: Do you think you’ll last more than a few seconds today?

Me: I don’t think so. If you keep this up

Her: No? Do you think this is satisfying for me? I can barely feel you. It’s so small.

At this point, I’ve already needed to slow down to stop from blowing. She didn’t let me off the hook for that.

Her: Oh my god, you’re going so slow already. Speed up. I want to feel you. You’re so bad at sex. Small, slow, no stamina. Can you admit it?

It took all I had not to cum as I told her, “I’m so bad at sex. I’m sorry.”

Her: Are you about to cum without even asking?

Me: Please, I don’t think I can hold off any longer

Her: No, I don’t want you to cum already, don’t do it.

She looked me in the eyes and pinched my nipples hard, sending me over the point of no return. As I began to cum, she told me sternly, “Hon, you don’t satisfy me.”

It’s been a few times in a row that have gone very similar to this.


This reader exposes himself accidentally to a female contractor…

Going back six Years, I expected the Satellite TV installers on a Friday, just days before Christmas. I’d ordered an upgrade that required a newer dish on the roof. I received a text a few days before the date stating the appointment would be between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. A great time frame for the day before the Christmas weekend. So I rang the providers when their phones opened at 8:00 am on Friday to see if I could get a more precise time.

I was told they could only give that guideline as the installers were coming from several hundred kilometers away. Great. I had a heap of stuff to get out to do in the afternoon and no precise time frame as to when I needed to be in for them. They advised me the installer would call in advance, so I should have an hour or so’s notice.

So wandering around naked at 8:30, as I do most mornings, and the doorbell rings. I thought, ‘Shit, an early freight delivery,’ so I grabbed a dressing gown to answer the door. I found a mid 30’s girl in her Fluro shirt and tradie gear, who informed me she was here to upgrade my TV service.

I apologized for not expecting them as I thought I’d receive a call, and she said the last job was out of town, and they had no phone service till they just got to town. So in she comes to check out the requirements. She explained they had traveled over four hours from up north and were working in the area for three days and were a bit behind schedule and keen to catch up and head back home before Christmas.

The first task was to move the TV unit out of the wall. It’s Four feet long, has fifty-inch Plasma on top, and all the other DVD/Surround Sound stuff, along with over a hundred Vinyl LPs. It’s sitting on the carpet, so moving takes some effort. So she gets one end, and I get the other, and we work it out a few feet. I know the gown can gape, and I was careful not to let it fall open as we worked from opposite ends.

By this time, her assistant had appeared. He was a late 30s guy and not in charge of things. She was the contractor and gave the directions. They discussed getting the cable under the house. I explained that I’d loosened a sheet of iron on the roof for access as that is where the existing cable is run (the new system needed a second cable). So the three of us headed up the ladder for me to show them the access.

It’s slightly drizzling rain now, so things are getting a bit hurried, and the roof, though flat in a big area, is getting slippery. The guy removes the last two screws I’ve left in the iron sheet, and I show them where the existing cable runs. The rain gets a bit heavier, and we start to head down. He heads down first and goes out to the truck.

I hold the ladder while she goes down. She gets to the bottom, says it’s slippery, and stands to the side to hold it while I come down. Two rungs from the bottom, I stepped off. The gown catches on the lock strap of the ladder, something I wasn’t expecting, but the whole side snagged and pulled up, way clear of waist height, totally naked from mid-chest down and standing face to face with her less than two feet away. Early morning on a cold drizzly day, my dick’s little more than a short nub poking out.

She looked down, up, sideways, and back down as I took 1 step up to pull it free. I added a shit and an apology, and we returned to the stuff inside. She asked if we could move the TV unit a little more so she could poke a draw wire to her assistant under the house. So get on each end of it to move it further out, and this time she’s looking more at what I’m doing than what she’s doing.

The Christmas tree’s a bit in the way, making my end difficult. She says getting it out another foot would be good. The front of the gown was trying to gape open, and I was trying to close it up as we walked it forward another foot. A few inches at a time, both ends are heavy with the TV still on top, and I’m backed up into the Christmas tree.

She has a few glances about at the cable mess and what else is in the way. She says thanks and starts disconnecting the old cable from the wall, and I say I’d better go and get dressed. Just as I turn to walk away, she asks if I can pull the plugs at the end of the cabinet from the old satellite box.

She’s sitting on the floor behind the end of the cabinet. The only way I can do that is to step behind the other end and crouch down about four feet away. Can’t do that without the gown pulling wide open. I thought that would expose me again, and knowing I’ve got nothing underneath, I expected she would probably look away.

But no, she stares at my crouched groin as I unscrew them, just feet away from where she’s sitting, and I get up and adjust the gown.

With a smile, she says, “Thanks,” and I head out to get dressed.

Guess these sorts of installers see all sorts of things. A few must like a look. The request to pull the plugs out was something this woman could have avoided and done herself without assistance. My dick and balls have been lasered, so they were completely hairless. I guess, in this case, this woman liked the view that she saw. Then again, it may have been the surprise of seeing a member of the small dick club in the buff. Maybe she just wanted a second look because she couldn’t believe a grown man could have such a tiny dick.


Another reader gets caught in the toilet…

So I was at an Airbnb with friends we had rented for the weekend to catch up and drink. Most were couples, but one single girl and two single guys, me being one. So obviously, we are both trying to win her over. Both are doing OK, but I was using the bathroom to take a piss and didn’t lock the door. So she walked in, seeing me also not holding onto much (just using two fingers to hold it), apologized, and left.

Later that night, she got with my friend, who has a big cock. So the next night, after a few drinks, she was asked what made her choose. She said it was because one was small and one was big. The others knew I was the small one, so they all laughed.

At this stage, she knew the others knew and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I said, “To be fair, I am tiny down there.”

Everyone laughed. A few more jokes were made throughout the night. Didn’t have sex that trip, but I had some good SPH.


Meanwhile, this reader finds out payback is a bitch…

My girlfriend once had two of her best friends over for a night. We drank and hung out outside at the hot tub and played some games like cornhole and all that. We all got pretty drunk, and my girlfriend and her friend beat me and her friend in a match, so she came over and teased us. So she was turned around, and I was behind her, so I came up and yanked her one piece right down, and she was standing there naked, and she got pretty embarrassed.

Later, her two friends went inside to use the bathroom, and my girlfriend and I were outside. We were in the hot tub, and she came close to me and took my bathing suit off (seductively). I was into it, but then her friends returned, and she threw my suit out of the hot tub without them noticing, leaving me butt naked and with nothing to cover. So her friends came in, and I was thinking, ‘What am I gonna do when we all get out?’

Meanwhile, she whispers, “Now they’re gonna see your tiny little pee-pee.”

So they all got out, and I stayed in. They told me to come out too, so I finally got up, covered my penis with my hands, and left. Her friends were surprised, and my girlfriend came up and yanked my arms back, revealing my shriveled little penis to her friends, who cracked up.

My girlfriend whispered, “Now we’re even, dinky dick,” and gave me my shorts.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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